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Too Bold, Too Brave, Too Stupid 2

by Hoopcdan

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© Copyright 2009 - Hoopcdan - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; outdoors; caught; F+/m; bond; bdsm; MM/m; hum; oral; anal; cons/nc; X

continued from part one

Part Two

Well as i was left by Mike and Vern bent over a tree branch strictly bound bent at the waist ring gagged with an inflatable plug holding in what there was of Verns mess while a butt plug held in Mike's all natural lube, this is how we will pick up from, if your lost please read part one.

I heard them walking away, the fun in the situation was gone i wanted out though no matter my struggles nothing would break i was going to play this till the end no matter what, i was a slave no longer selfbound and only in my mind Dominated but honest to god stuck, taken over and worst of all taken with written consent.. What have i done ??

It seemed like it had easily been several hours since the last lock closed but was more likely 2-3 hours. The position the mysterous lady put me in at this point is hell for lack of a better word. My mind still wander's wondering what She looks like and praying She comes back, and if She comes back She lets me out.


"Oh christ not again!!!!!!!"

Not a word was spoken yet i heard someone or something moving around me. Behind me then slowly in front stopping directly then finally i feel a hand on my face, is it man or woman? Damn blindfold as the plug deflates whew that's better this person seems gentle and i am happy to have that plug out, the other guy's must have been simple minded that plug is meant for ones ass not mouth. Though it worked well hmmm.

"mmmmm ought pzzzz????" Doing my best to plead through the ring gag oh god please i think. Then i smell what is that? Oh no as another cock slides in my open mouth. Still not a word though this guy is holding the rope tied to the top of my gag driving himself as deep as he can. Thank god he isn't that large. After a few moments he tenses, no no no i know now from experience he is going to shoot his load, then he spasms and begins blowing but pulls out fast. "whew" SPLAT just below my nose a large glob lands then in my open mouth on my tongue 2 or 3 globs land then another few on and under my nose. Sweet jesus this guy may have been smaller but what a load.

Then it dawns on me i can smell it oh for petes sake its all over my tongue and i can't swallow it. I try to spit it out or swallow it and shake it off my face but, no good. Then i hear a giggle apparently this guy thinks this is funny he rubs his cum right on the end of my nose wiping the rest in my helpless mouth, then walked behind me fiddled with something probably rateing me what did that Woman do?? He removes my anal plug much gentler than the other two, Holy Cow i can't believe i am comparing. Mighty mouse that is how i think of this guy wow he is hard and fucking me, thank god he is small.

The other guy and the plug must have stretched me a bit and he gave up, with a pat on my butt i hear him walking away whistling a tune. Never spoke a word, Left me without the plugs but with a terrble taste and smell, Well even trade I think. Alone again at the risk of sounding odd that guy wasn't bad, pretty friendy, sweet jesus what am i thinking ??

Whats this i hear ?? Ladies yes two women, as they aproach they circle like wolves laughing. One of them says, "Wow you certainly did a number to yourself didnt you?"

"MMM ought pzzz??" As i tried to plead the other one of the ladies begins mocking me mm mmmm mmm. She mocks then i hear a snap then a whap She is whipping me with a stick and mocking me !! "Beg you worthless pig", She says.. Beg for what? i am thinking as i make as loud a noise as i can hoping someone will stop this. The first one must have dropped her pants cause as i made noise an ass was pushed into my face silencing me, "LICK pig", she said.

As I licked and whined i hear a third voice getting closer "YOU STOP THAT'!!!!!"

Who is that? Hell Who care's just save me please !! The whipping stops the ass is out of my face, at least i didn't taste cum anymore though this wasn't much better.

"You girls get away from him, you didn't read anything about beating him !!"

Hey that is the lady that strictly bound me, hmm i really began to whine after all it did hurt alot "mm oght pzz", i said as pathetically as i could.

"Look what you did now I have to take him home jeeper's when you come upon a man chained in the woods with notes all over take a minute and read them, now which of you are going to pay for the money loss in tips today???"

The second one says, "Oh we are sorry we thought he was just another pervert we didnt realize he had a Mistress what are Your losses?"

What are her losses???? I am thinking this is odd but who cares if i can get out early. As the 3 haggle a price 2 familier voices are getting closer. Oh please lady let me out fast i have had enough. Knowing full well that Mike and Vern were on their way i again sounded pathetic "mmm pssss arghh".

The lady that bound me so effectivly was saying, "Oh my poor baby listen to him I'll have to give him some time to get over this trauma and back to haggling".

Give me time ??? What is She doing ???

Just then Mike and Vern came back asking the ladies what was going on as the three explained and haggled, Mike asked if since they were old friends of mine if they could finish what they started to which the kind lady that apparently is making a living from my ass said, "Yes boys but under the circumstances it will cost double".

Vern said, "No problem a bargain at twice the price.. "

What the hell is the price ??? i am wondering as the three women step aside and continue to haggle, "Well I'll give him three days to recover the trauma you each pay 3 times the amount in that jar and we will call it even.. "

As i heard that the monster cock boys penetrated me in unisom causing a yelp from me, Mike said, "Ahh you missed me didn't you slut."

i am hoping he showered but by the smell i don't think so. Vern the larger of the 2 slapping my ass and Mike pulling at the gag rope ordering me to take it like the slut that i am. Now this was disgusting me yet with three women now silent i assume watching my humiliation i began to get aroused..

'God i am sick' as that thought pops into my head Mike shoots down my throat nearly screaming, "swallow you whore!" Holding himself in my mouth just shy of choking me.. Vern must have gotten excited at the thought Mike just shot and began slamming my ass and slapping my red sore bum with a deep growl he was done.

They just stood there Mike in my mouth and Vern in my ass as the women finished their deal and parted. The lady that bound me so well asked the men if it was worth it to which they said, "Hell yea".

She then asked if they would wait while She changed my hook and help Her get me to Her car, they of course not knowing i wasn't Hers agreed...

What now??? She began realeasing the ropes She had added She can't really take me it must be a ruse. oh She smells nice ahhhrrrgh its thinking like that that got me here....

to be continued


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