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Traffic 2: Susan and the Cat

by Miss Fortune

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© Copyright 2015 - Miss Fortune - Used by permission

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story continues from part one

Traffic 2: Susan and the Cat

Lisa was finally ready to try again.

It had taken quite a while, and many bags of soothing ice, for her bottom to return to normal. Now, though, all the redness and discomfort was completely gone.

Although she had lost her interest in spanking right after her mishap, as she slowly recovered, her desires came right back again. She liked to be spanked. She needed to be spanked. Only within reason, however... she wanted her cheeks to be nicely warmed, NOT thoroughly roasted.

The one thing her recent experience had taught her was to be extra careful with her self-bondage setups. And careful she was... perhaps to the point of absurdity. But she wanted to be absolutely certain she didn't have a repeat of her unpleasantness with the traffic counters!

She made a final inspection of her setup. A lot of it was exactly the same as before: a padded table raised in the center, cuffs to hold her wrists and ankles as she lay stretched out face-down, a waist strap to hold her bottom in place, and a key drop mechanism to release her when her session was over.

There were differences, though, between her current setup and her previous one. One very noticeable difference was that there were now TWO mechanical arms to deliver her spanking. The one was the same as before, having a leather paddle attached. The second arm, the arm she had recently added, was connected to a small wooden paddle. Just like the leather paddle, the wooden paddle would strike at random locations on her upturned bottom. It would be used with much less frequency than the leather one - when her system decided it was time to give her a smack, only 10% of the time would it be with the wooden paddle. She had added the wooden paddle to provide her with some extra excitement for her session - surprising, maybe, considering what she had been through not so long ago. Yet her urges had returned full force and, provided she was careful, the wooden paddle would add just a little pleasant spice.

The leather paddle was set up exactly as she had it before... to deliver a moderately hard slap - one which stung, but didn't get carried away. She had the wooden paddle set to strike harder. When it was activated it would give her a healthy smack - one which would definitely be more noticeable than the leather paddle. This was the reason she had set it to be used only 10% of the time.

She would not be able to predict when she'd get the harder swats from the wooden paddle. It would be completely at random - each time the system decided to give her a swat it would roll some internal "dice" to decide which of the paddles to deploy. She had (very carefully!) weighted those "dice" so nine times out of ten they'd choose the leather paddle over the wooden one.

Her new setup did not use traffic counters. She would never, ever, ever use a traffic counter with a self-bondage setup again! Instead, her session would be controlled by melting ice.

In her basement she had placed a large, hard plastic trashcan on a stand. She located this directly above a floor drain. She placed this in the "regular" portion of the basement rather than in the room she used for her sessions. This was because her self-bondage "play room" - a small, windowless room accessible by a single door - was already pretty crowded with her equipment. Plus there were no floor drains in her bondage room.

She drilled a hole through the bottom of the trashcan and right through the stand on which it rested. She positioned a small water wheel, a smaller version of the type of wheel used by a watermill, under these holes. This wheel was connected to the computer she had in her bondage room. Her idea was simple - she would put ice in the trashcan. As the ice melted, it would run out through the hole and onto the wheel, turning it. After it had turned a predetermined amount, the computer would give her a swat.

The severity of her session was controlled by the amount of ice she placed in the trashcan and by the "sensitivity" setting of the wheel. The more ice she put in the trashcan, the longer the session would last and the more water would flow onto the wheel. The wheel sensitivity setting would determine how far the wheel needed to turn before a swat would be triggered - for example, she could set it up so that a swat would occur for every two rotations of the wheel.

Since she was using a large trashcan she could easily have a session which would last many hours. All she'd have to do is load it with a lot of ice and make sure her wheel sensitivity was set so that the wheel needed to turn a fair number of times for each swat. She thought maybe she'd do that sometime - have, say, a six hour session where she'd receive a smack on her bottom every few minutes. But not today. Today she wanted a session which would last around a half an hour. With the amount of ice she would put into the trashcan and the setting she used for the water wheel, she would get a spanking in the mild to moderate range. Her cheeks would certainly be pink and warm by the time she was done, but that would be the extent of it.

She was almost ready to start. She was wet with anticipation. But not yet - she would first double check all her safety mechanisms. She wanted to be absolutely certain there were no "mishaps" this time!

