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Storycodes: Sbf; machine; naked; basement; cuffs; gag; belt; spanking; bdsm; torment; cons; XX

Lisa admired her machine. It consisted of a padded table and a motor with a single mechanical arm. The table had two heavy eye bolts attached - one in the front and one in the back, centered widthwise. Each of these had a short piece of heavy chain running through it - these were for attaching leather wrist and ankle cuffs. The center of the table was elevated, so when she lay on it her bottom was raised up. There was a heavy leather waist strap built into this raised portion. When she was bound to the table it was impossible for her to get free on her own. She would only be released after a timer, which she set beforehand, completed its countdown and lowered the keys she needed to unlock the wrist and ankle cuffs.

The motor's arm had a small leather paddle attached. Through an impressive feat of engineering, the motor was designed to strike at random locations near the center of the table, which, when she was bound to it, was right where her butt was positioned. The motor was set to have the leather paddle deliver healthy slaps - hard enough to sting, but without going overboard. The timing of the slaps - how quickly they were delivered - was adjustable.

She had used the machine twice so far. She had been cautious in its use, not wanting to give herself more of an "experience" than she desired! Both times it was used, she set the timer to release her after only a few minutes had elapsed. Also, she had set the machine to deliver its slaps slowly - at a rate of only one smack every 10 seconds.

Today she was all ready to go to a new level. She was hot with anticipation about her upcoming session.

A few days ago, as part of a traffic study, some traffic counters were installed on the road which ran by her house. There was a separate counter for each lane. By accident she discovered that each time a vehicle passed, going either direction, it made a small beeping sound on her computer speakers. That gave her an idea.

The road she resided on, Cherry Street, was sparsely traveled. Her idea was to intercept the signal from the traffic counters and route it through her spanking machine, so that each time a vehicle passed she'd get a swat! Just thinking about it got her excited. Her fingers wandered to her crotch, but then then she stopped herself - she wanted to stay fully wound up for her session!

After counting how much traffic went by at different times of the day, Lisa finalized her plan. She'd bind herself to the table at 2:00 in the afternoon. She'd set the timer to hold herself there for four hours. Then she'd have to lay there, helpless, while every now and then she'd get a stinging swat on her bottom. To prevent her from hearing any traffic (even though her setup was in a separate, windowless room in the basement, she could still hear louder vehicles), she'd wear insulated, noise-canceling headphones connected to a white noise generator set at a low volume. That way she would not be able to anticipate when a swat was coming - each one would be a surprise!
Based on her traffic observations she'd get very few swats between 2:00 and 5:00. For the last hour, though, traffic picked up somewhat. Thus, from 5:00 to 6:00, she'd get a fair number of smacks - enough to give her a good spanking, but not anything excessive. She wanted her bottom to be good and warm by the end of her session, but she didn't want to get carried away!

She went through it in her mind again - three hours of buildup, with occasional swats reminding her that she'd be getting a more significant spanking during the last hour. She again had to pull her hand back away from her pussy... she was dripping with excitement!

* * *

It was 1:45 - time for her to get ready. She stripped off all her clothes, put leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles, and climbed onto the table. She glanced over at the vibrator she had placed nearby. She'd be getting herself off big time once she was released! But that was for later... first, her punishment! Using small padlocks, she locked the two ankle cuffs to the ends of the chain running through the eye bolt at the foot of the table. Then she lay on her stomach with her waist resting on the hump at the center of the table. She then fastened the waist strap, making sure it was snug. This was to limit the movement of her butt - she would only be able to wiggle it a little; she certainly wouldn't be able to move it out of the path of the leather paddle!

Next, she put on and activated her noise-canceling headphones. She had modified these by adding some straps which would fit around her head and prevent them from coming loose. As a finishing touch, she put a ball gag in her mouth and fastened it behind her head. From testing, she knew that the machine could be just faintly heard by someone standing on her porch. That wouldn't be a problem. However, if she started yelling, someone outside would certainly be able to hear her. She didn't want to allow for that possibility. Once her session started she didn't want to allow herself an out; her spanking would proceed, even if she changed her mind. That thought drew her hand between her legs yet again!!

