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Silent Pain 2

by M88

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Storycodes: Solo-F; Sbf; latex; chair; cuffs; catsuit; tape; gag; dogsuit; collar; hood; stuck; outdoors; computer; voy; hum; mast; climax; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part Two

April had been kept captive by the chair for well over five and half hours. She had long since started daydreaming about her next self bondage session. She had completely drifted away from real life. She was in a world of her own. The vibrators and breath control had done their work on April. She had no idea what her own name was any more. Her rubber catsuit was so full of sweat, piss and cum that the liquid was dripping through the suit's zip. The horrible liquid was running down her rubber covered ass and pooling around her. April was totally oblivious to what was happening to her. She was miles away in her own kinky self bondage dream. In fact she was very close to another huge orgasm. The vibrators had turned her mind to mush long ago. She had no control over what happened next.

The chair set her free after six hours of kinky control. April was taken away from her dreams and slapped back to reality. She was able to move for the  first time in six hours. Freeing her hands and arms from the cuffs and now deflated mittens. She went straight for her pussy and started rubbing the shiny rubber with both hands. She was hoping the simulation and breath play will make her orgasm one last time. Breathing only through her nose and with the gas mask cutting down her air. Her fingers were working their magic on her wet cunt. Suddenly she was hit by the biggest orgasm of her life. Because most of her body was still tightly bound to the chair the amount of moving was not noticeable. But she was struggling, pulling, pushing and thrashing against her restraints. Plus her head was wrapped in plastic with a huge gag still in her mouth. On top of that was the hood and gas mask. This meant she made almost no sound at all.

She almost passed out from the experience of having the mother of all orgasms. Her hands still trembling as she started freeing herself from the chair. The cuffs and straps soon fall lifelessly against the metal frame of the chair. April then started removing the layers of bondage covering her head. The gas mask was easy enough and she placed it over the back of the chair. The rubber bondage hood would take same work to pull it over her head. But after 10 minutes of struggling she felt it lift off. She then unwrapped both the plastic wrap and duck tape. Relieving the pressure it had been putting on her head. She then working the rubber gag out her mouth and felt her sore jaw. She stood up from the chair and gingerly walked to the bathroom. Holding on the the wall the whole way she finally opened the bathroom door. She quickly turned the shower on and started removing her wet rubber catsuit.

The liquid from her suit quickly filled the bath tub. The hot water felt amazing against her dirty body. She struggled to get the rubber catsuit off her beautiful legs. But after same big pulls the rubber give way and shot into the tub. April had needed to sit down in order to get the fucking thing off. She did not have the energy to get herself up. The water continued to pour down on her as she started to fall asleep.

Five hours later.

April suddenly woke up from her deep sleep. The bath water was almost overflowing and her catsuit was hanging over the edge of the tub. The lovely hot water was now ice cold. April staggered to her feet and thankfully turned the water off. She then picked up her socked catsuit and placed it in the sink. She get out the shower completely naked and headed back to the living room (where the self bondage chair was). Only to find it had been taken down and placed back in it's boxes. On top of the centre box was a white envelope. April was more then a little scared about opening it. She was the only person living in her what now seemed dark and creepy flat. Even though it had two bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and a kitchen. She had always been living alone. But right now she wished someone was with her.

Maybe they were.

She picked up the envelope and opened it. Inside was a number of picture of her restrained in the self bondage chair. It also had a black USB with a skull logo on it. As well as the horrifying image was a note with a number of bullet points on it.

Please use your spare room as a fetish playroom Move the self bondage chair into said room Use the USB to upload the bondage pictures to the internet I will send you all the equipment you need You will buy a video camera You will continue doing self bondage You will be a dirty submissive cunt I am watching you. Goodnight

April dropped the note and placed her hand over her mouth. She was shocked to her core and had no idea what to do. Should she call the police or talk to her friends and family. Both would mean talking to someone about her rubber self bondage fetish. Plus she would have to tell them she tied herself up with equipment sent by someone she didn't know. How stupid and careless would that make her look.

She had a quick look at the self bondage chair and the picture. They somehow looked like a better more advanced version of her dreams. Someone knew about her deepest secrets and fantasy's. And they had acted upon them and build her a beautiful bondage chair. It would have taken them both time and money to create it. April looked at the list and the pictures again. 'Maybe my dreams can become real if I follow the list. If the person doing this was a cold blooded axe murder I wouldn't still be here', she thought.

April then did the unthinkable she followed the list step by step. She move the bondage chair into the spare room and removed the rubbish from it. She then signed into her laptop and enter the website link into her search engine. She had never seen anything like it. The website was well set out with a black background and three different areas. The areas were videos, pictures and a user forum. April looked at the videos section first and was left rubbing her cunt inside five minutes.

The first video she clicked on showed unbelievable self bondage. The girl in the video was covered in black latex and was shockingly well bound. She was also punishing herself with both an enema and force feeding. April could see that the restraints holding her were linked to a timer around her neck. She was frog tied with her hands bound to a strap around her neck. She had placed herself inside a thin see-thru plastic box which kept her balancing on her rubber covered knees. A number of chains linked to straps around her body stopping her from moving. Not that there was a lot of space inside the box anyway. The set up was inescapable till the timer hit zero which released the keys.

