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Silent Pain 3

by M88

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© Copyright 2014 - M88 - Used by permission

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story continues from part two

Part Three

Aprils' bitchsuit squeaked as she made her way over to the machine. Her freedom was right in front of her rubber doggy face. She was breathing heavily through said bondage hood as her eyes forced on the box like release. The outside of her dogsuit was covered in mud and water was dropping off of it. She was just as wet on the inside of the rubber suit. The suit was filled with piss, sweat and her pussy juices. Her muscles where crying out for a rest. Her elbows and knees where on fire from all the walking. She finally made it to the release system and tried to work out what she needed to do.

The machine itself was just a box with a metal pole coming down from the ceiling. She knew her collar was her key to freedom. She slowly moved into the box and pressed her collar up against the metal pole. It was the only thing she could think of. Little did she know that the pole was sending a wireless signal to a receiver build into her collar. The box blocked the signal from releasing too soon or miles away. The receiver was linked to the pulley system that first closed her bitchsuit. The pulley made the wire from her zip to her collar tight. The collar started reversing the pulley and that made the wire loose. April would need to struggle in order to fully undo the zip. But she soon freed herself from her humiliating dog bondage. She struggled to her feet as she removed the dog hood and collar. She then spotted a note on top of the box. She would have never seen it if she was still in her bitchsuit. It was only to be read once she was free. She started reading it was she removed her rubber hood.

"Hello April.
I hope you enjoyed your little walk around town in the bitchsuit. If you are reading this you almost of freed yourself from it. I am sorry to say I have left your clothes at your house. I would leave the rubber catsuit on if I was you. As you still need to walk back home. And I bet you don't want to do that naked. Oh the door you used to enter this fetish club is on a time lock. It will open again at 8:30am. So the public can have a good look at your rubber suit. I hope you stayed clean on your trip to the fetish club or it could be a little humiliating. Have fun"

She looked down at her rubber catsuit as she read the last part. She would have to wear this rubber suit for another 4 hours. And then walk through town in her fetish outfit. Plus what the fuck would she do for the next four hours. She suddenly got a kinky and horny idea and placed her hands around her tits and pussy. She would play with herself for the whole 4 hours. 'Now that would be great fun!' she thought to herself.

Rubbing her tits in a circularly motion was a good way of starting. She then worked her hands down her body to her ass. She changed her position to increase the sexual feeling. She put her face to the floor and her ass in the sky. Slowing touching each cheek and then pushing her fingers through the rubber and into her ass. She then worked on her wet pussy as she ran her fingers along her lips. She once again pushed the rubber inside her. She was having a great time as she continued playing with herself. After god knows how many orgasms a loud sound filled the club. It was the sound of the door opening and it was time for April to walk home.

She was not happy about stopping her masturbation session. But she knew it was time to go home and rest. She struggled to get up and was stumbling for the first couple of steps when she got to her feet. She quickly checked her catsuit for any holes or rips. It was complete and still a bit shiny. She opened the door and stepped into the fresh air and sun light. The door she went through was down a side street and completely empty. She then saw another note waiting for her.

"Hello again
I hope you used your time well. I missed something out of my first note. But luckily I remembered it and Ii put it on this note. I dropped the keys to your house in the large barrel right in front of you. Which I am sorry about. I could have got them out again. But it's filled with a cow and horse manure. Which I don't want to put my hand in. Also the barrel is bolted to the ground, so you can not roll it or break it. Oh as you are reading this the door to the fetish club is being locked and you only have one option. Lucky you are wearing a rubber suit!"

April was very unhappy with the location of her keys. She could not spend the rest of the day waiting for it to get dark and then get the fucking keys. She was hungry, dirty, physically running on empty and her brain was on it's last legs. She needed to get home and regroup from her self bondage adventure. Plus she couldn't spend days trapped outside in a rubber suit. So she built up her determination (or submission) and opened the barrel. The note was not telling a lie when it said it was filled with animal waste. The metal barrel was about 3ft deep and April just knew the key would be at the bottom.

She pushed her rubber covered hands and then arms into the muck. The liquid felt like it had no bottom as she kept going into it. Her elbows where next to go beneath the stinking pit. Just as her elbows went in, she found the bottom of the barrel. She moved her hands slowly from side to side. The plan worked well and she soon had the key in her hand. Just one small problem. She was completely off balance and started to fall into the barrel. She quickly turned her body and head. But she slipped into the waiting darkness of the manure. Her back and legs hit first and the rest of her just dropped in. Only her head survived her humiliating and degrading error.

The key was still in her hand as she struggled back out of the barrel. Putting the lid back on the disgusting mix, she looked down on herself. She tried scraping the waste off her suit and that worked well. She feel it drop to the floor with each flick of her hands. It took about 10 minutes before she could see most of her beautiful and now ruined catsuit. The black rubber hid most of the remaining muck from anyone she would walk by. She knew why the key had been placed in that dirty barrel. It was to completely dehumanize and humiliate her in public. Walking around in a full rubber catsuit was not embarrassing enough for the person behind her self bondage rise.

