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Setting my Own Trap 2

by Servant Joanna

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© Copyright 2018 - Servant Joanna - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; cuffs; rope; nipple-clamps; sybian; ice-release; consequences; email; photos; hum; punishment; caught; M/f; multi-climax; cons/reluct; X

story continued from part one

Part Two

So everything was set up. I did a quick double check of everything and made sure the ice release was set with the correct amount of ice for about 45 minutes as planned.

I stripped out of my clothes and positioned myself onto the sybian in a kneeling position. First I took a length of rope and tied it around my left ankle with 2 long tails off the rope which I passed over my thighs and tied securely. I repeated the operation on my right leg making it impossible for me to rise from the machine.

I tied a thin cord around my waist and at the back of this I threaded the chain of my hand cuffs. When my hands were cuffed in these the cord would hold my hands close to my back. At the back of the cord around my waist I also tied the string attached to the keys held by the ice release and the elastic from the secondary release method. The elastic to the secondary release method went from here, about 12 inches, where the keys were tied, and then from here went on to be tied to the nail that was held with friction in the tube positioned over the mouse. I would have to stretch the elastic 12 inches to get the keys into the cuffs and this would put tension onto the nail, but would it be enough tension to pull the nail from the tube? That was the question.

Just to make things a little more interesting, I took 2 vicious clover nipple clamps with a chain between them and attached them to my nipples. These clamps were really secure and got tighter the more the chain was pulled, and I gasped in pain as each one bit into my sensitive nipples. I used another length of string to tie the middle of the chain off to the front of the sybian, forcing me to lean forward a little. This would prevent me from taking any pressure off my clit, and also meant that I couldn't lean back to try and reach the second set of keys. Couldn't have me cheating.

I reached for the cuffs behind my back. I had to be really careful here not to tug on the elastic. With a little difficulty, I secured my left wrist in place.

Two more steps before my fate was sealed. I just needed to turn on the sybian, then cuff my final wrist into place. My heart was racing as I contemplated this next move. Once done, I'd either have to ride the machine for a full 45 minutes. Previously I had only managed about 10 before I had orgasmed and became too sensitive to continue. The other option would be to try and carefully pull the second set of key towards my hands against the strain of the elastic, all the time knowing that if too much tension was put into it the nail would be pulled out of the tube and this would cause an email to be sent to some arse hole at work which would give him everything he needed to own me as a sex slave. My god, it even gave him specific ideas on disgusting, humiliating and painful things he could do to me.

I tried to calm myself. I reached for the controls and started the machine up, slowly at first. I still wasn't committed, and could back out of this crazy plan. I knew that if I was going to go through with it then I had better do it before I got too worked up, so without any further hesitation I turned it up to full and gasped as the vibrations shook me. God it felt good, but I knew that in another 10 minutes I'd be begging for it to stop.

Reaching my right hand behind me I found the open cuff and placed it against my wrist. Could I really go through with closing it. Using experience for the feel of them I brought the other half of the cuff over the top of my wrist and held it just short of the ratchet catching. It was now or never. I felt like I was going to pass out, but I knew I had come too far now to not go through with this. I took a deep breath, and with my final resolve, I squeezed the cuff closed, hearing the click, click click until it was tightly secure.

Shit - What had I done. The realisation hit me that through my own carefully planned actions, I would have to endure an impossible amount of time on the sybian or risk the humiliation of a colleague seeing pictures of me naked, along with instruction for him to use them to blackmail me into being a sex slave.

Already I could feel the sensations building from below. I had to fight it. Hold off for as long as possible, but the machine was relentless. I felt for the string to the ice release method and gave it a pull. I knew it was useless but I was looking for a safe way out of this mess. Of course it was nowhere near ready to give up the keys. I strained against the cuffs, feeling for any weakness or possibility to escape. Nothing. I tried to reach around to get to either the knots of my legs or the nipple clamps. But with the cuffs secured to my waist there was simply no way to get my hands anywhere close. As a final resort I tried to raise myself off the machine. To straighten my legs. But I had done too good a job. There was simply no escape.