First, the trashcan. She had a lid fitted tightly over it just to ensure that no additional water could somehow find its way inside. Overkill, maybe, but she had learned the hard way to be extra cautious. She wasn't going to take any chances of some freak occurrence - she visualized a broken water pipe where the water just happened to pour down right into the trashcan. Or perhaps a strong rainstorm would come along, leak through the roof, and end up in the trashcan! Nope - even if something like that happened, she'd be fine.

She looked at the wire running from the water wheel, along the floor, and under the door to her bondage room. She was originally going to use a wireless transmitter to send the signal from the wheel to the computer, but changed her mind. She didn't want some stray external transmissions from another system influencing her setup! She winced as she imagined some nearby Super Mario Brothers game telling her system to spank her every time a player pressed one of the buttons on the controller!

She walked into her playroom and looked at the computer screen. The number '120' was displayed. That was her final, ultimate failsafe. She had programmed her system so that if the number of smacks shown on the screen were delivered, her system would immediately shut down and lower her key. She had tested this safeguard very carefully. No matter what else happened, no matter what else went wrong, this would prevent her setup from going berserk and punishing her like it had done before... punishing her like she was the naughtiest woman on Earth!

She knew the value '120' was a little high, but she didn't want to make it so low as to spoil her experience. There had to be some risk for her to get the maximum enjoyment out of her session. She estimated her session would last around a half an hour (plus a 30 minute "waiting" period), and that she'd get around 2 smacks per minute during that time. That meant she should get around 60 total smacks during the half hour, 6 of which would be harder ones from the wooden paddle. That would leave her bottom deep pink and nicely warm. It would sting, but that's what she wanted. Some stinging was fine... what she didn't want was to have her bottom feeling like a raging inferno!!

But this was really only a guess based on tests she ran with smaller amounts of ice in the trashcan. She didn't know for sure exactly how much of a spanking she'd get with the larger amount of ice she was going to use today. But even if she completely blew her estimate and got double what she had planned, that would be the absolute limit - 120 smacks, about 12 with the wooden paddle. She'd have a red, sore bottom if that happened, but it still wouldn't be too awfully bad. That was a reasonable risk - a risk she was willing to take.

Yes, she told herself, she had everything covered. She looked over at the vibrator she had sitting on a table. She'd use that as soon as she freed herself after her session. She imagined how it would feel with her bare bottom stinging and her legs spread wide. Her breathing quickened and her hand shot down between her legs. It was time for her to begin!

Quickly she went to her freezer and pulled out the small bag of ice she had prepared in advance. She opened the trashcan, poured the ice in, then carefully closed it again. She went into her bondage room and closed the door. She stripped naked and put leather cuffs onto her wrists and ankles. Her heart was racing; she needed this badly! Then she climbed onto the table and locked the ankle cuffs to the chain at the table's far end. She double checked her timer to be sure it was set to 30 minutes. The timer controlled her waiting period, not her session length. Her session would end automatically when the water wheel in the next room stopped turning for a period of 15 seconds. That would indicate that all the ice had melted, and that's when her key would drop.

Satisfied with the timer's setting, she put a ball gag into her mouth and fastened it in place. As before, she needed this to ensure that she was truly helpless once her session started and could not simply yell loudly to possibly get help from some passerby. She had decided not to use noise-cancelling headphones this time, however. Since she wouldn't be able to see or hear the dripping water from the melting ice in the next room, they weren't necessary.

She stretched out face-down on the table and tightly fastened the waist strap which was attached to it. This would keep her from moving her bottom out of the path of the paddles no matter how much she might want to! Breathing heavily, she felt like she was ready to come even though she wasn't even touching herself!! She turned the timer on and saw it start to count down from 30 minutes. Finally, she stretched her arms out and, wrists together, locked the cuffs to the chain fastened to the head of the table.

That was it! Now, after her half hour waiting period was up, she'd get a spanking and there wasn't a thing she could do about it! Her bottom was raised invitingly by the hump at the center of the table. In the not too distant future it would be feeling smacks from the paddles positioned above it. Lisa wanted to fondle herself - her sexual tensions had built up to indescribable levels. She'd have to wait, though, for nearly half an hour before anything happened. That was an exquisite "torture" she had deliberately included, so her desires would run wild without her being able to get any relief!

Lisa relaxed on the table, as much as she could, and waited.


Susan, Lisa's friend and neighbor, walked up to the door of Lisa's house. She was glad things seemed to be returning to normal; her friend had been acting a little odd recently.

