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Walk 2: Endless Keys

by M88

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Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; latex; catsuit; hood; gag; boots; chast; cuffs; collar; toys; insert; caught; M/f; bond; tape; dumpster; hum; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continued from part one Part 2: Endless Keys

Jess still had flashbacks and nightmares about her last self bondage session. She had made it back to the freedom and safety of her car, only to fall sound asleep. She was woken by a knocking sound a couple of hours later. With a wall of people looking at her as they filmed her on their phones. She had driven away as quickly as she could and hoped no one knew or recognized her. She had been humiliated and degraded by her own hand. But the feeling was amazing and she wanted to do it again. Her submissive side had loved the moment she got out of her car in her rubber suit and went inside her home. Her heart was still racing as sweat dripped from her rubber body. The dehumanization of looking like a rubber doll or sex slave in public had made her wet. She had no idea what happened to the videos and pictures that had been taken. She didn't know if anyone knew her or if she had gotten away with it. She left it 6 weeks before she started planning another session.

She come up with an evil and very kinky self bondage outing. She needed to buy a list of new stuff and plan a new route. She looked on Amazon and found a key access box which needed a pin to open it. So you enter the pin and the box opens so you can get the key. Jess paid for 10 of them and also got herself a new outfit to wear. It was a full black rubber gimp suit with built in hands and feet. It was a size smaller then she needed so it would squeeze her body. She got a pair a ballet boots that went up to her knees. Along with a head harness muzzle gag and transparent breath control hood. She had also spent money on new bondage equipment and sex toys. A steel chastity belt and bra was her favourite new item. Along with the new larger metal vibrators for her pussy and ass, which would keep her happy.

As for the bondage side of her new stuff was a metal spread bar, thumb cuffs, Two thick metal handcuffs, leather posture collar and chains. She needed to wait a couple of weeks for all the equipment to arrive at her home. But when it did finally come, she was over the moon. She had planned the location of the key boxes and the route she would take. She would wait until 11pm before going out and hiding the keys. Her heart was going a million miles an hour by the time 11pm rolled around. She had the key boxes in a small bag and had numbered them 1 to 10. She had removed the keys and replaced them with a bit of paper with the code for the next boxes. All the keys to her self bondage would be in the finally box. The locations she had picked would make the trip executing and humiliating if discovered. She placed the boxes that the following locations around her home of Witney.

On the front door of her next door neighbour's house A bus station near her house On the entry sign to the town In her ex-boyfriends garden On the gate of the local football club On the side of a main road going into the town centre In a bush at a local pub on the main road Outside the doors of the cinema On the door of her best friend's house Outside her work's office block

She had walked miles to put the keys in the right locations and would now need to wait a couple of hours for the clock to hit 2am. It was a Monday night in February and no one was around. She had not seen one person on her walk to hide the boxes and was confident she would not be spotted on her self bondage trip. The weather outside was overcast and not too cold as she put all the fetish stuff on her bed. She lubed up the suit and her beautiful body. She pushed the warm rubber over her legs and forced the two sex toys into her wet pussy and lubed ass. They filled her completely as she let out a soft moan. She worked the rubber suit over them and continued up her body. She squeezed her arms into the sleeves of the suit and pushed it over her shoulders. She worked over all the folds and wrinkles as she smoothed the surface of the rubber. She struggled to close the zip of the size too small catsuit. But after giving it a couple of big pulls it reached the top. She worked her rubber hands over the suit and held her hands over her face and took a large intake of breath.

The smell of the rubber suit was amazing and the thought of adding the bondage equipment was making her horny. She placed her feet and legs into the ballet boots and laced them closed. Walking would not be very fun any more. She wasted no time as she wrapped the cuffs of the spreader bar around her ankles. The bar was long each to keep her legs in a triangle shape. Which would make walking hard work and made the rubber over her legs look stunning. She then put the steel chastity belt and bra over her sex parts. The very tight fitting steel devices where easy to put in place and lock shut. She was now unable to play with her pussy, ass and breast. It also trapped the sex toys deep inside her hot body. The silver chastity devices looked amazing against the black rubber. She opened her mouth and forced the ball of the muzzle gag inside. She pulled the straps tightly shut around her head and padlocked them. The ball kept her lips open and the muzzle covered them in tight and thick leather.

She then picked up the two heavy duty handcuffs and closed the left cuff of both around her left arm at her wrist and above her elbow. She then placed the rubber breath control hood over her face. She pulled the hood down her neck and worked out any air pockets as she closed the zip. She would need to complete the rest of her self bondage with limited air. She wrapped the leather posture collar around her neck and padlocked it in place. She then linked a heavy metal chain from the collar to the spread bar. It would stop her moving her head too much and stop her from removing the hood. She left her keys outside her back door and put the thumb cuff into it's position. She checked her catsuit and chastity for any problems and then closed the cuffs. Her arms had been restrained behind her back at three points and her bound legs made her walk in a weird way. The first key was only next door and would be easy.

She walked around the front of her neighbour's house and slowly stepped towards the front door. She was trying not to make a sound and was not doing very well. Her catsuit was squeaking with each step she took and the chains had no mute option. She was sweating by the time she reached the front door and getting her body into the right position was a nightmare. She had to almost sit down to enter the pin as her hood ballooned out with each exhale of breath. She finally got the stupid thing to open. She still had to struggle to pick up the bit of paper and stand up. She had to twist her body and hold her breath in order to read the number. She then moved on to the next one.

She was panicked a little and having second thoughts about her master plan. What if the trip took a long time, she would be out in daylight in a rubber gimp suit and bondage stuff. Her breath was quick  and light as she walked as fast as the spread bar would let her. She could walk at a good pace and made it to the bus stop in good time. The key was easy to find and easy to open. She remembered the number and kept going. It helped her relax a bit as she started walking up a long hill. If this was daytime, cars would be flying passed her. But no one was around as she made the hard walk up the hill. She could feel the sweat running around on the inside of her suit. But she had got to the top and the code was soon in her mind.