Feeling this helpless always heightened my arousal, and already my orgasm was building. Experimentally I tried to lean back to get to the other keys without pulling on the elastic but was rewarded with a painful tug on my nipples. Never the less I slowly put more pressure on them, feeling my breast stretch away from my chest but even at the maximum that I could bear to move I still couldn't feel the other keys, and the sensation of my poor pulled nipples only helped to increase my arousal. It was no good, I had to try and relax and get my breathing under control. I had no way of judging the time, other than knowing that normally it would take me about 10 minutes to come from full power on the sybian, but it felt like I was going to come in less than 5 at this rate. I knew that would be a disaster.

 Try as I might to control my breathing the inevitable build towards release started. I knew I was about to crest. My one thought was that whatever happened, it was vital I didn't let my body fall forward as it was wracked by convulsions. There was a chance that if it did I would inadvertently pull the nail out without even meaning to. So as the orgasm ripped through me I concentrated on keeping tension on my nipples, which only hightened the orgasm. Wave after wave hit me, and I screamed out in pleasure, but all too soon I was left with the dying embers of the release and the incessant sensation of the stimulation between my legs. Now it was no longer a pleasure, but was a strange kind of over-sensation. Not exactly pain, but certainly not pleasure.

At this point in my normal set up I would be pulling at the string to fetch the key, but this time one key was still firmly trapped by ice, and the other would almost certainly mark the start of a new life as someones toy. Again, I tried pulling at the string to the ice release, knowing there was little hope of release this way. Sure enough it held firm. I seriously contemplated pulling at the elastic, but I wasn't going to give up that easily. Instead I tried to find some pleasure in the vibrations that tormented my sensitive clit. And before long a second orgasm was approaching. 

This time as it hit, it just kept on and on. I was screaming "Please god, no more, no more, god no!" but it was no good. I thought I was going to pass out (which would certainly have left me slumped forward over the machine, with the nail pulled out for sure). I had to stay conscious and get myself under control. The sensations were just too much and I knew I couldn't take much more of this. As I finally got myself together I decided I would have to try and get out by pulling on the elastic. At least if I was careful I might stand a chance of releasing myself without sending the email, but if I had another orgasm like the last and I passed out it would be game over. I checked on the ice release one more time, and when it continued to show no sign of releasing me I took hold of the elastic. 

Firstly I leant back as far as possible. Despite the burning pain in my abused nipples, I knew I had to lean back as far as possible. Looking down I was fascinated by how distorted and stretched my little tits and nipples looked. When I could take no more I reached my fingers as far up the elastic as I could. I still couldn't feel the keys. I couldn't believe I was going to do this, but ever so gently I started to pull on the elastic. I could feel it begin to stretch. 

Maybe if the nail started to move I would feel a change in the tension and be able to release the elastic in time to avoid it coming all the way out. That was my only hope.

By now tears of desperation were running down my face. I had to get out of this. Slowly, slowly I continued to pull on the elastic, trying to lean back as much as possible and feeling for the key. Finally, at the very tip of my fingers, I felt it. It was so close now but I could also feel the tension in the elastic and feared for how much force this must now be putting on the nail. And it was one thing to feel the key, and quite another to get it into the key hole and turn it. In addition to that, yet another orgasm was on its way, and this one felt like a tsunami approaching.

I knew that right now, if I came, I could release the elastic to avoid any rocking of my body putting any more tension on the nail, but if I were able to get the key into the cuffs without pulling out the nail, there would be no way to quickly release the keys and I would be committed. Should I wait for this next orgasm to pass before going further? I wasn't sure I could take another one. I had to take this chance. 

As carefully as possible I took the plunge and with practised dexterity I pushed the key into the cuff. Now I was perfectly caught between the pull on my nipples and the tension on the elastic, stretched as tight as a bow string between the 2. This sensation was simply too much for me, and with a groan of despair the most powerful orgasm yet hit me like a truck. I knew instantly that I was ruined. I could do nothing to control my body as my stomach muscles spasmed and I was thrown forward, the feeling of the elastic stretching further and then suddenly snapping loose as the the nail pinged into my back.

With a sense of horror I heard a "cluck" of the ball bearing dropping down onto the mouse. However right now I had a more immediate problem. I was still stuck on the machine experiencing the most mind bending orgasm of my life. On and on it went as I crazily scrabbled to turn the key. Finally I felt my left cuff come undone, and I instantly grabbed for the controls and shut the sybian off. As the orgasm faded and I got my breath back the reality of my situation hit me. What the hell had I done.

