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Almost Damsel in Almost Distress

by Shawna Summers

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© Copyright 2022 - Shawna Summers - Used by permission

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Continues from

Part 3

I felt Alex moving around the bed, I figured he was going to pee, and sure enough, he came back a few moments later and snuggled back into me. I did really want to ask him about last night's adventure and if he was my mystery lover or not. Though I was pretty sure it was him, the thrill of not knowing, made me wonder who else it might have been.

The thought it was one of the guys from work did give me a little buzz! How wild would it be to go to work on Monday and hear one of my co-workers talking about the bondage slut they got to mouth fuck over the weekend! Of course, I don't think they'd recognized me and none of them came up to say anything at the bar. Still, that didn't make that idea any less exciting. For some reason, being someone's fantasy girl was a bit of a thrill.

So much of a thrill that my caged clitty was beginning to make itself known again. Even after the mind numbing orgasm I'd had, I was getting horny again. My butt plug was also making itself known and that was adding to my arousal. I was thinking about taking it out when I remembered Alex saying he wanted me plugged all the time. 

It occurred to me, this was the remote control vibrating plug that I had in. I never noticed him with any controls or anything, so he must have hidden the remote in his pants or something. I briefly considered going through and seeing if I could find the remote, but then decided if he wanted me to have the controls, he would have given me the controls.

Still I was getting horny as hell, but it was still the middle of the night and I didn't want to wake him again. So, I snuggled in trying to sleep as best I could with my caged clit steadily leaking into my panties!

Several hours later as daylight began sneaking into the room, I felt Alex stir and hoped he was ready to play. I was worked up already! Alex pulled me tight into his embrace and pulled me close for a deep kiss. I moaned softly as he trailed kisses from lips to my ear. He nibbled on my ear, driving me just mad with arousal.

“Please fuck me,” I begged desperately, my need obvious in my voice.

“My, my,” Alex teased. “Someone sure is worked up this morning.”

I smiled shyly, biting my lip as I nodded, thoughts of being a bound anonymous sex toy kept replaying in my mind!

“Does that mean you enjoyed our little adventure last night?” he teased more.

I nodded, still biting my lip, a little hesitant to say more for some reason.

“You should answer now, girl,” he stated firmly cupping my chin.

“Oh God, yes, Sir!” I babbled breathlessly. “I enjoyed it so fucking much... I want to know when we can do it again.” I felt my cheeks flush red as I blushed with shame at wanting to be such a wanton slut.

Alex raised my chin and looked deep in my eyes, but with a warm smile, “I told you, don't be embarrassed by what turns you on and excites you. If you're going to be a complete slut, be as slutty as you can.”

I smiled and laughed a little, “I know, it just seems weird to say something like that out loud. I'm not even supposed to want to crossdress, let alone want to be a... painted whore.”

“Well, I think it's sexy as hell when you get all worked up over being a sissy slut,” he pointed this statement by kissing me deeply.

I kissed him back, falling further into my passion. He kissed back over to my neck, causing me to gasp and moan. He raised his thigh up to my crotch and I began grinding all over his leg, humping both my chastity cage and my plug on his thigh. He whispered in my ear as he was kissing my neck, “My, my, you really ARE worked up.”

In between moans and breaths, I managed to gasp out, “I... told you... I REALLY liked... being your toy last night.”

“Well, I better take care of my girl then,” he slid me down and spread my legs, hiking my light chemise up out of the way. He reached down to massage my inner thighs, sliding his one hand down to play with my butt plug. I began squirming and writhing as he played with the toy, driving me to higher heights of arousal.

I looked at him desperately, and begged, “Please?”

He obliged me by pulling the plug out and sliding himself almost all the way in one thrust. The suddenness of his penetration had me gasping for air and just making little moaning sounds. He leaned down over me and began kissing me as he slowly started pumping himself in and out of me. I wrapped my legs tight around him to keep him as deep as I could. The lust evident in his forceful kisses. I wondered if we were going to do something, I mean something kinky, but he seemed content to just go missionary and please his girl.

I was happy to oblige him. I was in such a state of heaven, I almost couldn't believe how good it felt. He was kissing me, playing with my nipples and just holding a nice steady pace. It felt so good, but seemed oddly normal. Well, normal for a chastity caged sissy slut being fucked by her dominant bisexual next-door neighbor! You know, the usual...

I'm not sure how long we made love like that, and I did realize at some point, this was less fucking and more making passionate love making. I was lost in a haze of bliss either way. After what was probably ten or fifteen minutes of steady going, Alex raised himself up and began going faster. He also pulled my legs up and put my ankles on his shoulders. Holy hell did that let him go deep in me! Wow! I just held on as he played me like some kind of sissy violin. It didn't take long before the angle and pace had me building up.

“Sir, I'm going to cum! Please may I cum?” I moaned, my eyes closed in ecstasy.

Alex replied through gritted teeth, “Not yet, hold on a little bit, girl.”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied. “I... don't know... how long...”

“It better be until I tell you,” he growled.

“Yes, Sir. As you wish,” but I could feel the tension building and it was going to be epic. I felt like a live wire, I just needed the electricity. 

Thankfully, he took pity on me and after just a few minutes, he asked, “Are you still close?”

“Yes, Sir!” I almost screamed.

“Just know, I'm not going to stop, I'm going to keep fucking you after you cum, you understand?”

“Oh yes, Sir!” I gasped barely holding back the tide of my orgasm.

“Then cum for me!”

And I did! I basically exploded. I could feel the waves rolling off of me as my clitty sprayed all kinds of cream all over my stomach and true to his word, Alex kept pounding away at me, which really just compounded the orgasms and I actually wound up coming a second time, almost right after the first. It was a mind-blowing experience. I'm not sure how long I came for, but I came down to a wide smile on Alex's face just inches from mine as he kissed me again.

He started slowly grinding into me, “You okay?” he asked me.

I looked up, my eyes kind of clearing, “What do you mean?”

“You were screaming your head off, then you kind of blacked out for a moment, I was a little worried, but when I asked if you wanted me to stop, you just replied, 'Dear God, no' so I figured you were okay,” Alex kept grinning as he picked up the pace.

I sighed and smiled, “Well, I was cumming over and over there, I've never felt anything like that.”

“Are you going to cum again?” he asked me.

I laughed and grinned, “I don't know, you're just going to have to find out.”

With that, Alex decided to give it his best to make me cum again, he was going steady at me, but after the toe curling I'd just gone through, I was pretty well spent. So, he eventually picked up the pace and was kissing me steadily, when he whispered and asked if I was going to cum again, I just told him, probably not, but I wanted to be his girl and please him.

He rolled me over, so I was on top, “Good, then ride and make me cum.”

I smiled down and took the challenge, riding him like a cowgirl. My cage flopping steadily as I bounced on his cock. Maybe it was the change in angle, but I was quickly building again. I couldn't believe it, and I think he knew it since he really started playing with my nipples and soon I was bouncing like crazy. I could see by the grin on his face he knew I was close. “If you get close, go ahead and cum, baby, I want to watch you.”

Him saying that, pushed me on, and sure enough I bounced a few more times before I threw my head back moaning like mad as I came again. Somewhere in my haze, I realized he was pulling me tight onto him and he was cumming in me. I came down as he was still pumping in my ass, so I slowed and gently milked him with my ass, trying to draw his orgasm out. The look on his face was priceless. I kissed him as he came back down and laid my head on his chest, feeling him breathing.

He held me close, just enjoying the afterglow. It was a few minutes before I realized he was shrinking down and was slipping out of my ass. Of course, that meant after he slipped out, a puddle of cum followed. I rolled onto my side to try and keep it from dripping all over the bed.

“Holy shit, babe, I think you flooded me!” I laughed.

