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Too Bold, Too Brave, Too Stupid

by Hoopcdan

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© Copyright 2009 - Hoopcdan - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; outdoors; caught; F/m; bond; MM/m; hum; oral; anal; cons/reluct; X

I as most of you practice self bondage, over the 20 years I have done this I have gotten very good at self binding and have been stuck and caught. Getting good at sb sadly turns into boredom, so I was thinking how could this be more fun, more risky ?

Then it came to me, I am a healthy 38 yo male straight. So what I thought would make things scary was to make up some fliers to drop off where I knew some gay guy's hung out. I live in the country there are lots of woods around my home so I thought the flier should say "6'4 athletic male to be self bound and ring gagged completly helpless and blind folded at 2p.m tomorrow by the big pond on the west trail". I dropped these at 12 diffrent places, easily seen, first thing in the morning 6 a.m a lot of hours for them to be read and re-read and passed on. Or perhaps no-one would see them I guess I was going to find out.

Once home I set my keys up in a gallon jug to be frozen, they should be hard in time. Preparing my toys took me about an hour what to take, what to make available and perhaps a shank or so of extra rope, yes. I decided to bring 3 different size butt plugs and 2 dildo's, wrist and ankle cuffs, chain, padlocks etc. Now looking at the bag I began to wonder about this it is beginning to seem dumb. Chances are nobody read the notes and all that would happen is, nerves on high ice melts and I go home.

Long night, the day dragged until about 10 am at which time I gathered up my bag and ice and headed to the pond, better just get going or I will chicken out. This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever tried, and boy was I excited. On the drive to the pond I decided to write a note and tape it to my back with my name signed to it in case someone did show they wouldn't be afraid of legal consequences. So after I got there I searched through my heap of a vehicle for paper a pen and some tape which I did find. The note read, "I have bound myself to be used, I have gagged myself so I can beg, that should be ignored. I have blinded myself so I will not know who uses me. I am a slut please treat me as such; tell your friends where I am so they may also use this filthy cock slut, signed --------

Ok that is massive overkill but does the thought of someone reading all these notes get me hot I was not thinking straight, not at all!! Once at the proper place I looked around for a suitable place to be bound. Wow right away I found a low branch just about 6 inches through and low enough to support my weight, hell it was maple it would support a small truck if need be. This branch swept up toward the end so sliding off the end wouldn't happen. I put the ice jug under the branch and leaned over it to see if I could reach it, success this was perfectly humiliating ass up, open mouth at crotch level time to get bound.

First I got naked of course then came the ankle cuffs, I should have brought a spreader bar but I didnt, so a stick would do it was about 1 foot long. I used a chain and threaded the stick in through the links then locked it, not pretty but it will do. Next the note taped just behind my neck. Now I am shaking, now the blindfold, ring gag harness, the harness gag stops any chance of rubbing the blindfold off. I can't believe I am doing this, wrists locked in front, as I postioned myself over the branch grabbing the chain from my ankles flipping it over my cuffed wrists with the lock fed through the damning links, the ones that will keep me bent over in this humiliating pose. I fiddled with it almost closing it then chickening out, almost closed, no this is dumb, then I heard a branch snap. I got startled, my hands tensed, the lock snapped shut. I am now stuck wrists to ankles leaning over a branch, I can't reach my gag or bf I am screwed till the ice melts. Or about to be.

I don't know if I snapped a branch or an animal or somone watching did but there isn't a thing I can do all I can do is wait and listen. I guess it wasn't a person if it was they are just watching so my mind began wandering. 'Maybe a hot girl will find my notes now that would be good. Maybe it will be a huge dicked guy that would be bad, very bad'. I decided to attempt my escape keys, not even close to melting it will be about 8 hours by the feel of it way too long, now I hope some nice person simply lets me go.

Great now I am drooling and horny humping a branch 'good lord trying to screw a tree now I have lost it!'

What was that?

'Crunch snap crunch.'

Someone is coming or something and getting closer, 'Damn, damn I am dumb, self don't move be still, no no don't breath, c-mon please don't let them see me !!!!!!!'

I hear them walking up to me, oh crap there leaning close to me to read the note is it a girl or boy??? Not a word was spoken I could hear footsteps around me then I heard someone ruffling through my toy bag, whomever it was was standing right in front of me pawing through something. What was going on ?? Why did I do this ? I began to make noises trying to perhaps get whoever that was to let me loose, instead I felt some thing going around my lips then around again it felt like lipstick I didn't bring any lipstick! Then the person moved behind me that person began writing on my back then what felt like arrow's pointing towards my ass, this was very odd. The art work stopped then She spoke, "There, slut red lipstick will help your holes get filled and a few more words of encouragement to boot ". I made more noises She said, "I 'm not finished yet be still or else!"

That tears it I am in big trouble but She sounds sexy... argh I am a sick man thinking that way.

