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Self-bondage Adventures 4: Punishments

by Mrs. Locks

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Author's Note: The following is a previous account of true events I’ve discussed as posts and comments in the Gromet’s Plaza Forum. I have attempted to edit the content slightly to make it more readable in story-form. The following story is 100% true.
continued from part three

Self-bondage Adventures Part 4: Punishments

i. the routine

I had been sleeping in a cage regularly, and one weekend was no exception. Sometimes I’d wear my corseted outfit, sometimes I’d lock myself in.  It was a Saturday night and I promised myself I'd sleep locked in the cage again, and I did.  But this time, I wasn't just in my PJs, I decided to wear an outfit.  Not necessarily my usual outfit, but just something more cage-cozy yet still simple.

I started with my full-body vinyl unitard.  It's white and covers me from its 2" neck to the wrists to the ankles and is very tight.  It's not really shiny, but it's a very sturdy fabric.  I zipped it all the way up the back and then put on the next piece of my outfit.  A full body unitard that covers 100% from head to toe.  This one is black and more of a spandex/cotton zentai suit.  The best part is the zipper.  To put it on, you put your hands down the sleeves and into the fingers and put it on like a hoodie over your head, only there are no eye or mouth holes, you just breathe and see through the fabric.  Then you pull it down to your hips.  The opening runs along the inside of both legs, so you just put your feet in the bottom of the legs and then start the zippers from each ankle up to the crotch.  This means there's no annoying zippers in the hood or down the back!

The next, and last, piece I put on was another full body zentai suit, but a double zipper up the back from the waist to the back of the head and holes for the eyes and mouth on the front for visibility.  Seeing through 2 layers of fabric would be difficult so having holes in this one was ideal.  I closed the zippers and put a padlock through the two zipper pulls to keep it secured so I couldn't take any of it off while in the cage.  I always felt very cozy in this type of outfit.  Not quite secure, though.  That’s what the cage was for. I climbed in and shut the door and decided since the next day was Sunday, I'd use the combination lock again.  I snapped it shut, curled up and went to sleep.

It was a mostly uneventful night.  I remember waking up at one point being frustrated and wanting to stretch my legs, but for the most part, I slept through ok.  When I woke up, it was a almost a normal wake up time with light beginning to show through the windows. So I decided to try and see if I could let myself out.  That's when I realized that my hooded unitard caused a slight problem.  I can see with it on, but it was still very dark in the room.  I would have to wait out the sun a little more than usual because of my hindered vision.  I spent the time thinking of what I should do that day and fantasized about it not being a combination lock but someone else locking me in with a regular padlock and not relying on the sun but another person to come set me free.

After what seemed like forever, I noticed it wasn't really getting as bright as I expected in the room.  Then I noticed it was raining outside.  It was brighter than it was earlier, but the sun wasn't doing its job well enough and the dial of the combination lock was still very hard to see.  I admit I started to panic slightly, thinking I just made a grave mistake.  I'd be able to see the dial well enough with the darkened lighting due to rain clouds, but the added obstacle of the hood made it even more challenging.  All I saw were blurry dots where the numbers were.  I tried yanking on the lock, but obviously that didn't do a thing.  I thought I could rip through my clothing if I had to so that I could see better in the dim lighting if I really had to, but I calmed myself down and tried the measured approach.  I attempted to figure out which of the fuzzy dots were 0 and kept a close eye and constant count in order to open the lock.  I was getting sweaty and increasingly frustrated.  I really didn't want to rip my outfit.  They're not hundreds of dollars, but they're still pricey since they’re all made to measure, for the most part.

I think a half hour must have gone by, thought it felt like 3, and I finally got the lock to open.  I got out and immediately went for my keys and took off the outer 2 layers of my outfit, leaving the vinyl unitard.  I collapsed on my bed in relief that I could finally see clearly again and I was released from my cage after another somewhat scary moment.  After some time, I finished removing the rest of my outfit, showered, and started my day.

