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by Mrs. Locks

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Author's Note:  The following is a previous account of true events I’ve discussed as posts and comments in the Gromet’s Plaza Forum.  I have attempted to edit the content slightly to make it more readable in story-form. The following story is 100% true.


Self-bondage Adventures Part 1: Keyholding

i. the background

Before I begin, I’d like to give a little background information about my self-“bondage” habits. I put bondage in quotes because I like it a little different than the ordinary. I like to put on corsets among layers of tight compression-wear, and then lock it all on with a padlock through the zipper of a unitard/catsuit.

This usually consists of a compression tee, a tight sport shirt by UnderArmor, and a pair of compression shorts or pants.  Over this, I’ll put on a metal boned waist cincher that goes from the top of my hips to just below my breasts.  I try to cinch this as tight as I can but still loose enough so that I know I can endure long periods of time with it on, too tight can cause severe discomfort fast.  Next, I’ll put on another layer of compression tee and compression shorts followed by another corset.  This one is a less serious overbust corset with shoulder straps that covers from above my breasts to just below my waist.  The material stretches a bit, but the boning holds me fairly secure from top to bottom.  Over top of this, I’ll add a biketard or unitard that has a zipper up the back and then loop a padlock through small holes next to the zipper to lock the zipper in its highest position so that I cannot remove anything beneath it.  This is my basic outfit that I use for most of my adventures, adding more to it depending on the situation.

While I’m locked in, which is typically for several hours, I’ll give myself challenges to do which determines whether or not to add more difficulty to my session.  For example, I’ll put in a ballgag and give myself a requirement of 30 minutes and if I remove the ballgag before the time is up, my punishment will be to add a posture collar and lock it on so that I can’t remove it until I get my keys released to me.

ii. the website

I've been playing with a keyholder service as my release system.  If you're not sure how a keyholder service works, it's a site usually designed for chastity wearers to be locked in for long periods of time without needing a human keyholder.  You buy a resettable lockbox at a hardware store, put the keys in, scramble the combination and take a picture of it without looking, upload the photo to the website and then delete the photo from your camera.  The website then holds the photo until a set amount of time passes for it to send the photo back to you, then and ONLY then can you be set free.  Only I use the website to hold the keys to the padlock which keeps me in my outfit. Over the past weekend, I had been keeping myself locked up for 6 hour stretches at a time. After I'd be released, I'd spend a bit of time relaxing, but then jump right back in again.

The website has a feature where you can enter an "emergency keyword", and it will let you out immediately instead of having to wait for the full timer to run out, as long as your “Do Not Release Before” minimum required duration was fulfilled. During every session, I'd set the "Do Not Release Before" at 6 hours, so I knew exactly when I could enter the password to get out. So it wouldn't matter what my actual duration was set at, but I'd ALWAYS set my total duration for a longer period, so I'd be forced to enter the keyword instead of it just giving me my combination photo at 6 hours and releasing me.  I added a bit of a challenge and made the keyword "PleaseLetMeOut", but I made a script to randomly delete one of the letters.  So the keyword could be 'PleaseLeMeOut", or any other variation of the phrase.  So it at least would be a minor bit of a challenge to even get the keyword.

Anyway.  I was setting up the parameters of my session, and I set everything to 6 hours, planning to set the actual duration to 12 hours, so that if I couldn't actually figure out which of the 14 letters of my phrase was omitted, I'd at least be released in 12 hours.  But you get unlimited guesses if you don’t set a penalty for entering a wrong keyword, so I figured I’d be out in my usual 6 hours anyway since 14 tries is hardly challenging.  I set the session, locked away the keys, and deleted the photo.  I was now in my secured outfit for the next 6 hours. Once the session started, I went to check my remaining total duration and it said 5 hours, and 59 minutes remaining, so I assumed after I set everything to 6 hours, I forgot to change the total duration time to 12 hours.  So I clicked on "Extend Duration at random" a couple of times.  This will increase the total duration by any amount from 0 up to the current total duration.  I was now at 18+ hours remaining. Although that’s a very long time, I didn't panic, because I knew my "Do Not Release Before" time was 6 hours and at that point, I could just start fumbling with the keyword, which would take no time at all to decode.  So I went about my business, doing my little challenges and such while secured.

During this session, I figured I'd catch up on some TV I had missed recently, and my challenges during each episode I watched were different.  I'd tuck my legs underneath me on my office chair and secure them that way with belts or rope for one episode, I'd use elastic belts to keep my arms secured behind my back on another... and I'd enforce penalties if I got myself out of the positions before the episode finished.  I mostly succeeded in completing all the challenges, even a harness ballgag for an entire episode.  I’m a bit proud of that one since I don't seem to handle gags very well. However, during a different episode, I had my knee high boots on while sitting in the chair on top of my legs and couldn't stand the pressure of parts of the boots digging into my legs so I had to release myself early.  The punishment I decided for myself was to put on a full body hooded zentai catsuit (the kind you can see through), and lock it on with a posture collar over it.  I only had a few hours until my 6 hour mark was up, so it wouldn’t be long.