April was hoping for some close ups of the latex hood and feeder gag the lucky girl was wearing. She also wanted to see the bag of liquid for the enema and feeding. They have to have been controlled to open by something. About 20 seconds later all her questions and wants here answered. The bags were both control by a timer which opened a valve inside the bags. The two bags where made from thick white rubber and were hanging from a metal pole above the box. The timer for the bags had been duck taped to the side of one of them. Written in black pen on the side of the bags was what was in them and what in was for.

Bag 1: Enema/hot curry sauce, oil and milk (2l)
Bag 2: Feeding/piss, cum and laxatives (3l)

April was when showed the latex hood and feeding gag. The hood was very well locked against both her face and her gag. No liquid would leave the airtight rubber hood and plastic gag. The gag itself kept her teeth apart and pushed her lips tightly around the feeding tube. The hood and gag worked together to keep her mouth covered and sealed. Breathing solely through her nose the woman was weeping behind the hood. She was soon crying loudly as the camera showed the enema entering her rubber suit through a huge butt plug. The butt plug looked like it was built into the rubber suit.

April loved the video and continued to watch the woman's self inflicted torture. She was having trouble drinking all the liquid and was viciously struggling to get the tube free from her mouth. April had started rubbing and fingering her pussy and ass as the girl was crying out. Why had she done this level of extreme self bondage if she was not going to enjoy it. The video kept going as the woman finished the feeding bag. The next 30 minutes was just the woman struggling with the enema when suddenly she stopped.    

She stayed still for a minute or two and then suddenly shook violently as she let go of the large enema. Her rubber suit starting moving away from her body. As the poor girl started sobbing behind her hood. Soon the latex around her ass, upper legs and pussy had exploded outwards. The liquid would be kept in that area thanks to the straps around her legs and stomach. About 13 minutes later the timer released the keys. The girl quickly worked to free her hands and started to escape her bondage. She was struggling with the locks at first, but she did free herself.

April was completely wet by the time the video ended. She loved the website and wanted to add her advantage on to it as soon as she could. She picked up the USB and placed it into her laptop. She don't even look at the photos first. She just hit the upload button and waited for them to appear on the site. A couple of minutes they had all uploaded and April had a look through them. They where all perfect.

The next day.

April got up and ready nice and early. She needed to go into to town today and pick up a new video camera. She opened the door to her apartment only to find a number of cardboard boxes waiting for her. She quickly placed them inside her flat and heading into town. She would have a look inside when she got back. A couple of hours later she arrived back home.

She put the camera and boxes in her new self bondage room and started opening the new delivery. Inside the first box was a new black rubber catsuit and leather harness. The second box was filled with a rubber bitchsuit that would make April walk like a dog. Inside the last box was a collar, rubber punishment hood and dog hood. There was also a note.

"The rubber bitchsuit is easy to get into. But you will need to leave your flat to get out of it. You need to head to the fetish club on Green Hill Street. Which is about 15 minutes walk from your flat. That's if you're on two legs by the way it maybe take you a lot longer on four. You need to wear the rubber catsuit first and place your legs and body into the bitchsuit. After that you need to put the rubber hood and dog hood on. Followed by the lovely collar as it stops you from removing the hoods. To get your arms into the suit you need to fold them over and push. The arms are well lubed and should be nice and tight. To close the zip on the bitch suit you just have to wait. The collar has a build in pulley which will turn on 5 minutes after you have locked it in place. It going from the bottom of the collar to your zip. When you get to the club head to a steel door right at the back. A machine will free you from the suit."

April had something to eat and drink and then started getting into the rubber catsuit. The well lubed rubber was soon covering her whole body. It was super tight against her skin. She placed her legs and body into the bitchsuit and put both hoods on. The hoods felt amazing against her head and added to her humiliation. She then locked the collar in place which stopped her from removing the hoods. She then struggled getting her hands and arms into the bitchsuit. Luckily the lube helped her slip down into the suit's arms. It was a perfect fit for her arms as they found the bottom of the sleeves. After a couple of minutes of waiting the zip started moving all by itself. The pulley on the collar was doing a great job and soon had her trapped in the suit.

April was wet, horny and wanted to be fucked. She loved the suit. But after a couple of hours playing like a dog it was time to free herself. She wanted to wait till it was dark before going out.

4 hours later.

The sun had been replaced by a scary looking storm. April's body was covered in sweat and piss from the past 4 hours. She would go to the club right now. She was hoping the storm would stop people from going out. She had left her back door a little open so she could leave the house. Would have been a totally fail if she was trapped inside her house. She had some trouble opening her back door. But she did get her rubber covered body outside.

"Walking" down her path she pushed open her back gate. She found herself in the street in her humiliating bitchsuit. She was having second thoughts about going to the club. Maybe she should try and cut herself free. She then remembered the note saying the rubber was impossible to cut. Plus her hands had been pushed up to her neck and would be useless. She slowly made her way to the club as it started raining. She tried keeping herself away from any light. Which worked well when she left her apartment complex as it was next to a park. But it would never work in the centre of town.

After about 45 minutes she reached the town centre. Her suit was covered in water and mud from the park. The rain was pouring down now as she crawled through the streets. Another 30 minutes later she had her first close call. A car was driving down the street towards her. She pushed herself against a three storey building which was painted black. The car just went right passed her. Her heart was racing as it went round a corner. She had got luckily with the building she had been next to. She kept going as water dropped from her dog hood. After what feel like hours she found the club and headed inside. It was completely empty apart from the machine that would release her.

She struggled over to it.



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