While I was doing some Sunday housework and watching a movie on TV, I kept thinking about my exciting morning and later got that itch again to be enclosed.  I went back to my bedroom and decided it was time for my simple corset outfit.  I started with a compression tee and compression shorts and put on my regular corset with steel boning and goes from my hips to just under my breasts.  I tied it tight and put on my next usual layer of compression tee and shorts.  Over top of this went my second corset, the somewhat stretchy one that goes from just below my waist to over my breasts with shoulder straps.  I tied this one closed, making one uniformly smooth figure from shoulders to hips. 

Over top of this, I put my red vinyl sleeveless biketard on which is just as tight and sturdy as my white full body unitard.  This one goes from thigh to shoulders, and zips up the back.  I put on another compression tee and my final biketard.  The one made of supplex, a very stretchy but still tight fabric because of how much thicker it is than normal spandex wear.  This one also covered me from thigh to shoulders, but it’s sleeveless. I pulled the zipper up the back but then the zipper pull snapped clean off!

The hardware itself was still attached to the zipper, but the tab broke off.  I was disappointed because I had nothing to lock it on with now!  I could still lock the ends of the zipper together, but the zipper pull could still move and be undone, so it was possible to still get out if I really pulled on the neck over my head and slip out the back.  So I had an idea.  I'd sew it closed.  Not the entire thing, but just as though I used a safety pin (a method I use for zippers that like to slide down on their own).  One little line would do it.  I got my thread and pulled out about 2 feet and threaded it on a needle and put the needle in the middle of the piece of thread.  I tied the two ends together and started to work immediately below the zipper end.  The first move was to insert the needle in one end, go under the zipper and out the other.  Then I began wrapping around and around the zipper, making it impossible for the zipper hardware to be lowered and separate the two sides.  After about 10 loops around, I pulled hard on the needle to snap the thread and tested the zipper. As expected, it didn't lower and stayed in place.  I got my padlock and poked it through the holes on either side of the zipper and then snapped it shut.

I didn't do anything special with the keys, because I had more plans for later, and just went about my day.  I watched more TV, I cleaned up a little, cruised the Internet.  At one point, I decided to put on my muzzle harness gag for about an hour.  I padlocked every strap to keep myself from removing it quickly at the first sign of annoyance and that worked to get me through the entire hour.  My body still doesn't really like gags, but I love the idea of them and I want to one day be able to wear one all night with a collar without problems.  I wore my 4" posture collar for the rest of the day and when it was getting dark out, I decided to get out of everything so I can get a good sleep before work the next day.  Removing the thread on the zipper was more difficult than I had imagined, but it didn't give me too much of a hard time.  I used a safety pin to slide up the zipper and under the bulk of thread and pulled until pieces were either snapping or just coming loose on their own.  I think maybe I'll only make 7 passes next time I do that instead of 10.

That night, I slept in the cage again in just my PJs but didn't use a lock at all.  I just closed the door and went to sleep.  When I woke up to my alarm going off I had apparently opened the door at some point during the night because my legs were hanging out.  I don't remember doing it at all, but I must have had one of those frustrating moments where I wanted to stretch my legs and did so.  I made a mental note to be sure to use the small 3-dial combination lock in the future to prevent my half-asleep self from opening up the cage overnight. It’s easy to crack open in the dark, but probably not as easy when I’m not really awake.

Work was good on Monday and I went out with a few friends to dinner and spent most of the evening with them.  When I got home, I was tired so it was just another normal PJs night in the cage.  But I made sure to put the lock that’s easy to crack on the latch.

When I woke up this morning, the door was open and my legs were stretched again.  This was simply unacceptable.  I decided I should never sleep in the cage without the combination lock again.  As a punishment for my actions, I decided that I was going to lock myself into my outfit after work.  The day went by and I skipped out of work a bit early and got home around 5pm.  I used the restroom, showered, and put on the same outfit I put on the other day but instead of sewing the final biketard’s zipper together, I just used 4 safety pins. They're easy to take off, but with the added padlock, that zipper wasn’t going anywhere.  And this was a punishment.  I decided I was going to lock my keys away using my keyholder website so that I would be completely stuck until 12 hours had gone by.

