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Almost Damsel in Almost Distress

by Shawna Summers

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Continues from

Part 4

It was a long week. Before I met Alex, I would dawdle after work most days. Maybe go out to a happy hour once in a while. If I was going to have time to dress then I might rush out and try to get home quickly, but during the week I usually didn't have time to do much more than dress. Maybe take a few pics and then play with one of my dildos. The hardest part, somewhat ironically, was usually not getting my chastity cage key out. One of the best ideas I ever had was getting a timed lock box to cut down on that temptation.

So, after our amazing weekend, that first full week was almost like torture. I'd get done at 5pm and rush home, so I could have some time to clean up and get changed. Then I would meet Alex, so we could have dinner, and maybe a little more fun before he had to leave for work around 8:30 or 9pm. So, we were getting two, maybe three hours together at most. It was tough, but I was happy to have any time.

Of course, on Wednesday he reminded me that he worked Sunday to Thursday. So, he would be able to stay over Thursday night! I'd still have to leave for work in the morning, but at least we didn't have to eat and have a quickie. Not that I didn't enjoy the quickies, too. The frantic making out and having sex while our clothes were mostly still on, or as we did on Tuesday, while our food still was on the table. I much preferred having him for dinner either way.

Thursday night I got home and found a note on my little table next to my door. It was from Alex and it simply said, 'Put on what's on the bed and come over to my place.'

Needless to say, my heart skipped a beat, and my clitty throbbed in its chastity! We didn't hang at his place as much. I wondered what the occasion was? Some kind of surprise? I also wanted to know what he set out for me.

In the bedroom, I found a skintight, shiny red dress laid out on the bed. It was a deep, rich red color and looked like it would hug every curve. It was just above the knee, so short enough to be sexy, but not showing everything I had. Since it was shiny, I assumed it was PVC, like much of my wardrobe, but as I picked it up, I realized it was latex.

Holy hell! He got me a red latex dress? I saw some of the accessories, and it looked like red was the color of the evening, and most of it latex. There was a pair of red stockings that were not latex. The bra, panties and garter belt set were in red latex though. There was also my heavy-duty PVC red corset sitting there, so it wasn't all brand new and latex. Though the pair of red 5” heel pumps were definitely new. Of course, it all looked red hot, so to speak.

I knew slithering into latex was going to take some work and preparation. I was also glad I was locked in my chastity cage, since I was absolutely dripping I was so aroused. I figured in this outfit, he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off me… and why would I want him to?

I stripped out of my drab work clothes and grabbed a quick shower. As I tossed my boy stuff into the hamper, I wondered how things would go at work if I came out as trans, and started wearing femme stuff? Of course, I'd have to get a lot more work appropriate outfits. I doubt they'd much appreciate me showing up in a PVC French Maid outfit. Then again, I'm pretty sure I'd seen a few co-workers at the club last weekend, so maybe they wouldn't be as against that as I thought…

While showering, I made sure to completely shave my body again. Yes, I was already pretty hairless, but I didn't want to take any chances with the latex. I came out feeling nervous and excited, and yes, quite a bit horny.

I sized up the dress and hoped I'd be able to fit. It looked a little small, but I knew from my limited experience with latex that it would stretch. I also realized this wasn't some flimsy little thin latex dress, this sucker was heavy-duty. It actually felt a little heavy when I picked it up. I guess that was good since it meant it probably wouldn't tear just from me putting it on. I knew some girls online had mentioned tearing was a problem with the really thin latex items. The only real way to get multi-use latex was to splurge and get the heavy-duty stuff, but the thick gauges were expensive.

I figured I should put on accessories first. Trying to get a latex garter belt on under a latex dress didn't really sound like a challenge I was willing to accept, not yet anyway! So, I slid the latex panties up and tucked my caged clit in as best I could. The heavy gauge held them a bit, but there was still a bit of a bulge. I slid the six strap garter belt on and tucked the garter straps under the panties. The feel of the latex clinging so tight to my skin was pretty intense. It really felt like a second skin. I could feel the slight stretch of it, especially over my locked up balls. Though the thong up my ass was a pretty wild feeling, too. Basically, I was already out of my mind horny, and this was turning the heat up more.

I looked at the bra and debated putting it on, but with that and the corset, it seemed a bit like overkill. Especially since I had no real boobs to speak of. So, any support was more than I needed, double support was double unnecessary.

I got myself laced into the red PVC overbust corset and did the old trick where I tied the laces to a door handle and used my own weight to really cinch the laces in. It still wasn't quite where I wanted it, but I could barely breathe, so I figured that would have to do. Once the dress was on, I don't think the corset would be getting adjusted.

I then slid the stockings on and attached them to the six garter tabs. Stockings are always such an amazing feeling. So sheer and so clinging. Almost like a second skin, kind of like the latex, but in a much smoother and cooler way. I wondered how latex stockings would feel? I figured I'd mention that to Alex and see what he thought. The moment of truth arrived. Time to get into the dress… hopefully.

I held it up and sized it up. The look was very simple besides it being made of latex. It had a sweetheart neckline with short sleeves that were really little more than shoulder caps. Then it just went in a sheathe down to what I figured was going to be mid-thigh, but with the latex, it was hard to gauge since it was so much smaller than when worn.

I still wasn't sure it was going to stretch enough. Maybe I should call Alex and ask for his help? I really didn't want to rip the dress. There's no way this dress was cheap. Then again, the note said to put on what was on the bed and come over. So, I felt like calling him would go against that. Also, I kinda wanted the 'ta-da!' moment when he first saw me. That was always such a fun moment. Watching his eyes try to drink all of me in at one time was just delightful and definitely made all the dress up effort worth it.

So, I put some powder on the major areas I needed and pulled the dress on. I'm not going to say it was easy, it was a bit of a well… it was a stretch. Pun intended. It was a bit of a fight, too. I had to do a lot of pulling one section up, then stretching it out, smoothing that area out, then pulling some more to get the whole thing on. And while I was a bit of a sweaty mess, I got it on without ripping it and without pulling any muscles.