“Well, you seemed like you wanted a lot,” he joked back.

I nodded, “I did, but could you get me a tissue or something to clean with, I don't want to make a puddle.”

So, we cleaned up and settled back in to snuggle some more. We laid quietly for a while, before Alex asked me quietly, “Was that okay?”

“Okay,” I looked at him surprised. “I had a screaming multiple orgasm and you're asking if it was okay?”

Alex shrugged, “I just know it wasn't kinky or anything, but it seemed like a nice mix to end the weekend.”

“Well, I was worried that is was too... 'vanilla', but it was a nice way to mix things up.” I laid my head on his chest again, feeling the hard muscle and him breathing. “I wouldn't want to do it that way every time, but it's definitely a nice quiet way to be together.”

“I don't know about quiet,” Alex laughed. “You were screaming like a banshee for several minutes. I'm surprised your throat doesn't hurt.”

“I do feel a little hoarse, I just figured I needed a drink after all that exercise,” I smiled up at him.

“Talking about kinky, I do want to talk a little about last night,” he started.

“Ohhh, are we going to plan our next outing?” I asked excitedly.

“Well, I will plan our next outing, you'll need to be your cute, sexy self,” he ordered.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied obediently.

“Good girl,” he replied. “But one thing did occur to me, we never really established any safety protocols, especially with something that can be as intense as public play.”

“Safety protocols?”

“Yes, like if something gets to be too much for you,” he explained.

“Oh, so like the safe word we did on Friday?”

“Yes, now I prefer to just do a color system, you say 'Yellow' if you need to slow down, and 'Red' if something is too much for you,” he stated. “Does that work for you?”

I shrugged, “I've never really thought about it. I mean, there's not much I'm not willing to do, or at least try, but that's probably a good idea, just in case something hits me too hard.”

“Oh don't worry, your ass will be getting hit plenty hard,” he joked. I rolled my eyes at him. He looked at me sternly, “Did you just roll your eyes at me?”

I gulped, “Y-yes, Sir.” Was he being serious? I wasn't sure.

“Do you think that's being very respectful?” he asked sternly. Why did that voice make my clit swell in its cage?

I smiled, knowing I was caught, wondering where he was going, “No, Sir.”

“So, what should I do with a girl who's being disrespectful?” he cocked his head to the side.

I looked down, “You should punish her, Sir.”

He simply smiled in response.

“Did you want to smack my ass now?” I smiled, batting my eyelashes.

He looked thoughtfully at me, “Since you'd probably enjoy that, I was actually thinking something a little more... of a reminder.” He smiled slyly.

I felt my clit twitch again in its cage with excitement. I somewhat breathlessly replied, “Did you have something specific in mind?” I was almost panting, I was getting so worked up.

He reached up and gently pinched and rolled my nipples making me gasp and bite my lip, “How do you feel about piercings?”

I looked at him, my eyes wide and gasped slightly, “I love them!” I tugged on the small holes in my earlobes. “These were a bit exciting to get, I'd love to get more.”

He smiled up and pinched both nipples hard. I started panting, and I squirted a little into my panties, well, okay a little more into my panties! “Mmmmmm, would you like these pierced?” He tugged harder, getting me even more worked up.

“Oh, yes, Sir!” I panted, “Maybe a tongue piercing?”

He looked up, raising an eyebrow at me, “A tongue piercing, really?” He twisted one nipple and pulled on the other.

“Yesss, it's... oh my... supposed to... make blowjobs even better,” he had me gasping for breath as he played with my nipples.

He smiled at me, “Girl, you don't need your blowjobs to be any better. They're already fucking awesome.”

I smiled proudly, “Thank you.”

“But it is a hot idea,” he paused to keep teasing my nipples. “Anywhere else you'd like piercings?”

“Wherever you'd like, Sir,” I muttered, getting so very turned on. I was surprised my panties weren't dripping. My clit sure was!

“Wherever I'd like? That's quite an offer, girl,” he smiled like the cat that ate the canary. “What if I want to get you a bull ring through your septum?”

I squirted more into my panties, he was really hitting my buttons here. If he talks about a Prince Albert or piercings along my perineum I was going to have to jump him! “That would be so fucking hot,” I all but gasped.

“I could really put you in some serious bondage using that as a tie down,” he grinned evilly.

“Oh my!” I gasped, I could feel the wetness dripping down my legs. I was really hoping he was going to fuck me again.

“You like that idea?” I could only nod enthusiastically in response! “What about some on your clitty? Maybe a nice Prince Albert, or if we get some by your ass, I could probably lock the butt plugs into you.”

“Oh wow!” I was actually feeling a bit dizzy. I was so worked up.

“Holy shit! Your panties are so wet, you're dripping,” he looked up somewhat amazed, but clearly also turned on. “You really are an insatiable slut, aren't you?”

I nodded even more enthusiastically, “I am, Sir!”

“Well, maybe we'll get you some tattoos, too. One that says 'Slut' just above your ass,” he teased, moving one hand to tease my clit and my cage.

“Oh wow! Really? I would get a tramp stamp?” I was practically humping my cage on his hand.

“If you'd like, I'd love to see you with some super sexy ink,” he smiled at me.

“Holy fuck, that is hot...,” I bit my lip and looked up at him panting softly.

He looked down at me, kissing me deeply and passionately. That did help soothe my aching fire a little, but I was already beyond horny. 

“So, getting you pierced would be a treat for you?” he asked.

I nodded, not trusting my voice, then I remembered he wanted me to answer him, “Yes, Sir. I think it would.”

“Well, then I'm going to have to think of some other punishment,” he said thoughtfully. Then he looked at me, “why don't you go get cleaned up, and I'll have your punishment ready when you get back.”

“Yes, Sir!” I replied enthusiastically, heading to the bathroom to get a shower. A little while later, after I'd cleaned up, I called out from the bathroom, “Should I put on make-up?”

“No, girl. Just come out when you're ready,” he called back.

I slid on my silky bathrobe and came out. I looked at the bed and saw a ton of gear was laid out, holy shit! Was he going to use all of this? Then I realized it was mostly bondage gear. Well, that had me excited, was this really supposed to be a punishment?

“Come over here, girl,” he said simply. I walked over a little nervously.

“Don't be scared, “ he said, reading me perfectly. “This is a punishment, but should hopefully be enjoyable... at least for me anyway.”

“Yes, Sir. Are you putting me in bondage?”

“You are very quick and cute,” he kissed me softly on the nose. “Yes, but you're going to be in some form of bondage all day.”

I gulped softly, I wanted to ask, 'All day?' but felt like that might get me in more trouble, so I just nodded and said, “Yes, Sir.”

He then quickly but efficiently put much of the gear on the bed on me. First, he laced me into my super-heavy duty corset. The leather one with the metal stays that has almost no give. Hell, he could just put me in that all day, and that would bondage enough!

It took several minutes to get me laced into the corset, and he laced it down tight. When he secured the laces, I was already having to take shallow breaths. And dammit if that wasn't making my cage drip! I was already soaking my panties, so hopefully I didn't start leaving a trail.

He then placed a posture collar around my neck. Damn! I felt like we were going back to the night we met. He buckled me in, and I was suddenly sure this was going to be an interesting day.

He also pulled out a pair of boots, they weren't super high heels, but they were pretty heavy duty. It seemed I would be mostly wearing my bondage? Then again, I saw the cuffs on the bed, and realized we weren't nearly done!

With that he pulled the leather wrist cuffs up and buckled them on. He pulled my hands behind my back and then I heard the distinctive 'click' of a padlock. Why was that such an exciting and scary sound?

“Now, I'm going to start with this, and if you're good, I'll put in one of the really heavy gags,” he then pulled up the small ball gag. The one with the little holes in it, so you can breathe easier through it.

