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Traffic 3: Success at Last

by Miss Fortune

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© Copyright 2016 - Miss Fortune - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; basement; bench; cuffs; gag; machine; strap; paddle; spanking; bdsm; program; headband; stimulate; solo-f; mast; climax; stuck; cons/reluct; X

story continues from part two

Traffic 3: Success at Last!

Storycodes: Sbf; machine; naked; basement; cuffs; gag; belt; spanking; toys; bdsm; mast; torment; cons; XX

Lisa was bound face-down and naked on her bondage table. Her improved spanking machine was all ready to start. It had numerous arms, each holding a different item. One had a small leather paddle, another had a heavy wooden hairbrush, a third had a leather flogger with many thin tails, still another had a heavy wooden spoon, and then there was one with a leather belt. There were several other arms as well - Lisa had really done a lot of work on her setup!

Despite the fearsome-looking machine she had created, this session would be a short and mild one. Her bare bottom would be pleasantly warmed as the machine gently used its implements on her over the next few minutes. She looked over at the controls, focusing her attention on a pair of dials. The left dial was set to 'Just a Little Naughty'; this dial controlled the intensity of the spanking - how hard and fast the paddles would hit - based on her recent behavior. The other dial, the one which controlled the length of her session, was set to 'A Few Minutes'.

She felt completely relaxed. This was going to be great! This would be her first experience with her new setup; she was finally going to enjoy the rewards of all her hard work. She looked again at the intensity setting. As she watched, the setting changed:  'Just a Little Naughty' ... 'A Little More Naughty' ... 'Definitely Naughty' ... 'Very Naughty' ... 'Incredibly Naughty' ... 'VERY VERY BAD!!!'

As the intensity setting was increased to its maximum level, the arms of the spanking machine started to vibrate, all ready to unleash their maximum fury upon her soft cheeks! The machine could barely hold itself back!

Lisa struggled furiously to get off the table, but she was firmly bound in place. Her bottom was shortly going to be on the receiving end of the hardest spanking her impressive machine could possibly deliver! She was most fortunate it would only last a few minutes!

Lisa looked at the other dial, the one which controlled the length of her spanking. She watched in horror as a small, furry paw began to turn it! That cat!!! HOW??? NO!!! It wasn't possible!!!!!!!!!!

The length setting started to change:  'A Few Minutes' ... 'A Few More Minutes' ... 'Many Minutes' ... 'Several Hours' ... 'DAYS!!!'

She saw the paw move over to the machine's START button and hover just above it. She pleaded with the cat, begging it not to press the button. It just stared at her, unblinking. She told it she'd do anything for it. She promised it lobster and the finest filet for every meal for the rest of its life! But it just kept staring at her!

Then the cat gave a happy meow and brought its paw down onto the button. The machine started! Lisa's eyes widened in panic. All the arms of her machine started moving in a blur. She felt a tremendous SMACK on her bottom!! Then she woke up.


Lisa was in bed, drenched with sweat. "Not again!" she thought. She'd been having these dreams ever since the last misadventure with her self-bondage setup. These cat-mares were really starting to get to her! She sighed and got out of bed.

It had taken Lisa even longer to recover from this last session than it had from the traffic counter disaster. The wooden paddle had unfortunately been an extraordinarily effective tool for meting out discipline. It would have been plenty bad enough with just the leather paddle, but with the wooden one...

Lisa grimaced and unconsciously moved her hands behind her and gently started rubbing her cheeks. Wow, she had been disciplined all right - had she ever!!!

When her session had finally ended, she immediately called her neighbor to ask her for some more ice. Lots of it. As much as she could get. Fortunately Susan, even though she was again baffled by her friend's request, helped her out and put several large bags of ice on her porch.

During her recovery, Lisa was sure she would never again try a self-bondage session, at least not one that involved spanking! But as the raging conflagration which trailed just behind her was gradually quenched, her urges came right back again, whether she wanted them to or not. At first she tried to ignore these desires, but they simply grew and grew. It wasn't long before she realized she HAD to try again; it was a need she couldn't possibly suppress.
Thus she had started racking her brain to come up with a new scheme, something that would fulfil her desires yet was absolutely foolproof. She thought of going with something simpler such as having a computer randomly generate her session length and intensity within strict limits, but that just wasn't quite what she was looking for. She wanted something else, something she had no direct influence over, to control her session. Something like traffic counters or melting ice - some external force that would decide how intense her session would be. Although she didn't realize it, she had a strong desire for an element of actual risk to be present, which is probably why using computer-generated random numbers didn't do it for her - even though the computer would be controlling her session, she would be the one to program it and was thus ultimately the one actually in charge. On the other hand, she definitely did not want her sessions to get too intense! She had had two misfortunes already; she was going to make quite certain she never had another. But her conflicting needs - the need for external influence and risk versus the need to be extremely cautious - made coming up with a new scheme quite difficult.

She thought about one idea after the other, but had to reject each one - either the idea was too tame or else it was too risky. She was now fearful she'd never be able to come up with anything that would truly satisfy her!