Susan remembered the strange call she got from Lisa late at night several weeks ago. Lisa had asked her to please pick up several bags of ice at the store and to put them on her porch. Susan, dumbfounded, agreed. Even though it was late, she ran to the store, got three large bags of ice, and then put them on Lisa's porch as requested. She had rung the doorbell, but Lisa hadn't answered.

The requests for ice had been repeated every few days for a couple of weeks. Each time she dropped the ice off Susan rang the bell and waited, but Lisa never answered the door. Finally, Susan had decided she was going to visit her friend and find out what was going on, whether Lisa wanted to see her or not! Susan called her and insisted that Lisa see her. Lisa argued at first, but then reluctantly agreed. Susan had then immediately gone to her neighbor's house and rung the doorbell. Lisa opened the door and let her in.

It had been a strange visit. Lisa acted oddly; she walked funny and never sat down the whole time Susan was there! Susan wanted to sit and talk with her, but Lisa had seemed preoccupied with something. Susan came right out and asked her to sit down, but Lisa told her her back was sore and that she was more comfortable standing up. Susan was sure there was more to it than that.

At one point during her visit Susan had asked her if she had a cat. Lisa had just looked at her blankly, however, when she asked. When Susan clarified her reason for asking, telling Lisa she had heard odd "slapping" sounds and something that sounded like a cat coming from her basement back when all the traffic was being routed by their homes, Lisa's face turned red as a beet. Lisa had then immediately changed the subject. Susan couldn't imagine why her query would cause Lisa to become embarrassed, but she didn't pursue that line of questioning any further.

Susan would have been surprised if Lisa had a pet cat anyway. There was a cat that roamed around the neighborhood that Susan often fed. Lisa's reaction, on the other hand, was simply to chase it off her property. In fact, one time Lisa actually aimed her garden hose at the poor thing... she hit it right on its butt! Susan had actually been pretty angry about that - she thought her friend had gone too far. In any case, Lisa just didn't seem to be a "cat person."

Gradually, though, over the next few weeks, Lisa's strange behavior had seemed to wane. She had invited Susan over several times, and the visits were pretty normal. Lisa apologized to Susan for her strange behavior, yet didn't really explain it. Susan noted that Lisa still acted a little odd when she sat down, like she was being extra careful or something. Susan didn't ask Lisa about it, however.

Today Susan was bringing several large bags of ice over to Lisa's house. During her last visit, Susan had asked Lisa if she needed more ice. The question seemed to have surprised Lisa, which Susan didn't understand. Susan was simply being polite - she had been bringing ice over to Lisa on a regular basis, but then Lisa stopped asking for it. Susan was just checking to see if perhaps she wanted some more.

Lisa, after a short pause, had thanked Susan and told her she'd appreciate some more ice but that Susan should wait for two weeks to get it, as she still had some left over.

That was two weeks ago. Susan had just picked up several large bags of ice at the store and was at Lisa's home to deliver them. Susan rang the bell several times, but Lisa didn't answer. Although she had left the ice on Lisa's porch in the past, Susan really didn't want to do that. If Lisa was out somewhere, it might melt by the time she got back. On a whim, she tried the door. It wasn't locked. Susan hesitated then - although she had been in her friend's house many times, she had never just gone in uninvited. Susan was sure Lisa wouldn't mind if she just put the ice in her freezer, though.

Susan entered the house and called Lisa's name; since the door was unlocked, she thought Lisa might be home but just hadn't heard the bell. There was no answer. Shrugging, Susan proceeded to take the first bag of ice down to the basement. She called Lisa's name again, but there was still no response. On her way to the freezer Susan saw a large plastic trashcan sitting on some kind of stand. She didn't pay much attention to it; she just proceeded to put the ice in the freezer. Then she went back to her car for the next bag - they were too heavy to carry all at once.

On her way back into Lisa's house, the cat that she often fed shot past her and went right inside! Susan called to it; she knew Lisa wouldn't want the cat in her house, as this was the cat that Lisa had frequently chased away. Susan decided to finish putting the ice in the freezer, then she'd get the cat and take it back outside.

After several more trips to her car, Susan put the last bag of ice in the freezer. She was ready to find the cat and then leave. Before doing that, however, she took another look at the trashcan that was sitting there. Susan walked over to it and examined it more closely. She frowned in puzzlement. It was sitting on a stand directly over a drain with a little water wheel underneath it. "What in the world?" Susan thought. She couldn't imagine what Lisa was doing with it.