The feeling of that dress on my skin was something close to heaven. It was just enough to stand there and run my hands over myself.

Then I strutted over to the mirror and was amazed at how I looked. I grabbed my wig and quick pulled it on to get the full effect, and yeah, it was fucking amazing. I mean, I would usually get pretty aroused seeing myself en femme. But the look and feel of the latex was a new level. I wanted Alex and I wanted him right then and there. Sadly, I still had some work to do.

I was pretty worked up and didn't want him to stew too long, so I just did some quick make-up. Just some lipstick, and a little eye shadow. I figured most of it was going to be worn off pretty quickly anyway. I did secure my wig with my hair clips. I was glad I had been growing my natural hair out, but it wasn't nearly long enough to do anything resembling a ladies hairstyle yet. Hopefully a couple more months, but I'd still have to go for a short bob or something of the like.

Once I was done with my beauty regime, I sat on the bed to don the red heels. I did also realize the vibrating butt plug was on the bed. That wonderful bastard thought of everything. Of course, I was going to be a sex-crazed mess by the time I got to him, but I know that's what he wanted.

I greased up the plug, and slid it in around the latex thong and tried to keep my composure, but my clit was just throbbing. The sound of the latex on my skin as I moved around was enough to turn me on. Hell, even the smell was amazing! This was truly a sensation overload. The latex, the chastity and the plug had me feeling like I was on fire. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to walk to Alex's!

I teetered on my heels for a few steps, feeling very wobbly and a little off-balance. So, I slowly made my way to the kitchen and got a drink of water. I decided to sit for a few minutes and regain my composure. Thankfully, I was able to calm down a bit. I was still dripping and horny as hell, but I wasn't going to jump Alex the moment he opened the door.

After my brain got back on track, I grabbed my purse and prepared to head to Alex's. Yes, I know it was only a few hundred feet, but going out in girl mode always gave me pause for a few moments. Plus, wearing a latex dress was a new level, and I wasn't sure how any neighbors who saw me would react. I got my breathing under control and took the step into the hall.

Naturally, my elderly next door neighbor was out in the hallway.

“Hello dearie,” Mrs. Thorsen said sweetly. “I hope you have a good night. I love your pretty dress.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Thorsen, it's new. My boyfriend got it for me,” I replied in my best femme voice. First of all, boyfriend was a little weird for me to say, but I had to come to terms with it. We were at least lovers, and really it was more than that. I know my heart skipped a beat thinking about him. Also, she didn't seem the least bit thrown off that I was in women's clothes? Had she seen me before? I had ventured out before, but only occasionally, and I tried to be careful.

“Are you going to meet him now? He won't be able to resist you looking like that, dearie,” she laughed.

I nodded and laughed, “Yeah, I'm meeting him now for dinner.”

“Then I won't hold you, have a good night, dearie,” she shuffled off down the hall.

“Good night,” I called and I strode towards Alex's door.

I knocked lightly, and was immediately greeted with a warm, “It's open.”

I opened the door and was immediately hit with a wave as the plug in my ass sprang to life. And not just to life, but to almost full power. I staggered in the door, and was leaning on the handle for support. I managed to close the door behind me and tried to look for Alex, but everything was a haze and all I could think about was being fucked.

“Took you long enough,” Alex commented. “But the wait was worth it, oh sorry.” Alex reached down and hit the remote, turning it almost all the way down. It was still frustrating, but at least my brain could function at that level.

“Sorry, the latex took some work by myself… and I ran into Mrs. Thorsen in the hall,” I breathlessly explained.

“Sorry, I didn't know the plug was all the way up. I didn't mean to throw you for a loop,” Alex smiled and was looking me up and down, trying to drink all of me in.

As I recovered, I strutted over to him, “That's okay, I'm already crazy, out-of-my-mind horny, so it's not going to go much higher.”

“So, you like the dress?” he smiled as he took me in his strong arms.

“I love the dress,” I whispered in his ear as he kissed my neck. That was one of my spots and would usually get me going, but I was already going strong. So, I kissed on his cheek until he turned his mouth to me and I kissed him passionately. One of those kisses where you try to suck the other person's soul out through their mouth. Hopefully, that got through to him.

Alex came up for air, long enough to wrap his arms around me, his arms running all over the latex, especially on my ass. As good as the dress felt to wear, having someone else's hands running over it felt even more amazing. I turned around and started grinding my rubber covered derriere on his cock, and that definitely got through to him. 

He kissed my neck and ground his rock-hard cock into my crack. We made it over to the table, where he bent me over the side. It took a couple long seconds, but he got the back of the dress up over my ass and my thong pulled down. He quickly pulled out the plug and replaced it with his cock.

I groaned with my need, feeling a little better, but still begging, “Please fuck the hell out of me!”

Alex didn't take his time or go gently, he began ramming himself into me, making me grunt and claw at the table. The delicious sound of flesh on flesh as he pounded my hole was the only noise beside my crazed grunts and moans.

After several minutes of being taken like that, Alex grabbed my hips and began growling as he pounded me even harder. It felt so good, he was really scratching my itch and I was going to cum in no time. I was already moaning and pushing back on him the best I could, but the heels and the awkward position made it nearly impossible to do much but take him.

“Please Sir? Please may your sissy slut cum?” I begged through my growls and moans.

“If you can, you have permission to cum my little latex bitch,” he growled. I could hear the smile on his face.

When he started smacking my ass that pushed me over, and I grabbed onto the table and began screaming as I came really hard. This wasn't a slow build like I was used to, this was a quick build and release. I also squirted out quite a bit of fluid, flooding my panties and dripping all over the table. I shook for some time as Alex slowed his pace and eventually pulled out, leaving me a panting, dripping mess on the table.

