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The Stink Suit

by M88

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© Copyright 2015 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; fetish; latex; gloves; corset; stockings; store; catsuit; cage; hood; gag; cuffs; video; stuck; smells; voy; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

Sarah was looking out of her bedroom window on the second floor of her large house. She lived by herself in a nice Victorian house in north Oxford. She was a stunning looking 26 year old from Abu Dhabi and had moved to England 10 years ago. Her long purple hair was well look after and flowed over her shoulders and down her back. Her brown eyes had layer after layer of mascara on them and a tonne of eye-liner. Her nose had a bull piercing through it and her face was clear and fresh. Her body was thin and well toned and her ass was rock solid. She had playful breasts and a shaved pussy.

She was looking out the window at the new fetish shop that would open in a couple of days time. She was planning to go on a large shopping spree tomorrow morning and all the stuff would be kinky. She just could not go to sleep and was looking longingly at the blacked out window of the shop. She could almost smell the latex from her house and just wanted the sun to rise up. She had already spent the day wanking herself into oblivion and acting like a kinky slut. She was still wearing the rubber gloves from the last time.

Apart from the yellow marigold's, she was naked. Her pussy was wet and the juices had coated the fingers of her rubber gloves. She was in a world of her own as she stared at the fetish shop. It was 2am and no one was around as she sniffed her fingers. The lovely smells of rubber and her cunt, entered her nose. She covered her mouth with the other hand as she rubbed her cunt and sniffed it again. She continued for about 5 minutes as she heard a car coming. She was snapped out her day dream and quickly closed the curtains.

She finally got to sleep a couple of hours later and had some hardcore fetish dreams as she snapped awoke. With her heart racing and her hands shaking, she rushed out of bed. She jumped into the shower and found she still had her rubber gloves on. She smiled to herself and ripped them off her hands. The rubber made a fantastic noise as it parted ways with her hands and hit the bathroom floor. She cleaned herself up and got out 15 minutes later. Her wet body was dripping water from all her curves as she dried herself.

She did her hair and make up, even with her hands shaking with anticipation. She wanted to dress as sexy as she could and slipped into a pair of black panties and bra. She then pushed her legs into a shiny pair of transparent latex stockings and suspenders. The  clear latex was as tight as it could be. She wrapped her body in a tight leather corset as she dressed herself like a fetish slut. The corset covered her breasts and stomach in thick leather as she put her hands in the rubber gloves from the day before. She hide as much of it as she could under a long coat.

She put some high heels on and walked out the house. She thought it would be around mid day and the shop would be waiting for her. But it was still dark outside and the shop was still closed. She had only been asleep for an hour and didn't even checked a clock before leaving her house. She was feeling very horny and wanted her sex toys and kinky equipment now.

She wanted to have a look around the outside of the shop and see if anyone was around to let her in early. The shop looked empty as she walked around the outside of the building. All the doors and windows looked shut and all the lights appeared to be off. She was about to head back home with her body calling out for extreme bondage. She then spotted an ajoining building with a open window. The fetish shop was linked to this other building by a short corridor. It had to be a work shop or stock room.

She walked up to the window and forced herself inside the building. She was in a small office and was hoping the door was unlocked. She was breaking the law by entering the building and was wishing to god no one found her. She opened the office door was waited for alarms to go off and the police to arrive. But nothing happened and she was free to walk around the factory like building. She could see boxes of bondage equipment and hangers of latex and rubber clothes. She then saw a testing and prototype area and had a look.

She had an idea. Why would she take something from the shop. On the shop floor it was all recorded and would be missed. She could help herself to a prototype and they may not spot it. She first found a metal dog cage and discovered in was built for self bondage. She then picked out a full rubber catsuit in a silver colour. A plastic bondage hood was next and that was followed by a muzzle gag. An interlocking leather and metal collar was also taken with her. She grabbed a handful of metal cuffs with padlocks joined to them. She also got herself some metal chains as well. She found the keys for the cuffs and a self bondage release machinism.

She put all the equipment in the metal cage and struggled back to her house. Getting the cage through the window was a bit of a nightmare, but she was soon home. Her heart was going a million miles an hours as she locked her front door. Her muscles had started to burn as she took the cage to her living-room. Putting the heavy metal cage in the centre of the room as she turned on all the lights. She double checked, she had locked all the doors and closed all the windows.

She was alone and isolated in the house as she removed her coat. She was already wearing a jaw dropping amount of kinky fetish stuff. She was still in a bit shock, she had gone out wearing it. What the hell, she thought as she opened the cage door and put the heap of bondage items on the floor. She would put the new rubber stuff over the latex and leather she was already wearing. She rolled her hands over her leather corset as well as the latex stocking and suspenders. Her black underwear was already getting wet as she picked up the rubber suit. She had no idea if it would be too small or too large.

She had left a large bottle of lube in her bedroom and quickly got her hands on it. She poured it into the suit and covered her body in the smooth liquid. She pushed her already covered latex toes into the legs of the suit. Her living-room was filled with the smell of rubber as she worked the suit up her legs. The lube helped her get the suit over her ass and pussy. It was now squeaking against the shiny latex on her legs. She forced the rubber over her corset and drilled her arms into the suit. The suit was a perfect fit as she zipped it shut. It covered every itch of her body from her toes and fingers, to her neck. It was super shiny as the light hit the silver surface of the suit.

She saw the rubber suit had some writing covering it. The bold black letters stood out against the silver. Words like humiliation, degrading and dehumanized had been laid across the front of the suit. A gas mask logo was on her wrists and ankles. Down her arms and legs was some more writing. She read down the list: Urine, Cum, Pussy juice, Fish, Manure, and Skunk spray. She thought it was some type of joke or fetish thing. It was now time for the muzzle and hood.