Then Susan saw a wire running from the little water wheel to a closed door. The wire ran right under the door. Susan walked over to the door and paused. She didn't want to be overly nosy, but she was really curious. She started to open the door...


After lying there for only a couple of minutes, Lisa heard Susan calling her name. Lisa froze - why was Susan in her house?!? What if Susan found her like this, bound naked on a table with a couple of paddles ready to spank her?!? She'd be humiliated beyond belief! Lisa stayed very quiet; obviously she wasn't going to answer Susan!

Lisa heard footsteps coming down the basement stairs. Her heart raced. There was absolutely nothing she could do! The only thing keeping her from the most embarrassing thing she could possibly imagine was a single wooden door. The door didn't have a lock - the last thing Lisa would have expected was for someone else to come into her house! If Susan would happen to open that door...

Lisa stayed very still, not wanting to make even the smallest of sounds.

She heard Susan walking across the basement. "Please don't open the door. Please, please, please!" she thought to herself over and over again. She still couldn't imagine why Susan would be in her house! Then Lisa heard the sounds of her freezer being opened and something sliding onto a shelf. That triggered her memory - today was the day Susan said she'd bring the bags of ice over! Lisa has forgotten all about that! Apparently Susan was loading the ice into the freezer for her. A little presumptuous, maybe, but not a problem. Not as long as she left after she was done. Not as long as she didn't open the door!!!!!

Lisa listened nervously as Susan made several more trips to her basement and put more ice in her freezer. She looked over at the timer. There were still over 15 minutes remaining. Her spanking machine wouldn't activate until that time had elapsed - even though the ice in the trashcan was by now starting to melt and to run onto the water wheel, the system would ignore it until her session actually started. But if Susan was still in her house 15 minutes from now? Then Lisa was toast - Susan would almost certainly investigate the strange noises the paddles would make!

"Please, Susan, please leave!!" she thought. But then the unthinkable started to happen. She heard footsteps approach. Then she heard the sound she had been dreading. It was the sound of the door to her bondage room opening.


Susan had started to open the door to see where the wire from the water wheel went. She had only cracked it open, however, when she hesitated. She was really curious about the trashcan with the water wheel, thinking it might even relate to her friend's odd behavior. But then she decided that going into closed rooms in her friend's house was simply going a little too far. Susan walked away from the door and headed back over to the trashcan to take one final look at it. Susan, deciding one quick peek couldn't hurt, opened the trashcan and looked inside. She saw some ice at the bottom.

Susan stood there pondering a little while, trying to figure out what Lisa was up to. She guessed that the ice might have something to do with food preparation, but she couldn't come up with any theories at all to explain the water wheel and the attached wire.

Susan decided she'd do Lisa a favor and save her a little work. It was clear to Susan that Lisa wanted the ice she had asked for to be loaded into the trashcan - after all, the ice that Lisa had apparently put into the trashcan was now almost gone, there being only a little bit at the bottom. Susan proceeded to take the bags of ice out of the freezer and, one by one, emptied them into the trashcan. When she was finished there was quite a bit of ice inside. Susan put the lid back on, then went up the stairs to search for the cat.


Lisa was very, very relieved when the door didn't open. Susan must have changed her mind. "That was close!!!!" she thought.

But then Lisa heard the sound of her freezer being opened again and something being dragged along the shelf. "Now what's she doing???" Lisa wondered.

In utter disbelief, Lisa then heard the sound of ice being poured into the trashcan! She knew what the sound was right away, as she had just poured some ice into it herself. In shock, she heard the sounds of additional bags of ice being poured in as well. She couldn't see how much ice it was, but it sounded like it was a LOT.

Lisa looked over at her computer screen. The number '120' was displayed. Lisa was extremely glad she had added that final failsafe. If she hadn't, she'd have no choice now but to call to Susan - even gagged, she'd easily be able to make enough noise for Susan to hear her when she was in the basement. She would have had to endure unimaginable humiliation, but it would have been her only option. The alternative would have been an incredibly long spanking - maybe even worse than the one she had endured with her traffic counter disaster!

