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Vacation Time Fun Part 3

by Tonya

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continued from part two Part 3

Part 3 begins right where part 2 ended.

I cleaned up my mess and had a good laugh at my own expense, then headed back to the master bathroom to fire up the Jacuzzi again. I really need to get one. I wonder what time the girls are going to be back in the morning, and whether or not I should be here. As far as they knew I was going to be at work, unless I was just on my way out the door. That would mean that I could leave and come right back when they were done, if I even left at all. My best bet was to just be running around the house in a bathrobe and tell them that I was waiting on the dryer to finish with my clothes or something along those lines. I climbed in the tub and thought entirely too hard about what to tell them about my disappearing act, especially with them probably knowing way too much about it already. I was setting my alarm when I remembered that I had yet to come up with a tie for K. It was the last thing I thought about before I crashed.

I hit the snooze at least twice before I crawled out of bed Monday morning. It was raining outside and it looked like it was getting really cold. I flipped on the television and had to laugh at the last images I saw before I turned it off. The weatherman said that there was actually a chance of freezing rain later in the day, if the temperature kept dropping it was going to happen. I looked outside and saw Martha and Dorothy pulling into the driveway. I ran back to the bathroom and stuck my head in the sink and wrapped a towel around my wet hair. With wet hair, the dryer running and me running around in a towel it looked just like I was running late for work. I turned on the coffee maker just as the girls rang the doorbell.

“Do you have any jumper cables?” Martha asked

“No honey, I’m sorry I don’t”.

“Can you run into town with us and make sure we get the right ones? A young independent woman like you would know which ones to get right?” Dorothy was pushing my buttons now.

“I don’t know. I’m already running late, and I have meetings with buyers off and on all day and it would look really bad if I showed up too late.”

“Please?” Martha was giving me the sixty-something-year-old puppy dog eyes now. This was not something that I was going to come out ahead in.

“Come in and have some coffee and I’ll finish getting ready.” I wonder if they would notice that there was actually nothing in the dryer?

“Thank you sugar, we’ll be as quick as we can”

I was frantically running around the bedroom trying to find all the pieces to the outfit that I’d laid out to wear to church the day before only to find it piled in the closet. Amazingly it didn’t look too bad. I turned on the water in the shower and made sure it was really hot, then put the jacket and skirt on a hanger and hung them on the bathroom door. Hopefully the steam was enough to take out the last of the wrinkles while I put on my make-up and towel dried my hair the best I could. I forgot mom took her hairdryer. My moderately applied make-up was still almost too much for the office and definitely too much for my present company. I quickly put on my seamless black hose and black turtleneck thong leotard and grabbed the jacket and skirt from the bathroom. I slid my skirt on and zipped up the side, strapped my shoes on, pulled my hair back and grabbed my jacket. This would have to do.

I walked into the living room to a few oohhs and aahhs from the girls. I told them that with the meetings today I had to look the part of the businesswoman that wanted her promotion and her corner office. They both seemed moderately impressed and were more than ready to get the day started. They had fixed me a cup of coffee and were ready and waiting to go.

I followed them into town trying to figure out how to spend my day and what in the world to do K. We stopped at a hardware store and I lost track of what we were there to do and started wondering around looking for some inspiration. They did a good job of keeping me on task and were on their way in no time. I decided to do a little shopping and got quite a few looks from clerks early on a Monday morning. I guess I was a little overdressed for wondering around the mall. I bought a few outfits just in case something happened that I might need something to wear. Something other than what I was wearing anyway. I found a belt and matching collar both with D-rings at Hot Topic. The little Goth girl behind the counter had no idea what to think of this junior executive in front of her buying bondage clothes. I was grinning like the Cheshire cat. The whole time I was shopping I was thinking about what to do for K in the back of my mind, when suddenly it hit me. Two of her favorite ties were a balltie and a chairtie. I think I had found a way to combine the two into totally immobility. I just had to get back to the house to check it out.

