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Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; latex; catsuit; harness; hood; gag; gasmask; collar; electro; shock; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

It was a warm summer’s night as Jess waited for the clock to hit 2:30am. She was about to do a very daring self-bondage walk from one end of town to the other. She would be undertaking this massive adventure in the small market town of Witney. Jess lived and worked in the Cotswold town. She was sitting in her old and dirty small car in the north end of town. She was parked right next to a local secondary school as she got ready. She had already placed the keys to her restraints in a location far away in the south. She had placed them in a car park for a small business that would be closed all weekend, the keys had been taped to a lamppost.

Jess was a tall 19 year old with an hourglass figure and long legs, her black hair dropped down over her neck and face, it covered her beautiful brown eyes and lovely red lips. She was sitting in her car completely naked as she rubbed her shaved cunt and played with her large breasts. She moved her naked self onto the back seats and was met by a box of kinky toys. The darkness and ungodly hour meant no one saw her. Her heart was racing as she opened her special box. She was wet and horny as her pussy juice covered hands got the first item out the box. It was a full latex catsuit in a crimson red colour. The catsuit had holes for her breasts, pussy and ass. Her pussy and ass had a humiliating condom suit design with a rubber hole around the openings. The rubber continued deep inside her sex holes and stopped her from playing with herself.

She looked like a red rubber doll as she zipped the suit closed. The strong smell of rubber filled the car. She had taken 15 minutes to struggle herself into the tight fitting suit and shine the outer rubber up. She had a heavy leather harness with built-in electrical breasts cups as well as a dildo and butt plug. The dildo and butt plug had been made from thick glass. The sex toys joined on to a "Y" shaped harness that joined the main body harness. The two harnesses worked together to kept the victim bound and controlled. The "Y" harness ran from her pussy/ass, which was the top part of the "Y". The lower part went all the way to her ankles and would keep them bound together.

The main leather covered her shoulders, stomach, neck and ran between her legs. The top and bottom harness linked up and overlapped in three locations, between her legs and each side of her groin. The two harness locked together like a glove and she would be unable remove them when bound. The glass breasts cup could be vacuumed and shocked. The cups would press into her body and keep blood in her perfect tits, which would make the shocks to them more painful.

She locked the thick leather harness into position and tight against her rubber body. The rubber was hidden under the large leather straps and housing for the breast cup and sex toys. She had to lay with her legs across the back seat because of the metal bondage pole. She pushed her hair away from her face and pushed her head inside a rubber bondage hood. The hood had a large built-in gag as well as ear plugs and headphones. The combination of ear plugs and headphones cut out all but the loudest of sounds. The hood had four small holes drilled into it. Two of them for her nose so she could breathe the clean outdoor air. The hood also had one for each of her eyes, she could just about see out of them, but her field of vision was very limited.

It only added to her excitement and fear as she locked a tall leather collar around her neck. The collar kept the hood on and also joined on to the leather harness. She opened the car door and with a bit of a wriggling was in the outside world. The warm air flowed over her body as she pumped her breasts cups all the way up. She could feel her breasts pop deeply into the see through cups. She then locked her feet together with thick metal cuffs. The chain was locked to the metal pole from the harness. This stopped her moving too quickly and meant she had to walk slowly.

She got the last two items out of her car and then locked it. She placed the keys on a small loop on the front of her collar. The fact she would need to get back to car after she had found the key and undid her restraints was fetish heaven. She strapped a rubber gas mask over her face. The full face mask had a clear glass front and was pulled tightly shut around her hood. The gas mask already had hoses attached to it and that lead to a bubble bottle. The bottle made the user breath through a liquid in order to get the air they needed. With each grasp of air the bottle would fill with bubbles. The harness had a built-in holder for the bottle it was on her back just below her neck. She pushed the bottle into the holder and locked it in place. She had been breathing in the strong smell of piss the second she put the mask on her head.

The hoses ran round both sides of her head to meet the bottle. Her breathing was now smelly and difficult, plus it made her louder as she walked along. She double checked all the locks and straps and gave them all a quick pull to tighten them. She locked her right hand in handcuffs as she turned the electricity and vibrators on. Quickly moving her hands behind her back and closing the other cuff around her left hand. She struggled to close it as tightly as she wanted. She then pushed each cuff into her back at the same time. Both slammed shut as the shocks started.

It suddenly hit Jess that she was bound and gagged outside. She was now unable to get back into her car and the only way to free herself was the other end of town. She had already planned the route she would take and started slowly walking down a passageway. The side street was making Jess feel a little claustrophobic as the trees brushed against her suit. If anyone was walking the other way down this narrow track, she would be in trouble. They would see her and have to walk past her. She would be unable to hide or ran away. The chains stopped her from running along the dark and scary alleyway. The short cut joined on a dirt track, which was poorly lit. She made it to dirt track without being seen or heard.

The bubbles were going mad with each breath she took. The smell of piss filled her nose as she made her way down the long path. Most of her journey would be down pathways like this. With nothing or no one around. But at a couple of parts she would have to cross a main road into the town. It was the only way to bypass the town centre and the people out on the town drinking.