Well, she knew her final failsafe worked; she had thoroughly tested it. Although she'd be getting a harder spanking now than she had really wanted - 120 smacks instead of her estimated 60 - it certainly wasn't enough to justify her calling out to Susan and having her friend see her like this! No... Lisa certainly wasn't going to do that! She'd take her spanking and just be a little sorer than she had intended. Not a problem.

She heard Susan going back up the steps then. That was a relief; with the door still cracked open Lisa was understandably concerned that Susan might still come into the room!

A short time later, she heard the door start to open again. Lisa froze shock still... she was caught!!!!! But no one came into the room.

Lisa, her face bright red with embarrassment, just lay there, wondering what was going on. Then she saw a cat walk across the room.

Lisa did a double take. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. "How???" was all she thought. It was that blasted cat that used to always come onto her property. At least it had until she hit it on its rear with her garden hose. She recalled the incident. For the umpteenth time the stupid cat was walking across her lawn. Just by chance, Lisa had been watering at the time. With a smirk on her face, Lisa aimed the hose at the animal. Her aim was perfect - right on its ass!! The cat jumped several feet into the air and hissed loudly. Lisa just smiled and thought, "There, that'll teach it!" The cat hadn't come back onto her property since that time. Until now, that is.

The cat stared at her intently. "Oh shit," Lisa thought. She was sure the cat remembered her - remembered that she had fired water at it. What if the cat was angry at her? What if it decided to jump up on the table and scratch her? Lisa was quite vulnerable at the moment.

Fortunately, the cat did not appear to be holding a grudge. It just walked around and looked at things. Lisa glanced over at the timer - still 12 minutes remaining before her session started. She looked back at the cat.

The cat jumped up onto the desk her computer was sitting on. Then it started batting at her mouse. Lisa rolled her eyes. "Stupid cat," she thought. "Can't tell a computer mouse from a real one!"

The cat seemed fascinated by the device, batting it back and forth. Lisa shook her head, then glanced over at the screen. The number '120' was displayed, flashing.


"FLASHING!?!" Lisa thought, realizing what that meant. The number on the screen flashed when the system was in setup mode. The stupid cat had somehow gotten the system in the mode where the value for the failsafe could be entered.

Then Lisa relaxed. She knew the system would automatically exit setup mode in about half a minute. She had nothing to worry about - the setting for the upper limit of smacks she could receive would remain at '120'. After all, the cat wasn't likely to enter a new value! She smiled at the thought.

She looked away from the view screen and back toward the cat. The cat was staring right at her. "Yeah, up yours, too," she thought. "The next time I see you on my property you can expect another wet backside."

The cat continued staring at her. It was making her a little nervous. Then it gave a little meow; it actually sounded happy.

"Oh goody," Lisa thought. "That idiot cat's just going to sit there and watch me get spanked. That'll probably make it happy."

The cat stood up. It looked like it was about to jump down off the table.

"Yeah, just piss off," Lisa thought. "Go bother someone else." Lisa was strangely relieved that the cat was leaving. She somehow didn't like the idea of it sitting there watching her get spanked.

But the cat didn't jump down. Instead, still staring right at Lisa, it sat on the keyboard. It immediately got up again. Then it just stood there, continuing to stare at her.

"What the fuck is that moron cat doing?" Lisa wondered, wishing it would leave.

She looked over at the timer - only 10 minutes left before her session starts.

She looked over at the computer screen.

The number '879605978' was displayed.

Lisa blinked.


She was having trouble comprehending what she was seeing.

Then it hit her. Her eyes widened. When the cat sat on the keyboard with the system in setup mode, it had entered a new upper limit for the number of smacks she could get! It had essentially disabled her final failsafe. She'd be spanked until all of the ice that Susan had poured into the trashcan melted!

Lisa tried yelling through her gag. She had no choice now - she had to get Susan's attention, despite the embarrassment. Otherwise her bare bottom would be spanked for hours!

The cat jumped up onto the table on which she lay. Lisa became silent, watching it apprehensively. The cat walked right up to her face, staring into her eyes. Then it meowed loudly. Lisa could have sworn it had a smirk on its face!! Then it jumped off the table onto the floor. She heard it purring contentedly as it left the room.


When Susan didn't see the cat upstairs she went outside just in case it had somehow gotten out without her realizing it. She looked around a while but didn't see it. She then decided to go back into the house to look for it. She wanted to get it out of Lisa's house before she returned!

Just as Susan opened the door, the cat darted out of the house. "There you are, sweetie!" Susan said to it. The cat, purring merrily, trotted off.

