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Self-bondage Adventures 2: Caged

by Mrs. Locks

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Author's Note: The following is a previous account of true events I’ve discussed as posts and comments in the Gromet’s Plaza Forum. I have attempted to edit the content slightly to make it more readable in story-form. The following story is 100% true.
continued from part one

Self-bondage Adventures Part 2: Caged

i. the hunt

A friend of mine recently went on vacation and I was watching their dog for them. I realized very quickly that I was going to need a kennel, even though my friend said she wasn't very active at night and didn't need one. So I started looking online for one with full intention of just reselling it on eBay or Craig's List afterward. But of course, I got to thinking: why not just keep it and use it for fun? And if anybody asked, I could just say I never got around to selling it, or finding a buyer at a reasonable price! So I bought the first one I could find that looked like it could be easily locked.

It's one of the easy-assemble ones where you just unfold it, and the sides tilt up and hook into the top. I planned to put zip-ties in the corners so I won't be able to just unfold the cage while inside, and I used a pair of combination locks for the latch on the door. It has two handles that slide over and then fold down so I can easily just put a combination lock through the hoop on the handle and attach it to the side of the cage locking it, and the door, in place. I can do this when it starts to get dark out, so I have to wait all night until morning to be able to see the combination lock and let myself free!

With safety in mind, I was going to do a few test runs. Sleeping one night in the cage in just pajamas. Then the next night, I'd try the combination lock, but without locking the folding sides in (in case I needed to get out). Then the following night, in my corseted outfit. And if all went well, I'd combine them all and lock myself in for the night. But it looked a lot bigger from the outside. With my feet all the way to one end, I'm completely stuck in the fetal position, and my head is very awkwardly pushed to the side. I just simply didn't fit. I tested the latches and the locks and all that worked fine from the inside, but there's no way I could be in that position for multiple hours, let alone with a corset on, and possibly collar.

Despite it being a rather awkward situation, I returned the kennel and exchanged it for a new, slightly larger one. I used the excuse that I didn’t realize my friend’s dog was as big as it was. They let me exchange it without much of an issue. I pulled it into the house and set it up in my bedroom. But just looking at it, it looked far too HUGE. So I got discouraged, but it occurred to me that the last one looked bigger from the outside, too. And if the last one looked just right and was way too small, maybe one that looked way too big was just right? So I got in. And it's quite cozy, actually!

A bit excited, I got into my corseted outfit and put on some knee high boots (what I'd be wearing during the lock-up) and tried it again with blankets and a pillow. And I still fit fine! Not incredibly cramped like before, just the right amount of restricted movement. I have to back in, because once I'm in, I can't turn around. I might learn how once I'm locked in and have some time to play but for now, just backing in and closing the door and laying down feels good!

After making sure that all worked, I relocated the cage to my spare bedroom so I'd feel even more secluded and put the zip-ties on all the anchor points so that there was no way to open it other than through the door. Then I put a padlock on my outfit and set up another online keyholder timer for 6 hours. Now I was stuck in the outfit for a little while. That night, I planned on going to sleep in the unlocked cage while in the outfit, until either 6 hours has gone by or until I wake up, if I actually sleep through the night.

I made a vow to sleep in the cage every single night for the rest of the week to get used to it until the weekend comes, and then I was going to lock myself away with the combination locks so that I absolutely could not escape until daylight shines through the window enough for me to see the locks so I can free myself.

ii. the conditioning

On the very first night, I believe I went too far too soon. I was fully corseted, booted, and collared. I set my keyholder to let me out of the outfit around 2am, and by that time I certainly was needing out. It had been a while since I had had been in any sort of outfit like that and my back, hips, ribs, and toes were aching. I slept only a little bit in my outfit, but after it was 2am and I could release myself, I got immediately undressed and went back in with my pajamas for the rest of the night and slept right through until the alarm went off in the morning.

One thing I noticed during the night is that it's very strange to be in a dark room while in a cage. You don't quite get the feeling of enclosure you'd expect since you can just still sortof see the room. So I had to take a large blanket and drape it over the cage so it felt like a tiny room. I felt like this is necessary to get any enjoyment or cozy feeling at all out of the cage, and it didn’t seem to affect the light enough to interfere with the combination lock in the daytime.

So the next night, I went a little bit lighter. No boots, no collar, and not as much apparel to my outfit. This time, it was only my basic corseted outfit: a layer of compression, my heavy-boned corset, another layer of compression, my overbust "stretchy" corset, another layer of compression, and then a biketard locked on. I set my keyholder to end up letting me out around 6am since it was a little easier of an outfit. I admit, I actually slept pretty well but there were some definite moments of tossing and turning because I've come to realize having just a few blankets on such a hard surface in the cage is bruising my hips because I'm laying on my side. More padding, blankets, or even a crib mattress in there was definitely going to have to be added.

There were some times when I was awake that I tried to have a little fun with my normal challenges. Nothing extreme like having punishments and time limits, but just seeing how different positions worked while inside a cage. Like putting my arms behind my back with belts, and tying my wrists together and attaching them to the cage at certain places.

The one thing I did experiment with one night was locking the door. It turns out the latches can easily be locked closed. They have large levers that fold down, and the tips of the levers fold right on a spot where the bars of the cage intersect, so if I put a lock right there, there's no way to open that latch. So I tried a luggage combination lock that I have that’s easy to crack open without seeing the combination. It has 3 sets of numbers that turn so you just pull constantly on the hasp and rotate the numbers until they click and it's open! I've become very familiar with this lock that I can scramble the combination and lock it and then just "feel" my way out pretty quickly. But some combinations are easier to unlock than others, depending on the positions the numbers fall when scrambling. But for whatever reason, last night, it took me nearly 20 minutes to crack the lock.