Another complicating factor, as if she needed one, was that she had developed a bit of a "thing" regarding the cat that had so significantly influenced her last session. It was hard for her to get the creature out of her thoughts, both during the day and while she slept. While she knew full well that the recent events had just been an accident, she found it impossible to convince her subconscious mind of that! Beneath the surface of her thoughts she had the idea that the cat had deliberately punished her for squirting it on its butt with the hose! Early on, when her bottom was sore beyond description, she was actually considering building it a covered walkway so it could cross her property without getting wet when it rained! She had also planned to stock up on the best premium meats and seafood she could buy so she could start feeding it. Anything to keep it happy! As she recovered, however, these thoughts moderated somewhat - she dropped her plans for both the walkway and for supplying the cat with deluxe sustenance. One thing was certain though - she would never again aim the hose at it! No way, no how, no chance. The thought of doing something which would anger the beast sent a chill up her spine!

As Lisa showered and dressed she again started thinking about another session. She just wished she could come up with a scheme which would satisfy her - one that would be exciting but couldn't get out of control!

After breakfast, Lisa decided to go for a walk, hoping the fresh air would clear her mind so she could perhaps come up with some new ideas. She went to the door, unconsciously scanned the area to ensure her furry nemesis was nowhere in sight, and then left the house. It felt good to be out and about - the last vestige of discomfort was now gone. As she walked down the street she heard a car horn tooting merrily. She looked over at the vehicle and saw a friend of hers, Anne, who lived across town. The two waved at each other as Anne drove by.

That got her thinking about Anne. Her friend worked at a company which produced specialized hi-tech sensors for various industries. Lisa smiled as she recalled Anne telling her about one of their more "exotic" products. Anne had come over to have dinner with her some time ago and had started to tell her about a product her company was developing. The customer was a firm which was researching female orgasms. Even now Lisa felt herself blushing as she recalled the conversation - just as she had, embarrassingly, back when Anne had been talking to her.

Anne actually had one of the prototype devices with her and had put it on to show her. It looked like a thick headband with a number of straps attached to keep it firmly in place around the wearer's head. Lisa had giggled when Anne put it on - it looked pretty silly. Anne explained that the earliest models didn't have straps, but there were some issues with the headband coming off during tests.

It was when Anne started to go into details about the device that Lisa had become embarrassed, even though she was interested. Anne said the device measured the level of sexual excitement the wearer was experiencing. Using the device the company could obtain graphs of the level of excitement leading up to, and following, an orgasm. For whatever reason, the company was only interested in female orgasms. They used test subjects who would masturbate to climax while wearing the headband. That produced a lot of interesting data. They even asked different groups of test subjects to masturbate in different ways - for example they asked one group to only use their fingers but asked another to use a vibrator to stimulate their clit.

It was at that point Anne had noticed her friend's red face. "Oh, I'm sorry!" she said, and laughed good-naturedly. "I'm sort of used to these kinds of discussions now, but that's only because I've been working on this thing for a while. I remember it took a little getting used to - in the beginning I was pretty embarrassed myself!"

At that point Anne changed the subject, and the two women hadn't talked about it any further. However, Anne had accidently left the device sitting on a table in Lisa's home. Lisa saw it shortly after Anne left, but when she called her about it Anne just told her to keep it - it was an older prototype that she didn't need back.

Naturally Lisa tried the device out on herself. It was simple to use, plus Anne had left the technical specifications and operating instructions at Lisa's house along with the device. There were only two components - the headband and a separate small receiving device. All that was necessary was to wear the headband and plug the receiving device into a nearby computer. Using software built into the receiver, the data from the headband would be reported to the computer, from which it could be displayed.

Although Lisa had no problems getting it to work, the device really didn't do anything for her. It was mildly interesting seeing the values which indicated her excitement level climb as she masturbated, but she didn't need to see any numbers - she was well aware of her own level of excitement! Thus Lisa just stuck the headband and receiver in a drawer and forgot about them.

As Lisa thought about Anne and her excitement meter, it hit her... Wham!! She could almost feel the thought as it smacked into her brain. "THAT'S IT!!!" she exclaimed silently. She knew exactly now how she could have an interesting session - one that couldn't possibly go haywire!


Lisa's idea was this: she would wear Anne's excitement sensor during her session. The level of sexual excitement that the sensor reported to her computer would control the paddles. The more excited she got, the faster she'd be spanked!

She thought everything through very carefully. Although the idea appealed to her, she wanted to make absolutely certain she didn't overlook anything that could cause "surprises". Since it would be her own level of excitement that was controlling things, she couldn't possibly get more than she wanted - it HAD to work! She'd get exactly what she needed, no more and no less. It would be perfect! Although technically it would be Lisa herself who controlled the session rather than some external force, since she didn't have direct control over her own feelings it would be just as good.

She went through it in her mind again. If the spanking got to the point where it was more punishment than pleasure, her excitement level would wane and the session would end. If by chance she climaxed during her session, again her level of excitement would drop and the machine would stop spanking her. There was only one thing that concerned her - the communication between the sensor around her head and the receiver plugged into her computer. Those devices communicated wirelessly.

She pored through the documentation to see if it gave any information about the communications. Fortunately for Lisa, the documentation had the information she desired in great detail. The sensor had a range of about 500 feet - that's how far away the receiver could be from the headband. There were only a few houses around her in that range, so she thought the odds of anything interfering - for example sending a signal that the receiver would misinterpret as "excitement" - would be small. Still, it was a possibility - she couldn't afford to take any chances! She continued reading through the documentation. It stated that each headband was "key matched" to a particular receiver. The receiver would accept signals only from one unique headband, no others. Furthermore, the data sent by the sensor was encrypted and only the matching receiver could decrypt it. The receiver would ignore any incoming data which was not properly encrypted. That meant that even if some other nearby device was transmitting data, the receiver would ignore it since it would not be in the format the receiver required. Lisa was satisfied - there would be no issues with the wireless communications.