“So, you really like the dress, huh?” he asked, smiling broadly.

I looked up, a happy smile pasted onto my face, “Oh fuck, yes.” I was still out of breath.

“Was that an invite to fuck you more?” he leaned in close, kissing my neck and teasing his cock on my asshole.

“If you'd like, Sir. I'm yours,” I replied panting between words.

“I think you need a break,” he pulled me up and wrapped me again, kissing the back of my neck and ears. I enjoyed feeling him so close, torn between wanting more of him brutalizing me, and more of the tenderness. As my ardor rose, so did my desire for being his sissy slut. I let him know with my moans and by grinding on his cock more.

“Is your break over?” he asked teasingly.

I nodded and pulled his hands around to play with my nipples through the latex and the corset. I just wished I had big tits for him to play with, but he eventually got my nipples trapped between his fingers and began pinching and twisting them. My groans and hisses danced in time to his fingerwork.

At some point, he apparently looked at the table and said, “Damn girl, you made a fucking mess.”

I looked down and saw the puddle of girl cream I'd left all over the brown wood table. It was a pretty big puddle.

“Sorry, Sir. I was being worked over pretty hard. Should I clean it up for you?” I whispered huskily.

“Yes, that's a good girl,” he smiled.

I thrilled as I always did when called me his girl; being his good girl was even more of a thrill. I leaned over and began licking away at the puddle on the table, making a big show of my tongue in the white fluid. I gathered as much on my tongue as I could, until I had the whole mess licked up and on my tongue. I looked up at him and showed him the puddle of my own cum on my tongue. I really felt like such a nasty skank doing something like that.

He smiled down at me and said simply, “Swallow.”

I gulped down the mouthful of cum, suddenly very hungry for his. So, I licked my lips as I smiled up at him. Opening my mouth to show I'd taken the whole mess. Then I continued running my tongue around my lips, teasing him as best I could.

He knew what I wanted and obliged me by pulling me off the table and shoving me to my knees. He held his throbbing cock just inches from my face. I licked my lips, I almost felt like I was going to start drooling for him. I wanted him in me, and I wanted him to really take me.

“What do you want, girl?” he asked, holding his cock in one hand and my head with the other.

I looked up, running my tongue over my lips repeatedly, “I want you to face fuck me, Sir. Shove your cock in my slut hole and… gghhh,” the remaining words were lost as he jammed his cock into my mouth, almost completely down my throat in one thrust.

I squirted quite a bit when he did that, I was so worked up. I did my best to keep my mouth open and my throat angled so he could drive deep into me. He held onto the back of my head, not just shoving his cock into my mouth, but driving my face into his crotch, my nose into his pubes. I kinda wished I had the plug in since I was really over the top worked up and wanted some relief.

Alex pounded my mouth for several minutes like that, varying the pace between hard pounding with his balls slapping on my chin, to deep, slow long thrusts that slowly pushed every inch down my throat. I was able to avoid gagging for a while, but at one point, I gagged hard and felt like I was going to retch, but I kept it under control.

Alex pulled out, and looked down at me, “You like that slut? You like gagging on my cock?”

I nodded, feverishly, “Fuck yes, Sir! I love it when you shove your cock in me.”

He proceeded to shove into me again, violating my mouth and throat over and over again. I was sure I was a mess with drool all over my chin and tits, and I'm sure my make-up looked like hell. Alex pulled out again to give me a little break, and even though I was panting for air, I wanted him back in my mouth, right away.

Alex pulled my chin up, “What do you want now, slut?”

“Would you get some pictures or video, Sir?” I asked sheepishly.

“Oh, you want to really see what a fucking whore you are?” he asked, smiling wide.

“Yes, Sir! I want to see you raping my fucking mouth,” I burst out.

“Yeah? Well, then play with your tits while I get the camera,” he smiled.

I obediently reached up and started playing with nipples, which were already rock hard. I pinched, pulled and twisted them, while Alex quickly set-up the camera.

“Tell me again, what you want, girl,” he ordered as he stepped in front of me.

“Please, fuck my slut hole of a mouth, face fuck me and make me gag on your gorgeous cock,” I begged.

“Louder, slut, and really beg for what you want,” he added sternly.

“Please! Please Sir, fuck my whore mouth, rape my throat and shove your cock deep in me, make me choke on your manhood and… ggghhh,” he again obliged me, and jammed his cock deep in me in one thrust. I really squirted that time. Is it weird that I hoped me squirting was on camera?

We went like that for several minutes, with him varying the speed and occasionally pulling out to make me degrade myself more for the video. After one really intense begging session, Alex spun me around pushed me onto my hands and knees and proceeded to drive himself back up my ass.

I was surprised at the suddenness of it, but I was so happy since this was exactly the stimulation I wanted. I started fucking back as hard as I could. Alex was a man on a mission this time, he was relentlessly pounding my ass, and all I could do was moan, push back and leak from my cage. It didn't take long before I was starting to crescendo.

Alex heard my moans going up, “Are you close, slut?”

“Yes, Sir!” I replied.

“You know what to do, right?” he asked. I could almost hear the huge grin on his face.

“To beg… for permission… Sir,” I stated, between grunts.

Alex smacked my asscheek and said, “Good girl!”

Again, I thrilled at him calling me that, and that pushed me right up there. I was close, on the edge, but I couldn't quite seem to peak. I don't know why and I was getting a little frustrated. I started grunting and moaning, trying to get a little bit more to crest that horizon, but it wasn't happening.

“You close, girl?” Alex asked, picking up his pace.

“Yes, Sir, but I can't quite seem to…” I hesitated.

“To get there?” he finished.

I nodded and he gripped my shoulder, pulling me even deeper into him with every thrust. I was hovering oh so close to the edge, when I felt Alex doing something with his hands along the back of my neck. He wasn't grabbing as much as… exploring? It felt a little weird honestly, not bad, just not something I'd ever had done before. I was a little unsure where this was going, when he got through the wig and to my real hair. He then wrapped his fingers in my hair and started pulling… hard. Holy shit! It felt like he was going to rip my hair out, and he was pulling my head and body back into him as he slammed away at me. 