There was a noisy delivery truck idling in front of the house right across the street. Susan remained at Lisa's door for a few moments, mentally making sure she hadn't forgotten anything. Then she walked back to her own house.


Lisa, having failed to attract Susan's attention, tried desperately to get out of her bonds. She failed completely. One of the whole points of her setup was to make sure she was helpless and that she couldn't get away even if she wanted to. That part of her setup was working perfectly.

As the timer counted down she thought about what had happened the last time. She had gotten about the worst spanking imaginable. For days she had been unable to wear anything below her waist - her bottom was that extremely tender. The feeling of intense, blistering heat and stinging stayed with her for many days. She kept applying ice to it to try to soothe it as much as possible. It helped a little, but she was still quite uncomfortable!

Her sleeping position was the same night after night - she had to lie on her stomach.

Even after she was finally able to put something on, she still couldn't sit down. There was another long waiting period before that capability returned to her. And when she was finally able to sit, it was only on the softest pillows she could find.

She couldn't believe the situation she was in. Some "what ifs" started going through her mind. What if she had not used such effective wrist and ankle cuffs? What if she hadn't used a gag? What if she hadn't fastened the waist belt quite so tightly?

But none of these were the case. She had made very sure that she couldn't possibly get away. Try as she might, there was no way she was getting her arms or legs free. She couldn't call for help. She couldn't move her bottom out of the path of the punishing paddles.

She was soon going to get the spanking of her life... again! This time she wasn't simply going to be spanked with the leather paddle, though. No... that hadn't been good enough! Now she was going to feel the unyielding surface of a wooden paddle as well - over and over and over again.

With the amount of ice she speculated was in the trashcan, the flow of water onto the wheel would be rapid. That meant she was going to be paddled at quite a healthy clip. She had the uneasy feeling, too, that her upcoming spanking was going to last longer even than her unfortunate session with the traffic counters. She'd be spanked for hours!

Finally the timer reached zero and her session began. Apparently the ice had already started melting, because she immediately started receiving slaps on her bare bottom. She got eight in a row from the leather paddle. Then she got a smack from the wooden paddle - it really stung! Her face registered a look of shock and dismay as she realized she was going to get many, many hard smacks just like that last one!

That last swat had made very clear what she was in for. She began struggling with renewed effort, frantically trying yet again to pull her wrists through the cuffs and to shift her bottom out of the way so at least some of the incoming swats would miss.

But her spanking machine was not going to allow her to shortchange it. It held the naked woman firmly over its lap, her reddening bottom locked in a perfect position for its paddles. It rained hard smacks down onto her soft checks, soundly punishing them. The sound of slaps from the leather paddle filled the room, intermixed with less frequent, but louder, cracks from the wooden paddle. The machine planned to continue in this manner for quite a long while.


An hour later, Susan came back to Lisa's house. She wanted to check on her neighbor to make sure everything was alright. She was still puzzled by some of the things she had seen; she also wondered where Lisa had been when she had stopped over with the ice. As she approached the door she heard some familiar sounds. They sounded very similar to what she had heard when their street was flooded with traffic recently. In fact, since it was quieter now (the noisy delivery truck having left) she could hear the sounds more clearly. It wasn't quite the same as before... there were the same rapid slapping sounds, but now there were also some crisper, louder sounds mixed in. As before, she thought it had to be some kind of machinery, but she couldn't imagine what.

As before, she also heard the "animal" sounds - again they reminded her of a cat... a very, very unhappy cat. She decided to investigate. In fact, a thought occurred to her - could those sounds be from the cat that visited her that she often fed? Yes, she'd better check and see what was up. If it was "her" cat that was making those sounds, then something was wrong. She tried the doorbell a couple of times, then put her hand on the doorknob, hoping the door was still unlocked.

Just then the cat trotted up to her. "Well, hiya darling!!" she said. The cat rubbed against her leg and purred. She stroked its soft fur.

Susan had been all ready to go into Lisa's house, but now she hesitated. She thought back to the reaction she got from Lisa when she mentioned about the slapping sounds and the cat. It was something her friend clearly didn't want to talk about. That being the case, she had no right to interfere. She looked down at the cat which was still rubbing against her and purring happily.

"How about a little snack?" she asked it.

The cat continued purring.

"Come on, sweetie!"

Susan and the cat walked away.

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