I got back to the house, unstrapped my shoes, pulled off the jacket, fired up the laptop and started composing an email to K. I know she has some heavy-duty kitchen chairs, hopefully they would work out all right. Basically I’m going to have her sitting in one of these chairs, with her ankles tied up under the seat, her thighs tied to the seat and her waist tied to the back of the chair. Her chest ropes are going to be attached to her thighs, so that her chin is on her knees with her hands behind her, or attached to the back of the chair with her release suspended above her out of reach until the ice melts, or timer goes off, or whatever is going to set her free. A balltie in a chair sounds so simple and yet so very tight. I hope she enjoys it. I sent her a separate email with my adventures from Saturday night and Sunday morning, I can’t wait to get a reply on that story. I clicked send on the second email and went back to the bedroom and pulled off the skirt and clipped it back on the hanger. By then it was mid afternoon so I went into the kitchen and fixed a little something to eat and wondered back into the living room, popped in a movie and curled up with a blanket. This was going to be a very uneventful day.

After the movie I pulled out my bag from shopping and tried to get some ideas with my new belt and collar. Using a leather punch from my dad’s shop I punched a hole in the collar just big enough to get a small luggage padlock through, so now it would lock on. I managed to do the same with the belt. I went back to the bedroom and gathered up all of my hardware, a few zipties, some stuffing, tape and wrap for a gag. Since I was just testing, I tossed my keys in the floor in front of me and popped in a DVD. The same DVD the girls from church may or may not have found in the player. I again put it on random and stuffed, taped and wrapped making sure that I could barely make a sound. I put the collar on and over my turtleneck and locked it in place, trying to center the D-rings so that I could attach a padlock to it in front. I then put the belt on and locked it in place and used a short length of chain, padlocked it in the front, and then ran it between my legs and padlocked it to the belt in the back.

After that I sat with my legs crossed, chained my ankles together and attached them to the belt with another padlock. I used one of the longer chains and wrapped it around my body with one arm in and one out. I made sure there was a little slack and padlocked it in front, then slid the other arm down in. Things got very snug very quickly. I leaned forward and picked up another long chain and threaded it around my ankles and put both loose ends on either side of the D-ring on my collar and snapped a padlock shut around them. After that, I reached over and grabbed my handcuffs and slipped them under my makeshift crotch-rope and clicked them shut. Sometimes I liked chains and padlocks, but I usually preferred rope because I like to struggle a lot. Struggling in chains will just get you hurt.

I have another friend that I used to talk to online that fell over on her police issue handcuffs one time and has permanent nerve damage in her left wrist. Not to mention the fact that she can’t feel anything in her ring finger or pinky. I still don’t think she’s told anyone how she did it though. There is something about the cuffs that is imposing, knowing that without that key, you are going nowhere. I think that’s why I like to throw them into a regular tie every once in a while. Just to make things interesting. I struggled around a bit and found that I was securely bound, so I started my spin to get the keys. Once I got my hands on them I was out in no time and skipped off to the bedroom to get the rest of my goodies.

I dropped my bag in the living room floor and turned on my laptop to get some ideas. I stopped at Dominic’s site and saw a beautiful girl that was viciously tied with miles of rope, gagged and blindfolded. This was nothing out of the ordinary for him. She was dressed in a black tank top, red skirt and black pantyhose with no shoes and the scene was from an upcoming video called “Escape Attempts”. I was immediately inspired. This was to be my next tie. I went and changed out of my leotard and seamless pantyhose into some “expendable” hose, my red skirt and black tank. I let my hair down and realized that I was still gagged and almost ready to go. I had to figure out where to put my release. I decided to use four bags and place them in the farthest four corners of the house. I placed one in the garage, one in the master bathroom, one in the spare bedroom and one in the pantry in the kitchen. I mixed the contents so I wouldn’t know which bag was which and what key I needed until I had them all together. This greatly complicated matters. I had to find the bags then find the pile of bags in the middle of the living room floor, not an easy task the way I was going to be tied.