As you can imagine, that was all I needed and I screamed, “Please, Sir! Please may I cum?”

“Not yet, slut, not yet. Hold it, girl!” he growled as he yanked even harder. I was actually seeing stars, the pain was so intense and directed, but it was getting me off quick! I wasn't sure I could hold back now. I was on the edge so long.

“I'm not sure I can, Sir! Please?” I pleaded, trying to sound desperate. I was.

“Not fucking yet, you hold, or I'll spank your little sissy balls black and blue,” he growled in my ear.

Wait, was that supposed to be an incentive to not cum? Because that idea was turning me on even more. Now I was stuck. Did I want to be good or be a bit of a brat and get a real punishment?

“That sounds yummy, Sir!” I purred as best I could while having my head yanked and my ass pounded.

“You really are a kinky bitch,” he said, and yes, I could hear the smile. “Fine, if you cum, no dick for a week,” he growled.

Oh fuck! Was he serious? He could just jack off, but I'd have to use a toy or something to relieve some stress. Well, that decided it and I pinched down and held my orgasm back as best I could.

He continued pounding me, while talking in my ear, “So, my little sissy likes to get her balls spanked? I will remember that.” It sounded like both a threat and a promise. Help me, that turned me on even more.

“What else do you want, cunt?” He knew how the names got to me, so he was calling me all kinds of dirty things.

I moaned loudly, then gasped out, “I want to be a total bimbo sex toy. Giant tits, huge lips, tats, piercings, slutty clothes.”

“Very hot, my little cock sleeve, what else?” he was loving this.

“I want to be whipped, flogged, my ass beaten so red, I can't sit for days,” I breathed, trying to think of something that didn't scare the complete fuck out of me. Just admitting the bimbo thing was a bit intense. My mind would go to all sorts of dark places, and a lot of them scared me.

“I already know that, you ditz. What do you really want?” he growled, really yanking on my hair.

“I want… to have a three-way with a trans girl. I want to be gangbanged, with just cock after cock taking my mouth and ass. I want to be the center of a dungeon sex party, tied down and spanked, pinched and tormented made to serve any cock or pussy that wants to use me. I want to be a ponygirl with a bit and bridle and tail plug, I want to be in the sissy version of House of Gord, I want to be whored out, dropped on a street corner and degrade myself for tiny amounts of money… Please may I fucking cum? Please?” I stretched the last word out to four syllables.

“Cum for me my little latex whore,” he purred.

I fucking exploded. I came in wave after wave, my clitty spurting all kinds of my sissy cum. My ass thrusting back wildly on Alex. My body shaking with each wave. My mind kind of shut off at some point, maybe I even blacked out for a moment. I came back with Alex gently lowering my head down and sliding his cock out of my well-stretched hole.

“You okay, girl?” he asked quietly.

I nodded, trying to form words, “Oh yes, Sir. Just… a little… dizzy.”

Alex laid me on the floor, where the cool floor met my sweaty latex body and that woke me back up a little. I looked up at him and smiled brightly, the care and concern in his eyes evident. My eyes also drifted to his rock hard cock and I reached up to stroke him.

“Ready then, girl?” he smiled down.

I nodded and rolled to my back. I slid over to place a kiss on his cockhead and then wrap my lips around him, taking him as deep as I could. He moaned and I blew him like that for a few minutes until I started pushing down as far I could deep throat, milking his cock with my throat. Then coming up for a quick breath and going back down again. Soon, he was pounding away at my mouth, sliding pretty much all the way down my throat with each thrust. It was hard to breathe, but I really wanted to pleasure him, so I just tamped down that part of my brain. It only took a few more minutes for his pace to pick up and he was slamming into my mouth, fucking my face hard. Soon, he pressed all the way down, driving completely in my mouth and throat and he came, bucking and groaning, shooting straight down my throat. It was so hot, but after a few seconds, I was starting to get desperate for air. Thankfully, he pulled out after he felt me squirming.

As soon as his weight was off me, I sat up and kissed him as hard as I could. Showing him how I felt about everything. He kissed me right back with the same passion and ardor.

“Sorry if I was choking you there,” he said between kisses.

“It's what I wanted, Sir,” I replied smiling like a love-struck teenager.

“You wanted me to choke you?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

I nodded and bit my lips shyly, “Yes, Sir.”

“Just with my cock or my hands, too?” he asked seriously.

I shrugged, “Both, either. I just want to be controlled by you.”

“You really are the sexiest thing ever,” he smiled and kissed me again.

“Does that include some of my… fantasies,” I hesitated bringing it up, but some of those things scared me, I didn't want to freak him out.

“Are you kidding? I love those fucking fantasies! They are some of the hottest things I've ever heard. I'd love to do any and all of that with you,” he held me close, looking tenderly at me, with just a hint of unbridled lust. It was making my clitty and my heart throb. 

“You're dripping,” he pointed out. There was another puddle of my cream inside, plus I was adding fresh pre-cum.

“Sorry, I'm a bit of a mess,” we broke and went to clean up. As we did, we talked more about my fantasies.

“Do you really want to do those things?” Alex asked. “I think they're super hot, but I don't want to push too far either. Just the way you asked afterwards, you sounded a bit… hesitant.”

“I do, it's just some of them… scare me. I mean, I love the idea, but what's the reality going to be?” I shrugged.

“I get it, its like what will it be like being in charge of someone else, tying them up and holding everything about them in your hands. It can be an incredible rush, but it can also be scary as fuck.” He looked at me smiling, his eyes bright. “It's a lot of responsibility. And constantly trying to keep things exciting without pushing any boundaries, or at least not going full-bore loony, and just pushing the envelope a little.”

