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Vacation Time Fun Part 3

by Tonya

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© Copyright 2011 - Tonya - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; tape; wrap; rope; pantyhose; gag; bfold; hogtie; transport; cons; X

continued from part three Part 4

Part 4 begins right where part 3 ended.

“Make a fist.” She told me.

I looked over and Anita had already torn about fifteen pieces of tape and they were lined up at the foot of the bed.  She pulled the hose tight down around my fist and put the first piece around my wrist, holding the hose taut, then a strip over the knuckles and another in the opposite direction. She filled in the gaps and put another piece around my wrist to make sure that it stayed on.  She did the same thing with the other hand and when she was done I had a useless nub at the end of each arm.  It didn’t look like I was going to be able to get out of my first tie, but I was still going to try. After she rendered my hands useless, she helped me put on a black leotard and my highest black heels.

“What kind of gag do you want?”  She asked me.

“That’s up to you honey, you’re calling the shots here, not me.”  I wasn’t sure what kind of response that answer would get me.

“That answer will get you stuffed, taped, wrapped and taped every time sugar.” She said with a smile.

All I could do was shake a nub at her.  The next thing I know, Anita was shoving a bandana in my mouth and using the remaining strips of tape to seal it shut.  After wrapping coban around it, she wrapped the tape all the way around my head five times!

“I just want to make sure that nothing slips.”  She grinned.  “Hold out your hands, I think you’ll like this.” 

I held out my hands slightly disappointed that she was going to tie them in front, when she starts handing me the rest of the stuff she had laid out.  After loading me down like a pack mule I was lead out into the garage and instructed to get into the back of my own Escape.  I dropped my things in the back and got in and sat down, very puzzled. 

“Just trust me, now turn around and give me your nubs.”

She tied my wrists behind me and then gave me a knotted crotch-rope.  She had me sit facing her and tied my ankles, making sure to get a few wraps around my arches to make sure that I couldn’t kick my shoes off.   Many more wraps around my legs above my knees and more around my waist pinning my wrists to my back and more rope above and below my breasts pinning my arms to my body.  Then Anita helped me lay down with my head facing the front of the vehicle.  In the back of my Escape I have four cargo hooks in the floor that I never even thought I’d use.  After she laid me down, she tied a rope to the hook to the right of my body and attached it to the one to my left. 

After she wrapped it back and forth a few times she started zig zagging from corner to corner. Then she did the same with the hooks at the back. The two hooks at the top were right in line with my chest ropes and the ones by my legs were just about even with the ropes above my knees.  She made sure to pass a few of the corner-to-corner ropes under my crotch-rope with a big smile on her face. With my feet still hanging out the back of my SUV I had no doubt what was coming next.  While I was still thinking about what was next Anita was already ahead of me.  She had attached a rope to the line that ran under my heels and was pulling my heels up until they were on top of my hands, then attached that rope to my crotch-rope, around the ropes holding my wrists to my body, under my tummy, around the cinch on my heels and back to my chest ropes in the back and knotting everything securely. 

“I kind of lied sugar, I don’t have the movies yet, and I’m really, really hungry for some ice cream.  So we’re going to go get some!”

I tried to protest but there was nothing I could do about it.  Hands taped into fists and tied securely in the cargo hold of my own vehicle.  At least my windows were tinted and no one could see me back there.  As she jumped out of the back of the Escape I found out why she tied my crotch-rope into the mix the way she did.  Every bump that she hit was going to tug on my heels, which in turn would make everything else pull on my crotch-rope a little as well.  She shut the back door and went back into the house and got my keys and the garage door opener.

“Surprise!!” Anita shouted and scared me half to death.  She sat down a portable DVD player right under my nose and ran the cord up front to plug it in.  She leaned back over the seat and turned it on and my homemade DVD sprang to life.

“I didn’t want you to get lonely, so I grabbed a few of your friends too.” As crazy as Anita was, she could be kind of sweet sometimes too. She selected random and gave me a toothy smile. “Here’s the remote sugar. Watch whatever you want.” Suddenly we were off and if bouncing out of the driveway was any indication, this was going to be a fun trip.  If I was lucky I’d only be a little sore in the morning.

Our first stop was at the gas station a few miles down the road.  Anita was making faces at me through the window while the gas was pumping. If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought she was enjoying herself.  From there we went to the video store and I think she had other reasons for bringing the DVD player because she took forever to pick out four movies.  Now that I think about it, it was only three because we had already agreed on one of them.  After the video store I found out that she had also made a small shopping list.

“I’m just going to run inside and pick up a few groceries and something for dessert. Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”  Hopefully this was going to be a shorter trip than the video store. 