I had locked it on about half way through the night, and a couple hours later, I decided I was going to release myself from the cage to put a catsuit on over my outfit but when I tried the lock, I just couldn't solve it! I'd rotate one until I felt what I thought was the click, then I'd turn the next, and the next, but it wouldn't open. I tried again and again. But I did finally get it off, and I reset the combination to a number I know is easier to solve so the next time I do that, I won't have the bad luck of having a random tricky one. I apparently tried so hard that upon examination the next morning, I realized I had actually formed a blister on my finger from putting constant pressure on the lock, so I never wanted to have to get stuck like that again.

When morning came, I kept checking the amount of brightness with the blanket and how much of the lock I could actually see, but by the time my alarm went off, it still wasn't bright enough to see. So I decided that there was no way I was going to use the combination lock on a night when I have to go to work the next day.

Over the next few nights, I wore corsets, my outfit, collar, boots, etc, almost full time while I was home. But I was afraid I’d get too used to it, that by the time the weekend came, it wouldn’t even be a challenge, so I took a night off from the restriction. I still slept in the cage, but wore only my pajamas. It was an experiment just to see if a full night's sleep is possible. I added a couple extra blankets to help with any potential bruising, and I slept like a baby.

iii. the night

After sleeping in my cage every single night that week, the weekend had finally come so that I could REALLY lock myself in. The first thing I did when I got home from work was put on my full outfit: a pair of thick knee high socks, a long sleeve compression t-shirt and compression pants. I put on my metal boned underbust corset. I laced it as tight as I possibly dared and followed it with a short sleeve compression t-shirt and compression shorts to smoothen out and hide the laces from the corset. I then put on my overbust corset with shoulder straps and laced that as far as it would go. Then I put on my vinyl biketard that goes from mid-thigh to my shoulders and zipped the back closed. I put on one more long-sleeved t-shirt and compression pant to make somewhat of a catsuit as I put on the final piece: another biketard made of tight cotton-like, but still stretchy, supplex. I zipped the back and then put on a posture collar and threaded a padlock through the zipper pull and buckle of the collar and clicked it closed. I then put on a pair of 5½" knee-high boots and went to my computer to set my keyholder session.

I scrambled the combination on my lockbox, put the keys to the padlock inside and blindly took a picture of the correct combination. I snapped the lockbox shut and scrambled the dials again. I went to the keyholder website and uploaded the photo. I usually just set the timer at a fixed duration so I can just come back at that time and get my photo. But this time, I made use of all the "random" features of the site. I set the starting duration to random and set it so the website would pick a random duration to keep me locked from 0 to 18 hours. I set the minimum required time before I could type in a keyword to 18 hours, so that no matter what the total duration is, I can still get out with the keyword after 18 hours. I started the session and then deleted the photo from my camera. The website now had complete control over when I could release myself from my corsets, compression-wear, and posture collar.

The next thing I did was added a random extension to the duration. This will add a random amount of time to your remaining time, up to twice the total current time left. So I could now have a duration of anywhere up to 36 hours! I made it so that I have no idea what my remaining time is if I were to check it. But I could at least type in the keyword after 18 hours had passed. However, I used the same script I had created before, which creates a keyword from "pleaseletmeout" omitting one letter and then capitalizing two others. So there were over 2,700 possible keywords. So I’d really have to work to be able to let myself out before the scheduled time.

I started the session at 6pm, so I was stuck until the next day at noon at the very earliest. The worst case scenario being 6am the following day. And I had no idea when I'd be able to release myself. The good news is that I was locked in my cage for most of the night anyway, so even if I could release myself, I'd have no access to the keys.

I was a little bit nervous because I've never relied on the sun 100% in order to release myself from anything. I opened my blinds all the way to let in as much light as possible and I removed all blankets from the outside of the cage, and replaced them with a single white sheet so that I still feel enclosed, but the white will let through as much light as possible. I used a locker-style combination lock on both of latches so they cannot be moved in order to open the cage. It is very dark in this room at night so I would need to wait until sunrise so that it is bright enough to read the combination on the back of each of the locks and then the dials on the front to release myself. All other joints of the cage were secured with zip-ties so there was absolutely no way out of the cage until the sun lights up the room enough to read the combinations.

I had no watches, no phones, no flashlights, no TVs, books, or anything but I did bring some toys in with me. I had no timer to judge lengths of times for any potential challenges for myself and I didn’t know how else I could really punish myself, but I brought in some rope so I can try to get creative.

I played a few games like tying my legs together and using slightly elastic belts to hold my arms together behind my back. I found a position that I could successfully be hogtied in and dared myself to stay in that position for as long as I could. I didn't have any punishment planned, but it still felt great when my limbs started to lose feeling, and that rush when the blood starts to circulate again after releasing myself.

Everything went off without a hitch. Using the sunlight was a piece of cake in the morning. Once I was able to read the numbers on the dial, I was able to open the locks and free myself. Having no clocks or timers of any kind was extremely frustrating--in a good way. I kept trying to peek out from under the sheet over my cage to see how bright it was outside, having no idea how much longer I had.

When I got out of the cage, I went to the keyholder site even though it was well before my 18 hours was up, but it already said my duration was up. Apparently the initially randomized duration wasn’t very long, so when I doubled that, it still wasn’t even close to 18 hours. So I just randomly extended the time again, not that I’d be getting out any time soon anyway.

I ended up being locked in my outfit for about 19 hours total. I could have gone much longer, but it's always the posture collar that gets me. After so long I just can't stand it anymore and need it off. Even after I removed the collar and outfit and took a shower in the early afternoon, I immediately started to put the outfit back on. It’s as though that’s all my life has become at home lately.

~Mrs. Locks~

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