It was almost time. She carefully double checked the timer, making sure it was set to start the machine at 2:00 and stop it at 6:00. Then, as the last step, she stretched her arms out toward the front of the table and, again using small padlocks, locked the two wrist straps to the ends of the chain located there. That was it! There was no turning back! Until the timer reached 6:00 and lowered the key, she wasn't going anywhere! She lay there, stretched out on the table, stark naked and completely helpless. Her bonds allowed her little movement. She could hear nothing other than an "interference" pattern from her headphones. She could make some noise, but not much, with her ball gag. Her bare bottom, raised invitingly by the hump on the table, waited for the paddle to introduce itself... repeatedly!

At 2:00, she heard the motor of her machine turn on. Now it was just a matter of waiting for vehicles to trigger the traffic counter. After a few minutes of waiting... SMACK! She got a stinging slap on her rear from the leather paddle. Even though she had expected it, it still came as a surprise since she had had no way of anticipating precisely when it was coming. This is how the remainder of her session would be. She settled in to enjoy her experience.

For the first hour, things went exactly as planned - she got an occasional stinging swat on her naked backside. She couldn't help but to think ahead to the spanking she was going to get at 5:00, when traffic picked up. It was driving her wild with anticipation.

Then around 3:00, the swats started landing much more frequently. She was getting far more than she should be! "What's happening?" she thought. She tried to get off the table, but could not. Her design was very effective - she was going nowhere! Trapped, she was getting soundly spanked by her own invention.

* * *

A driver who had just been detoured onto Cherry Street was listening to the local radio station. They were giving their 3:30 traffic report. "The eastbound lane of Main Street has been flooded by a broken water line. Traffic in that lane is being detoured onto Cherry Street."

"Oh, so that's the reason for the detour," the driver thought. There was a moderate amount of traffic in his lane, going east. He noticed that there was almost no traffic coming the other direction; that was the normal amount of traffic for Cherry. His vehicle went over a traffic counter positioned in his lane, then continued on its way.

* * *

It was now 5:00. The entire surface of Lisa's bottom was bright, vivid red... the color of Maraschino cherries. It was so extremely tender that even a gnat landing on it would have caused her to leap up off the table - if she hadn't been firmly bound to it, that is.

Most fortunately for her, the smacks had just stopped. She waited, fearful of more swats, but even after a few minutes had gone by, none were forthcoming. She was very, very relieved. She didn't know what had happened - why had she gotten so many swats the last couple hours? She thought maybe there was something wrong with the counters. "Apparently now," she thought, "they've stopped functioning completely. Thank heavens!!!"

Lisa now had to wait nearly an hour, though, before she would be released. She wished she could get out of her bonds so she could sit in a tub of ice water! She desperately wanted to quench her blazing bottom!! Well, she couldn't; unfortunately she'd just have to wait.

* * *

It was 5:05. Two lines of traffic, side-by-side, were stopped right at the beginning of Cherry Street. Both lines of traffic were pointed eastward down Cherry. The police officer who had stopped the traffic walked over to talk to one of the drivers at the front. "A tractor trailer jackknifed on the highway. We'd normally route it down Main, but the east lane is still flooded. So instead, we're going to temporarily make Cherry one-way and use both lanes. All traffic from the highway will detour onto Cherry. I guess that'll be kind of a pain in the ass for the neighbors, but it'll only be for an hour or so, until the highway is cleared."

At 5:10 the officer waved the traffic through. Two lanes filled with traffic as far as the eye could see headed down Cherry Street.

* * *

At 5:20, Susan, one of Lisa's neighbors, stepped onto Lisa's porch. She wanted to talk to Lisa about all the traffic. She went to the door and rang the bell - there was no answer. She tried again with the same result. Then she noticed some odd, but faint, sounds. She listened intently. One of the sounds was a rapid "slapping" noise; she had no idea what it was. Some kind of machinery, she assumed. The other noise, though, had her even more puzzled. It sounded like some kind of animal, maybe a cat. "But I didn't think Lisa owned a pet," Sue thought. "Well, whatever it is, it sounds quite unhappy!"

"Oh well," Sue thought, "I'll come back later." Then she left.


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