My knee's were being bound to my elbow's then over the branch and my body cinched between as She fiddled around between my shoulders, something fell in front of my face the rest of the rope. She must have tossed it over another branch, this was odd yet I was getting so very aroused. It wasn't long before she let her intentions known as the rope was threaded through my gag harness, standing behind me she pulled the rope until my head was held up to what I assume would be crotch level then tied off to the rope going around me and the branch, this brought some noise from me "mmmm".

Though that did me no good she simply giggled and said, "No I am not done yet slut"

She again began rummaging through my bag and again standing in front of me She began sticking one of my dildo's in my mouth orally raping me, "Yes this is a good hieght for cock sucking, of course the rope can be adjusted. I think after one more thing you will be ready for whom ever else show's up." As She again went behind me, "Tell Me slut how do you escape when the game is done"? I went to reach my ice jug to show her, why I don't know but with her gag over branch move I could no longer reach it damn and double damn. I thought so. She said, "Now you won't need that right there so I will move it out of the way, perhaps I should set up a donation cup that would be nice of me. No need to thank me I will come back around 8 tonight thats 8 hours you can work that ass for eight hours can't you?"

Now that got me hollering and yelling, which was just gibberish, when I felt something press against my ass I stopped. She said, "Do I have your attention ?"


"Now thats better, in and out farther and farther", its a plug the small one whew. "This is to help you so you don't cry when a guy does use you, your welcome whore. I have things to do you have fun see you around 8."

Then She walked off leaving me alone and in a much worse condition. About that time something She said rang in my ears be back at 8, thats 8 hours She said, in my rush I never took stock of time my fliers said I would be her at 2, She was early or perhaps She know's nothing of the fliers and only read my note on my back, if anyone has read the notes it will be within the next 2 hours crap I need to get out NOW. I struggled very little Her added bonds rendered me very little wiggle room, I am going nowhere till She lets me. I don't even know what she looks like, She smelt nice, She was gemtle yet firm, good with ropes hmmmm.

She wasn't gone long before I heard someone walking up the trail, I was so hoping it was Her comming back to free me. Then I heard whispers, whispers there is at least 2 'oh no no this is bad!!!!' Walkimg right up to me as if they owned me, well I guess they kinda did one of them says "Hey Mike check out the note!" which he seemed to like alot, "So you are a slut huh ?"

I thought maybe I thought they were going to let me go at that point and I began to mummble through my gag and try to struggle, dum move.

"Look at this slut wiggling her ass begging me to stuff it, hey do something with that mouth Vern she wants a good stuffing by the looks".

Then the dreaded ziiip noise, holy cow no no here we go they are getting ready to rape me.

"This is what is going to happen slut we are going to have our fun then switch places then maybe we will send some other people to play with you like that idea ?"

Then there was a slap which caused me to jump and "Hmmph see we will get along fine," then fiddling with the plug which sort of hurt then the guy behind me Mike I believe began rubbing his cock up an down my crack, rather sizable at that. The fellow in front Vern I think was standing in front holding the rope hooked to the gag. I couldn't hardly move but was trying to, which apparently made me enticing, "Look at this slut Vern, begging to get filled".

At that point Vern put the head of his cock through the ring holding my head "Ready Mike?"

Then I felt pressure at my ass as they entered me in unison... I tried to beg to cry to move or something as my ass was stretching to the limits Vern was choking me in and out about 7 inches so it felt, Mike must have been 8 anyways. My ass was getting a slap at random times "C-mon you bitch you want to be a slut?" Whap another hard slap I tried to beg but between the ring and the cock it sounded as though I was begging to stay a slut.

They kept it up for what seemed like 45 min when Verns tempo increased this isn't good then with one final thrust I felt him shoot down my throat choking me holding himself deep in my throat. "Swallow it all slut" as he withdrew from my mouth Mike started really pounding my ass hard fast thrusts spanking me harder, with the head of Verns cock still in my mouth trying to spit or swallow he felt my tongue moving and said, "Don't worry honey there will be alot of cocks in your holes today!" as Mike shot deep in my ass.

"You dirty bitch" he yelled as he came. "Hey Mike this slut is pretty good want to take a stroll before we switch places?"

"Yea Vern let me plug this ass back up, are you going to want something for that mouth?"

"Yea see what you can find, I wouldn't want anything to drip out would we slut?"

"Mmmph mmph", was all I could muster.

Mike found another plug my inflatable, "Here Vern try this". He pulled his cock out and slid the plug in one motion one pump, two pumps seating it making my cheeks bulge as Mike drove the plug back in my sore slippery ass.

"Well here damn worth a tip for sure and as the writing here I will leave you a decent rating how bout you Vern ?"

" Yes I think she deserves a good rating and I think she liked it more when you were being rough and calling names, so humiliation slut fits".

Rating ???

What did that women do I wish I could see.



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