He had me sit on the bed and laced up the boots tightly and then wrapped cuffs around them. He took a short strap and hooked it to the cuffs. I was confused for a moment until I realized this was going to be a hobble strap. Well, I wasn't going anywhere, or at least not real fast!

He looked up at me and smiled, “I don't know about you, but I've worked up quite an appetite. You're going to make us some breakfast.”

“I am?” I tried to ask through the gag. It came out more like “Ah mm?” but he got the idea anyway.

“Yes, you are, and the longer you keep me waiting, the worse your punishment will be,” he grinned.

“Have fun, I'm going to enjoy watching this,” he laughed wickedly, stood and walked into the living room. 

He could have at least helped me off the bed. Well, I'd better get a move on!

I rolled to my side and got my feet under me. Once on my feet, I started my slow shuffling steps to the kitchen. I debated hopping, but between the heels and the corset, I was worried I'd fall and actually hurt myself.

So, I made the long slow lumbering trek to the kitchen. Really it was only about 60 maybe 70 feet across the Living Room, but when you can only step about 5 or 6 inches at a time, it's a slow process to go that far. Also, being gagged, collared and corseted make it an agonizingly slow walk. So, when the remote butt plug in my ass went off about halfway across, I almost fell over! Thankfully, he only turned it on low, but it surprised me. I stopped for a moment trying to get my bearings and get moving again, but he started turning up the intensity. Oh wow, if I came now, I was probably going to pass out!

I heard Alex's voice from the sofa, “You better get moving, or I'm going to keep turning it up. And if you cum, I'm going to whip you.”

First, the suggestion of being whipped so scared and aroused me that I squirted and almost came! It also got me motivated to get moving. I started my slow shuffling again, but the buzzing was maddening and making it really hard to focus. It took me a few more minutes, but once I crossed into the kitchen, he took pity on me and turned off the plug.

Of course, I also realized, he'd already fucked me over. I mean, not literally, well he had done that... I mean, he wanted me to cook with my hands bound behind my back! How the fuck was I supposed to cook? Well, I'd gotten myself out of worse self-bondage scenes, so I'd better get cracking. I decided sausage and eggs would be a nice easy meal to cook. Get it? Eggs? Cracking? Oh, never mind...

Have you ever tried turning on the stove with your hands cuffed behind your back? It's a bitch, but I managed. It was tough to move my whole upper body to see what I was doing because of the corset and the collar, then maneuver my hands along my side without looking. It was a struggle, and I was sweating pretty fiercely once I got going!

I was actually pretty proud of myself and the sausages sizzled and I got ready to scramble the eggs. I even managed to pour him a glass of juice. He already had coffee, I saw that on the way in. Believe me, I had plenty of time to watch him lounging on the couch. Damn, he was cute and sexy sitting there half naked, looking some kind of sex god or something... and there was my cage and my clit, ouch!

Suddenly, he was there next to me. I was so lost in thought, I didn't even hear him!

“It did occur to me that you were probably going to have a tough time carrying the plate in the other room, so I brought something to help,” he held up a small serving tray with a belt and two chains hanging from the front. It took me a moment to realize it was a slave serving tray!

Alex reached down and buckled the belt around my corseted waistline. As he buckled it behind me, he gently nibbled on my neck, whispering in my ear, “So, where are we going to secure these chains?”

He turned me to face him, holding up the two small chains. I realized they were small clamps and there was really only one place to hook them. “Mah niffles, Thir,” I said around the gag, trying to say my nipples.

He reached up to the top of the corset cups, pulling gently on my tender and sensitive nipples. He noted the amount of drool on my cleavage and the corset top, “You're drooling all over yourself, girl.” I shuddered as the nipple play intensified and him calling me girl always seemed to make me thrill inside. I was moaning like mad around my gag, probably making a ton more drool, when he reached up with the first clamp and fastened it onto my nub. The pain shot through me like a spark, making my whole body first tense, and then the endorphin rush caused a weird surge of pleasure. Him teasing my other nipple had me twitching and thrashing my head around.

“That got a reaction!” he smiled like a predator. “Ready for the next one?”

I nodded vigorously and bit down slightly on the plastic ball of the gag. He reached up and fastened the other clamp and the sudden bite made me hiss around the gag while my body twitched and my clit absolutely surged in my cage!

Alex then turned me back to the stove, “Hopefully that helps, I'll let you get back to what you were doing.” He started to walk away and I tried to get control of my body again, he added, “You better hurry...”

I willed my body to move and at first, it didn't listen, I processed the sensation flooding me, and after a moment the waves of pain from the clamps had settled down and I was able to get moving. Of course, moving brought a new sensation, since now the tray was suspended almost entirely from my nipples. The belt supported it a bit, but my nubs felt every bounce of the tray.

Somehow, I managed to finish cooking and everything turned out okay. Then I had a new problem, I had to get the plate, glass, utensils and napkin on the tray with my hands behind me! It took me a few tries to experiment with sliding the plate off the counter and onto the tray, but to have it level required me squatting partially down, and in the corset that was no easy feat!

Then the plate really asserted itself on my nipples. Yow! Thankfully, I was able to keep control and got the glass on the tray, too. The utensils and napkin were easy now, but the little more weight was really yanking on my tender little nipples.

I stood and began my slow shuffling walk to the living room. I watched the plate and glass as best I could since the posture collar made it hard to look right down. After just a few steps, I wished I'd put less juice in since it splashed a little with each step. Well, I was probably going to have my ass tanned either way, and there wasn't much to do now, but face the music.

I made my way to Alex and he looked up at me from the couch, smiling slightly as he watched me, clearly enjoying the show! His nakedness, and rapidly hardening cock, were a massive distraction as I made my way over.

“It smells really good, girl,” he noted, smiling more and I surged a little at the praise. Why did pleasing him make me feel so good? “Kneel here”, he pointed to an area by his feet. Kneeling in the corset was a bitch, but I managed. As I knelt, he took the silverware and began cutting the sausage. Him cutting on the tray was tugging on my nipples like mad. I tried to stay still as best I could, but it was tough. I'm pretty sure he knew that, I mean this was supposed to be a punishment. And it was painful and demanding, but it was also turning me on like wildfire!

He slowly ate the breakfast, making several comments about how good it was. I felt elated that he was enjoying the meal. As he picked up the glass of juice, he looked at the spilled juice and raised his eyebrows. I did my best equivalent of a shrug. He smiled and shook his head slightly. After a few more minutes, he reached behind my head and undid my gag. He pulled the ball out and naturally a ton of drool followed it. 

“Sorry, Sir,” I said.

“For what?” he asked, a little confused.

I looked down as best I could, I figured there was drool on the plate, “For getting drool on everything.”

He laughed, “I took out the gag, knowing that was a possibility, girl. Don't apologize for things that aren't your fault.” He paused and added, “Unless I tell you it's your fault,” and he winked.

“Yes, Sir,” I smiled back.

“What are you going to eat?” he asked.

I automatically looked down at his cock and licked my lips. As I looked back up to him, “I had something in mind.”

“I meant for breakfast, girl,” he said sternly.

“So did I,” I replied impishly, while grinning.

“Don't worry, you'll get my cock, that was part of the plan,” he stated. “I meant for something to actually eat. You just made one plate.”

“Sir? I don't understand,” I replied back.

“I told you to make 'us' breakfast, not just 'me' breakfast,” he explained.

“Oh, well, I mean, I was gagged, how was I going to eat?” I reasoned.

“That's for me to decide, isn't it, girl?”

I acknowledged he was right with a hesitant, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good, now open up,” he picked up the fork with some egg on it.