A few weeks later, Lisa's new setup was ready. A lot of it was the same as the last time - a bondage table with a hump in the middle that she would stretch out face-down on, cuffs for her wrists and ankles, a spanking machine with both a leather paddle and a wooden one, and a ball gag. The spanking machine would work exactly as it did before - the paddles would strike at random locations on her raised bottom, with 90% of the smacks being delivered by the leather paddle. As before, the intensity of the smacks would remain constant. The leather paddle would deliver heathy, stinging slaps... firm, but without going overboard. The wooden paddle was set to strike a little harder. When the wooden paddle was used, she'd really feel it!

She had made an important addition, however. She decided to add some extra stimulation to raise her excitement level to the point where she'd hopefully climax during her session. With this in mind, she introduced a vibrator to her setup. The vibrator would be held against her clit; the level of vibration would be controlled by her excitement level as reported by the sensor headband she'd be wearing. The more excited she got, the more powerful the vibrations. Her excitement level would also control the paddles - they'd spank her faster and faster as she got more and more wound up. Her session would continue until her lust dropped down below a certain point - then both the vibrator and the paddles would stop, and her key would drop.

Lisa couldn't believe she was actually ready to try again. It had been a fair amount of work but now she was ready to enjoy the fruits of her labors! As she thought about what she was about to experience, she started rubbing herself, adding some additional wetness to her already drenched panties. She would be bound face-down, naked and completely helpless. A vibrator would be held firmly against her clit, buzzing away and forcing its pleasure-inducing provocations upon her. While the vibrator was driving her wild, she'd be getting stinging smacks on her bare bottom from the paddles. The vibrator would get her hotter and hotter, in turn causing the smacks to rain down on her bottom faster and faster. Then (she hoped) she'd have a powerful orgasm. As she was enveloped in the throes of pleasure, she'd be receiving the maximum vibes against her clit while at the same time being spanked quite heartily. This would be incredible!!

Lisa double checked that the receiver for the headband was properly connected to her computer, then put the headband on and attached the straps designed to keep it in place. She remembered Anne telling her that the original design of the sensor headband did not include straps, but that there were cases where it came off the test subject during the heights of passion. No matter how excited she got and how much she moved her head around, the headband would stay where it belonged, faithfully reporting her excitement level to the computer.

Now that the headband was in place, Lisa quickly stripped off her clothes and climbed onto the table. Then she clicked the metal ankle cuffs onto her ankles and lay face-down. Next, she reached back and attached the two thigh straps - these were another new addition to her setup; they wrapped around her upper legs just below her bottom. She made them as tight as possible without them being uncomfortable. The waist strap came next; the waist strap and thigh straps together really limited her movement, which is exactly what she wanted. She was almost there - she inserted a ball gag and then pressed a button which would start her session following a 30 second delay. Finally, she stretched her arms out to the metal handcuffs and locked them in place. Now she was committed - there was no turning back!

The 30 second delay elapsed quickly; the machine activated the moment it ended. Lisa gasped as she felt vibrations against her clit. The vibrations were fairly powerful, a good deal more powerful than she had expected. But had she been thinking, she would not have been surprised by this - her system was working exactly as she had designed it. Since the strength of the vibrations was controlled by her level of sexual arousal, and since she had already been quite aroused when her session commenced, the vibrator had reacted accordingly, setting itself to a level to match her state of mind.

Lisa gasped again as she was smacked on her bare bottom with the leather paddle. She had been so caught off-guard by the powerful vibrations that she had momentarily forgotten she was going to be spanked! The paddles, however, quickly reminded her of the part they were to play in her session. Like the vibrator, the paddles were controlled by her desires. She had just started her session and was already being spanked at a pretty healthy clip!

As she felt smack after smack on her backside - the extra hard smacks from the wooden paddle especially catching her attention - Lisa briefly wondered if she had perhaps gone too far with her setup. However, the pleasurable vibrations she was feeling soon pushed those thoughts out of her mind. The vibrations - and her arousal - climbed steadily. It wasn't too long before she knew she was going to come.

But not just yet. Her machine wanted to spank her some more first and was doing so quite zealously. The vibrator had really gotten her aroused, and because of that she was now being soundly spanked, as if the paddles were punishing her for her naughty desires.

Being spanked and vibed at the same time was quite an experience for Lisa. The vibrator was driving her crazy with lust. She wanted release now and wanted it badly... for two reasons. The first was that she was literally drooling with desire and needed to feel the waves of orgasmic pleasure which would satisfy it. The other was that her rear end was really hot and stinging from the paddling!

She got her wish... she climaxed. At this point the vibrator and paddles were at their maximum levels. She moaned through the gag as she came while powerful vibrations impinged upon her clit and her bare cheeks were receiving quite a thorough thrashing.

Then, as the waves of pleasure began to wane, her machine started to ease off. Soon her excitement level dropped to the point necessary for her session to end.


Lisa repeated this experience several days in a row. She didn't change a thing. Her subsequent sessions actually started out a little slower because she wasn't quite as aroused when they began. This, however, was due to her own feelings, not because of her setup.

Each session led to an orgasm. Her system worked exactly as she had planned. Exactly! It was perfect!

