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Self-bondage Adventures 3: Reclaiming the Cage

by Mrs. Locks

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Author's Note: The following is a previous account of true events I’ve discussed as posts and comments in the Gromet’s Plaza Forum. I have attempted to edit the content slightly to make it more readable in story-form. The following story is 100% true.
continued from part two

Self-bondage Adventures Part 3: Reclaiming the Cage

i. the discouragement

Bondage, for me, just isn't the same without a corset. A few months ago, my corset broke and after buying a few off-the-shelf corsets that didn't seem to fit right, I just couldn't get the same pleasure out of bondage with these lower quality ones and returned them. I tried buying other accessories to make up for the lack of constriction but it just wasn't the same. So I went a LONG time without doing much self-bondage or wearing my outfit at all.

My first purchase was more rope. I've had bondage rope, but I bought a LOT more--about 250 ft. worth in various thicknesses, lengths, and colors. I think I like blue the best. The most I've done so far with the rope is bind my legs together as I sleep. I started at my ankles with a 25ft length and then use a 50ft length around my knees, about 25ft above and 25ft below the knee. Then I secured my calves and thighs in separate lengths as well. It was the most rope I had on me at once and the marks it left when I removed it the next morning felt wonderful. Luckily, it wasn’t not quite into skirt season yet. ;)

My next purchase was another full body unitard. I had this one made of very tight vinyl in hopes that it would simulate the feel of a corset. It was sleeveless, collared, and zipped up the back. This was the first unitard I purchased that had a stirrup foot, though. My intention was to put on a pair of boots and the strap from the unitard that goes under my foot would actually go beneath the heel of the boots so that when I pull on the rest of the unitard, my boots would essentially be locked on. It was a good idea in theory, but it's just so tight, I wouldn't be able to pull the unitard on over the boot or slip it down over the heel without risk of ripping the unitard. I thought it was a good idea though!

The third item was a harness muzzle gag. I already own two harness gags, and I'm not that big of a fan of gags, but the muzzle gag style has always intrigued me. Instead of having a strap that goes underneath the chin, it had a longer strap that crossed under the chin and secured behind the neck, just below the ballgag strap. The muzzle seems to push the ball deeper into my mouth and even though it isn't a huge ball, it gets the job done a lot better than my previous gags. With the added security of straps going up over and down the sides of my head, it's not coming off very easily (especially with an optional padlock here or there!)

But even with all these new toys added to my collection, I never really started a true session. I'd try out a few things for an hour or so, but then just take them off and put them away. Even my cage has been unused for some time now. So I decided to revisit my old corset. I decided it didn't really appear to tear the fabric but a few of the seams were ripped so I took it to a local seamstress who confirmed that she would be able to fix it without much trouble or cost. A week later, and she gave me a call and told me my corset was ready. I swear, it looked brand new! She added a ribbon of reinforcement along the busk while sewing it back closed so hopefully it won't ever happen again.

This meant I could get excited about securing myself again! And then I could utilize these new toys and possibly start using the cage again. I wouldn’t lock myself in just yet, but getting used to sleeping in it again would be wonderful. My first session was planned for the very next weekend.

ii. the cage

I didn't sleep in the cage at all over the first few days like I thought I was going to. I just got stuck in old habits and routines. But one day when I got home from work, I decided I was finally going to have a little fun!

I started with the usual. I put on a long sleeve compression t-shirt, my long socks, and a pair of compression pants. Then came my newly repaired corset. It's a rigid boned waist cincher that goes from the top of my hips to just below my breasts. I wanted to be gentle with it and not break it on its first use so I put it on snug, but not too tight. Over this, I put on another long sleeve compression tee and another pair of socks (to make my boots more snug later on) and another pair of compression pants. Then came my next corset. This is a more stretchy corset with only a few rigid panels and shoulder straps. It goes from my waist line to above my breasts. I put this one on as snug as I could as I always do so that I had one uniform shape from my hips to my chest.

I was excited to try out the new unitard made of vinyl. I put one leg in and realized that after wearing it once quickly to try it out and then washing it did not loosen it up one bit. It went on VERY tight. Instead of just pulling it on and having to tug in a few places to line everything up and smooth it up, I actually had to grab handfuls of fabric and yank. It's tight and shiny black all the way down to its stirrup-foot. I slid my foot into one of the holes and allowed the strap to sit under the arch of my foot. I then duplicated the process on the other leg, which went a little more difficult because of my decreased mobility between my legs from the rest of the unitard. After a few minutes of yanking and tugging, I got the unitard pulled on all the way up to my waist. It’s sleeveless at least, so I put my arms into the holes and pulled the back zipper up to the neck. It felt wonderful. I've had a vinyl suit before, so I knew what I was getting myself into, but this felt tighter than any other I've worn before.

The next thing I put on was my posture collar. 4½" of molded leather and rubber. I secured the buckle in the back and moved onto my final unitard. This was a slightly lighter fabric than the vinyl but still tight. This one had short sleeves, a tall neck and boot-cut pant legs. I pulled it on and zipped it up the back to the neck which went over top of my collar. I then got my padlock and threaded it through the zipper pull and the posture collar buckle and clicked it closed to lock everything on.

