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Setting my Own Trap

by Servant Joanna

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Part One

This all started to form as a plan when I was at work and overheard a sleazy colleague called Ross talking with someone about how he wished he lived in the days where if a secretary messed up he could throw her across a desk and give her ass a thrashing with a belt. He had been whispering, but I heard it and it got me thinking about being in the position of such a secretary - with some asshole like him having that kind of control over me. I imagined that I needed the job desperately, and would be in no position to argue. These thoughts really got me turned on, but there was no way to ever be in such a position and I knew deep down that the reality would certainly not be as pleasantly humiliating and degrading as the fantasy.

I continued to fantasise about it often after that, and started to think - what if he ever found a way to get some control over me. Maybe if he somehow discovered my love of self bondage and used it against me. I don’t know - It was just a thought.

It was while enjoying a little play time in bondage that an idea started to form in my head. I had tied myself tightly to my sybian with my calves tied to my thighs so I couldn’t get off, and after turning the machine on I attached cuffs to my wrists behind my back. The keys to the cuffs were on a long piece of string and my plan was to wait until the sybian had made me orgasm, at which point I knew I’d get incredibly sensitive and would want to get free. I would then have to reel in the string to get to my release, and I’d have to do it fast because once I’ve come, any further stimulation is a kind of torture to me.

After the session, as I lay next to the machine panting to get my breath back I started to think - what if I was forced to stay on the machine longer, or face a serious consequence. I imagined setting up an ice release method that would hold me for a lot longer on the sybian and a second release method I could take that at any time, but that would set in motion some awful events.

These 2 different thoughts came together into a plan. 

I decided I would tie myself up as before, I would set up an ice release method that would take about 45 minutes to melt and release the keys to me. I normally come within 10 minutes so this would be about 35 minutes of pure over stimulation. That would be an unbearable amount of time to ride the machine, but somehow I would have to find a way to bear it if I wanted to get free without risking any consequences.

I then set up the second release method like this - I first wrote an email to Ross. I’ll get the details of this email in a minute. Then I set the mouse pointer over the "send" button, and secure it so it couldn’t move. Next I secured a tube over the top of the mouse button. The tube had a heavy ball bearing at the top of it, which was prevented from falling down the tube by a nail that went through the tube from one side to the other. If the nail was removed the ball would drop, hitting the mouse button and sending the email. I had a second release key on a piece of elastic that was tied to the nail.

In my tied up position I would be able to pull the key towards me to use the key to release myself at any time, but there was a strong chance that doing so could put enough tension into the elastic to pull the nail out of the tube, releasing the ball bearing and sending the email. I had originally thought of just using string to set this up, where using this escape was 100% certain to send the email, but I liked the psychological aspect of this method, where my brain might think it was worth the risk to get out early as I might get away with it if I could pull the elastic gently enough. But as this whole set up was going to be behind me it would be a big risk to take with no way of knowing if I’d sent the email until I was free.

So now to the details of the email. First I should explain that I really need my job to pay my mortgage. Its tough work, and it has taken me a lot of time and effort to get to the position I am in so I also don’t want to blow it. Ross doesn’t work in the same department as me so we don’t interact at all at work, but if he had, for example, some compromising pictures of me, he would certainly be able to use them as blackmail material by threatening to share them with everyone on the work distribution list if I didn’t do what he wanted.

So firstly took a couple of high res photos of me in bondage, my face clearly visible, and the words slut and sex slave written in permanent marker across my tits. The thought of anyone seeing these was mortifying, especially all of my work colleagues. I attached these to the email.

In the body of the email I wrote the following:


I am sending you this email and the attached photos because I have a big favour to ask from you. I hope that you will keep the contents of this email and the photos secret and never share them with anyone. If you do this I am willing to offer you something in return that I think you will find a satisfactory exchange for your confidence.

If you were to share the photos with anyone at work it would ruin me. I would have to quit and move out of the area to get away from the humiliation, so I hope you understand I am putting a lot of trust in you. In return, as long as you follow some basic principles, I am willing to be your sex slave indefinitely.

Firstly the rules - I am not really in any position to make demands, but it is important that nothing you do to me, or make me do puts me in a situation where the consequences are worse than having these pictures of me shared around. So for example there is no point asking me to strip naked at work in front of everyone, because if I did that I would be just as ruined as if I quit and started a new life.

So, basically, as long as this whole thing is kept between you me, you have full control over me.

Obviously if my life is put in danger, or any permanent damage, or I am left with visible marks that I wouldn’t be able to explain at work, or if there is a chance I’ll end up in prison from the things you make me do I’m also going to say no even if I have to start a new life and you’ll lose this opportunity.

I think you can still have a lot of fun with me while following these principles.

I have a few suggestions of things you might enjoy doing with me. Just to get your creativity going:

You could discreetly meet me in the staff car park in your car and if no-one is around, you could order me to suck your cock. I think this is something you could enjoy regularly
You can always have me over to fulfil any of your fantasies. I think you could enjoy tying me up, spanking me, whipping my tits and pussy, using me as you will.
I don’t know if you’d enjoy it, but maybe you could make me do humiliating things like taking me into a secluded wood, making me strip and leaving me to get back to my car and home naked, with the risk of being caught.
Feel free to tie weights to my nipples, and make me clean your house while naked. I think if I do a bad job I'll deserve some punishment.

I’m sure you’ll think of other ways to use and humiliate me but you get the idea.

Anyway, I am almost certainly going to beg and plead with you to just delete the pictures and forget any of this stuff. I'll tell you it was just a prank that I took too far, or that someone else is making me do this and it's not what I want. Don’t fall for any of this. Deep down I really want this and that’s why I sent you this email.

I really hope you will take full advantage of this situation, and I look forward to serving you.

Your slave,



So that was it. If I wanted to get off the sybian before the ice melted I’d have to risk sending this email and the photos to Ross and giving him everything he needed to own me. From everything I knew about the creep he would certainly take full advantage.

Now I just had to tie myself up, snap on the handcuffs and try to hold out until the ice melted.

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