"...too perfect..." her subconscious mind whispered.

She had finally achieved what she wanted. Since her session was tied directly into her own level of sexual excitement, she got precisely what she desired, neither too little nor too much.


Lisa frowned. Something in the back of her mind was bothering her, but she couldn't put her finger on what it was. She tried to push the bothersome feeling out of her mind. She could hardly wait for her next session! It would be great!

"...exactly the same as before... totally predictable..."

She frowned again, trying to figure out what on earth was bothering her. She had won. She had developed the ultimate system, one that fulfilled her needs with no risk whatsoever. She again tried to ignore whatever it was that was nagging at her, forcing her thoughts back to her next session. It would be so exciting!!

"...ho hum..."

Lisa spoke out loud to herself. "Damn it!! What's wrong?? I should be overjoyed!!"

But Lisa couldn't fool herself. Despite the fact that her new setup was quite pleasurable, there was something missing. Something she didn't understand. She sighed. She had no idea what was wrong or how to correct it. Lisa decided not to have a session that day - she needed to think.


Several days went by but Lisa had made no progress. She tried another session and got exactly the same result. It felt really good, but already the experience was having less of an impact on her, like she was getting used to it and it was just old hat. She thought about a number of different changes she could make, but couldn't think of anything that she was really satisfied with. She decided to go for a walk.

Lisa left her house (doing a quick cat-check first) thinking furiously to herself. She hoped the walk would clear her mind and give her some new ideas! As she walked out the door she looked over at her neighbor's house. She saw Susan standing there outside, so she walked over to see her.

"Hi Sue!" Lisa greeted her neighbor. Then the two started talking.

During the conversation, unseen by Lisa, a third party approached from behind. It came with inhuman stealth and grace. Which was fine, as the visitor was not, in fact, human.

"Meow," it said.

Lisa let out a screech, then whirled around to confront the intruder. But she just couldn't face the fearsome beast! Lisa hid behind her neighbor, grabbing Susan's shoulders to keep Susan between the cat and herself.

"What the hell?!?" Susan said, dumbfounded.

Lisa, quivering, continued using Susan as a barricade while the cat looked on impassively.

"Stop that!!!" Susan exclaimed. Lisa was grasping onto her shoulders pretty hard, and Susan didn't appreciate it!

Susan then moved, having to apply considerable effort, so that Lisa was standing aside of her rather than behind her. Susan thought to herself, "What in the world is wrong with her?????" She heard Lisa start talking incoherently - something about a covered walkway. It was almost as if she was talking to the cat!!

"Ah, I know!!" Susan thought. "She's hysterical!!"

Susan had read somewhere, she didn't remember where, about what to do with a hysterical woman. One was supposed to slap the woman hard across the cheek to bring them out of it. She had seen it done in countless movies - there's a poor, hysterical woman and then someone strikes her hard across the face with an open palm and the woman instantly snaps out of it. Susan decided she'd better do exactly that to help her poor neighbor out!

"Good heavens," Susan thought, as she heard Lisa talking about lobster now. There was no time to lose!!

Susan brought her arm back and prepared to deliver a hard slap to her friend's face. But Lisa was still standing aside of her so Susan didn't have the best angle to deliver her strike. At the last moment Susan acquired an alternate target and struck Lisa there.

"OUCH!!!" Lisa yelled, as Susan smacked her hard on her backside.

Lisa, completely forgetting about the cat, turned and stared in astonishment at her friend.

"sue," Lisa said in a small voice.

But Susan was fascinated and didn't even hear Lisa.

"Wow, that worked!" Susan thought, as Lisa's odd behavior had completely stopped. "Well I'll be darned - when I read that you were supposed to smack a hysterical woman on the cheek I just assumed it was the upper cheek! But the lower cheeks work, too!! That's really interesting!!"

"Sue," Lisa said, a little louder.

"But in movies they only ever strike the poor woman across the face. I wonder why?" Susan was deep in thought.

"Susan!!" Lisa raised her voice.

But Susan was in her own little world. "Maybe it just wouldn't come off right, seeing hysterical women getting smacked on their butts. It would make the movies more interesting though....."


"Huh, what?" Susan finally snapped out of her reverie.

Lisa was fixing Susan with a penetrating stare. "What'd you do that for?????"

"You were hysterical," Susan said simply.

"I was... I was... What do you mean, I was..." Lisa sputtered. But then she realized that, to an observer, she probably really DID look like she had become hysterical!!

Over the next few minutes, things settled down. Lisa's one cheek still stung from the hard impact of Susan's palm, but she understood why her friend had reacted the way she did. The two talked for a while, then they walked over to Lisa's house. The cat, watching the whole time, followed.

Lisa invited Susan inside to talk some more and to have a bite to eat. Lisa saw the cat walk up onto her porch, but didn't react. Strangely, Lisa had lost her fear of the animal - somehow Susan's smack had knocked it right out of her! Still, Lisa didn't want to let the cat into her house - there were, after all, limits! After Lisa and Susan went inside, Lisa closed the door.

A few minutes later, the door opened again. Lisa set a bowl of the premium cat food she had purchased earlier that week onto the porch. The cat was still sitting there. Although Lisa was no longer petrified of it, she didn't want to tempt fate! She thought it best to keep the creature happy.