About thirty minutes later she came back and opened the tailgate, exposing me to the world and set down four bags right next to me.  I think she made very sure to put the ice cream right against my leg with only two pair of pantyhose to protect me from its chilly goodness.  I tried to yell and get her attention and I think she heard me because she turned the radio up and started tapping the brakes from time to time for no good reason whatsoever. 

Finally we returned home and she opened the back and grabbed the bags and told me she would be right back.  She returned and started to untie her web that she’d made around me, the whole time the DVD player just kept playing.  She untied me from the cargo hooks but left everything else in place and helped me stand up.

“Can you hop from here?” I shook my head yes, so she followed me back into the house.  When I made it back into the living room I thought that she had already laid things out for my next tie, but she had other plans.

“Go ahead and have a seat at the table, I’ll be there in just a second.” So I hopped over to the table and had a seat while she went back out to the garage and brought in the DVD player and the movies.  I was spinning around in the rolling chair when she came back in. She walked over to me and started untying my ankles.  She pulled my shoes off, retied my ankles, attached a rope to the cinch and told me to hop into the living room.  I stood and watched while she made preparations to put me in my father’s recliner.  When she was ready for me I plopped down in the seat and she quickly pulled the lever and I was lying down in the chair. She wasted no time securing my ankles to the footrest and anchoring my chest ropes to the back of the chair.  It turns out that we were going to watch the one movie that I wanted to see first, and then I was going to be hopelessly, helplessly tied for the other two, only two because she couldn’t make up her mind on three. 

“This should make you more comfortable.” She smiled an evil smile as she switched on the massage seat on the recliner and the whole thing started shaking.  There was no way that I could even think about a movie tied to this giant vibrator.  I’d just have to watch it again tomorrow sometime.  Meanwhile Anita went to the kitchen to make some popcorn and left me to my convulsing chair. I was giving her that look from the living room and she was making faces at me again when I saw a familiar gleam in her eye.

“Oh no! I knew I forgot something.”  She ran back to the bedroom and returned with my earplugs, blindfold, hood and locking collar.  It seems I won’t be watching a movie with her just yet.

Once they were all in place she snapped a padlock closed and it finally dawned on me.  No matter what I did to try and get loose, I was going to get free only when she allowed it. Just as I was thinking about this, she turned the chair up another notch and pinched my left nipple.  I had no idea what she was watching or what was in store for me next, but I was sure that I was going to enjoy it.  

I had been stuck in that chair for who knows how long when I felt familiar hands moving my ankles around. It seems that it was time to change.  I needed one too, especially after the joy ride and that awful / wonderful recliner.  As she removed the hood and blindfold, I squinted and saw what I thought was my DVD playing on the television that I thought Anita was watching.  As my vision cleared I looked up at her and gave her a confused stare. 

“I needed some ideas, hope you don’t mind.” She just grinned back.

I shrugged my shoulders as she was untying my arms and gave her the indication that I had no problem at all with her ogling my porn.  She just smiled back and continued setting me free, temporarily anyway.  When she was finished untying me I held out my hands in front of my and gave her my best puppy dog eyes and shook my very dead nubs and pleaded.

“I can’t feel a thing and they’re totally useless to me.  You and I both know that I need a bath, and I can’t possibly wash myself with these.”  I danced around a bit and told her, “Besides, I have to pee anyway.”

“What’s the magic word?”  She teased.

“Please?”  I guessed blindly.

“That’ll do pig, that’ll do.  Now where did I put those scissors?”

“Better find them quick, unless you want to help me clean up another mess.”

“Hmmm, Tonya ‘Puddles’ Conway.  That has a nice ring to it. Don’t you think?” She taunted, making snipping sounds with the scissors in her hand.

After she cut the tape off my hands I began peeling off both sweat soaked leotard and hose on my way to the bathroom.  I reached over and turned on the tub after taking care of business and stripped off the rest of my hose.  Normally I would have been tired this late, but I was riding the rush of adrenaline and there were signs of slowing down.

I was sitting in the tub when pounding on the door brought me back to my senses.

“Hurry up in there, you’re going to turn into one big wrinkle!”

“You sound like my mother!” I shouted back.

She pretended to be angry at comparisons to my mother and stomped off. I wanted to ask what was coming next, but I also wanted it to be a surprise.  My bathrobe was hanging in the other bathroom so I grabbed a towel and quickly dried off and put my hair up.  I wrapped myself up in another towel and wondered out into the hallway. Anita met me as I got to the living room.

“Hey you, what’s next?” She inquired.

“I told you that was up to you, remember?” 

“I thought you’d say that. So, umm, what kind of adventure do you feel like?” She was acting kind of strange. “Something magical perhaps?”

Adventure #4 in the books. Let me know what you think.


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