After trying to remove the waste for another 10 minutes with a lot of good results, April headed home. She was given lots of dirty, evil, unhappy and shocked looks on her way through town. People found it hard to look away from her sexy looks and weird outfit. She was bright red for most of the way home, hoping no one recognized her. Apart from some very odd looks and long stares, no one called out her name. When she reached her front door and pushed the key into the lock. The feeling of freedom filled her body when she went inside her front door.

She went straight to the bathroom to clean herself. She almost jumped into the waiting shower and quickly turned the water on. She also started running the bath taps as well. Soon the water was removing the horrible manure from her beloved rubber suit. She needed to empty the bath water a number of times as it kept turning brown. After almost an hour of cleaning and re-cleaning, she was ready. She left the rubber suit in the bath tub and went to her bedroom.

As she walked into her bedroom naked, she spotted another note. Next to the note was a large metal box. April picked up the new note.

"Hello again April.
Did you find your little walk this morning a bit humiliating? I do hope so. You should already know I dropped the keys in the manure to add to your dehumanization. I had a good laugh when you fell into the barrel. But moving up to your new self bondage assignment. You need to head to a local hotel and check yourself into a nice room for a night. I want you to use all the equipment in the metal box and restrain yourself. You have an hour to find an hotel room. You can rest till it gets to 3am and then start your session. The rooms in this area are cleaned from 8am onwards. So you have 5 hours to get set up and free. Which hotel you use is up to you. You should have a fun night"

April was so tired from the day before, she just wanted to go to bed. But the notes always made her horny and wet and made her want to be kinky.

She heading straight out and headed to the closest hotel. The metal box was fucking heavy and walking anywhere with it was hard work. After 10 minutes she reached a nice local hotel in the centre of town. Oddly it was only a couple of minutes away from the fetish club. Small world. Having signed in and paid for a ground floor room. April unlocked the door and pushed the metal box inside. The room was nice and large with all the things you would normally find in a hotel room. April was ready well before the hour time limited.

She opened the three metal clips that kept the box closed. She then tipped the well organized plastic bagged items on to the large bed. The bags where all different sizes and shapes. Waiting for her on the bed was.

Transplant rubber catsuit Ear plugs Breath play transplant hood. Heavy bondage collar Metal hand and leg cuffs Leather bondage harness Butt plug Dildo Leather corset Finger and toe cuffs Leather straps 1 pint of cum Blindfold Chains Padlocks Drawing of the complete self bondage  Lube

April would need to restrain herself to the bed. With her body pointing across the bed and her neck hanging over the side. Straps would keep her in a frogtie/hogtie position and would link in with the cuffs. The chains would lock around her neck. stomach and folded knees. April started by lubing the dildo and butt plug and pushing them deep inside herself. Next was getting into the rubber catsuit and that come with great differently. Instead of having a back or front zip, this catsuit had a zip that ran across the shoulders. Which meant April was struggling to push her body into the well lubed suit. But when she did finally get the suit on, it looked amazing. It was almost perfect in the way it covered her body.

She then placed and secured all the chains and lined them up with where she would be. She then worked on the leather corset and leather harness. First she placed the corset around her stomach and tightened it as far as it would go. April was finding it difference to breath after she tied it off. The leather bondage harness was next and was designed to be placed over a corset. It ran from her neck, around her boobs, across her stomach, down her down and into her pussy and ass. This pushed the dildo and butt plug deeper into her body.

Next up for April was getting into the restrains. She placed herself on the bed and closed end of cuffs. She locked the chains around her knees and stomach and used four straps to frogtie her legs. She then closed the cuffs on her feet and toes. She then tipped the pint of cum over her face and hand. It was dripping from her nose and hair as the ear plugs come into play. Pushing them deep into her ears cut off all, but the loudest sounds. She then placed the large leather blindfold over her eyes, cutting off all light. April searched with her hands from the rubber hood. She found it and worked it over her head. She checked to see if the hole was in front of her mouth. It was. She then placed the heavy bondage collar around her neck and locked it in place. She also locked the collar to the chains around neck. She then closed the cuffs on her hands and fingers.

She now looked just like the drawing. She was breathing slowly through the rubber hood as the sex toys kicked into life. Both started vibrating deep inside her. April had a sudden panic attack. She had not seen a key anywhere in the room or in the box. She then remembered that the rooms where cleaned at 8am. She had not put a do not disturb sign on the door. Which meant the cleaners would just enter her room and find her like this.

Over the next 5 hours, April tried to free herself. She had so many orgasms that keeping focus and clear headed was almost impossible. Thanks to the breath hood filled with cum, she had been able to drink something. But had blown cum all over the floor with each heavy orgasm. April was in her own little isolated world, when the door opened at 8am.

The two female cleaners opened the door as they knocked and were left shocked by what was waiting for them. The smell of rubber and cum filled the room as they stared at April. One of them was holding a envelope addressed to this room. Which the cleaner open to find a set of keys. Before freeing her, they started taking pictures and video of the helpless girl. After 10 minutes they left the keys in her hand and walked out.

April struggled for 2 hours to release all the restraints holding her in place. But was soon free and able to remove the rubber suit and take a shower. Still wearing the rubber hood, she spend her time in the shower playing with herself. Hoping to make the humiliating feeling go away.

It was not.



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