I opened my mouth, and he fed me a few small bites of his eggs and sausage. It was a little weird being fed like that, especially since the tray and the plate were still weighing on my nipples. This made him feeding me a very erotic thing.

Once the plate was clear, he told me, “Good girl, now take everything back in the kitchen, and bring a bottle of water back with you.”

I stood, my knees stiff after all that time kneeling, and the tray reasserting itself on my nipples, and the corset giving me no assistance in standing. I slowly made my way back to the kitchen and put the plate and utensils in the sink. I grabbed a bottle of water and set that on the tray, and wow! Did that really pull! Damn, I actually forgot the tray was attached for a moment there! I got so used to the weight with the plate, that it being empty felt like a breeze.

I took a moment to recover from the water bottle yanking on me and began shuffling back to the Living Room. I stood in front of him and Alex took the water bottle and set it on the table. Then he reached up to the nipple clamps, “Ready?” he asked.

I nodded, then hissed in pain as he took the clamps off! The blood rushing back in stung really bad at first, but being free from the biting clamps meant the pain quickly faded. Alex reached around and undid the belt, he then tossed the tray to the side of the couch and pointed between his feet.

I obediently kneeled before him, hoping I was going to get to suck him now. I should have known it wasn't going to go exactly how I thought! Alex reached over and pulled a gag up. At first, I thought he was buckling me back into the breather ball gag, but then I saw this was a harness gag with a tube on it! Whoa! This wasn't one of mine?

Alex smiled, “Yes, a little surprise I've been wanting to try this on a slave for some time,” He chuckled as he buckled the harness around my head, doing all the straps nice and tight, then I heard a lock click! Holy hell! He was locking me into the gag. Like I wasn't locked in enough?

The small rubbery tube was fairly short, just extending an inch or so into my mouth and a few inches outside the gag. The tube was pliable, but not soft. I explored it briefly with my tongue since the tube forced my teeth around it, making my mouth hole wide open and available! First, he held up the water bottle and poured a little into the gag, drinking like that was really weird, and honestly a little difficult. So, he fed me a few small sips at a time.

Alex looked down at me, “So, I think you wanted something else to eat?”

I looked at his cock and nodded excitedly. Before I could finish nodding, he was grabbing my head by the buckles on the harness and shoving my mouth onto his rock hard cock! There was no resisting, bound as I was, so I wasn't giving him a blow-job as much as I was being used as a sex toy. And I was loving it!

He pulled me slowly all the way down, letting his cock ease into my throat. I gagged briefly, and Alex laughed, “Choking on your breakfast, huh? Guess we'll have to make sure you get used like this more often then!”

I squirted a little at that thought! I just focused on opening my throat so his large cock slid home. Just a moment later, he was balls deep in me. He held me way down on there and as my air started to run out, I started to buck and swallow reflexively. “Oh yeah, fight it, that feels really good. I love knowing that I have complete power over you like this,” he then pulled me back up and I gasped for air. “Better catch up quick, girl. I want to use you like that for a long time.”

And he did! I'm not sure how long he slowly deep throated me, but my focus became on breathing in between being his pleasure toy. Needless to say, I was steadily dripping in my panties the whole time, and after a while, he took pity on me and turned on the butt plug.

“Damn girl, I can feel that thing vibrating through you!” Alex laughed as he drove his cock deep in me again. So, I got much more into it after that! I was actually pretty close to having a sissygasm just from the plug and from being face fucked.

I guess Alex was into it too since he started using me much more steadily, still going all the way in, but not holding me there, just letting me pull up enough to breathe, then pulling me back down. We got a really good pace going and my orgasm was building, and so was his.

He got really into it, pushing me back a bit, then sliding forward on the couch to really slam himself into my mouth and throat. He then began fucking my face hard! He was really going at my mouth, and I was just catching a quick breath where I could. The lack of air, the plug and the intensity built up and I was soon on the verge of cumming. Before I could finish, he looked down and said, “I'm gonna cum all over your face, girl. You want to be my facial slut?”

I nodded as best I could, and he pulled out, holding his cock just over my harnessed face and stroking himself. He looked like a Greek god or something like this, his naked body glistening with sweat, his big cock over me, the focus of my world huge in my eyes. Then he grunted and shook, his cum shooting out all over me! The first shot went high and landed in my hair, with the next large shots spraying all over my nose and eyes. He then pulled my face back down and milked his cock in my mouth, feeding me the last drops of his sticky cum.

“Damn, girl! You are a mess,” he said quite proud of himself. I smiled around the gag, happy to please him. “I wish you could see yourself, you make quite a cum slut!”

As he slid out, I tried to mouth, “Ake ah hictugh,” to him.

“What's that, girl? Oh, you want a picture?”

I nodded excitedly! Hey, if I was going to be a slut, be a proud slut, right? Besides this was my first facial.

I heard the click of his phone a few times and he muttered, “Fuck that's hot.” I wanted to see, “I guess I'll have to show you later. In the meantime, I'll have the next part ready in a bit, come join me in the bedroom when you're ready.”

Wait, what? Was he seriously leaving me here bound, gagged and now blind? Sure enough, I heard him get up and walk back to the bedroom.

“Don't take too long,” he added.

Well, shit! There wasn't much to do, but make my way to the bedroom. It was even slower going now that I couldn't see. The layer of jizz coating my eyes was too much to just blink away, and the straps from the harness made it pool up on my cheeks and eyes. I could feel it dripping down my nose and chin to land on my tits.

It seemed to take me forever, but probably really only took about five minutes or so. Once I shuffled into the bedroom, Alex said, “Took you long enough.”

“Thorry, Thir,” I mumbled around the tube gag.

Suddenly his voice was loud in my ear, and he said, “I better help you along.” He then wrapped his arms around me and carried me. I squirmed in surprise at first, but then I was tossed onto the bed. I laid there, not sure what to do next. So, I squirmed into a more comfortable position.

Alex reached up to the gag and messed with the buckle for a moment, then said, “Oh right, the lock. I wonder where that key is?” I heard him jingling his pocket and then going, “Oh no!”

I looked towards him and frowned. I was pretty sure he was kidding. I hoped he was kidding!

“Guess you'll just have to wear that from now on,” he laughed.

I cocked my head sideways, giving a look like I didn't believe him.

“No? Not even a little panic?” he asked. “Fine,” he said with resignation. I felt him mess with the lock for a moment, and heard a soft click as it unlocked. He pulled the gag out, with a ton of drool again, and I worked my mouth for a moment. He held the water bottle up and let me get a quick drink.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said looking about where I thought he was. Since there was still a layer of cum covering my eyes, it was hard to see. I had hoped it would drip off after the removal of the harness, but it was apparently drying and getting sticky. I was literally glazed!

Alex then grabbed my hips and slid me back so my ass was hanging over the edge of the bed, with my feet down to the floor. Oh! I was hoping he was going to fuck the hell out of me. I was still pretty worked up from almost cumming while being his blowjob bitch. Oh, blowjob bitch... I kinda like that.

“So girl, the final part of your punishment is a serious paddling,” I shudder a little in fear and excitement. So, no fucking for this position.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you for correcting me, Sir,” I said breathlessly.

“Now, how many whacks do you think you can take? And by the way, quite a collection of implements you have here,” I guessed he was going through the various paddles, floggers, tawses, whips, crop and whatever the hell else I had! For someone who had never really been seriously spanked, it was a pretty impressive collection.

“Thank you, Sir. I've been both excited and scared for this day,” I said.

“Wait? You've never been spanked before?” he asked, sounding kinda surprised.

“No, Sir. Well, I've spanked myself, but that wasn't quite the same, I don't think anyway. I mean, it hurt, but there was no... energy. No anticipation, no... submission, I guess, and you spanked me a bit, but that was more... playful?” I rambled a bit.

