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The Video Arcade Surprise 2

by ElectricCD

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© Copyright 2012 - ElectricCD - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; M+/m; leather; harness; cd; collar; cuffs; toys; insert; booth; oral; anal; cons; X

continued from part one

Part 2

Recap Chapter 1

In the first installment of the Arcade Surprise, I related how I was unexpectedly caught while in restraints in a video booth. Additionally as this was my first male-male bondage event since my late teens / early twenties, this created some conflict in me.

Introduction Meetings

After several days and significant lost sleep, I sent him an email to arrange a meeting the next time I was scheduled in the area. I was in town for the week and we got together at a restaurant/bar not too far from the arcade where we first met. Things started a bit awkwardly, but got better as we got to know each other. He was Bi and had been into a dominate role in bondage for about 15 years. He was curious about my experience level and the toys I have collected. We talked awhile and then scheduled a second meeting the following night.

During this second meeting, we got to know each other better. We talked about experiences, likes, dislikes and concerns. I was developing a comfort level with this person and his concerns relating to exciting, but still safe play. I had brought my photo book of what toys and outfits I had available. After reviewing my photo book he suggested we plan a second event with a more intense experience. He gave me specific instructions on how I was to dress, to bring a specific set of restraints and to plan to orally service multiple people during my submission. We also agreed there would be no permanent marks and all activities would include the use of condoms, but beyond that I was giving up control to him. As he knew the owner/manager, we set the next encounter for the following Saturday at the same arcade and I was to be there and ready by 10pm.

Event Preparation

The day had arrived. I headed to the hotel and started my preparation in the early evening to be there and ready in time. What I was in effect creating was a self-bondage situation that I could get into, but would require help to get out of. I was required to wear the same harness and restraints as last time, except this time I was to use a different set of wrist cuffs. These allow my hands to be locked to my collar and held up toward the middle of my back. With some difficulty, I can get into these but can't unlock them without assistance. In addition, I had been instructed to take an enema as I would be wearing the butt plug for an extended period of time. I was also instructed to remove any hair that was not appropriate for a woman (i.e. face & most hair below the neck).

After getting clean and putting on the harness, collar, cuffs, pouch and deflated plug, I gathered the remaining toys and put them into the carry case. The other toys consisted of; a locking full leather hood with snap on blindfold and leather pear gag, a buckle on ring gag, the special wrist cuffs, clover style nipple clips, riding crop and misc. straps, leash, snap clips and locks as he requested. I completed the outfit with black pleated mini-skirt, a tight short pink woman’s tee shirt and 3" heels with locked on straps. This was another of his requests, designed to prevent me from hiding the outfit underneath. Although I was apprehensive, I was ready and excited about the coming encounter.

Arrival & Setup

The drive to the arcade was interesting, especially when having to pass trucks. It seemed there was always too much light when I caught someone looking down into my car. I arrived at the arcade and just sat in my car trying work up the nerve to go in dressed as I was. With some difficulty in the heels, I headed in.

I immediately was the center of attention for the manager behind the counter and the few people in the store. When asked for the arcade card she delayed in giving it to me to extend my embarrassment. After getting the card I went back to the far booth as we had agreed. I discovered this booth was larger than most others and had a fairly large gloryhole in one wall. This booth also included benches on two walls and a wooden stool about 30" high.

It was currently 9:15 and I had about 45 minutes to complete my preparation. This consisted of removing the tee shirt, adding the ankle cuffs, hood and nipple clips. I then connected the strap for the wrist cuffs to the collar on the hood before locking the collar on. This left the cuffs hanging in the middle of my back. The final steps were to place all the keys and other toys on the bench, install the blindfold and pear gag on the hood, pump the butt plug three times and lock my hands in the cuffs behind my back. As I could not unlock the cuff even with the keys, all I could do now was kneel and wait for him to arrive. This is where the second thoughts kicked in.

Exchange of Power

After what seemed like an eternity, there was a knock on the door and he instructed me to unlock it and return to my prior position. He entered and relocked the door. He proceeded to checkout the effectiveness of my preparation and lifted the skirt to check the pouch and plug.

After returning to my knees, he informed me he had invited a half a dozen friends to visit with us over the next several hours. The plan was for me to service them orally through the gloryhole. He also may let other unscheduled visitors access my services. During this time I would be tied bent over the stool with my face up against the hole.