Quickly I released the clamps from each nipple, wincing in pain as the blood returned to each one. Then I untied my legs and rolled onto the floor. I stiffly got up to my feet and went to the computer to see if by some miracle, something had gone wrong with my plan and the message hadn't been sent. Where the message had been there was only the Inbox. I checked the Sent Messages folder and there it was. It was done. I was done. 


I tried to think of a way out of this. Some way to explain it to Ross that would convince him to just delete the message and forget all about it. i decided I had to try and write another email to explain myself. I sat at the computer, opened a new message  and started to type. I tried several times to write something I thought might work. After writing and deleting a few mails I started writing the following...

"Hi Ross.

I just sent you a message by mistake and hope you read this one first. If you do could I please ask you to just delete the other message without opening it.

If you have seen it already please let me explain, it was just a silly prank that went too far. I really didn't mean for you to ever see it and I hope you can just forget about it."

But before I could write anymore, I suddenly got a new message in my inbox and my heart sank. It was from Ross. He must have been working at the weekend and already seen my message. I felt like I was going to pass out. I stared at the screen in disbelief. Reluctantly I clicked the message.

"Hi Jo, or should I call you Slave? Who would have thought such a prim and proper girl like you was such a kinky little slut? 
I must say you have a fantastic body. Nice pert tits, just the way I like them and you sure do keep yourself in shape. I can't wait to see it all in the flesh. You know you really ought to show it off more at work. You always dress so conservatively. In fact thats my first order for you. Tomorrow I want you to come into work wearing a light summer dress rather than the business suits you usual favour. It's meant to be a nice day so I think you can manage that without arousing too much suspicion with everyone at work, don't you think?

I'll see you out at my car at lunchtime to take you up on your first suggestion. Be there at 12.30 sharp. I'll make sure I'm parked at the far corner so we can have some privacy. I really can't wait. I think we're going to have a lot of fun together.

Master Ross"

It's hard to describe my feelings at that moment. I was mortified that Ross had seen those pictures of me. He was probably wanking off to them at that very moment. And I couldn't believe he was instantly making demands and taking advantage of the situation. But at the same time my poor abused pussy was starting to tingle at the thought of being ordered around like the slave I fantasised about being. Still, I knew that there is a big difference between fantasy and reality and it was one thing to get off on the thought of sucking this guy off and another thing entirely to know that tomorrow I would be made to do it for real. Could I really go through with it?

I knew it was hopeless, but I tried again to write an explanation to get myself out of this.

"Listen Ross, I really need to explain. That email was a silly mistake. It was a prank that went too far. I would really appreciate it if you could just delete the photos and forget all about this. I hope you understand.


I hit send, and without waiting for a reply I went to take a much needed shower. My mind kept picturing the things Ross would be able to make me do now. If my clit wasn't so sensitive I would probably have masturbated at the thoughts. What was wrong with me?

After the shower I returned to my computer. There was a new message from Ross.

"How dare you call me Ross?! From now on you will call me Master! I don't want to hear your excuses, negotiations or complaints. You told me yourself that I should ignore any pleas and this is what you wanted, so this is what you will get. As punishment for your email you must now wear the sundress without any underwear tomorrow. Think very carefully before you argue with me again or I'll find more ways to punish you. Don't be late to the carpark or you'll be very sorry.

Master Ross"

Shit! This was really happening. How could I have been so stupid.

For now I tried to put thoughts of what would happen tomorrow out of my mind and instead went to my wardrobe to see what options I had to wear to meet Ross's demands. I never wore anything so girly as sundresses at work, but I had a couple of them for outside of work and I tried each one on in turn, without underwear. They all felt ridiculously short for work attire, although I knew other women at work did wear similar dresses. Maybe it was the lack of knickers that made the hem line feel so scandalous. My breasts were the other concern. While the dresses did cover my nipples, the light material and thin shoulder straps left it clear that I was braless, and at the thought of being seen like this my nipples nearly poked a hole through the thin cotton. Right from the start Ross was pushing the limits of what I would be willing to be seen wearing at work in order to avoid everyone seeing those pictures. It would be embarrassing, but I would have to go ahead and wear one of the dresses. I chose the one that I thought looked most business appropriate (relatively), and then prepared myself for bed. It was going to be a long, restless night.


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