“Hmmm, interesting... well, then I guess we'll just have to try all these out,” he sounded like he hit the jackpot! “Also, I'm not cleaning your face off, I was going to blindfold you, but knowing it's my cum that's keeping you from seeing is kind of satisfying, like marking my territory.”

He also pulled my panties completely off, “Holy shit, girl! These things are soaked.”

“I've been kind of enjoying the day, Sir. Especially being your blowjob bitch,” I replied.

He laughed and then said, “Here, clean these,” and then pushed the panties into my mouth. Wow! They really were soaked! I started sucking my juices off of them while he moved me around some. Then, I heard a soft click, and then he said, “Good thing I found your camera and tripod, we want to make sure we get your first ass beating for the record!”

Yeah, that made me squirt a little. Not only was he going to beat my ass, I was going to have pictures. Now, I wished I had two cameras, so we could get photos and video. I really was an over the top slut! He pulled the panties out of my mouth.

“I don't plan to gag you, for this, I want to hear your gasps and cries, but I also want to make sure you're okay since this may get pretty intense,” he explained. He then added, “We're going to start this the way a spanking should... bare handed,” And he lightly swatted my defenseless ass! 

I yelped, more in surprise than pain.

“Did that hurt?” he asked laughingly.

“No, Sir, just caught me off guard,” I replied and added, “Oh!” as he gave a love tap to my other cheek.

“Good, otherwise you're going to be in a world of hurt, before we're done. Well, you are going to be in a world of hurt before we're done, but I do want you to enjoy some of it. So, make sure you breathe out after the heavy swats, and do several deep breaths after that, it will help you recover faster,” he said softly. “Ready, girl?”

I was about to answer when brought his hand down pretty hard on my left cheek. Any reply was taken up with my sudden gasp and the flash of pain! It wasn't a crippling pain or anything, but a strange radiating thing, that was intense at the point of impact but then faded further up my skin and actually felt kind of good after that. The rush of endorphins, maybe? Also, pulling the plug back into myself, made it so I was fucking myself with the plug. That was a head trip in itself!

“Remember to breathe, girl,” he admonished me. I realized I'd been holding my breath waiting for the next hit.

“Yes, Sir! Sorry... ah!” he went for the other cheek and this time I took a deep breath after crying out. While I was taking several deep breaths, he hit both cheeks in rapid succession. Soon, he was giving me regular, steady smacks, not super hard, enough to hurt, but only a few seconds in between, so that after about seven or eight, everything was really building up in intensity.

He paused for a few moments, letting me catch my breath as he lightly rubbed my lower back. “Mmmm, your gorgeous ass is getting nice and red! Let's see how dark we can get it, these are going to be heavy,” he said and then smacked me with what had to be full force.

Holy shit that hurt! I mean, in my mind, I knew it would, and then the actual strike had me hissing in pain, but then I remembered my breathing and sure enough, the pain ebbed quickly, though the radiant heat from the strike was still there.

He then did five more, one on each cheek like that, and each one stung like a mother fucker. With the last one, I took several breaths and he lightly massaged my back more. I debated using the yellow safeword, it was pretty intense, but I was really enjoying this. Mostly, I wanted to know how much I could take.

Then I heard a whoosh through the air. What was he doing?

He answered my silent question, “Yes, now let's try the paddle. Now, girl, after each one of these, you will count the stroke, thank me and ask for another. Do you understand?”

“Count, thank you and ask for more, yes Sir,” I answered though I wasn't sure I was going to actually remember that.

The first swat was again a love tap, and I easily remembered. Number two was another tap on the other cheeks. Three was stingy, but easily doable with a quick breath, as was four.

Five he stepped up the swing, it may have only been half or maybe two-thirds power, but it stung! And the paddle covered a lot of ass-cheek with each hit. Then the next few really took some breaths, and I kinda lost count. I was saying numbers and thanking him, but it was mostly automatic, I was more focused on my breathing and working through the pain.

“These next ones are going to hurt... really bad,” he warned me and I could hear the paddle whoosh in the air. But nothing happened? I was tensed like a coiled spring, and nothing. I started to relax a little, and then I heard the whoosh again, before I could tense, he hit my ass with a blistering force! I hissed, squirmed and then remembered, “Nine, Sir! Thank you, may I have another?” though my heart really wasn't in asking for more of that.

“You sure, you want more, girl? You didn't sound like you meant it,” he teased, rubbing the cool paddle lightly over my warm ass-cheeks.

Dammit! He was actually making me beg for more punishment? And the bitch was, because I knew it pleased him, I really wanted to! “Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir! May I please have another?” I asked enthusiastically.

“Since you asked so nicely, how could I refuse?” He paused, gave me a moment to relax again, then hit my other cheek with a smack that sounded like a gunshot. I cried out with that one, but after a quick breath, I remembered, “Ten, thank you, Sir! May I have another?”

“Good girl, but not yet, I think we should let you have a break and switch implements,” he then lightly kissed my lower back, softly rubbing around. The tender caress was such a change of sensation, that my body didn't quite know how to react. I was tensed and geared for more spanking, so the soft kisses and caresses kind of blew my mind. Then he started kissing down and was softly kissing my hot skin where he'd been beating me. That felt strange, but when he pulled the plug out and kissed between my cheeks then started licking my asshole, I almost lost it! My clit raged back up in my cage and I was moaning like mad, trying to push back against him for more of that!

He rimmed me for a few minutes, really getting me worked back up, then stopped suddenly. My body was quivering with need, but he was playing me like an instrument again. I thought he was going to plug me again, but he moved on instead.

“I think the tawse next,” and he gave me several quick smacks with that. It was similar to the paddle in how stingy it was, but it hit a lot less skin. He built me up, but didn't have me count those. So, it was after a dozen or so, that he switched again. 

“Now, let's see how you like the riding crop,” the light stings with that weren't bad at all, but the hard swings were intense! Especially since they hit just a small concentrated area. One strip across my ass was on fire with each one, and it sure felt like he was leaving bruises or something.

He made me count those, and I lost count at one point. “Seven! Thank you, Sir! May I have another?”

“Seven, girl? Are you sure?” 

“Yes, Sir... I thought so, Sir,” I mumbled. “I'm not sure, Sir.”

“Yes, I know since it was six. Normally, we'll start over from the beginning, but since this is your first time, I'll just add two more.”

I shuddered, but managed, “Thank you, Sir. Sorry, Sir.”

He then gave me twelve instead of just ten. As he inspected his handiwork afterwards, he laughed, “Your ass looks like you have grill marks.”

I laughed, and could imagine it, but I'd have to wait to see.

“I've been looking forward to showing you the flogger, I probably should have started with this one, but, oh well,” he then lightly whipped me with the tassels which stung pretty bad. He thought we should start with this?

Then he got it going, spinning it rapidly and lightly hitting me with it. The light strokes almost felt kind of... nice? Like a rough massage, it hurts, but feels good, too. Yeah this was fucking with my brain, too. And when he stopped and then did a heavy smack with it, my brain kinda turned to mush. I don't remember too much after that, though I know we went through a couple of the other items I had, but I was lost in a haze of pain, pleasure, obedience and arousal.

I was beyond horny at this point! When I heard his voice ask me a question that cut through the fog, “Well girl, what do you want?”

I squirmed my ass, “Please, fuck me?” begged. “That was so sexy and wild, and I love being your little slave girl, please take pity on me? Please take me, Sir! I want to be yours!”

He started kissing my really sore ass again, quickly moving between my cheeks and rimming me more! That was nice, but I wasn't going to cum from that! I think he knew that, since after a few minutes more, I felt something cold pushing at my hole.

Suddenly, he slid into my ass, and I groaned with relief.

“Oh Sir! Thank you, Sir!” I almost screamed!