That night Lisa couldn't sleep. She kept thinking over and over again about the slap on the rear she got from Susan. There was something about it that she just couldn't get out of her mind. Her thoughts started turning into strange fantasies of Susan giving her a spanking. At first, Lisa tried to push these fantasies out of her mind; she wasn't comfortable with them or with thinking about her friend in that way. But she couldn't help herself - the fantasies were getting her hot!! Soon her fingers travelled downward, seeking to satisfy her growing desires. Her breathing became heavy as her fingers found their target and started hungrily massaging it.

Then Lisa had an idea.

"Oh my GOD," she thought.

Her lust went right off the scale. She knew now exactly what to do to make her next session absolutely incredible. The thought of it drove her wild. Her fingers moved frantically, trying to keep pace with her sexual cravings, which were now completely out of control.

With a scream of pleasure, she came. Her head swirled; the orgasm was staggeringly powerful.

As the blinding pulses of delight dwindled, Lisa, completely exhausted now, fell sound asleep.


The very first thing Lisa thought about upon awakening was the idea she had had during the night. Her idea required just one change to her setup - rather than Lisa wearing the headband during her session, Susan would wear it!!

Despite the early hour, Lisa instantly grew hot thinking about it. Her friend Susan would control her session! Susan would masturbate with the headband on while Lisa was bound to her bench and helpless. Lisa would be spanked and vibed in accordance with how excited Susan was! And this would all happen without Susan even knowing it!

Lisa was urgently rubbing herself; she simply couldn't help it! The idea of being completely under Susan's control appealed to her at the most basic carnal level. She imagined Susan, in the privacy of her own bedroom, going to town on herself and having no idea of the effect her pleasure was having on her neighbor in the house next door!

Lisa knew she'd have to lie to Susan to get this all to work, but she had already figured out exactly what to tell her. She just hoped Susan went along with it!

Lisa wanted to put her plan into motion without delay. She waited until she knew Susan would be up and about, then called her and invited her to lunch. Susan was happy to accept.

Lisa deliberately left the sensor headband sitting right out in the open where it would be seen while they were eating. Lisa figured if by chance Susan didn't ask about it, she'd "accidently" knock it on the floor as she walked by it and would then start talking about it. That wasn't necessary though - Susan saw the odd-looking device almost immediately, giving Lisa the opportunity she wanted to discuss it.

Lisa explained to Susan that the headband was a new experimental device for enhancing a woman's sexual pleasure. Unlike with her friend Anne, it was not unusual for Lisa to talk to Susan about some rather steamy topics, so this discussion didn't feel out of place or particularly awkward. Lisa told Susan, who listened with rapt attention, that if the headband were worn while a woman masturbated, the device would cause the woman to have a more powerful orgasm. Lisa felt a little bad about lying to Susan, but she didn't feel she had any choice. She certainly couldn't tell her friend what her actual plans were!!

Lisa, her face a little red, told Susan she had tried it and it really worked. Lisa didn't have to fake being a little embarrassed - even for their conversations, this was pushing the limits.

Lisa continued talking about the headband a little while longer, and then mentally held her breath as she asked, "Hey, you're welcome to give it a try if you want!" Her whole plan depended on Susan's answer.

Lisa needn't have worried; Susan enthusiastically agreed to give the device a try!

Lisa then gave Susan an additional instruction. "You have to put it on 15 minutes prior to... well, you know... prior to starting. The thing is, it needs some time to analyze your brain patterns for maximum effectiveness. Once you've worn it for 15 minutes, then you can begin."

This was absolute nonsense of course. The reason Lisa was telling Susan to do this was to give her a 15 minute advanced warning of when Susan was going to masturbate. As soon as Susan put the headband on, Lisa's computer would start receiving signals. Lisa would set her computer up so it would sound an alarm when this happened. That would give Lisa 15 minutes to get herself bound and ready on her bondage table.

Lisa was a little worried about the fact that the headband would have no effect whatsoever on the intensity of Susan's orgasms, assuming she even had one. But Lisa hoped the placebo effect would work for her - she hoped that Susan would have a more pleasurable experience simply because that's what she expected would happen! But even if not, if Susan said the headband hadn't worked Lisa would just tell her it was still experimental and didn't work for everyone!

After they finished eating, the two women talked a while longer and then Susan left. After Susan was gone Lisa thought to herself "I really shouldn't have lied to her like that!" She felt pretty guilty - Susan was a close friend and trusted her, and now Lisa was going to use her without her knowledge. But Lisa's desires overwhelmed any counterarguments from her conscience.

Now all Lisa had to do was wait. She figured Susan would try the headband that very day. All she had to do was listen for the alarm signal from her computer. Then Lisa would have 15 minutes to get herself stripped and bound onto the table. Then what would follow, she hoped, would be the session of her life!


Susan had originally planned on trying her new toy out when she went to bed that night, but she changed her mind. She just couldn't wait - she wanted to feel the intense pleasure Lisa had promised her the device would provide! Thus Susan decided to put the headband to the test while it was still only late afternoon. Susan went upstairs to her bedroom, carrying the device.

As soon as she got to her bedroom, Susan closed the drapes and then put the headband on. It was easy - it went on exactly as Lisa had shown her. She got all the straps tightly connected, then looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled at her reflection - she looked ridiculous wearing the odd-looking device! She was getting excited though.