“Like yanking your partner's hair?” I grinned.

“Exactly! How was that?” he asked.

“Oh my fucking God,” I replied. “I won't lie, it hurt like a sunovabitch, but it was so fucking hot and was exactly what I needed then.”

“Okay, so a good thing, but not too much. Maybe only at certain points?” he wondered. 

“I think that's about right. Do you want me to stay in the dress?” I asked, realizing I was a complete sweaty mess. “Oh, and what do you think of latex stockings?”

“If you'd like to stay in it, if not, we can get you into something else,” he pressed up and kissed me, running his hands over the dress on my back and ass. That was just a heavenly feeling. “And I love the idea of latex stockings, I wasn't sure if all that latex would be too much for the first time.”

“It might have been, but now I want to know. Also, you keep rubbing me like that, and I'm going to want you to fuck me again,” I purred.

“I know,” he kept rubbing and pressing against me, before finally picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom.

Hours later, I woke up with Alex's arm resting across my back. Somehow, I was just wearing my stockings. I laid there feeling warm and cozy nestled up with him for a while, until nature got the best of me and I had to pee.

I'd get a little twisted around at Alex's since his apartment layout was backwards from mine. So, I walked into the kitchen first by mistake, then made my way back to the bathroom. I was a little chilly being out of the covers now. As I peed and cleaned up, I realized the only clothes I had over here were made of latex. I guess I was going to have to squeeze back into the dress to go back to my place. I still had a few hours before I had to get ready for work, but I didn't want to leave yet.

I crawled back into bed and Alex woke, kissing me softly before he went to pee. As he came back, he kissed me and nuzzled into my neck. I debating asking for another round, but he'd already fucked me several times and I didn't want to be greedy.

“What time is it?” he groggily asked.

“It's about 5, almost 5:30,” I replied. “I have to get ready for work soon.”

“I know,” he replied. “Oh, I didn't get to ask you, do you want to go back to Lucy's tomorrow night?” 

“Sure thing,” I replied happily. “Tomorrow as in Saturday, right?”

“Uh-huh,” he grunted as an affirmative. 

“Sounds great,” I smiled, thinking about last week. 

“Will you wear the latex dress?” he asked, a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

This was him pushing a little. He knew I'd get a little freaked out just being out as a girl, and being dressed sexy only made it more so. So, I needed to push myself, too. Even though the idea of going out in the latex dress freaked me out more than a little, I replied, “Sure, I will.”

“Good girl,” he replied sleepily.

“Speaking of the dress,” I started. “I might need help getting into at least some of it to get back to my place.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Well, I need to get ready for work,” I replied, wondering if he was already asleep.

“Just wear one of my shirts or my robe or something. I'll get it back later,” he replied like I was a complete ditz.

“Oh, right. That's a good idea,” I stated, feeling like a complete ditz. 

“You don't have to sound so surprised,” he joked back. “I have good ideas.”

“Sometimes great ideas,” I grinned and kissed him on the cheek. “I'll see you tonight?”

“You better believe it, I have exciting news for you,” he smiled, closing his eyes.

I really debated jumping on him as he said that. That was just mean. Saying something like that and then just falling asleep? Really?

I grabbed his robe and all the latex pieces, then headed back to my place to get ready for work. It's funny, I was so distracted at work that day that I was pretty useless. I kept thinking about getting together with Alex and being able to spend the weekend together. I was also really wondering what his exciting news could be.

I had fantasies about him really being a prince or a billionaire or something and whisking me away to a life of being his little sissy sub girl. I knew that was too out there, but it was still fun. I tried to think more practically. I could only think that his lease was up in a few months and maybe he'd gotten a new place. But that wouldn't be exciting, that would suck. Unless he was going to ask me to move in with him? Holy shit! Could that really be it? I mean, weren't we at the way too early stage for something like that? Still, the idea made sense. We could combine our rents into one payment and save a ton of money. We could even still get just a one bedroom place.

All this speculation had me spaced out at work. Several people even asked if I was okay. I just told them, I'd met someone and while it was early, it was pretty serious. That's when it came to me. It was pretty serious. I was really falling for Alex, and I'd only really just come to terms with the idea that I could be in a serious relationship with a guy. I mean, having sex with a guy was one thing, but actually being together, that was something else entirely. Especially for me, since I wasn't actually transitioning or anything. Did I want to transition? I always wondered what it would be like to live as my femme self full-time, but I wasn't sure I was quite ready for that.

Like I said, I was a space cadet. So, at five, I rushed out and hurried home. I didn't find any notes when I came in. So, I decided to do my usual, grab a quick shower and get in girl mode. Sure enough, by the time I was out of the shower, Alex had come in.

“Hey! Should I wear anything special?” I called from the bedroom.

“Something kinda comfortable would be good,” Alex called back.

Hmmm, not the answer I expected, but it did make me wonder what he had planned for me. It didn't sound like we were going out, which to be honest was fine with me. After being at work all day, and probably going out as a latex slut tomorrow, another night in sounded perfect. 

I decided to go with something sexy and still somewhat comfortable. I know to most people a corset doesn't sound that comfortable, but this one was. It was a lightweight fabric brocade corset in black with green detailing on it. It was actually kind of pretty, the boning was fairly light and it was a touch big, so it was quite comfortable, for a corset anyway. I also went with stockings since I always love those. I paired it all with a skimpy thong.

I did a quick make-up job. No foundation, just some powder for highlights, quick eye shadow, no mascara and I went with a dark red lipstick. Still sexy, but more mysterious than a bright cocksucker red. I also donned my short, black bob wig. It was supposed to look a bit like a Betty Paige kind of style.

I came into the living room in my outfit and Alex smiled as he saw me. He came over and took me in his arms, wrapping me up and kissing me deeply. It was amazing how this moment just made my heart skip a beat and I didn't really want it to end. Sadly, he broke apart and looked me up and down.

“This is comfortable?” he asked incredulously.