I passed my remaining challenge and decided to take a nap until the 6 hours was up.  Attempting to sleep in a corset has always been somewhat difficult for me, but I zoned out enough to get some rest until my time was up.  I went back to the computer to start attempting the keyword, but I got an error message that the "Do Not Release Before time has not completed”.  I looked at my current duration and it was over 6 hours, so I tried again.  "Do Not Release Before time has not completed”.  And that's when it hit me:  When I was setting up the session, instead of changing the total duration to 12 hours, I must have set the "Do Not Release Before" time to 12 hours, and that's why my duration was at 6 hours when I started.  This meant I was stuck for at least 6 additional hours!  I was corseted, squeezed by layers of compression-wear, fully catsuited with a posture collar, completely sealed in for 6 more hours.  This would keep me completely locked up until about 3am and I had to work the next day!  But what could I do?  I was at the mercy of the website.

I sucked it up and spent the next 6 hours secured how I was.  I slept in and out, watched some TV, I just tried to pass the time.  When finally 3am came and I went to check the site.  It said I had 6+ hours remaining, but I could at least finally try the keyword to let myself out this time, as my minimum required time had finally expired.  It took me 4 attempts and typing in the keyword (I believe it was "PleaseLetMOut"). And it showed me my photo of the combination to my lockbox.  I opened it up, took out my keys, and took off my posture collar and zentai catsuit.  The pressure on my nose from the suit pushing down on it constantly for hours released and made me sneeze, which immediately reminded me of my corset I was wearing underneath and had an idea.  I had already done 12 hours; 6 hours longer than originally planned.  I didn't have to work until 9am.  So before I could change my mind, I put the keys back in the lockbox, set the duration to 4 hours, and submitted a new combination picture.  What's another 4 hours, anyway?  I was more comfortable in comparison now that the posture collar was removed so I was getting quite used to the corset outfit and surprisingly slept like a stone until my alarm woke me up at the usual time of 7am.

I went to the computer, I unlocked myself from everything, took a shower, did my hair, got dressed and went to work. I was locked way for 16 hours when it was only meant to be 6, but it felt great.  The experience made me long for my adventures months ago when I would plan for days or weeks in advance on how to secure myself for a long haul. I think next weekend just might be the time to try.

iii. the setup

The weekend came and I got myself into my “base outfit” and locked it on. I added to it with a pair of thick knee-high socks I usually wear with boots. My next step was a sleeveless spandex unitard that covers me from my feet, covering my socks, all the way up to my neck.  The spandex is a little loose compared to the compression clothing so I added another compression t-shirt/short combination.  This smooths the unitard out, but I never like the "seam" that forms by the top of the shorts or pants at the waist, so on top of this, I add a biketard made of stiffer vinyl.  I then add a full unitard with boot-cut legs and long sleeves.  This one is made of supplex, a thicker spandex that has more of a cotton feel.  It stretches like spandex, but holds tight and is very soft.  Happy with the way I look, I put another padlock on the zipper pull of this unitard. There was now no way I'm getting out of my layered outfit, covered from toe to neck with corsets and tight compression clothing.

Completely locked into my outfit until I could get my keys to release me, I remembered that I haven't actually done anything with my keys yet.  I usually lock up the keys before I get ready but I wanted to maximize my session time. So I put them in my lockbox, reset and scramble the combination, put the keys into the box, took a photo of the set combination without looking, and scrambled the numbers again.  I uploaded the photo to my keyholder service and then deleted the picture from my camera.  I was now under the whim of the website.

When setting up my duration, I really wanted to do a 24 hour session, but the last time I tried 24 hours, I couldn't take it anymore after a time and had to let myself out early using my backup:  I put all of the spare keys to my padlocks into a hole cut into a tennis ball and hid the ball behind a big rock down an abandoned and closed road about 45 miles away.  Any time I need a backup method to release my outfit, I have to drive almost an hour to this location to let myself free.  That’s what I love the most about my method of bondage is that I’m still mobile, yet still so secure.

But I was determined this time, and set my duration to 24 hours, but I also set up the minimum time as 18 hours.  This way, after 18 hours, I still have a chance to get out using a keyword.  Just like last time, I made the keyword "pleaseletmeout".  But I edited my script this time and instead of it only deleting a single letter at random, I also have two capital letters picked at random, since it's a case-sensitive keyword.  My previous method with 14 possible combinations could be figured out in seconds. And I assumed adding only one capital letter would likely make it so it would take about 5 minutes to find the correct keyword (182 combinations).  So with two capital letters, and one letter omitted, that gives 2,366 possible combinations to have to try!  Now that’s a challenge of worth if I ever want to get out early. Once my 18 hours is up, the only way I could get out is if I tried to type the correct keyword out of all those combinations.  If I gave up, I could drive out to my backup key location, which would involve going outside in my outfit during the day, and I'm absolutely petrified of having my neighbors find out what I do.  It's not obvious I'm in an outfit the way I am, but you can tell something's different, and I might get stares which, in my mind, would get them suspicious enough to want to call out and talk to me, and then I'd really be in trouble.