Susan remembered she had to wait 15 minutes before getting to work, so she sat on the edge of her bed and watched the clock. The time crept forward very slowly. She got impatient and stood up. Still wearing the headband, Susan went back downstairs. She went to the living room, closed the drapes so no one saw her with her strange headgear, then turned on the TV and tried to watch it. She soon turned it off again. Then she went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator. She went back upstairs to her bedroom and again looked at the clock. She sighed, frustrated that the 15 minute waiting period was taking so long! She set the bottle of water on the nightstand aside of her bed, then paced around the room a couple of times. After looking at the clock yet again, she went back downstairs. Susan tried watching TV a second time, but absolutely could not concentrate on it. She tried to eat up some time by going through the channels, then turned the TV off and went back upstairs.

Only a few minutes left! Susan decided it was time to undress; if she forced herself to remove her clothes slowly, she'd be able to kill some more time. She did exactly that.

It was almost time. She was really excited now, in more ways than one. She looked at herself again in the mirror. She laughed out loud, seeing herself stark naked wearing the silly headband.

Under a minute to go! She sat on the bed, then grabbed the bottle of water from the nightstand and looked at the label: "Northern Mountain Spring". She chuckled as she wondered what the difference between "Northern Mountain Spring" and "Southern Mountain Spring" was. She was in a very good mood!

She opened the bottle, took a few sips of water, then closed it again and set it back on the nightstand. It was time! She lay flat on her back, spread her legs, and moved her hand into position. She owned a vibrator but decided that for this "special" session she'd use her fingers. As she started gently rubbing her sensitive areas, she laughed silently to herself, thinking, "I wonder if they'll ever turn this into an Olympic event?" She was in a very good mood indeed!


It was only 4:45 PM when Lisa heard the alarm from her computer signifying that Susan had put the headband on. She smirked, thinking, "So she couldn't wait!" and then she rushed to the basement. She stripped, then quickly bound herself to the table, pressing the button which would start her session (after a 30 second delay) just before she snapped the handcuffs on. Then she waited.

As soon as the 30 seconds elapsed, Lisa felt a low vibration. This was to be expected; although Susan was supposed to wait for 15 minutes before masturbating, she would still be feeling somewhat excited in anticipation.

In a little while, Lisa got a smack from the leather paddle. Since the vibrations were so low at this point, she knew these smacks would come very slowly. She also knew that would all change when Susan started upon herself!

It was a long wait! It had only taken Lisa a few minutes to get herself bound to the table after the alarm had gone off - she'd be forced to lie there in anticipation until the full 15 minutes had elapsed. To make matters worse, the vibrator at this low of a setting was driving her a little crazy. She'd rather have stronger vibrations or none at all! She tried to lift herself away from the vibrator, but could not. That was a deliberate part of her design - she would be forced to receive whatever the vibrator and paddles wanted to give her. She could not escape the vibrator's teasing touch and would have to feel it for over 10 minutes.

Finally the wait was over. Almost immediately, Lisa felt the vibrations strengthen. Susan had apparently started! Lisa was completely under Susan's control.

The vibrations rapidly intensified; Lisa's bare bottom was receiving smacks from the paddles at an ever-increasing rate as well. Her friend was apparently really going at it in her bedroom next door!

Lisa was getting hot; she knew it wouldn't be long before she came. She also knew, however, that there'd be a price to pay if she came before Susan did. If that were to happen, her clit would continue getting strongly vibed after her orgasm had ended - that wouldn't feel very good! But she had been well aware of that risk when she decided to use Susan to control her session. It was a risk she had accepted; it was a risk, in fact, that made the whole thing that much more exciting! She didn't really want it to happen - she knew if it did she'd regret it when she felt the vibrations against her sensitized clit - but part of her almost wanted it to happen anyway!

The vibrations were very strong now, almost at their maximum level, and her bottom was really being punished. Lisa was in heaven; she was moaning and panting with pleasure.

Then Lisa came. Wave after wave of immense pleasure crashed down upon her. She yelled into her gag, and kept yelling as the orgasm continued. It was incredibly powerful - this was the mind-blowing experience she had hoped for! But the pleasure just didn't seem to want to turn off! With the powerful vibrations continuing to stimulate her and the stinging slaps peppering her bottom, her climax continued unabated. Every time she thought it was going to ease off, it just renewed itself! Sweat was pouring off Lisa's naked body. She started to fear the orgasm had become "stuck" and would continue until she lost her mind!

After what seemed like eons the pleasure finally started to wane. Lisa was relieved - even for pleasure, there were limits!!! Soon she became aware that her machine was slowing down as well - the vibrations were lessening and the smacks on her stinging bottom were falling less frequently. Apparently she had come at the same time as Susan! It couldn't have been more perfect!

Lisa thought to herself, "I'm glad I lied to Susan!! It was worth it to have an experience like this!!!" Lisa had every intention of continuing to lie to her friend so she could have more of these mind-boggling sessions in the future.

Lisa squirmed as the vibrations continued stimulating her. It was fortunate that the vibrator was at a lower setting now; it would have been very uncomfortable indeed if it was still buzzing away at its maximum level! Still... even at this lower level Lisa was really wishing she could pull away. She anxiously awaited for her session to end. This had been an amazing experience but it was time now for it to stop.