By this time it was about 7pm.  This means I would be stuck until at the very least 7am.  I took my keys and went to the computer.  I opened my lockbox, scrambled the combination without looking and took a picture of it with my camera, dropped my keys in and closed it shut and then scrambled the numbers again.  I logged onto the keyholder website and set my duration for 12 hours and deleted the picture from my camera.

I was completely stuck for the next 12 hours in the outfit.  I was fine then, but I was sure later I'd want OUT.  I didn’t add a collar or boots or other unitards or catsuits, but those would come later that night.  I still wanted to be able to remove those if I have to, but the corsets and compression clothing and biketards were stuck on.

ii. the punishment

When it came time for sleep, I decided that when I punish myself, I really want to punish myself. The very first thing I did was put on my 4" posture collar, tightened it down and put a padlock through the buckle and locked it.  The keys were still locked away in my lock box so that wasn’t coming off for another several hours.  I dumped out my wardrobe and looked through it to find out what I should do next. I put on my long, thick knee socks and put on a pair of compression pants and a compression tee.  Regardless of the fact that this was a punishment, I still didn't want to use long sleeve because of the way the seams leave marks down my arms and I had to work the next day! On top of this, I put on a pleather short-sleeve unitard.  I've had this one forever so it's not as sturdy as it once was, but it still conforms to my body shape.  I zipped up the back and used more safety pins to hold the zipper closed.

Next, I decided on my most recent purchase: the stirrup-footed vinyl unitard.  I put on another pair of compression pants so that they would slide on easier since this is extremely tight.  I yanked and pulled and even though the fabric slid because of the layer of compression pants underneath, it was still very hard to put on because of just how tight it is.  I eventually got it pulled up to my hips and waist with my feet popping out through the stirrups and then pulled the rest of it on.  It's sleeveless so that was helpful.  I put one arm through the side and tugged and pulled it around my front and back and slid my other arm through the other side.  I reached around to the back to grab the zipper and had a hard time closing it since my movements were somewhat further restricted.  I zipped it home and put another safety pin under the zipper pull.

The last of my outfit was my pleather boot-cut unitard.  This is very loose fitting in the legs and flare out wide at the feet and are extra long.  I slid it on easily, but from the hips to the 2" long neck it's still a regularly tight unitard.  Nowhere near as tight as the stirrup unitard, but this one has short sleeves  I pulled it up my torso and put my arms through the sleeves, zipped it up and rolled the long neck over my posture collar and I secured this last outfit with a padlock, threading it through the holes at the sides of the zipper and through the zipper pull.  Now nothing I was currently wearing was coming off until the keyholder website said so.  But I still wasn't done.

I rolled up my pant legs and put on my pair of 5½" heeled leather boots and put the pant leg back down over top of them.  I love the look and feel of a high boot hidden under boot-cut pant legs. The final step was to secure my wrists.  I'm still wary of steel handcuffs because of incidents as a young girl, but I have leather wrist cuffs and put them on and padlocked them.  I grabbed about a 6" chain and attached one side with a padlock to my left wrist, then put my wrists behind my back and locked the other side of the chain to my right wrist.  I looked at the clock and it was 2am.  Still at least 5 hours to go and there was no escaping anything I was wearing.  It's possible I could remove my boots, if I could reach them, but that would be it.

I went out to my computer desk and realized I couldn't do anything with my wrists behind my back.  I sat down on my chair and lowered the chain under my butt and below my thighs.  I put one leg on the knee of the other and leaned forward and pushed my leg through, sliding the chain over my boot.  I did the same to the other boot and then my wrists were in front of me!  I chatted on Gromet’s Plaza forum for an hour or so which left 4 hours to go.  I was locked in about 5 layers of compression clothing, 5 unitards, and 2 corsets wearing high heeled boots and my wrists locked together.  But I still didn’t feel punished enough for cheating.  Especially since I took my wrists out from behind my back.