“Sorry, girl, but after two rounds today, that's not me, but I will fuck you,” he said, and I realized he was using a dildo on me. I didn't care, I needed something and this was hitting the spot.

He still played me though. Long slow deep strokes that had me quivering with anticipation of each one. Strong, rapid strokes that left me breathless and everything in between. I guess all the action had an effect on Alex since I felt the dildo pull out, and suddenly he grabbed my hips and slid his cock into me, and he went balls deep in my ass.

I groaned with relief and he began fucking me hard and fast. Yeah, this wasn't the tender love-making from earlier, this was fucking, pure and simple. It only took a few moments of that pounding flesh-on-flesh before I was begging, “Please, Sir? May I cum?”

“Not yet, girl, hold onto it,” he growled. He continued plowing my sissy ass like crazy. That just drove me even further up into arousal, until I was sure I was going to explode!

“Now, girl! Cum for me!” I'd been holding so long, it took me a moment to push over the edge, but when I did it was like water rushing over a dam.

It was another extended, mind-blowing sissygasm, my clit just spasming and squirting inside my cage while Alex filled my ass with another load of his cum.

He quickly pulled out and collapsed onto the bed next to me. I continued twitching in pleasure for some time after that until I settled back down. 

Alex rubbed my arm softly, “You really are something else.”

“Thank you, Sir, that was amazing!” I smiled back.

“I do want to let you know, I'm not releasing you yet,” he added.

“Oh, yes, Sir. Whatever you like,” I smiled happily.

“Good,” he said. “I'm going to put you in more bondage and torment you while I clean up.”

“Yes, Sir!” I replied, grinning happily, giddy as a schoolgirl! “Can you please be sure to get some pictures?”

“Of course!” he laughed. “I'm going to gag you, too.”

“Ohhh, yes Sir. What kind of... gurk!” I started asking what kind of gag it was going to be, but he demonstrated instead! Shoving it into my mouth with no warning. It was deep in my mouth and was stretching my jaw wide open. It was pretty big, too. My tongue felt around it and I realized it was a cock gag! The phallus in my mouth was really wide around and it went just deep enough to tickle my throat, but not enough to make me gag or block my airway. It did tickle my gag reflex slightly when I'd swallow, so that was weird. I felt him pulling on buckles and wrapping a harness around my head. And yes, he locked this harness gag on, too.

“And let's fill your other slut hole, too,” He then slid what I guessed was the butt plug back in me. I was kind of relieved! I was getting used to being full.

“And let's get some use out of this,” he unlocked my wrist cuffs, but just long enough for me to stretch and then he slid something over my arms and started to buckle me in. He was putting the armbinder on me! Oh, I had wanted to be put in one of these for the longest time!

He then did something with my ankles and pulled me up to the middle of the bed. Next, he pulled my feet up, did something and I could feel my ankles were hooked to the single sleeve D ring. Yup, I was basically hogtied! He then went a step further and did something so the gag harness was pulled back from the top. I assumed a D-ring or hook of some kind and I was stuck in a pretty awkward position.

So, naturally my clit started leaking like mad!

He then did something to my chest, and when I felt the flash of pain, I knew he was nipple clamping me again. Then he turned the vibrator on in the plug! My body was so confused, I didn't know which way was up. The real bitch was he turned the vibe on low. Not enough to get me off, just enough to be a tease.

“I'm going to clean-up, but I'll be right here watching you,” he said as put earbuds in my ears. He then turned it on, and I could hear a soft feminine voice, telling me over and over, “You are a sissy slave. You love your Master. You will do whatever he wants. You want cock. You want cum. You want to please. You exist only to please others.”

I'm not sure how long I stayed like that. Maybe fifteen minutes? After a while my arms were cramping, my legs were getting sore and I couldn't keep my head up. So, all the straps were digging in where I couldn't hold that strenuous pose anymore. The vibe did change speeds a few times, but it only went from slow to off and back to slow. So that was mostly frustrating! But I was loving every minute of it!

At some point, Alex started rubbing something cold onto my ass. It stung at first, but as he rubbed it in, it helped soothe the burning and throbbing from my tanning. He then turned everything off and released me from my bonds.

“Can you get undressed from there?” he asked.

“Yes, I'm good,” I replied smiling as he kissed me on the head.

He climbed into the shower and I took everything off, setting the sweaty pieces aside to clean up later. I really wanted to wash my face. The dried spooge was getting crusty! Plus there was my girl cream all over my thighs.

Once we'd both cleaned up, Alex pulled me back into bed and snuggled me, kissing me over and over. I felt so warm and safe in his arms. We both dozed off, and when I woke up, Alex was snuggled against my back breathing softly in my ear. I managed to get myself out of bed and I grabbed a quick shower and shaved. I still felt kinda weird about having any stubble for him. I get the feeling he didn't really care, but I liked the illusion myself. One thing I forgot about was the ass beating. The hot water in the shower sure reminded me quick. Holy hell did that hurt! It was kind of nice in a weird way, reminding me of what he'd done to me. I tried to see if I had any marks, but couldn't really tell. I'd have to try and grab a picture later.

He woke up as I was climbing into the bed, and started kissing me, deeply and passionately. “So, how was today?” he asked as he broke the kiss.

“Fucking intense, but holy hell was it amazing!” I gushed.

“You sure? The spanking and everything wasn't too much?” he rubbed my sore ass.

“Well, yeah, it was pretty intense, but I was into it. I kinda enjoyed the flogger, that was actually kinda nice at some points. I'm not too sure about the crop, but I guess that's what makes it an effective punishment, right?” I smiled.

“Well, it's supposed to be fun, too. We'll need to make sure to find your limits, see what you're comfortable with,” he replied.

“Anything you really liked?” he asked.

I gasped, “Oh yes! The 'blowjob bitch' thing, that was... holy wow, I could do that all the time!”

“Blowjob bitch, huh? You did mention that earlier, didn't you? Okay, so I know what makes your motor rev! And I will remember that you said, 'any time',” He smiled and winked, then paused. “Anything you didn't like?” he wondered.

“Hmmmm, well, the crop was pretty intense. I wouldn't say I didn't like it, but it wasn't my favorite either. So, I can't really think of anything, it was just an amazing day,” I smiled from ear to ear.

“Good, well, don't be afraid to tell me if you don't like something, it's not a bad thing. We just put it aside, and it's off the list,” he explained.

I nodded, “Okay, like I said, there's pretty much nothing I wouldn't try at least once. I mean obviously anything like permanent or serious damage is out, but anything else.”

“But you're okay with permanent marks? Like a tattoo?” he grinned.

“Well, yeah,” I blushed at how wet that idea got me. “Or piercings.”

“But piercings aren't permanent. Those holes can close up eventually,” he said.

I nodded in agreement. “Do you want me to make something for dinner?” I switched up the conversation.

“No, I thought we'd go out, I want to enjoy a special little time with you,” he said.

“Oh yeah, back to work tomorrow,” I complained.

“Actually, I work late shift, I have to go tonight,” he laughed a little.

“Oh, well, shouldn't you be getting some sleep?” I asked.

“I'd rather be with you, besides, I gotta eat, too,” he got out of bed. “I'm going to run to my place and get dressed.”

“Okay, what should I wear?” I asked mischievously, winking at him.

“Well, if you're gonna be flirty like that, then you better wear something slutty,” he said sternly.

“Yes, Sir!” I replied.

He laughed and shook his head as he went out. I heard the front door close a moment later. I hopped out of bed. So, what should I go with? I wanted to look super slutty for him, but I wasn't sure how much time I had.

When he came back into my apartment after about 20 minutes, I was nervous that I might have gone too far with the slutty, but I figured I could always change!