Then something unexpected happened. The vibrations started to pick up again. The vibrator's partner, the paddles, picked up their pace as well. "No!!!!" Lisa thought, frantically trying to lift herself up to escape the unwelcome stimulation impinging on her. But, exactly as she had designed, her machinery was calling the shots. It would do to her whatever it saw fit. She started yelling into her gag - not with pleasure this time. "What the fuck is that woman doing??" Lisa thought. As the machinery built back up to maximum level, Lisa was being punished both front and back. There was absolutely nothing she could do about it, nothing at all. She had to lie face-down - naked, bound, and helpless - and take it.

Then her machine started to ease off a little, but it soon picked right back up again. Before long, Lisa came for the second time. This wasn't like the first time however - this time the orgasm was practically forced out of her. It didn't last as long, either. It ended, most unfortunately for Lisa, while the machinery was maxed out. The feeling the powerful vibrations gave her at this point were simply indescribable.

This continued for what seemed like forever, with the paddles and the vibrator ravishing her mercilessly. Lisa came several more times. Then, at long last, both the vibrator and the paddles reduced down to near their minimum levels. Lisa breathed an immense sigh of relief. The woman had been both over-pleasured and severely punished. Her clit had had quite enough stimulation now, and her poor bottom stung and burned fiercely. Although the spanking hadn't been as bad as what she had received in the past when things had gone wrong, she had still been spanked quite thoroughly and would be feeling the effects for a good while.

Lisa looked at the clock. Then she looked again. It was only 5:30 PM. Incredibly, only 45 minutes had elapsed from the time when Susan first put the headband on! That meant Susan had been masturbating for only a half an hour! Lisa's session had seemed far longer than that!

As she waited for her system to reach the point where it would shut down and lower her key, Lisa started to get angry. She thought to herself, "As soon as I get off this table, I'm going to go upstairs and grab that old, heavy hairbrush I keep in the dresser. Then I'm going to march right over to Susan's house. When she answers the door I'm going to barge right in, grab a chair, then pull her over my lap and spank her hard for an hour!!!"

But then she started to calm down, realizing that Susan had no idea that her pleasure had caused such an ordeal for Lisa. How could she, since Lisa had lied to her? Lisa still fumed, however, thinking, "What is she, anyway, some kind of sex maniac???"

Lisa would be curious to hear Susan's account of her experience with the headband. But not today anymore! Even though the sun hadn't gone down yet Lisa decided she'd go to bed. She needed to recover from her session! She'd talk to Susan tomorrow.


Susan's incredible experience was finally coming to an end. She had never felt anything like that in her life! When she had first started masturbating a half an hour ago, her sexual desire climbed rapidly until she had a mind-blowing orgasm. Then, breathless, she felt her desire start to ease off - she assumed in a little while it would dissipate and she'd get up off the bed, remove the headband, shower, and dress. But she had been mistaken.

With no warning, her desires had started to climb again. Her hand automatically returned to her crotch, her fingers desperately trying to alleviate the intense lust which threatened to overwhelm her. She had come again... and again... and again. This had continued unabated for nearly half an hour. Her mind had been a haze of pleasure, with her body a slave to it. She wouldn't have been able to stop masturbating even if her life had depended on it! Her sexual appetite had been that powerful - all she could do was try to satisfy it as best she could.

Now, though, she was finally regaining control of herself. "WOW!!!!!!" she thought. "Lisa wasn't kidding - this headband is utterly amazing!!! They should put a warning label on it!!!"

Susan smiled and shook her head in wonderment. She'd have to tell Lisa her device worked - worked very, very well!!!! She wondered if she could get a headband to keep for herself! But only for special occasions - it had been far too powerful an experience to have routinely!

Susan sat up on the bed and prepared to remove the headband. She thought to herself, "I'll sleep like a baby tonight! Wow!!"


A car was driving down Cherry Street with the driver, a man, listening to the radio. He was a little annoyed that the song he had been enjoying had been interrupted. Nevertheless he listened to the special news bulletin. As it proceeded, his attention was focused more and more on what he was hearing. His vehicle was going by Lisa's house when the announcer was saying, "...believed to be a prank."

Farther down Cherry Street, as the news bulletin continued, the distracted driver nearly hit a parked car. Fortunately he swerved away just in time.


While the driver on Cherry Street was narrowly avoiding a collision, a woman driving home from the store was listening intently to her radio. She was trying to digest the news bulletin she had just heard. As she drove along, she made a decision.

The woman made a U-turn and headed back to the store. She was hoping to make another purchase before the store heard the news.


All across town, people were listening to the news bulletin with great interest. Their reactions varied. Some people frowned, wondering if they had heard correctly. The faces of others registered astonishment. A few, such as store owners, jumped into action and issued frantic orders: "Get it off the shelves!!" Some others simply giggled.

According to the news, someone had spiked a certain brand of bottled drinking water - Northern Mountain Spring - with a powerful experimental female aphrodisiac. The substance had no effect on males. But on females the effect was... considerable. Any female who drank the altered water would quickly find themselves in the throes of uncontrollable sexual desire.

