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The Stink Suit 2

by M88

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© Copyright 2015 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; cage; hood; gag; cuffs; video; smells; stuck; voy; caught; M/f; capture; cell; enslave; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continued from part one

Part Two

Sarah was in real trouble as she struggled for her life inside the steel cage. Her body was killing her as the cuffs bite into her skin. The smell coming from the suit was never ending and made her feel sick. The thick rubber was making her sweat and a small lake was now rolling around her suit. Her skin was itching as the tight rubber trapped the sweat. She could no longer feel her arms and legs as they had gone numb. Her clear plastic hood was filled with condensation, sweat and drool as she cried through her leather muzzle. Her wet hair had fallen over her face as each breath streamed up the hood.

Her collar was leaving her very short of air as it suffocated her and controlled her breathing. Her jaw was dead and she had lost all feeling in her mouth. Drool was still escaping from under the perfect leather. Her corset was crushing her rib cage and making breathing even harder. Her dark green rubber gimp suit was still shiny and skin tight. She had filled the inside of her rubber suit with her own piss and could feel it moving around her stomach and down her legs. She was completely dehumanized and just wanted the keys to drop.

The prototype suit had been a huge mistake as it's smells filled her nose. Each breath made her gag and moan as the odors attacked her helpless nose again and again. She was so tried as tears rolled down her cheeks and wanted to go to sleep. But couldn't, as she needed to be awake to grab the keys if they ever become available. She had been trapped in the cage for over 14 hours and now hated it. She was hot, tired, sweaty, smelly, sore, numb and broken. The camera was still recoding her hellish self bondage as she looked longingly into the lens.

Her laptop had been filming her from the very start and streaming the images to a number fetish websites. She was being watched by a small amount people around the world and they had been loving the show. She was a member of four kinky websites and was getting a lot of feedback from all of them. Other users had been watching her for hours as she cried and struggled inside her prison. They talked about her bondage, hood, gag and rubber suit. But no one was talking about helping her or if she was enjoying it. She was hoping someone would free her from this torture. But instead the images of her bondage was being sent around the world of fetish.

Meanwhile in the fetish stop across the road from Sarah, James the manager of the shop was having his break. He was checking a heavy bondage tumblr and spotted the image of Sarah. At first he thought is was a normal rubber suit and self bondage session. He then saw a time lapses video from the start and could see the gimp suit change colour. He watched the video a couple of times and then started researching it. He wanted to know where it come from and when it was uploaded. After 15 minutes of rubber bondage websites and tumblrs, James found it. It was one of the websites, Sarah was a member of. He looked through the pictures on her profile and read her comments section. A comment a couple of days ago, made him sit up. It was about the fetish shop opening soon and how she wanted some new kinky stuff. He looked at the rubber suit and thought it looked like a prototype they had built.

He quickly checked the research area and found stuff was missing. He told the other staff about the missing equipment and the images. They had no idea it was missing and looked back at the CCTV. They saw someone break into the back warehouse at some point last night. Filled with anger and frustration at the crime, James walked outside to get same fresh air. A lot of hard work had gone into making that prototype and it was almost ready to go. He walked around outside for a bit and then had an idea. He would ask door to door if anyone had seen anything. James did not want the police to be called. The media would love a story like this and would not help the opening of the shop.

He also didn't want the police looking round the warehouse as he was working on more devilish devices. James started knocking on doors and asking questions as he worked his way down the street. One by one he was told the same thing by the home owners. They had seen nothing odd and could not help. He was starting to give up as he walked up the stairs of a house opposite the fetish shop. He ring the door bell and waited for someone to answer. It looked like no one was home and he was about to walk away. When he got down on his knees and shouted through the letterbox. He just finished shouting hello, when it hit him. A very strong smell coming from within the house.

He had spend a long time working on the stink suit and knew what the smell was like first hand. The conclusion hit him like a train. The stink suit was inside the house right in front of him. And so was the person who stole it. He ran back to the shop and told everyone to take a break. He told them it had been a busy day and they needed a rest before the night crowd turned up. He also told them to put the crime out of their mind. The time was 6pm and James told them to be back for 10pm.