I gave him a little 'what?' look and replied, “I happen to be comfortable in it.”

“Hey, you look amazing. As long as you're comfortable with it, it's fine by me. I just hope you're prepared to be in this all night,” he held up a leather collar. 

Oh my! I should have known something like that would be on the agenda.

I gasped slightly, then I looked up at him, “I'm prepared to be yours for as long as you want, Sir.”

“Good, then kneel,” he commanded.

I trembled slightly with excitement as I fell to my knees. Of course, at that level, I almost reflexively looked at his crotch where there was a very familiar and noticeable bulge.

He saw me looking and admonished me, “Not yet, girl.”

My Master then reached down and gently buckled the collar around my neck. “Don't forget, when you're wearing this, you're mine. No back-talk and do as you're told, when you're told. Don't forget your safeword.”

“Yes, Master,” I nodded as he locked a padlock on the collar and I moaned softly. Alex smiled triumphantly as he knew he had me.

“Give me your hand,” he ordered.

I quickly and obediently offered him my right hand. He reached out with a leather cuff and buckled it around my wrist. My breathing increased rapidly as my arousal took off. Alex looked me right in the eyes and then clicked a padlock on the cuff. I gasped slightly as he did, and he smiled wickedly at me. All of this had me steadily dripping in my panties.

Alex grabbed my other wrist and locked a cuff on that one, too. My breathing was ragged as I was so aroused at this point. He pulled me to my feet and wrapped me in his arms, kissing me with utter abandon. I just melted into his embrace, lost in a haze of love-struck lust.

Alex kissed my ear and whispered, “You ready to be my little bondage slut?”

“Always, Master,” I gasped.

“Turn around, girl,” he ordered softly. I obeyed and he reached over my head with a large ball gag. I moaned as he pulled the bright red gag into my lips and buckled it. 

Alex pushed me down to the floor, and I kneeled down. He pushed my chest down, so I was bent over. He pulled my hands behind my back and clicked another padlock on the D-rings, locking my hands together. How many locks did he have? Was he done? I hoped not. Wow, I really was a bondage slut.

He wrapped cuffs around my ankles and then the large cuffs around my thighs. As you can imagine, he locked my ankles to my thighs. I was not going anywhere, not quickly anyway! He reached down and began playing with my ass, teasing me by running his hands all over my cheeks, throwing an occasional smack in just to keep me on edge. It wasn't long before I was moaning and squirming, trying to push my ass back into his hands. When I did that, he would move his hands up to my back, and rub me lightly there.

“Now, let's make sure everything is nice and snug,” he then did something to my corset, and in moments was tugging on the laces, pulling it really tight. Thankfully this corset was a tad big, so even at its tightest it wasn't cutting me in half, but it would still make me have to take shallow breaths. He pulled until the back panels were touching and re-tied the laces. 

“How's that? Comfortable?” he asked, right in my ear.

I nodded, and mumbles, “Yeth, Thir,” around my gag. All I really managed to accomplish was drooling all over my corseted tits.

“Good,” he chuckled evilly. “Let's get you completely ready.”

I didn't have to wait long as he lowered me face first to the floor, so I was on my face and knees. Not exactly a comfortable position, but he did put a pillow under my chest, so I wasn't right on the floor. However, now my bare ass was quite vulnerable. He took advantage, and began really playing with me. In this awkward position, I could barely push back, so I was just his toy to play with.

After several minutes of teasing me, I felt something cold at my asshole. At first, I thought he was going to fuck me, but then I realized he was pushing a plug in me. After it was seated, he turned the vibration on low.

He then pulled me back up so I was sitting on my knees. Then, he was doing something with my hands. Before I could even realize they were unlocked, he was pulling something over them.

“About time this item gets some more use, girl,” he whispered as he pulled the armbinder up over my arms and buckled it onto me. I squirted a little when he said that. And when he pulled my arms all the way in. And when he… yeah, I was pretty much dripping the whole time.

He let me settle in and I was trying to get control of my breathing, or my libido, or my heart-rate, but I was just a bundle of nerves for him to play with, and that was fine with me! 

He now stood in front of me. I was really hoping he was going to let me suck his cock. I wanted him in me so bad, I didn't really care how. And the buzzing from the plug was not helping with that desire. He leaned in close and said, “No peeking now.”

He then slid a blindfold over my eyes. It took me a few moments to adjust, but my other senses very quickly kicked into overdrive. Touch being the one that was really going into overdrive, but smell was right there, too. Certainly the smell of leather from the straps, but also the smell of him. I could smell his musk. I could also really taste the rubber of the ball gag.

I could hear him step away for a few minutes and wondered what devilry he had planned next. I really hoped it was going to involve fucking me. I was close to my boiling point, and was really ready to cum, or as close as I could manage.

Alex stepped back over to me and unlocked the gag from my mouth. He pulled it out, followed by a ton of drool. Most of the puddle dripped down onto my tits and down my corset.

“Damn, girl. No wonder you give such good blow-jobs,” he laughed. I smiled up and was about to say something, when Alex put a finger to my lips. He then started doing something with straps around my head. If I was right, he was buckling a harness gag around my head. I wondered if this was his harness gag or mine? Mine was a panel gag and was very filling, and could keep me pretty quiet. I couldn't remember what his was. After a few minutes of fiddling with straps, I felt a large rubber ring pushed behind my teeth, and I figured this was his gag. It appeared his fascination with me in ring gags was continuing. As my tongue explored the very large ring, I squirted more than a little.

Alex chuckled, “I see you've noticed the gag. I love having your slutty little mouth wide open and available.” He placed his finger inside the gag, and I began running my tongue over his finger, trying to show him how worked up I was.

“Very nice, girl. I love how you get when you're all horny, but I want to play with my toy more first,” Alex said teasingly.

Alex then stepped behind me and began doing something with the armbinder. I could feel him pulling on the bottom of it, then he was pulling on the top of the harness gag. What wickedness was he up to now?