For the rest of my duration in the early hours of the morning, I couldn't really focus on doing anything else very extreme.  The pull on the corsets and tight unitards were starting to make my body ache.  I tried sleeping but I couldn't get comfortable anywhere I tried.  The cage, my bed, the couch, the chair.  It wasn't quite agony, because I knew there was nothing I could do until my time ran out so I just tried my best to deal with it.  Eventually, the time came where I could release myself and I did.  My outfit was spilling out on the floor beneath me in my bedroom as I removed piece after piece.  I was exhausted.  All I could do was collapse on my bed and try to sleep for an hour or so before I had to go to work.

My phone rang 3 hours later.  People at work were wondering why I hadn't shown up.  Shoot.  I thought about rushing a shower and going in late, but I was still very tired from a night of no real sleep.  So I told them I wasn't feeling well and didn't go in at all.  I slept for most of the day.  I treated the rest of the day as a bit of a cool-down day, not doing much of anything but TV and Internet.  I went to bed early so I could be sure I'd have enough sleep for the next day.

iii. the redemption

The next morning, I woke up feeling cheated somehow.  I didn't sleep in my cage so that was mistake number one.  And the entire previous day seemed wasted since I wasn't in my outfit at all.  So since I was already out of work for one day, I thought I'd make it two.  I decided I was going to be in my outfit all day.

At about 10am, I set up another session with the keyholder website, and again set my minimum duration at 12 hours.  This would mean just before bedtime, I could let myself out.  But I went a step further and set the actual duration for 18 hours.  This would mean it won't give me my release picture until 4am.  That's a long time, but I've done much longer before.  Between the 12 hour mark and 18 hour mark, it will allow me to release myself if I enter the correct password.

I set up my previously used password jumbler and typed in "letmeoutnow".  It generates about 12 different possible variations using capital letters and deleting others.  So it could be "Letmeutnow", "leTmeoutoW", etc.  That left roughly 1,300 different combinations that the password can be.  So it was possible I could let myself out after 12 hours, but I’d really have to work for it.  I blindly copy/pasted one of the results into the form on the website and clicked submit and then cleared my clipboard.

Before I did all this, I put on my outfit.  I never let my dressing time be part of my locked-in time. Because that's just unfair, especially if I get distracted by something and it takes a while to dress.  I put on similar clothes as before, but replaced some of the compression tees with long sleeve compression shirts since I was going to get out with some time to sleep afterward. I didn’t care about any marks left on my arms because they’d be gone by morning.  I also switched out some compression shorts for compression pants.  I was completely covered from ankle to wrist with my usual corsets laced tight and covered with my red vinyl biketard, secured with a padlock, not to be released until at least 12 hours.

The funny thing about when I was lacing the corsets is that they went on much easier.  I didn't have to struggle at all to get them as tight as I usually did.  They're still not fully laced, as I never do that for long-term and locked-in wear, but my body is adjusting wonderfully to the corsets again and it feels great, I must say!

I didn't spend any time at all in my cage.  I went back to trying to give myself "challenges" with punishments if I failed.  Since this was somewhat of a punishment for taking a day off, I felt it was deserved to add a little difficulty.  My challenge was the typical:  Sitting on my booted legs on an office chair (so I can't move them) with my arms tied behind my back at the elbows and wrists using elastic belts during an entire episode of a TV program (about 45 minutes) while wearing my new muzzle gag harness.  If I failed, I would then put on my fully masked body zentai suit that opens through the legs, put my posture collar on, then put another full body suit on top of that (the one with the holes for the eyes and mouth) and use a padlock to secure the zippers into the buckle of the collar.  Since this was my first challenge, I'd then have to be fully enclosed for at least 8 hours.

I failed.  I only lasted about 20 minutes. I really don't even know why.  I only attribute it to the fact that I haven't had my arms secured behind my back for a long period in a while and I wasn't used to it.  Because when I released myself early, the gag was actually fine, which is where I thought I'd have the problem.  If my punishment for failure didn't involve locking the hooded suit over my face for several hours, I probably would have left it on!