There were numerous incidents of unknowing women drinking some of the water and then having to quickly - very quickly - rush to a private place to get their rocks off. Fortunately the powerful aphrodisiac had no ill effects on anyone. However, there were a few cases where imbibing some of the refreshing liquid created rather memorable scenes. For example, there was one young woman who, at her 21st birthday party, had a bottle of Northern Mountain Spring sitting aside of her as she talked to her four remaining guests, the other guests all having left by that time. Not by coincidence, the four remaining guests - three men and one woman - were all rather fond of the birthday girl. The feeling was not mutual, however - the young woman had no interest whatsoever in any of her four admirers. She couldn't resist having a bit of fun with them - making some off-color comments to get them excited and even going so far as to open her legs now and then to give them a peek at her panties under her short skirt. This was a little cruel of her, perhaps, but she was enjoying herself. Then she went even further. Someone had gotten her a pair of metal handcuffs as a gag gift. She locked one cuff onto her ankle, the other cuff onto the leg of the heavy chair she was sitting on, and then tossed the key across the room, saying, "There. Now I can't get away!" She smirked to herself as she saw the lustful expressions on her guests' faces. But, as fate would have it, the young lady chose that moment to take a couple of sips of water. Soon afterward, she frantically tried to get off the chair and run to her bedroom. But with her leg cuffed, she couldn't get away. Her four guests watched with absolute astonishment as the young woman began to masturbate furiously right in front of them! She at least tried to keep her panties up and masturbate through them at first, but that didn't last. Soon she yanked them off, needing full access to the area so desperately calling for her attention. The show lasted quite a while, with the woman having orgasm after orgasm. It was by far the most powerful display of raw sexuality that any of the guests had ever seen - or had even conceived of. The next day, the young lady received four marriage proposals.


Susan, naturally, had no idea that her incredible experience had been due to the sips of water she had taken just before she started. Since Lisa had told her the headband would intensify her sexual experience, she had assumed that was the cause.

But now that the powerful aphrodisiac was wearing off, it was time for her to remove the headband. She was still a little hot, just hot enough so that her neighbor was still feeling mild vibrations against her abused clit and getting occasional smacks on her tender bottom. As soon as Susan removed the headband, though, there would be no further transmissions from it to Lisa's computer, and Lisa's session would end.

Still naked and sitting on her bed, Susan reached up to start undoing the straps. Then she spotted the bottle of water on her nightstand. She was a little thirsty, not at all surprising considering what she had just been through. Her bed, in fact, was soaked with sweat. She reached over and grabbed the bottle, then opened it and took a sip. Ahhhhhh..... quite refreshing. She started to put the bottle back on the nightstand, but then brought it back up to her lips instead. The cool water had really hit the spot! Susan guzzled down the entire bottle.


The two woman, linked together in such a strange manner, the lust of the one so dramatically affecting the other, had quite an experience ahead of them. If Susan thought the experience she had just had was incredible, she was in for the shock of her life. It was nothing compared to what was now coming. Her desires were to reach impossible levels... and then keep right on going. She was, for all intents and purposes, trapped on her bed, bound there by lust far, far too powerful for her to oppose. Her fingers were to get quite a workout!

Nearby, Lisa, bound not by desire but by more tangible means, was just realizing that her session was not, as she had hoped and expected, going to end just yet. She moaned as the vibrations increased and her bottom was spanked. It was useless for her to struggle, but she did so regardless. All she could do was hope - really, really hope - that Susan would finish quickly so she'd be released! It was about an hour before sundown. Lisa didn't know, and would definitely not have been very happy if she did, that Susan would be going at it full force until the next morning's sunrise.


In a soundproofed basement room, Marcie was bound face-up and naked on a bed, her arms and legs spread wide. Although she was bound so tightly she could barely move at all, she was comfortable. She was also looking forward to the experience she was about to have.

There were numerous vibrators and dildos there. The woman standing near her was going to use them on Marcie for many hours. Marcie would have uncountable orgasms - quite powerful ones - during that time.

Marcie was glad the woman was no longer angry with her. She had really taken exception to what Marcie had done - adding the powerful aphrodisiac to bottled water being sold to the public. She had yelled at Marcie, telling her that what she had done was stupid and even dangerous, then wouldn't talk to her for days. But now things were finally settled and she was going to give Marcie the experience of her life.

The woman held the bottle of Northern Mountain Spring water to Marcie's lips. "Now drink it down quickly," she said, "then I'll give you what you need." The woman was holding Marcie's favorite vibrator in her other hand.

Marcie knew the bottle was one that she herself had altered. She had only tried small amounts of the aphrodisiac before. Now she was going to have a much larger dose. She was almost fearful of the intensity of the experience that awaited her, but it was something she really wanted.

The woman carefully poured the water into Marcie's mouth, ready to pull it away if Marcie couldn't drink it down fast enough. But Marcie easily gulped the entire bottle down.

The woman quickly positioned herself at the foot of the bed, turned the vibrator on, and held it near Marcie's pussy, which was quite wet already. Soon Marcie started to feel the aphrodisiac's effects. She looked longingly at the vibrator. The woman wasn't quite ready though - she wanted to make sure Marcie was feeling the full effects of the substance before she acted.

Soon Marcie was clearly completely under the influence of the powerful compound. She started to moan loudly and struggle hard. She needed relief and needed it right away!! She looked at the woman, insane lust and wild desperation in her eyes. The woman, rather than pushing the vibrator against her pussy and giving her blessed relief, came around the bed and whispered in Marcie's ear.

"You've been a very bad girl, and now you're going to be punished."

As these words registered through Marcie's sex-crazed mind, the woman walked to the door and opened it. Marcie, starting to understand, begged and pleaded for all she was worth. In the position she was in, Marcie could do nothing to relieve the horrendous sexual desires which had completely taken her over. Only the woman could give her relief.

"I'll release you tomorrow when it's worn off. Have a good night!"

The woman left the room and closed the door on Marcie's desperate screams.


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