I dumped out all my rope and with a little searching found the right piece to get started. I started with crotch-rope and made sure that I had just enough slack to get my wrist loops under. After that I crossed my ankles and tied them, cinching them tightly so that I couldn’t uncross them, and just to make sure I tied my arches too. Then I tied my legs above and below the knee as usual and mid thigh as well. I laid out my chest loops and zipties along with my wrist loops and zipties and reached for my earplugs and blindfold. Once they were in place I found my spandex hood and pulled it on and laced it down as tight as I could. Then I put my collar back on and locked it. Now without the key I couldn’t get the earplugs out, the gag, blindfold or hood off. I had a little trouble getting my chest loops centered and zip tied but eventually they made it to the right place. I fumbled around and found my wrist loops and got one wrist in, found my ziptie, slid the loops under my crotch-rope and slid my other wrist in. I took a deep breath and pulled on the ziptie until the clicking stopped.

There I was again with my feet and ankles tightly tied and cinched, my legs tied above and below my knees and mid thighs, with a nice snug crotch-rope, my arms tied and cinched to my sides and my wrists tied, cinched and pinned beneath my crotch-rope. Not to mention my mouth stuffed with a bandana, sealed with medical tape, and wrapped with coban, my ears plugged, a blindfold and a thick black spandex hood laced and padlocked on. No loopholes here, if nothing else I think I may have overdone it a bit. I did mention that the girl on my laptop doesn’t get out without help? I just can’t get over how attractive she was, and how she looked so completely and utterly helpless just made her that much more incredible. I can appreciate other women’s beauty and want to do horrible things to them but that doesn’t mean that I want to have sex with them, does it? Now I’m confused, and stuck if I don’t get moving. The last thing I remember seeing was a big smile from a girl on the DVD right before she was gagged.

I started my journey off into the darkness, not sure what to “look” for first, or even where to “look”. I was felt my way around as best as I could but it was extremely difficult. I’m actually happy that I made sure that I couldn’t stand and hop around for this tie. I could have really done some damage to both the house and myself bouncing off the walls. I was somewhere in the hallway in between the living room and the spare bedroom when the doorbell scared the hell out of me. It had to be at least seven or eight o’clock. Who in the world would be at the door at this hour? Upon hearing the bell I redoubled my efforts to get into one of the bedrooms and realized that I closed all the doors to the rooms that I didn’t need to get into to get my bags. I was almost through the doorway into the bedroom when I heard something familiar.

“Hey you!” As she playfully knocked on my head, “Anybody in there?”

It could only be Anita, my best friend in the world and one of only two people that knew of my little hobby.

“I thought you might be enjoying some time to yourself so I used the key under the mat. Are you anywhere near being free? I’m starving!”

Shit, I forgot about dinner plans that we’d made for this evening. I violently shook my head with a negative response. Anita also knows the two places that I’m ticklish, neither of which I’m going to mention. Before I could stop shaking my head she was on one of them and determined to show no mercy. She asked me again and again I shook my head no. I wanted to try and get out on my own, but she was going to have her way whether I had anything to say about it or not. It wasn’t like I could say or do much about it anyway. After the second no she started trying to help me to my feet, which was useless because they were tied so that I couldn’t stand up. About the time she realized this she was dragging me towards the rolling chair in the kitchen. She spun the chair around and dropped me into it and asked what I wanted for dinner. I tried to tell her that I really wasn’t hungry and she could get whatever she wanted but all she heard was “I want pizza”, probably due to the fact that she was hungry for pizza.

“Delivery okay honey?”

I protested, but nothing really came out.

“Should be here in about forty-five minutes, do you think you can be out by then?”

Well that depends on if I can fall out of this chair without hurting myself.