Another challenge I gave myself involved wearing garments I owned to create outfits (compression wear and unitards, etc).  Doing a quick inventory, that meant:

3 compression tees 3 long sleeved compression tees 3 pairs compression shorts 2 pairs compression pants a sleeveless supplex biketard a sleeveless vinyl biketard a "masked" leotard zentai suit a "masked" zentai catsuit a hooded zentai catsuit a sleeveless, footed spandex catsuit a long sleeved, long-legged vinyl unitard a long sleeved, long-legged nylon unitard a sleeveless, stirrupped vinyl unitard a short-sleeve, boot-cut pleather unitard a short-sleeve, long-legged pleather unitard a long-sleeve, boot-cut supplex unitard a leg-entry hooded zentai catsuit a metal boned waist corset a plastic boned shoulder-strap corset a metal boned leather shoudler-strap corset 2 pair 5½" chunky heeled knee-high boots (Size 8 and 9)

I didn’t quite wear all of that but I came close! I saved the pleather boot-cut catsuit because I didn't want to ruin it trying to squeeze it on over all the layers and rip a zipper or seam.  Most of these fabrics can stretch, but I didn't want to have to yank as I was removing them. I have two pairs of boots because the size 8 is my regular size but I can wear size 9 if I have a lot of layers of things on my feet like socks and footed unitards, but this felt like I needed a size 10.  The boots were extremely snug. I left everything on for roughly a half hour or so before I had to remove it.  My movements were very limited and it was starting to get hotter.

One of the benefits to my wear-everything challenge is that so once I take off the pieces that's aren’t locked on, I feel less enclosed afterward with everything that is locked.  With multiple hooded catsuits, I could barely see through the layers.  Once I took everything off and only had one layer to look through, I felt like I had perfect vision again, and since it would be a while before I'd be unlocked, it's those little things that count.  It certainly made the next several hours a bit more bearable.

By the time hour 12 came by, I rushed to my computer and started to type in possible passwords because the collar was really getting to me.  It took about 300 attempts, but my methodical patterns finally allowed me to stumble upon the correct combination and let myself out.  I started removing my outfit but I honestly wanted to leave the corset on.  It was no big deal to me anymore and after about 12½ hours, that's saying something!  I was proud to finally start getting myself back into long-term corset wearing. But I took it off anyway because I didn't want to regret it later, and I was happy to finally be able to see perfectly again. My nose was really hurting too--that's one of the drawbacks to hoods and even the "masked" style.  I had to work on the next Saturday because of my missed workdays that week, so I wanted to make sure I got a good night's rest.

Before I went to bed, I started to think about other release methods for my cage.  And thought about ice.  I hadn't ever used ice for anything, really.  Instead of waiting for daylight to be able to read a combination lock, I can just use regular good ol' fashion padlocks to lock me in my cage.  And use ice to melt in order to release keys to set me free.  I've thought about how to get access to them once the keys "drop" or all other methods and could come up with no fool proof way to get the keys into the cage.  That's when I realized I could just have the keys with me all the time, frozen in a water bottle. Without thinking too much into the plans of how to get everything to work, I filled 3 20oz bottles with water, put my keys on a thread and hung them in the center of one of the bottles with a toothpick, and put them in the freezer.  I was a little worried that I had to take my keys off of the key ring in order for them to fit into the bottle, but hoped putting 3+ layers of thread around the holes in the keys would hold them together.  I didn’t want to risk losing any.

I also filled a 2-liter bottle with water and put that in the freezer.  The next day, when I came home from work, I took one of the empty 20oz bottles and the 2-liter bottle out of the freezer and put them on my counter to thaw so I could time how long it would take before I might be able to get my keys given each sized bottle I might decide.  There would be nothing worse than setting this up and using a 2-liter thinking they would thaw in 4 hours and it actually takes a day and a half or something. On the plus side, I'd even have a nice bottle of cold water to drink at all times, if needed!

So we'll see where this method goes!  But that's for another time. ;)

~Mrs. Locks~

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