The leather muzzle was a full head harness with a massive mouth filling gag. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and forced the rubber plug inside. She could feel her jaw bring ripped apart and her tongue being screwed down. The gag was tickling the back of her throat as she placed the huge leather panel over her mouth. The bottom half of her face was submerged in thick leather. She wrapped the three straps as tight as she could. One strap went over her head and each side of her nose. Another strap was in line with her mouth and meet up with the top strap. The last strap was under her chin and around her neck. With the muzzle now as tight as she could pull it, she opened the zip of the hood. The clear plastic hood as easy to see through, but only had two holes in it. She quickly landed her face right into the hood. She somehow got her nose lined up with the air holes.

She worked the hood into just the right place and zipped it closed. The plastic was now skin tight against her face. She was breathing as slowly as she could as she tried to calm herself down. Each breath was steaming up the inside of her plastic hood. Her hands were shaking as she opened the dog cage. She grabbed the cuffs with the attached padlocks and started securing them to the cage. She wanted to be very well bound inside the cage and set-up cuffs for ankles and knees. She locked two sets of cuffs to the roof of the cage as well as a ring of cuffs for her neck. She added short chains to the neck cuffs. She added more cuffs down the centre of the cage.

She then started to make a metal bondage harness that would keep her tied to the sides of the cage. She worked the chains across her rubber covered body as her harness took shape. She curled the heavy chains around her stomach and between her legs. The chain was digging painfully into her pussy and ass. She used the metal handcuffs to tied the chains together. She worked the chains around her breasts and over her shoulders. She made sure the chains had been pulled tight. She then linked the breast and pussy chains together with a cross along her front and back.

The harness was now in place and she was ready to restrained. She picked up the self bondage systems and picked up the huge set of keys. The release system was a metal box with a time release trap door. The door would open after a number of hours had passed. The box had d-rings to join it to the cage and the trap door would fit through the gaps in the cage. She connected the box to the cage and made sure the keys would fall into her hands. She was happy it all lined up and picked up the final part of her bondage. The double lined collar would keep her neck in one position and strongly joined to the cage. She opened the back of the leather and metal collar and folded it around her neck. The leather was zipped shut as it enclosed her whole neck. She then closed the metal collar around her neck and locked it closed. It was almost strangling her as it bite down on her neck.

She dropped to her knees and backed up into the cage. Her ass was perfect was she moved right to the back of the cage. Just before she start closing the cuffs and isolating herself. She opened up her laptop and turned it on. The laptop had been left in the living-room from her wanking the day before. And was just by the side of the cage. She was a bit lucky, she had seen it before she was tied up. She had an idea, she would watch porn and record herself. She put the computer in front of her and quickly found a heavy rubber bondage film to watch. She opened her web cam and started live streaming herself. She was recording herself at the same time. She would be seen on a number of fetish website. She put herself back in the cage as the video started playing. She quickly closed the cuffs around her legs and along her body. She then tied her neck to the cage on all four sides. With her heart racing she shut and padlocked the door to the dog cage and closed the cuffs around her hands and elbows.

She was now helpless inside the cage as she watched the lovely porno in front of her. She was very horny and wet as she started to sweat within her rubber skin. She had nothing to simulate her, other then the metal chain between her legs. She struggled to move her body and tried to play with herself. She could only just rub the top of her rubber ass. She continued to watch the film as her pussy juice started running down her legs. She was enjoying the video as sweat built up in her hood. She could see something odd in her computer screen. The silver rubber suit was slowly becoming greener. She could also smell the once strong rubber odor was fading. It was replaced by the smell of piss and was getting stronger.

She pulled and pushed against the metal cuffs and was now fighting to get out of the cage. She was now breathing in a real stink with each intake of air. As the suit become even greener the smell of cum reached her nose. She was wide eyed as the video continued playing a part about a trapped girl in a cage. She was still very wet and she thought she could smell her pussy. The suit was now a light green colour with a sweet smell coming from below her. That smell was soon a fishy one. She had turned red under plastic hood as the humiliation become degrading. Each intake of air through the small holes of her hood was a nightmare. She was shaking with each breath and another smell was coming her way.

It was the horrible smell of manure and it filled the whole room in seconds. Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she tried holding breath from the smell. Which worked for the first 2 minutes, until she needed to breath again. She was almost sick as she took an intake of air. With her suit now a dark green colour and her gagging with each intake of air. She was then forced to meet the worst of the lot. She was loudly crying as the skunk spray entered her nose. The suit was now a very dark green and she was in hell. The smells all mixed into one pit of horror as Sarah waited for the keys. Hoping for them to drop at just that second.

She was breathing heavily as she screamed inside the metal cage. She found she could pleasure herself by rocking up and down on the chains. She just could not break free of the evil cuffs that chained her up. The catsuit was shining away in it's new green colour as she suffered through the smell. She was finding it hard to breath as the collar and hood asphyxiated her. She tried moving the cage and was wishing for the box to just open. The smell was relentless and every time she moved seemed to make it worst. Drool was dripping out her mouth and into her hood. The plastic was becoming more difficult to see through as condensation built up. The leather of her muzzle was damp with a mix of drool and sweat.

The porn video had long finished and Sarah was feeling numb and sore. She had somehow used the chains to orgasm and was completely broken. Her nose was almost accepting of the smells which filled the room. She had spent many hours in the cage and had to gone to the toilet a couple of times. It was dehumanizing and dirty as the dark green rubber squeaked loudly in the night. The red light from the web cam was still on and pointing right into her sweat and mascara covered face. The plastic hood allowed you to see into her eyes and watch you struggle with the muzzle gag. She was moaning loudly as the wait for the keys went on all night.



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