I think she got the hint and made some sense of my grunting and helped me to the floor. “Go on, get going. We’re on a tight schedule here missy.” With that she wondered off to make things a bit more difficult for me. “Do you want me to help you?” I shook my head no again and I heard her say something like, “if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.” I found out what she meant very soon. I was inching my way to the bedroom again when she starting rolling me over onto my stomach. I felt her tie something to my chest harness in the back and then she grabbed my ankles and I knew what was coming next. I fought back but it was no use, she had my ankles pulled up next to my hands and was tying off the knots on my chest harness. I didn’t want her help so she decided to make things harder for me. I pretended to be furious but she knew that was what I wanted her to do. She was there to help, but only if I needed it, or begged for it. The fact that I was hogtied now meant that I was probably going to stay this way for most of the evening. The trickiest thing about Anita was that she didn’t share the feelings about bondage that I did. She was, however, a good enough friend that she would help and be there for me if I needed her. Even if it was just to make things tougher on me. I heard the doorbell again and she told me to be still. I guess I was still behind the couch, hopefully the pizza guy didn’t see me. She paid him and almost shut the door in his face while he was hitting on her, and put the box down on the table. She walked back over to me and stood over me for a few seconds.

“The pizza’s getting cold sugar, what’s the plan?” She reached down and pulled on my crotch-rope and asked again. “Is there a plan or are you going to be anti-social this evening?” With that I shook my head yes and then no. She knew the drill. This meant that I needed yes or no questions to answer in order to communicate. “Are you going to eat” got a yes. “Are you going to get yourself untied before your vacation is over” got a no. With that response she skipped off to find my bags while I struggled against my bonds. By the time she returned I was about to give up, nothing either one of us had tied was going anywhere without some help.

“Is that my skirt hanging in the closet?” I again shook my head no.

“Are you sure?” She asked as she pulled my wrists, tightening my crotch-rope. I heard keys jingling as she unlocked my collar, and unlaced my hood. Just the television and lamp were on but there was enough light in the room to send my head spinning.

“Hi honey, welcome back” She smiled. She dropped the bags on the floor next to me and walked over to the table and plopped down in a chair.

She looked back with a mouthful of food and told me to hurry, I think. I can understand gagtalk better than I can understand her with her mouth full. She left me to finish cutting myself free while she had the choice of slices. I cut the ziptie on my wrists and the ones on my arms, pulled off my gag and popped my earplugs out. After I got my arms free I untied my ankles and hopped over to the table. I don’t know why I thought I wasn’t hungry. I was famished. I was eating and messing with the ropes on my legs and left my crotch-rope for later when Anita shocked me yet again.

“You know, since I interrupted you, I might be willing to help you out this evening. If you ask nicely anyway.”

The offer caught me way off guard. I wasn’t sure what to say.

“What do you mean by help me out?” I inquired.

“Well, you were hopelessly stuck when I let myself in, the least I could do would be to make sure that you were in no better shape when I left.”

“I guess we can do that.” My cheeks were hurting from smiling so hard, and I think she could see it too, because she was smiling as much as I was.

We finished off the pizza and planned the rest of our evening. She said she had brought four movies with her and I didn’t care about seeing three of them. She agreed to keep me tied until it was time to watch the one that I wanted to see. We decided that I was going to be tied differently for each movie and in between movies if I hadn’t been able to free myself Anita would untie me, let me change clothes, stretch, take a bathroom break or get a drink, and I was then to be tied again for the next film. If at any point during one of the movies I either made too much noise, or bothered her too much she could basically do just about anything she wanted to keep me in line. This left the door wide open for me to get into all kinds of trouble.

We cleaned up after dinner and Anita went through my things and picked out what she needed while I took a quick shower. She had only tied me up twice and both times we were still in school. I had no idea what she had in store for me.

I skipped into the bedroom in a bathrobe with my hair up and she had everything laid out that she needed, including what I was going to wear for my first movie, err, tie.

I was instructed to put on two pair of black pantyhose, then two more on top. I put the hose on without question and wandered into the bedroom. Then things got interesting.

Adventure #3 in the books. Let me know what you think.


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