The next thing I wanted to try out was my new muzzle harness gag. I put the ball in my mouth and adjusted the flap that was secured over top of it and buckled the strap behind my head. Not too tight, but enough to keep it secure. I've never been much of a fan of gags, really, especially with my posture collar. I then pulled the other straps up over my checks, between my eyes, and secured each of the ends of the Y strap to their buckles and pulled these tight. Next came the new strap I had never used before. Two straps come down from the chin and criss-cross in front of the neck and secure behind the neck. I pulled this one tight as well. I have to say, this one felt good. The added pull downward that you don't get from a traditional harness gag because the strap is too small really gives it a more secure feeling. That, and the way the straps buckle on top of the posture collar, I felt very securely held in place.

Next I went for my knee high boots. I pulled up the legs of my boot cut unitard and grabbed the first boot. These have a 5½" chunky heel. I put my foot in and the stirrup did a good job of holding the other unitard in place instead of riding up my leg. I zipped the boot closed and lowered the leg down over the boot and repeated for my other leg. This felt great so I went on the computer for a while and did some Internetting, paid a bill, and then set up a keyholding session.

I got out my lockbox, randomly set the combination, took a picture of the numbers, put the keys in, locked it and scrambled the numbers. I uploaded the picture and set a duration for 12 hours. I thought that was a bit long for my first time doing this in a while, but the choices were 6 hours or 12 hours, and 6 was far too short. I clicked "submit" and deleted the photo. I was now stuck in my outfit until 9am the next morning--when I had to be to work at 10am.

After another hour or so of browsing some bondage sites and then watching some TV, I decided it was time to get some sleep. And that was when realized I could utilize my cage again! I took my gag out because my jaw and teeth were hurting, toweled all the drool off my face--gross!--and went into my spare bedroom with a couple couch cushions and some pillows and a blanket. I don't know why I never used couch cushions in the past, I only used a few folded blankets, but the cushions worked great. Very comfy. I draped the cage in the layers of sheets I keep in the room to avoid any light entering my cage, climbed in and shut the door behind me, and worked the sheets to fall down in front of the door for complete darkness. Without putting much thought into it, I put my two combination locks on the two latches and clicked them closed. I was now stuck in the cage until morning when I could gradually pull at the sheets to let in sunlight so I could read the combinations and let myself out.

I curled up into a ball, got under my blanket and tried to sleep. A short time later, I noticed my first problem. I was losing feeling in my feet. So I decided it was from the boots and took them off and stretched my legs a bit. But another short while later, they did it again! I came to the conclusion that the new unitard was so tight that it was slightly cutting off circulation when I bent my knees. But I re-adjusted and found a more comfortable position. I had to re-adjust many times during the night for my feet and for my corset. I was starting to get uncomfortable from the squeezing of my torso. But I've been there before and dealt with it the best I could--there was no getting out of the cage.

Once I started to hear some neighboring cars start up, I realized it was morning so I gradually pulled at the sheets between the wire bars until I was able to pull them almost completely off. But not enough light was shining yet to be able to read the dial combination lock or the numbered lock. So I tossed and turned a bit more. I really wanted out of the cage because I didn't sleep much at all from all that repositioning. I tried to "crack" the numbered combination lock but the 4-dials had always been just a bit too much for me, unlike the simple 3-dial lock I’m good at. I can crack them if the combination is scrambled and I can see the numbers, but doing it completely blind has grown to be impossible for me. I started to try and find more ways out of the cage and found nothing that would work. I designed it this way, but I wanted OUT!

Eventually, light filled the room enough where I could read both locks and open the cage. Before I left, I zipped my boots back on. I was free! And that's when I saw I still had 3 hours to go before I would really be free. The website wouldn't be giving me my combination until 9am. So I went into my bedroom and put my muzzle harness gag back on and turned on my computer where I waited to be set free. I was happy with my experience overall, but I was slightly worried about the marks the long sleeved compression shirts would leave on my arms. I usually have at least a few hours before work to be let free for them to go away. But as soon as I could get my outfit off, I’d have to shower, do my hair and makeup, and immediately get dressed and go to work. So I made sure to wear a long sleeve blouse that day so nobody would notice the marks.

I didn’t think I'd ever get used to being completely helpless inside the cage... Not being able to do anything but wait for the Earth to slowly rotate until the sun shines through my window. But that surely didn’t mean I was going to stop locking myself in. I was already getting used to sleeping in the cage after a couple days. Even with my corset a bit tighter, I still managed to get some actual sleep. I was also able to keep my boots on the entire night, confirming that my new unitard was just too tight and that's what was causing the problems.

I made some modifications to my cage after a few nights. I guess you could say I decorated it. The night I pulled off the sheets that were draped over top, I felt so exposed in the cage waiting for the sun to come out to unlock myself. So I bought a white sheet and some more zipties. I draped the white sheet over the cage, got everything centered and lined up and got a hole punch and secured the sheet to the cage every few inches or so with a ziptie. I used 97 in total to make sure the sheet wasn't going anywhere. My cage became a small room with has walls on all sides. I didn't ziptie the front so I could get in and out, and there's just enough of the sheet hanging down to make it feel like another wall, but is easily moved when I open the door.

Finally, Friday came and the weekend was almost upon me but I had a long day at work and was feeling very mopey even though I knew the weekend was just about to begin. The stress at work got to me and all I wanted to do was go home and clear my thoughts. When I got home, I had a glass of wine, watched a little TV and decided to go to bed early. But I decided I still wanted the comfort of my cage so I put on my PJs, got a comforter and pillows and went to my guest bedroom, crawled in on top of the new padding I put in, closed the door and snapped the combination lock closed around the handle. I was curled up in darkness, and I felt at peace and slept like a baby through the night.

I was sure that I only wanted to sleep in the cage from that moment on.

~Mrs. Locks~

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