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Sandy’s Bondage Adventures 2

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; caught; F/f; bond; rope; straps; gag; tease; nipple; oral; strapon; climax; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part Two

"There. How's that?"

For a moment, Sandy simply gazed up at Caroline, wishing she could actually reply to that question. Instead, she could only glare at her friend.

It seemed only moments since Caroline had found her, helpless in a self bondage session gone seriously wrong. In those moments, Caroline had taken it upon herself to, as she said, "improve your situation." Sandy snorted to herself. This was an improvement?

Instead of releasing her, Caroline had slipped one hand between Sandy's thighs. Already highly aroused, it had taken no time before Sandy, on the promise of an orgasm, had gasped out the hiding place of her bondage toys. It had taken only slightly longer for Caroline to put some of those toys to use.

At least I can think straight, Sandy told herself. Before, she'd been so lost in a fog of need that she hadn't been able to resist. Now, of course, it was way too late.

Now she lay on her coffee table, a length of rope tight around her waist to hold her in place. More rope, from her wrists to the corners of the table, held her arms stretched down her sides. She lay bent at the waist, more rope stretching from just above her knees to the table corners over her head, holding her knees high and wide. Grunting around the gag filling her mouth, she waved her feet helplessly as she watched Caroline remove her own clothing.

"I've always wanted to try bondage," Caroline said casually, reaching down and running one finger along the cleft between Sandy's thighs. In spite of herself, Sandy moaned softly. "I've also wanted to try you."

Sandy's eyes widened, a single questioning grunt escaping from behind her gag. Caroline smiled. "Yes," she said softly, "you. I've never been with a woman before. Never wanted to, really. But you have a way of making me think the most delightfully wicked thoughts. I've always wanted you. And now, thanks to you, I get to have you."

Sandy could only stare at her friend. Caroline was, she admitted to herself, the most beautiful woman she'd ever known. Still, Sandy had always considered herself to be completely straight, at least as far as the gender of her partners was concerned. Now, it seemed, she had little choice but to experience something she'd never seriously considered before.

Caroline stroked just a bit harder, causing Sandy's thoughts to fragment. She was still desperately horny, and Caroline's touch was only making things worse. Her soft moans resumed, growing slightly louder when Caroline leaned forward and took one hard nipple between her lips.

Caroline, her upper body twisted to stretch between Sandy's helplessly spread knees, took several long moments to suck on Sandy's nipples, alternating from one to the other. Finally, she raised her head, only to realize there was a slight problem.

Most of Sandy's body was immobilized, helpless. Her feet, however, were unbound. Those feet now rested against Caroline's back, doing their best to hold her in place with her mouth at Sandy's breasts. Smiling, she slipped down along Sandy's body, sliding beneath her feet as the bound woman moaned her disappointment.

"Like that, did you?" Still moaning, Sandy nodded. "Well, you should love this." Caroline dropped to her knees at the end of the table, sliding up until her mouth brushed the juncture of Sandy's thighs. Extending her tongue, she gave one slow, deliberate lick.

As if of their own volition, Sandy's feet dropped, her heels coming to rest against the back of Caroline's head, pressing her face firmly against Sandy's mound. Caroline obliged, spearing her tongue deep within her helpless friend. Sandy's body jumped, her feet pressing even more firmly against her friend's head.

For long moments, Caroline worked her tongue within her friend. When she finally withdrew, once again sliding from beneath Sandy's feet, the bound woman could only writhe and moan in helpless disappointment. Standing, Caroline smiled down.

"It would seem," she said, "that I've left you too much freedom." Still smiling, Caroline took up a leather strap, bending Sandy's left knee and strapping it in place with her heel pressed firmly against her ass. Sandy's right leg was quickly bound as well.

"There," she said, watching her friend writhe helplessly, "that should do it. Now, would you like some more?"

In response, Sandy rocked her hips, nearly the only motion she was still capable of. Her moans, much louder than before, took on a pleading tone.

"Very well," Caroline said teasingly, "if you insist." Once again, her head slipped between Sandy's thighs. This time, however, her tongue moved faster, driving into her helpless friend, then flicking the hard bud of her clit. Over and over her tongue drove deep. Finally, Sandy's body tensed, straining at her bonds as she rode the crest of a huge orgasm.

Sandy was amazed. Never had she cum so hard, or so long. It seemed this orgasm would never end. Not that she wanted it to. It felt so glorious, she almost wished it would go on forever. Slowly, the sensation faded, finally leaving her limp in her bonds.

"Enjoy that?" Eyes closed, Sandy could only nod weakly, her body nearly spent from the force of what she had just felt. "Good. In that case, it's my turn."

Sandy's eyes opened wide, watching as Caroline buckled a strap on around her waist. Now where had that come from, she wondered. Seeing the puzzlement in her eyes, Caroline laughed softly.

"I told you," she said softly, moving to place herself once more between her friend's helplessly spread thighs, "that I've always wanted you. I've had this in my purse for months now, just dreaming of a chance to use it on you."

Sandy closed her eyes, feeling the tip of the strap on touch, then push inside her. In spite of the massive orgasm she'd just experienced, she could feel her arousal begin to grow once more. This, she thought as her friend filled her, is not what I had in mind.

It's better.

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