I was really shooting for that 24 hours.  I had no plans at all to even try the keywords after 18 hours unless I REALLY had to get out.  Only if I failed at the keywords will I have to wait until my 24 hour mark, but I was going to try to prolong it as much as I could.

iv. the day

I spent the day locked in my outfit, sometimes adding on more to it, like my favorite--a seamless hooded catsuit that zips through the legs, and sometimes adding some real bondage, like the belts I use to secure my arms behind my back.  I spent the majority of the night in my 5½" knee-high boots.  I made sure I had my thick socks secured under my outfit for this very purpose, as the socks made the boots very snug and it makes them feel like an extension of my body, and not just something I'm wearing. But sleeping proved to be difficult, as always.  I was really hoping to be past that part and be able to sleep through the night in my corseted outfit, but I could never manage more than about 45 minutes at a time.  If sleeping pills actually worked on me, I might try that route.

Anyway, I had a moment of weakness overnight at about 3am where I wanted to get out.  The urge to urinate was growing, though it wasn't an emergency, and I just haven't done this long of a duration in quite a while so I guess I just wasn't used to it and I wanted out.  I got myself covered up in regular clothes, put on a pair of sneakers and went to the door to start my drive to get my backup set of keys.  But as I stood in my doorway, I asked myself why I was doing that.  I had already come about 14 hours, what's 4 more? I wasn't in pain, just discomfort.  There was no reason to back out now.  So, feeling like I had failed a test, I took off my clothes, put my boots back on and this time locked them on with ankle cuffs (but not together), and put on my posture collar and locked it on as well as a punishment.  This forced me to stay inside because even though it was 3am, I wasn't going outside like that where someone might see.

So I waited until the 18 hour mark.  I actually managed to get a couple more naps in, and even a few more play sessions.  I've been trying to find a place in my house that I can set up like a small "cage" of sorts.  I have a small closet in the hallway, but it's a little too small to really do anything in.  I want to be able to find a place I can feel enclosed, kneeling or squatting on the floor.  I settled for the large walk-in closet in my bedroom.  I simply moved the dresser out a couple feet and snuck in behind it, used my belts to keep my arms behind my back, and stayed like that until I couldn't feel my hands anymore.  It wasn't really that perfect of an experience, though.  There was still lots of room in front and behind me.  I wish it weren't weird to actually build some kind of room or I might actually do that if I had the skills.

Eventually the 18 hour mark came. I had worn my posture collar for long periods before, but the 4 hours I was in it this time and added to the ache my feet were starting to feel from the boots and the long time I was in my corset, I really wanted out.  There was no way I was going to make it to 24 hours.  The discomfort was growing more and more.

I went to my keyholder website so I could start attempting passwords.  It felt like I might have it in no time.  My plan was to start with "PLeaseletmeout", removing one letter at a time, then "PlEaseletmeout", the same way, and work my way to "pleasemetmeoUT".  It might take 30-40 minutes, but I thought if I was methodical about it, I'd get it.  But to my surprise, when I clicked on "Get Release Picture", it did not take me to the page where I have to enter a keyword, but gave me my release picture immediately instead.  I must have messed up the settings AGAIN and had my starting duration at 18 hours instead of 24 hours.  I know I had "Do not release before" at 18 hours, but I guess I accidentally only set the maximum duration at 24 hours instead of the starting duration.  I was a little bit disappointed that I didn't have to feel the slight panic that might have grown as I attempted password after password, but the relief overshadowed the disappointment.  I immediately grabbed my lockbox, entered the combination and got my keys.

I undressed completely and stood in front of my bathroom mirror looking at myself.  I had "seam marks" down my sides from the compression t-shirt and pants and you could see all the boning lines from my corset.  My hair was in disarray from pulling off the clothing over my head and it laid over my shoulders in a wavy mess, but barely hiding my neck, which was red all the way around from the collar.  My breasts were loving their new freedom and my nipples started to stiffen as the cool air hit them for the first time in so many hours. Just standing straight up was somewhat difficult as I was off-balance from the lack of heels--I kept wanting to fall backward and I felt short. My toes and feet hurt as blood began to circulate more freely through them.

I looked used and abused. And I loved it.  I took care of some “business”, and then took a hot bath.  When I got out, I towel dried myself, put on my harness ball gag, and got into a full body catsuit.  I got a pair of handcuffs and locked my hands behind my back and went to bed.  I was so tired, I actually slept for about 3 hours, gag and all.

~Mrs. Locks~

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