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Last update: 15th of February 2004

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(Myself, as drawn by Marq)

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Welcome to my site!

  This site is dedicated to one of my favorite activities: self-bondage. In short, self-bondage is simply the activity to tie yourself up. Why do this? How to do this? What are my experiences? Where to get more detailed explanations? Hopefully you will find answers to those questions here.

  Yes, I know, this site looks very crude in comparison with usual sites... The problem is that I'm far keener on self-bondage, than in html coding, and I greatly prefer to pass my time writhing on my floor completely tied than glued in front of my PC trying to make this damned page work... And what is important is the content. I prefer bad looking sites with a lot of information to a beautiful one with nothing but flashing gif and screaming real-audio.

  Anyway, you will find a few pictures here and there in my site. To see the large pictures, just click on the small ones (thumbnails). Note that the pictures are not mine (and it is not me posing on them); I think they are in the public domain but should it not be the case, please send me a line and I shall either remove them or add the credits.

  Should you decide to follow me on the pleasant way of self-bondage, please take care and don't go too fast and too far. Self-bondage is a safe activity as long as you respect a few safety rules. Every year people die because they neglected them...

  Have a good time !


Table of contents

Introduction Self-bondage experiences
  I'm not alone anymore! Two self-bondage girls have just agreed to join my site and to perform scenarios. There are still a few things to set up but your scenarios will soon be performed by three girls!

  Lisa Latex will perform english scenarios and write her reports in english too.

  Claire comprends l'anglais, mais ses rapports seront uniquement en français.

  Myself (Aurélie) I can read and write english mais je vais aussi continuer à écrire des rapports en français.
Lisa Latex
(23th august 2000)
(1st august 2000)
(pas encore)
(24th july 2000)
(23th august 2000)
(pas encore)
(10th july 2000)
(14th august 2000)
(pas encore)
Reports / Rapports
(20th of August 2003)
(28th july 2000)
(18 janvier 2001)


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