Her catsuit was like an swimming pool by the time she had the code and her arms had started to hurt. Her feet where on fire as the ballet boots made walking in them almost impossible. Her lungs had been crying out for more air ever since she had put the hood on her head. She forced herself to keep moving and heading for her ex-boyfriend's house. It was a long walk and she was lucky no one was around. She got to the house and started looking for the box. It should be on the edge of his garden and easy to reach from the pathway. She then heard a car coming and hit the ground. The road had cars on both side of the walkway and she got behind one. The lights got brighter and the sound of the engine got louder. The car zoomed by in a flash of lights and sounds. Jess was lucky not to have been seen. She was still sitting down, when she spotted the box. It was a little to the left of where she remembered putting it. She crawled along the floor and stretched her fingers around the box. Then another car was coming and she risked it. She was not in the open and she was moving the box into her hand. The car went passed her a bit slower this time and for a heart stopping second she through she had been seen.  

She got the code and set off on the short walk to the football ground. The road heading to the ground was completely dark and empty. It was almost boring getting the code from the box and left her wanting more. She was halfway through her self bondage trip and the next one would be harder. The main road had cars going down it every 20 seconds. She would be seen by some one if she walked down the road. But two of the codes she needed had been placed on this route. It was no longer boring. It was then the vibrators started up. She had forgotten about them completely and cum straight away in a wave of lust. Her eyes filled with pleasure and passion as she stepped out of the shadows and into a world of humiliation.

Just one step at a time as cars, buses and lorry's passed her rubber bondage body. Their lights shining off her soft rubber suit and metal restraints. She got the first code as sweat and cum dropped down her legs. She was moaning away behind the huge gag as she made it to the pub. The pub was closed and finding the code was once again easy. But she needed to sit down and orgasm again. She spent half an hour blowing the hood in and out at a rapid speed. Her muscles had become sore and painful from the break as she walked through  short cut to the cinema. She was right in the centre of town and was very very lucky no one was around. She was lighting quick at finding the code and almost ran to her friends house.

Her friend lived in a house just outside the town centre. She slowly walked through the streets with her rubber suit squeaking away. She was now starting to look like a dirty slut as she orgasmed again. The breath control was killing her and making monsters out of her sex toys. Her ankles had started to hurt like hell and her hands had gone numb. She needed to get back home soon and upped her walking speed. She grabbed the code in a heart beat from her friends home. Her adrenalin was maxed out and she was starting to panic again. She could feel the cum from her pussy drip outside her suit and down her legs. It had come from the gaps in her zip over her crotch. Drool had also worked it's way out of her gag and was filling her hood.

She was once again in the town centre and walking towards her work and also towards her home. She used all the shadows she could find to transverse through town. She made it to her work without being seen. The key box should be by the front door on her right hand side in a small bush. She wanted to be freed for her hateful bondage and breath control. Her hair was soaked through with sweat and it stayed trapped in the transparent hood. The heavy handcuffs had imprisoned her for long enough and it was time to finish her session. But as she struggled to get her restrained rubber body into a position to reach the keys. She felt a sharp pull on her bondage collar and her face was pushed backwards. She was now facing the sky with legs folded like a frog and her back arched. Through the expanding rubber hood a face come into view. Looking down on her as the hood moved up and down at a lighting speed. She let out a loud moan as they showed her a small box. She knew it was the box which housed her escape keys.

She could see it was a man as she was lifted to her feet. She was pleading with him through her leather muzzle gag as the ball inside her mouth turned her words to gibberish. The hood made it imposable to see his face clearly as she was forced to walk round to the back of the building. Her vibrators had her panicked and almost asphyxiated body on the edge of a massive orgasm. The office block was right next to a low standard seafood restaurant. She was walked over to the large bins of the restaurant and he opened one up. He placed the box with the keys inside the very full bin. She had no will to fight him as he ordered her to stand still. He went off for 2 minutes and come back with a large roll of duct tape. She was still standing next to the bins as he wrapped her knees together. He also wrapped her hands and elbows to her rubber back. He then used the tape to cover her eyes and this cut down the amount of air she could get.

She now had less air and more bondage as she was told what to do. "I have placed the box filled with the keys to your freedom in the bin right in front of you. I want you to crawl into the bin and get the keys. The bin is used by a seafood restaurant and should be filled with old fish. You should find the experience of smelling like fish a bit humiliating as you walk home. Now I'm just going to take some photos and send them to every one I know. I hope you find the keys in good time as the restaurant opens in an hour and a half. And it's the same with the office behind you. Have fun"

She struggled to even take a step forward in her new added bondage. But somehow she got to the bin and the smell of fish filled her nose. She had to flip herself over the edge of the bin to get inside. She was lucky he had place the box on the surface and after rolling into position. Which took a lot of work and left her light headed. She had orgasm after orgasm as she struggled with the pin pad. She finlly opened it and grabbed the first key. She used it to cut away the duct tape and open her wrist cuff. She soon had all the cuffs undone and removed her collar and hood. She removed the duct tape from the hood after she had taken it off. She removed all the bondage equipment and looked down at her dirty rubber suit. She left the suit on and gag in as she walked home. She was holding her bondage stuff in her arms. She could still smell fish as she opened her back door. She had walked passed a number of cars and people and she didn't care at all. She was so wet and horny from the added humiliation, she wanted to do it again.

She went to her bedroom as the vibrators kicked in again and quickly orgasmed with her hands over her face. She was breathing in the smell of humiliation and rubber. And she loved it.


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