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The Video Arcade Surprise

by ElectricCD

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© Copyright 2012 - ElectricCD - Used by permission

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Part 1

This event took place over a summer weekend a number of years ago. I am a male, in my 40’s, that is into bondage, self-bondage, electric toys and cross-dressing and have been in various levels since my early teens. I normally do my self-bondage activities around the house or in hotels when I travel. This time while I was traveling, I got the bug to go to adult video arcade and watch some bondage flicks. As it was open 24 hours, it was very late, and I was thinking with the wrong head, I decided to take / wear some of my toys to the arcade. My plan was to go into a locking video booth and restrain myself for the duration of a movie. As I have done this before in other states without incident, this seemed ok.

I started from completely naked. I added my black leather punishment belt and strap harness. This consisted of a locking 4” waist belt combined with a front panel and crotch strap. The front panel had a 2” hole for my equipment to squeeze through, the crotch strap had a built-in metal ring that spread my cheeks in the proper place and ended in a locking buckle in the back. The harness connected to the belt and crossed over my shoulders and around my chest, also locking on. This pulled the crotch strap tighter when I moved. I inserted a generously lubricated inflatable butt plug through the ring and snapped it into place. I left this deflated for now. The final piece of the belt was a restrictive pouch that snapped onto the belt over my cock & balls that were now prominent after pushing through the hole. The interesting part of the pouch was the lining had many rows of pointed studs on the inside. This severely limited any erection activity and made sitting less than pleasurable.

Next was a black leather collar and wrist / ankle cuffs, all locking. I placed a leash, clover nipple clips, several snap links and a lock for connecting the cuffs into a fanny pack. I finished the outfit with a pair of black womens spandex shorts with lace around the thighs and an oversized tee shirt to cover everything (almost). I decided to leave the keys for the cuffs, collar and belt at the hotel to make the night more interesting. The only keys I brought with were two copies of the key to lock the cuffs to the belt, one I left in the car and the other is on a snap clip on the ring at the rear of the waist belt.

The ride to the arcade was about 30 minutes and the plug, even though it was not inflated yet made itself known. I entered the arcade and went to the counter to pay for the video card. I received some curious stares from the girl behind the counter and several customers. I hurried back to the video area. I found a booth near the back, closed the door, and moved the slide bolt to lock the door. I selected a bondage video and set the system to play for about 60 minutes.

While I was removing the shirt and shorts, the door shook as someone tried to enter. I continued to get ready to watch the movie by adding the nipple clips on me and added the leash to the collar. I then placed 2 snap links between the ankle cuffs and added the lock to a ring attached to the back of the belt. I placed the pump & vibrator control for the plug at the sides of the belt to eliminate any chance to alter it when my hands were cuffed. I pumped the plug 3 times, turned on the vibrator to medium and quickly connected the rings on my cuffs to the lock behind my back. Now with the key on the ring near my hands and as previous practice has determined it will take about 1-2 minutes to free my hands.

As the movie progressed, the pouch was getting more uncomfortable. The door shook again. This seemed to be a regular occurrence here. After about 15 minutes and on one later attempt the door shook, then opened and there stood a guy…

I was stunned, and it seemed he was too. He recovered more quickly than I did and entered the booth and closed & locked the door. He grabbed the leash for control. For some unknown reason, I didn’t feel I needed to free my hands yet. Maybe it was the shock of being caught, but I’m not sure. He asked about the outfit and what / why I was doing this. We talked for a while and I described the pouch and the plug. He asked if I have ever given head to a guy before and was that why I was here?

I responded that I had experimented only once a long time ago and that was not what I had planned when coming to the arcade. He suggested that as long as I was attired as a slave maybe it was time I did it again to feel truly submissive. He also said he had condoms and always used them in this environment. I’m not sure why, but the idea of submitting in this way while restrained created some excitement. I finally agreed and he pulled on the leash to bring me to my knees in front of the bench he was sitting. He removed his shorts and I was presented with a fully erect eight-inch cock. After rolling on the condom, he pulled me towards him.

While I was going down on him, he was pulling on the nipple clip chain and using his foot to rub and push on the studded pouch. All this pain / stimulation made it very difficult to focus on the task at mouth. I discovered he was training me to improve my technique by combinations of the nipple and the pouch activities. I guess I eventually got it right as he came. He loosened up on the leash and let me rest back on my heels.

He asked if I might be interested in doing this again some time. I said I wasn’t sure, but might consider it. He left me a small card with his phone & email on it saying to call him to plan an encore. With this he reached down, squeezed the pouch hard causing significant pain and left saying I should really lock the door better. I promptly got up and bolted the door after him.

I took about 10 minutes to recover, free my hands and feet and get dressed. I watched the rest of the movie and thought about if I should contact him again. I had not had a male bondage partner since I was a kid and wondered if this was a good idea. Anyway, I left the arcade to head back to the hotel and finally get my release from a painful, frustrating and interesting night. I knew I would call him again and I did. That encounter is for a future recollection.

If you contact me about this event, please put “Arcade Surprise” in the subject or it may be tossed by the SPAM filter. Thanks, ElectricCD,


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