He attached the leash to the front of the collar and stood me up. After placing the stool in position in front of the hole he had me bend over it. This placed considerable discomfort in the pouch area as it pressed up against the side of the stool. Next he used the large leather strap around my back holding me firmly to the stool and the smaller straps to bind my knees and ankles to the legs of the stool. Finally, the pear gag was removed and replaced with the ring gag keeping my mouth accessible and added the snap on blindfold.

After lifting the skirt again, he deflated and removed the butt plug. He said he wanted to be sure that this route was also accessible to be used tonight. With that, I felt a significant amount of lubricant being pushed into my ass and the plug was reinstalled and pumped up at least six times. This was becoming very uncomfortable. According to him there had been several requests from his friends to use my ass and he felt this would add an interesting addition to the experience. He asked if I had any problem with that, but then continued to say it really didn't make any difference considering my situation. He placed the leash through the hole in the wall and told me to wait while he completed the setup.

I found out later he had installed a hook in the wall under the hole on the other side. This was used to hook the leash to and keep my head in close proximity allowing better control during my head activities. The hook was also used to hold a bag of condoms.

My Servicing Experience

During this whole time all I could do was listen to a video playing in the background. It sounded like a gay bondage video with someone getting paddled or whipped. Shortly after hearing this activity on the video, he returned and decided to emulate the video with the crop on my rear end. Lifting the skirt, he gives me 10 quick swats to each cheek. This combined with the fact that with each stroke I pressed the pouch into the stool increasing my discomfort, I was in considerable distress. He left me alone again to wait.

I heard noises in the next booth, then someone pulled on the leash and I felt a cock being pushed through my ring gag into my mouth. It seems like my service activity had begun. I tried to use my tongue as best I could considering the limitations of the gag. This was an interesting experience, not being able to move or resist and to have to service anyone that put their cock through that hole. Eventually it seemed as he came and it was withdrawn back through the hole. This activity was repeated two more time in what seemed like a half hour.

The door to my booth opened and it sounded like two people came in. He said it was time to start my service with the other end now and my skirt went up and the plug was deflated and removed. I could feel someone’s hands on my hips and they were using their thumbs to spread my rear cheeks wider. The intruder started slowly at first, then started to move in and out going deeper with each stroke. Finally, I felt him tight against my ass and I was filled to the max with cock. With each stroke, he pushed my pouch into the stool. The combination of the pain in my rear and the pain in my cock and balls was creating a significant endorphin high. He eventually pulled out.

While I was attempting to adjust to this new experience, I felt a pull on the leash and another cock through the hole. The taste was odd. A voice told me that this was the same guy that just used my ass. I tried to pull away, and felt multiple hard swats on my ass with the crop. I realized I wasn't getting away and attempted to finish him as quickly as possible. During this time, someone new took up position behind me and now I was getting it from both ends simultaneously.

This activity continued with several more people at various times using one end or the other or both. I was starting to get tired and very sore from the repeated attention and I eventually lost count of my visitors.

The Release

After what seemed like a long time, the activity stopped and he came in and said it was time to end but he felt I needed a little more attention before he released me. He then proceeded to apply fifty strokes with the crop to my butt and upper thighs. This created considerable pain and as he observed left a very red souvenir that was visible even with my very short skirt down.

Finally, he released me from the stool. I was stiff and sore as I stood up. He released my hands from the cuffs, handed me the keys and told me to remove the rest of my toys. As I did this, he sat down a told me about the night’s activity. I had taken a total of 12 guys orally and 7 guys in the rear. Also, he was the only one that I gave head to after he used my ass.

He asked how I felt about the night. I responded that it was a bit overwhelming but was exciting. I also commented I was definitely sore from my feet with the heels to my mouth with the gag and I would definitely have difficulty sitting on the trip home. We talked about a repeat engagement, but I indicated I had had enough for now but might consider it in the future.

The walk back out to the car through the store drew some interesting attention and some lewd comments about my new coloring. We still keep in touch via email, and I have not been back there again even though he keeps asking.

If you contact me about this event, please put “Arcade Surprise” in the subject or it may be tossed by the SPAM filter. Thanks, ElectricCD,


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