“Chrissy? You ready? I'm curious to see what you went with,” he called.

“Just about done, I'm in the bathroom, touching up my make-up,” I called back.

“Okay, let me know if you need anything,” he replied.

I smiled at myself in the mirror. I couldn't believe I was planning to go out in this outfit! Now, to gauge his reaction.

I stepped out into the Living Room and said, “So, what do you think?”

He turned and his jaw fell open. He was speechless!

I slowly walked toward him in my thigh-high boots, letting him drink in every inch. The sheer black stockings just peeked out of the tops of the boots, disappearing up into the PVC minidress and topped with my long black wig and super slutty make-up. 

I figured I might as well go full tramp, so I used blue eye shadow, and I'd done my best to get a smoky eye effect. I'd also gone fire engine red on the lipstick. I did go with a liquid foundation and concealer. I was doing my mascara when he came in, so that wasn't as thick as I wanted, but I didn't want to mess it up either.

I had one of my lighter corsets on and garters connected to the stocking, too. I filled the corset cups with some of the bigger falsies, since I figured a C cup would really show in the skintight dress. I decided to go with black panties, PVC as well! I topped the whole thing with my 'Bad Girl' choker. I did have one that said, 'Sissy', but I wasn't sure how much I should advertise that, yet.

“Damn! You look like sex on heels!” he was grinning from ear to ear.

“Thank you,” I smiled and turned, letting him get a peek from the back, too.

“Well, I know what I want for dinner,” he joked.

“Careful, sweetie, we'll never get out of the apartment!” I laughed.

“Oh no, we're going out, I can't wait to show you off!” 

So, I took his arm and he escorted me out. Of course, my heart did that jackhammer thing when we first stepped out, but I recovered pretty quickly. Once we were in the car, I was thrilled at being out and all done up! Needless to say, my clit was dripping steadily. I was also worried that Alex was watching me more than he was watching the road!

We pulled into a small shopping center, and Alex parked in front of a small pub at the end.

“You ready, girl?” he asked. I realized he was asking if I was getting worked up like last time.

“No, Sir. I'm ready to be shown off!” I smiled at him. I realized being his eye candy was so thrilling it took away all my nervousness.

We went in and it was a quiet, dark place. Also, since it was later on a Sunday, there weren't many patrons, but the ones there all stared at me. They guys were undressing me with their eyes, hell some of them were eye fucking me! Even the ladies were looking closely. I was worried I was going to be made, but I mostly saw either disgust or open appreciation. One lady said to the man she was with something to the effect of, “I should have worn that!”

When we got to our table, Alex even pulled out my chair for me. I was smiling so happily, I felt like my face was going to tear. As we sat, the tanning he'd given my ass earlier reminded me of its presence! Also, the plug made me thankful the seats were nice and cushioned.

Alex ordered some wine, we ate some small appetizers and chatted about movies, music and other pop culture stuff. It was a nice, light, fun date. I was having such a good time, I kinda forgot about everything else.

I didn't realize how much the place had cleared out until the waitress came over and said, “I love your boots, where did you get them?”

“Thanks, sweetie! I got them on Amazon actually,” I explained.

“That makes sense, I wasn't sure if they were from that new shop that opened downtown, they seem to specialize in 'exotic' clothes,” she said.

“New shop? I might have to check that out,” I told her.

Alex commented, “So, we might have some shopping to do?”

“Maybe,” I replied coyly.

The waitress made some small talk as she took care of the check, but headed on her way.

“Well, I think they're getting ready to close, so we should get going,” Alex stood and pulled out my chair. It was such a simple but romantic gesture. I took his arm as we walked out of the pub. I was surprised when Alex turned and we started walking, not to the car, but to a different part of the shopping center.

It was only when we started approaching the shop that had “Tattoos” in large red neon lights out front did I have a realization of what was going on.

“Alex, are we...” I started.

“No girl, you are,” he stated simply. He opened the door and held it open for me. I took an uncertain breath and made my way in.

It was simple and nicely appointed. They had lots of papers on the walls with different designs and tattoos on them. I glanced over a few, amazed at the variety of styles. There was a counter with several books that had more tattoos. I also saw one that had actual photos of what I guessed were customers. I could see into the back of the shop, where there were several chairs and tables for customers and artists. The whole place was very quiet. I almost thought they were closed and just forgot to lock the door!

I was about to say something like that to Alex, when a deep voice called, “Be out in a second.”

A few moments later a tall, stocky man came out of the back. He was dark haired, and had a large goatee. As you'd expect, he had multiple tattoos and also several piercings.

“Evening folks,” he said, getting an eyeful of me, and to his credit, he only reacted slightly surprised. I guess maybe they get all kinds in a tattoo shop? “How are... Alex!”

“Hey Ken, how ya been?” Alex replied.

“I wasn't sure if you guys were going to make it,” the artist, I'm guessing Ken, replied.

“Yeah, we were having a pretty nice time at dinner, it was hard to get away,” Alex replied.

Ken looked at me, shook his head, “Yeah, I can see why. I... wait... is this the new girl?”

Alex smiled broadly, “Yup! Ken, may I introduce Chrissy, Chrissy, this is Ken, one of my former employees.”

“Ah, that's how you know each other! Nice to meet you Ken, this is a nice shop you have here,” I noted.

“Well, I've got your man here to thank for part of that, he helped me navigate all the paperwork to get a loan and the agreements to set-up this place,” Ken explained, gesturing around to take in the whole shop.

I looked pointedly at Alex, “Well, he is multi-talented.” I thought that would get me a smack on the ass or something, but Alex was content to just give me a side eye.

“Yeah, he was a good guy to work for, he really watched out for us. Some of the bosses are just worried about covering their own asses!” Ken laughed.

“Well, he's good at taking care of asses,” I replied.

That got me a raised eyebrow from Alex. Ken laughed, “Nice! You are awesome, and you look amazing, if you don't mind me saying so!”

“Not at all, thank you,” I did make sure to lean on Alex's arm at that point, just in case Ken thought I was flirting or anything.

“So, do you know what you want?” Ken asked me.

I looked at Alex, “I don't know, was there something special you had in mind?”

Alex stepped over to the book of photos, “Actually, yes there is. Ken, what page is that picture on?”

Ken flipped the book most of the way to the back. There were several of the more risque pics here towards the back. Tattoos on breasts, genitals, even assholes! Holy hell, that had to hurt! Ken flipped back just a few, but I could already feel my clit swelling and starting to drip. The thought of having my clit or my asshole tattooed was really getting me.

Ken found the page he was looking for, and Alex pointed to a photo of a lower back with a scroll around the words “Sissy Fuck Slut” on it. I actually squirted as I gasped with excitement!

My mouth came open, but no words came out at first, “Oh Sir, am I getting that?” My eyes were wide with both excitement and fear.

“Maybe, girl, if you keep being very good, but to start, I think we should get something simple,” he explained. “Ken, what do you think of a butterfly on her shoulder?”

“It's a nice starter, let you get used to the needle before doing anything that big, and in such a sensitive area,” Ken told me. To his credit, he didn't seem the least bit phased about the idea of giving me a sissy slut tramp stamp! Then again, it occurred to me he already had that in the book, so no big deal, right?

“What would you like?” Alex asked me.

“Besides the tramp stamp?” I grinned. “How about the butterfly, but can you do the wings in a special pattern?” I pulled up a picture on my phone of some handcuff earrings that I was looking at getting, like the waitress from our lunch the day before. Something about the design was so appealing to me.

“Yeah, no problem, I'll make that the interior of the wings. Give me a few minutes to get ready, then I'll call you guys back,” Ken had me send him the photo I was looking at.

Alex and I looked through some of the other designs and the body jewelry as well. I asked if I could get a piercing, too. When he asked where I wanted it, I replied 'everywhere?' He thought that was funny, but felt it was better to wait and see how the tattoo went.