I found out a moment later when I felt something pull my head back and my arms up at the same time. I tried to pull my head back up, but that pulled my arms up awkwardly. I pulled down on my arms, and sure enough, that pulled back on my head. He'd put me in a nice little predicament. Nothing serious, but it was sure to get tiring either way.

I couldn't decide which was worse, so I'd keep trying to shift back and forth, or find some kind of balance that was only mildly uncomfortable for both. 

After a few minutes of me struggling back and forth, Alex started teasing around my open gagged mouth, “Would my little pet like something to distract her from the pulling on her head and arms?”

He sounded so sweet, but I knew he was up to something. I played along and nodded as best I could, and yes that pulled on my arms like a son of a bitch.

I was expecting him to do something with the gag, so when he started playing with my nipples, that really threw me off. It also cranked my arousal up more, which I was beginning to believe, there was no limit to how horny and worked up I could get. I moaned through the gag, with my excitement and surprise.

“Ohhh, does my little girl like that?” Alex purred.

I nodded as best I could and moaned, “Yeth, Thir.”

“Then let's take things up, shall we, girl?”

What was he going to do to me now? Heaven above, would he just fuck me already? I knew in the rational part of my brain, this was the goal, but that part really wasn't working very well right now.

Alex continued pinching, pulling and twisting on my nipples, until he really started yanking on them hard. Getting me to moan in a mix of pain and arousal. Then I felt him let go of my right tit, but he kept going to town on the left one. Then I felt him reach with both hands and a sharp biting pain dug into my nipple, making me really moan, squirm and drip.

I gasped and gargled through the gag, Alex just replied, “I'm just distracting you from your arm and head predicament.”

His evil little chuckle preceded him putting the other nipple clamp on and me hissing in pain through the gag. Then I felt him pull up on the chain and do something else. What now? Why do I keep asking that? I usually don't like the answer. Well, I like it, but it makes things much less comfortable for me.

I felt it a moment later when I pulled my arms down, pulling my head back, which also pulled my nipple clamp chain up. He'd connected the clamp chain to the D-ring on the ring gag harness, too. So, now I was pulling my arms, head and nipples together. I really focused on trying to stay right in the middle, and not moving too much.

Needless to say, that was almost impossible, and I was pulling on something, then trying to correct and often overbalancing. So, I was in a constant state of flux, trying to find my balance. Alex heard my various moans and noises.

“Oh, doesn't my girl like her distraction?” he asked, sounding mock wounded.

I hesitated, then nodded slightly, pulling on all my connections while I did.

“Well, if you like them, you shouldn't be making such noises… here, let me help you,” he offered.

A moment later I felt something entering the gag and I thought he was finally going to ram his cock in me, but then I felt the rubber phallus entering my mouth. Was he shoving a dildo in me?

Once the small cock was in my mouth, I heard a weird noise, like air moving, and I realized he had put an inflatable gag in the ring gag. He was really going to shut me up that way! After several pumps, he tugged on the gag, then let the bulb hang down, resting on my cleavage. 

“That looks, and sounds great,” he sounded quite proud of himself. “Let me test it though.”

I heard a swoosh in the air, and felt a blast of pain explode on my left asscheek. I tried to scream into the gag, but I could only make some small squeaking sounds. I was almost completely silenced.

“Oh, very nice!” he growled triumphantly. “Now, I can really beat your ass and the neighbors won't know. Let's see if we can make it so you don't sit comfortably for a few days.”

I then felt several swift strokes of what I figured was the paddle on my fresh cheeks. Of course, moving when he hit me pulled on my head, which pulled on my tits and I also pulled the butt plug in and out of me. So, one smack had me in a state of turmoil. Several quick smacks and I was a bundle of raw nerves that wasn't sure if it was excited, aroused, in pain, uncomfortable or just feeling euphoria. It was a wild sensation, and my brain was pretty much on overload.

Alex beat my ass for quite some time, it felt like hours, but was probably only about 20 minutes or so. He did a splendid job of not just tanning my ass, but spreading the smacks out so my cheeks, sides and upper thighs were all burning red hot. He did make sure to hit the real fleshy part in the middle of each cheek multiple times over the course, so I was probably going to have some serious welts there. Each successive strike felt like it was burning deeper into my skin. I was dancing like a puppet on a string and it was to the beat of Alex's tune. 

I don't recall when the paddling stopped, I was still in overload with my ass on fire, my nipples being tugged mercilessly and my bound arms yanking on my head, so I was a little out of it. The first time I realized the hiding had stopped was when I felt the pump gag in my mouth deflating.

It hissed and was out of my mouth before it was fully deflated. Alex's cock was quite inflated and it replaced the gag in seconds. It was about goddamn time, too! Alex proceeded to mercilessly fuck my helpless mouth and throat like he was a man possessed. He would pump a few times, pull out enough for me to take a breath and then drive into me some more. 

I was so turned on that any penetration was soooo welcome. I wanted him in my ass, but this was a nice warm-up. He took my mouth like that for quite some time. I thought he was going to cum in me, but he had way more control than that, and just spent quite a bit of time playing with his favorite slutty little fuck toy. That's me, if you were wondering.

At some point, he pulled out completely, and I sat there panting, drooling all over myself as I waited for him to start again. 

He got close to me and whispered in my ear, “Dammit you are the hottest fucking thing ever, I really want to cum down your throat, but I also want to play with my toy a lot more. Do you want me to play with you more?

I nodded as vigorously as I could, “Yeth, Thir! Yeth, Thir!” I mumbled as best I could.

“Oh, but do you want me to shoot my cum in your fucking slut hole?” he fingered my mouth as he asked that one.

I nodded, running my tongue over his finger, “Yeth, Thir! Yeth, Thir!”

“Well, make up your mind, my little sissy bitch, which do you want?” he teased.