James waited for them all to leave the shop and then put his plan in action. He knew the smell of the rubber suit would be horrible and the house looked locked. So he picked a pair of rubber gloves, a lock picking set, bottle of chloroform, pair of pliers and a rubber gas mask. He pulled his hands into the rubber gloves and put the pliers and lock picking set into his pocket. He then forced the rubber gas mask over his head. It was a very short trip from the fetish shop to Sarah's front door. Luckily no one was around to see him as he crossed the road. Breathing through the filter of the gas mask was hard work as he once again called through the letterbox. The lights where on and James started to pick the lock. The reason he had the lock picking set was to release stuck bondage equipment. He had used it a number of times and quickly got the door the open. He slowly moved inside the house and closed the door behind him. His jaw dropped as he entered the living room and saw Sarah in real life for the first.

She was passed out or asleep as he walked up to her cage. The green suit was skin tight against her perfect body. He could see the cuffs and chains which kept her captive. Her laptop was still filming her and needed to be turned off. Moving slowly and with one eye on her motionless body, he reached over the top of the laptop. His index finger finding the off button and the computer was dead. Her eye stayed closed as he moved the computer out the way. He had a good look at the helpless broken girl as air sucked through his gas mask. He then looked an the self bondage release mechanism.

She had set it up completely wrong and was lucky to be found. She could have been trapped in that cage for the rest of her life. He was walking around the cage and took a couple of photos as he did so. He freed the set of keys from the release mechanism and started undoing the cuffs and padlocks. She was dead to the world as he opened the door and removed the remaining cuffs. Her body was now folded over in the cage and he could see the sweat and piss roll around the inside of the suit. He took the bottle of chloroform out his pocket and placed it next to her nose. She was already out cold and he hoped the bottle would kept her that way. He dragged her out the cage as the chains clicked and the rubber squeaked.

James picked her and was holding her in his arms. He was thinking about if he would be seen as he ran across the road and into the fetish shop. He slowly opened the door and looked both way down the street. It was empty and he quickly ran to the safety of the shop. With her arms and legs hanging lifelessly as they reached the door to the warehouse. He quickly rushed through the door and laid her down on the floor. He went back to her house and grabbed the cage and other bondage equipment. He once again crossed the road and put it next to Sarah.

The next day.

Sarah slowly opened her beautiful eyes and quickly realized she was not wearing the transparent hood any more. She was delighted to find her gag had been taken away from her as well. What the hell had happened to her. She may have gone to sleep or passed out. She tried moving her arms and legs and find them to be free from the cuffs that kept her bound. She was still wearing her horrible smelling suit and she found it hard to breath of a couple of minutes. She struggled to get on her feet and as her hands hit the solid steel walls of her small cell.

Her thick green rubber suit was squeaking as she put her weight on her feet. It was then she saw the leather collar with a heavy metal chain linking her to the ceiling. She moved her hands straight to her throat and tried to remove the collar. The odor coming from her hands was making her gag. She pulled and pushed on the collar and she could not get it to move. She then saw a food and water bowl by her feet. She had not eaten in over 24 hours. She dropped to her knees and started feeding herself. The rice was the best thing she had ever had and the water was amazing.

She soon emptied the bowls and placed her back against the cold steel walls. She opened her legs and rolled her fingers along her pussy lips. The rubber was making a fantastic sound as she did this. Rubbing her clit with one hand and slapping her pussy lips with the other. She moved her hands as fast as she could and was soon moaning loudly in her small cell. She was trying to forget about her suit and almost fatal self bondage session. She just wanted to orgasm again and again. Her cunt was wet and her hand moved to her tits as she hit the edge. Squeezing her nipples and playing with her perfect breasts as she folded over and orgasmed. She then placed her stinking hand over her mouth and nose as she struggled to cum again. She stroked her cunt with lighting speed as she blocked her airways. Gripping her nose and mouth as tightly as she could. Breath control was a real fetish for her and she soon cum again. She kept her mouth covered and enjoyed the kinky smells coming from the suit.

It was then she spotted the camera in the ceiling of her cell. Right next to it was a small black speaker. The second she looked at it, it become alive.

"I see you are now awake. It's about time, you have been out for 9 hours. You must have had a great time doing your self bondage session. Did you enjoy taking the stuff from my warehouse. Did you get a shock as the suit started charging and filling your house with horrible smells. I am going to turn you into a test subject. I have other prototypes I want you to wear. But first I want you to love the stink suit and see how long it takes and how many times you wank. You will stay in this cell for the next week and be given food and drink once a day. Oh and all your time is being filmed and put online."

Sarah could feel her hands move unconsciously towards her cunt. The idea for being a test subject for a sex shop was a real turn on.



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