Ken called us back. He told me to lay on the long bench chair he had and put a piece of paper on my arm. At that moment, Alex hit the remote on my butt plug and I gasped slightly.

“It's okay,” Ken explained, “It's just the stencil, I'll have to do a bit of it freehand since it's a small design.”

I was pretty sure he could hear the buzzing! It sounded like a jackhammer to me. And I was so worked up, it had me horny as hell in a moment! “Sorry,” I stammered to Ken. “I'm a little nervous.”

He chuckled, “Don't worry, everyone is their first time.”

He warned me about the stinging and everything, but I was just trying to not squirm from the buzzing. I swear being on the plastic chair made it sound louder!

When he touched the needle to my arm, the mix of the sensations almost made me cum. I was super tensed up, and Ken tried to get me to relax. I was able to relax a little after a moment, and I looked at Alex and mouthed, “Please?”

He smiled and turned the vibe down to a manageable level. I was able to settle in, and relax for the rest of it. It wasn't too bad overall, mostly it felt like someone pinching you rapidly over and over. There was one spot that caught a nerve or something that really hurt badly, but other than that, it was fairly quick and easy.

As Ken was finishing up the details and getting the bandage ready, Alex said out of nowhere, “I'm going to get the car. I'll leave you to take care of everything.”

Wait? Where was he going? Take care of everything? Why was he leaving before we paid? Shit! I didn't think to bring my purse. I didn't have any money or ID or anything. Before I could say anything, Alex was already out the door and Ken was going on about the bandage, scabbing and putting ointment on the tattoo.

He took a quick picture with his phone and showed it to me before he put a gauze pad over the fresh ink.

He looked at me as I lay on the table, and suddenly he looked very large to me, but he was such a nice guy. Maybe Alex was... oh, I got it. I wasn't taking care of the payment, I was the payment. And so help me, that turned me on even more than the plug!

I smiled up at Ken, “So, this is a little awkward.”

Ken grinned down, “No, it happens all the time, one of the perks of the job you might say. There are a lot of kinky folk that come in and get fun, exciting and wild stuff done.”

“Well, I am fun, exciting and wild! I guess I should take care of things?” I smiled seductively.

Ken laughed, “You do what you have to, baby girl.”

I reached over and rubbed for his crotch. Not only was he pretty large, but it felt like he was rock hard, “Oh my, do you always get this excited about tattooing?”

“When the lady looks as good as you, baby girl, I sure do! You are sexy as fuck!” he said looking me up and down.

“I feel even better,” I said, taking his hands and putting one on my boot and one on my shoulder. He began running his hands over me as I massaged his cock through his pants. I let him explore for a few minutes, he even moved to my 'tits' and I explained they were just falsies. He then hiked up my dress and asked about my bulge. I showed him my chastity cage.

“Damn, baby girl. You look more worked up than I am!” Ken noted.

I smiled and just batted my eyelashes. Once he'd played with me and was completely rock hard, I sat up and reached for his fly.

“Why don't we get you more comfortable?” I slid to my knees and pulled out a very impressive cock. He had to be at least big as Alex, maybe bigger? 9 maybe 10 inches and very thick with a large mushroom head. I was almost drooling to suck this monster! So, I made a big show of it. Lots of slurping and spit, sucking on his head, his balls, doing all the little things, before I moved to start really working him with my mouth. It took me several tries, plus getting him nice and wet and my mouth wide open before I got him all the way in my throat.

Then I really started working his cock, using my hand and mouth, I started to work him fast and heavy. He was moaning and making lots of little gasps and such. It was so hot to get him all worked up like that! I wanted him to be a little more aggressive, so I actually reached out, grabbed his hand and put it on my head.

He looked at me as if to ask, 'you sure?' But it just kept working his cock like it was my last meal! He took the hint and put both hands on my head, mostly just easing me a little at first, then he started getting into it. And began really pushing on the back of my head with each thrust. That got me so fucking worked up!

I wondered if I was supposed to fuck him? Or if the blow job was enough? Well, I was fucking horny, so when he pulled me up and turned me around to bend over the seat, I wasn't going to protest.

I reached back and pulled out my plug, then pulled my thong aside. He lined up at my asshole and slowly pushed all the way in. Since I was already greased and stretched out, he went pretty much balls deep with no effort!

I groaned deeply, moaning with lust. “You okay?” he asked.

“Oh God yes! Just fuck me, please?” I begged.

“Holy fucking shit, you are hot!” Ken said as began pounding my ass. Slowly at first, he kept building and building until he was pounding into me. I was gasping and moaning like mad, getting very close to having another sissygasm! I wasn't sure if I was actually going to make it all the way to the peak, I seemed to be just a little short. I even started fucking back as hard as I could! And soon Ken was groaning and grinding on my ass, cumming deep inside me. I was a little frustrated that I didn't climax, but I was kinda proud of the fact that I was officially a whore!

Ken stood there gasping for a few moments, just saying, “Damn baby girl!” over and over. Finally, he pulled out and I could feel some of his cum leaking out. I slid my plug back in and hoped that would keep most of it in. I then turned, kneeled before him and sucked his cock clean of all the cum residue and my ass.

“Damn, baby girl! You can come back any time,” Ken said breathlessly.

“Glad you enjoyed me!” I said flirting with him. “Thanks for taking good care of me! Good night!”

I headed out the door, my legs still a little wobbly from the pounding I'd just taken, but I was still horny and hoping Alex might give me some relief.

I saw he had parked right in front of the store, and he came to meet me as I left the store.

“Took you long enough,” he said, taking my arm.

“Really? That's your response?” I replied.

“What?” he came back.

“I can't believe you pimped me out like that!” I said, laughing a little.

Alex opened the door for me, “What do you mean?”

“You left without paying!” I said sliding my thigh-high booted legs into the car. I was happy to sit down! I'd been on heels, or my knees, most of the day!

Alex came around and climbed in, “What do you mean? I paid him before we got there. I made all the arrangements beforehand.”

My mouth just fell open. “Wait, what?”

“He was already paid for the tattoo. So, any 'arrangements' you made afterwards, was a nice tip for him,” Alex smiled at me knowingly.

“You bastard!” I said laughing as I smacked his arm. “You set me up! I thought you were... pimping me out.”

“Nope, but it's nice to know you'll do that, I will remember that,” he grinned at me. “Did you enjoy giving him his tip?”

“Oh, it was way more than the tip!” I chuckled back.

“Tell me, girl,” and then he went evil and turned the plug on again. My brain melted for a moment. Then I started babbling about his cock and everything that happened. Alex turned the plug up even more, the further we went.

“Is his cum dripping out of you, right now?” Alex asked driving back.

“Yes!” I moaned, flexing my thighs, trying to get enough sensation with the plug and my cage. 

“Does that make you feel like a sissy fuck slut?”

“Yes, Sir!” I moaned, desperate to cum.

“So, it sounds like you've earned that tramp stamp, right girl?”

“Oh fuck yes!” I thrashed wildly in the car as he turned the vibe all the way up and I came my brains out again! I thrashed, squirmed and squirted like crazy. I'd finally regained my senses as we got back to my apartment.

Alex half-carried me in, I was pretty much spent from the day! He undressed me and told me he needed to get to work.

“Oh, I won't see you until the weekend?” I muttered sleepily.

“I'll stop in and see you after you get home from work and before I leave,” he said. “Believe me, I want to see your sexy ass as much as possible!”

Hearing him say that made my stomach flutter and my heart skip a beat. He kissed me for a few minutes before he headed off to work. I vaguely remembered cleaning up my make-up and most of the cum out of my panties before I passed out from another amazing day!


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