I shrugged as best I could, and mumbled, “Bouf?”

“You want both, huh? You really are a horny little cum dump, aren't you?”

I nodded wildly again, “Yeth, Thir!” It was funny, my cheeks flushed wish shame and embarrassment at being such a wanton whore, but I also felt a certain amount of pride in my sluttiness.

“Well, let's see what we can figure out, but first, I think my little toy needs a break,” he unlocked all the cuffs, took off the ring gag, and even undid the thigh cuffs.

I blinked rapidly as the blindfold came off. Alex held a water up to me and I drank several small, quick sips. I was really thirsty. I looked up at him adoringly as I sipped. He smiled down at me like… well, like he knew a secret I didn't know. Why did I have a feeling something was up?

We took a few minutes and I caught my breath, sitting at Alex's feet while he sat on the couch. I'm not sure why I sat like that, it just seemed natural at that point. We took a few minutes to catch our breaths. I realized I had the TV on and was watching porn. Bondage porn, of course! Oh wait! It was House of Gord's 'Trouble at the House of Gord.' Oh my! I love this movie. There's a caging scene where the three girls are placed into corsets, gloves and cuffs, then locked into Pichard cages. It's probably my favorite bit of porn ever. And Alex just happened to be watching it?

“You're watching 'Trouble at the House of Gord?' Is this yours?” I asked.

Alex shook his head, “Nope, it's yours. I've never seen the whole thing, so I wanted to see why you had this video on top.” He grinned at me, “I'm guessing you watch this one a lot?”

I blushed a little, “Oh yes, especially, well, this scene right here.”

We watched the caging scene and Alex was asking me questions and commenting the whole time. He somehow knew this was my one of my favorite fantasies. After that it didn't take long until Alex was ready to go again. 

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Lay on the floor, girl.”

I laid down and he pulled my hands behind my back again. He then locked my ankle cuffs back together and then locked the wrist cuffs to the ankle cuffs, so I was effectively hogtied. Alex added the blindfold back, and put a ball gag in.

He then whispered, “I'm just going to watch you squirm for a bit.” I felt a sudden surge as he turned the vibrating butt plug back on, but only to a medium low level, so that I was squirming. Of course, I was laying almost directly on my caged clit, so I really couldn't get much friction or sensation that way, so I was mostly just buzzing and frustrated.

Time again became meaningless. I was sure it had been a long time, since my arms and legs were getting tired, but I wasn't sure how long. The only thing I was sure of was that Alex kept playing with the vibrator settings, so I was up and down while I was in my bondage, and more frustrated than ever. So, when he unlocked my cuffs, picked me up and threw me over the arm of the couch, I was more than ready!

Of course, the magnificent bastard didn't just pull my plug and start reaming the hell out of me. No, he had to tease me more. Slowly pulling the plug out, ever so slowly sliding his wonderful cock into me, inch by very slow inch. I was mmmpphh-ing and doing all I could to beg or push back, but he had me well pinned down, and he was intent on taking his time.

Finally after what seemed like hours, he bottomed out, but even then, he just slowly pulled back out, then slowly pushed back in. I was screaming into the gag for him to just fuck me already!

After several agonizing minutes, he finally leaned in and asked me, “What do you want, my sissy slut? You want me to pound your little ass? You want me to fuck you like a bitch in heat?”

I nodded and nodded, and finally all the build up finally broke and he proceeded to fuck the hell out of me. I was grunting, squirming, moaning, pushing back, anything I could, but I couldn't do much. Alex was in full control, and he made that known by reaching in under the wig and getting a nice grip on my hair again.

That launched my already tortured body to the stratosphere. I very quickly had a long, screaming orgasm. Well, I'm not sure if it was one long orgasm, or lots of little ones, but either way, it went on for some time. Also, I wasn't really screaming, I was… whatever it is when you scream into a ballgag. Gag screaming? Anyway, I was in a haze of pleasure and when I started to come down, Alex had slowed down and was pulling out of my dripping wet ass.

He came around, undid the ball gag and shoved his cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked his cock clean, while he unlocked all my cuffs and took off the ballgag. He did grab the D ring on the front of my collar and pulled me into him in a soft tender kiss.

“Do you want to take the collar off?” he asked as he unlocked the ankle cuffs and the wrist cuffs. I noticed he didn't take them off.

“Is it up to me?” I asked.

“Yes,” he nodded. “I'd rather it stays on, but I also want you…”

“I want to keep it on,” I said excitedly. “It makes me feel… owned… and comfortable.”

Alex smiled and started to pull me in to snuggle with him. I pushed against him, “I should probably clean up first, I don't want to leak on the couch.”

So, I went and cleaned up, and peed, too. Alex pulled me into the bedroom and tossed me onto the bed. He locked my cuffs behind my back, and locked my ankles together. He then kissed me softly and put a small, breathable gag into my mouth. “Good night, girl.”

He pulled me into him and snuggled up with my bound body. I was still pretty high from my euphoria, so I wasn't sure how well I was going to sleep, but the long bondage, the spanking and the wild sex eventually caught up with me, and I felt very tired. As I started to doze off, I thought, wait a minute, that fucker didn't tell me what his surprise was!

I squirmed and bumped against him a few times before he somewhat groggily asked, “What now, girl? I thought you peed already?”

I mumbled “Thrprithe,” around my gag.

“Thur-what? Oh, the surprise? Well, pet, you see, I got a promotion at work. I'm not sure if you remember, but I mentioned that I stayed on third shift while my folks were sick. Well, the person who took the Assistant Manager position is leaving in two weeks, so not only will I be getting promoted, I'll be working first shift.”

“Thaz, gweat!” I squeaked around the gag. Oh wow! We'd be on the same schedule, that would be so much nicer, to actually get to spend some time together that way, and be able to enjoy our whole weekend. That was a pretty good surprise!

So, I then snuggled in and dozed off a very happy bondage sissy with my Master holding me tight.


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