The chains restrained her from moving too quickly and made her wish she could just walk as normal. She finally reached the end of the dirt path and was meet by the first real test of her bondage walk. It was a busy main road and even at 3:17am it had cars going along it. The traffic did have gaps for her to get across without being seen, plus she was right next to a pedestrian crossing and cars would have to stop for her. Even if it would be humiliating for them to see her. She would be safe.

She waiting for all the headlights to disappear and she went for it. Walking as fast as she could to the crossing with her vision and hearing almost gone. She glared through her bondage hood as she looked into the darkness. The road was empty and she slowly started crossing it. She was well over half way, when she spotted a light in the corner of her eye. A car was coming down the road towards her and she didn't know if she would make it to the darkness on the other side. She tried to quicken the pace as the light got bigger. She stepped onto the pavement and into the shadows as the car flashed past. The driver never even spotted her crossing the road.

She waited a minute or so for her heart to stop racing and her breathing to slow. She had been so focused on not being found in rubber bondage that she had completely forgotten the pain hitting her breasts and the pleasure filling her pussy and ass. She now needed to walk down a long street with houses on one side and trees on the other. The trees would help hide her from people looking out their windows. The cover the trees offered meant she had to walk in the road.

She made her way down the road with it looking almost endless to her. In the back of her mind the vibrators and breasts cups could not be forgotten. They had started forcing themselves right into the centre of her thinking. She was loudly moaning into her gag as the torture kept going. Her breasts felt like needles had been shot into it. Her holes on the other hand felt amazing as the toys worked their magic.

She was folding over with pleasure as her pussy juice ran down her leg. She was breathing so quickly it made some of the liquid drip into her gas mask. The bubble bottle was looking like a volcano erupting. Her breasts felt like someone had set fire to them as the pain grew to uncontrollable levels. She had an unbelievably powerful orgasm as everything climaxed at the same time. She almost toppled over into the trees as it ripped through her.

It was only took her a minute or two to get back to the real world. She had completely forgotten about her self-bondage walk and how she was dressed. With sweat running down her rubber covered back and condensation coating the glass of her gas mask and breasts cups. She was very near to the end of the road and wanted to get into the darkness of some fields. They would normally be busy with people coming and going from town. But at 3:48am the area was empty and walking slyly through it without any problems. The next bit was a little bit more risky as she would be heading towards the town centre and a main ring road.

She slipped passed a couple of cows and stumbled over a cattle grid and through a swing gate. She was out the field with only the cows spotting her. The footpath she found herself on was isolated and surrounded by trees and fields. But people used it as a short-cut through and in the limited light, they could come out of nowhere. She needed to be brave and kept going.

She had been making good progress as she got closer to the ring road. When out the darkness she spotted a bright light shirt. Someone was walking towards her. Thank god they had not come from behind her. She would have been in real trouble if she had not been right next to a couple of bushes. She almost jumped into the bush the second she saw them. Trying to move her whole bound body into her new safety net was a nightmare but somehow she got herself out of sight just in time. The man walked by in a drunken haze as he struggled to stay upright. He had no idea about Jess and her self-bondage. Jess fought to get herself out the bush and back on her feet. Her catsuit, leather harness, gas mask and restraints looked fine and she headed off again.

She walked the rest of the way without seeing anyone and reached the ring road at 4:09am. The ring road had a path which was hidden from the drivers by bushes and trees. But it did run out just before the car park that housed her keys. The walk along the footpath was easy and apart from her vibrators and breasts cups picking back up, it was uneventful. But as she got to the end of the footpath and was about to cross the road she was hit by a storm of pain and pleasure. She could only just get herself into the car park and was sweating heavily as the orgasms rocketed into her. She found the lamppost with her keys still taped to it and crashed into it as her legs gave way. She spent the next 20 minutes of her life in orgasmic heaven and electric torture hell.

She finally got the feeling back in her body and was able to grab the keys and struggle to her feet. She could almost smell her sex covered pussy through the rubber suit. She undid the cuffs around her hands and feet, she could now walk normally and should get back to her car a lot quicker. She was full on running for the first 5 minutes, she exited the car park and zoomed round the ring road and up through the field. She was almost half way to her car by the time she stopped running. It then hit her, why the hell did her still have the gas mask over her head. It was slowing her down and filled her nose with the smell of piss. She removed it and started to run again. She made it all the way back to the car.

The air was whistling through her air hole and her heart was going a million miles an hour. Her catsuit was dripping with sweat and her cunt was dripping with pleasure. Her tits had turned red with a blob of purple around the nipples. She had loved the whole self-bondage walk. But now just wanted to get home and go to bed. She removed her car keys from her collar and unlocked the door.

She went straight to sleep the second her ass hit the seat. She was still wearing her latex outfit and bondage equipment. She needed to wake up before anyone walked by. The sun was coming up behind her as the clock hit 6am. Time was running out for her.



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