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Sandy’s Bondage Adventures

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; cuffs; ice; gag; stuck; caught; F/f; hum; tease; breast; cons/reluct; X

It had been a long week, but, finally, the weekend had arrived. Time to put her plans into action. Smiling at the thought, Sandy let herself into her apartment, locking the door behind her. Moving to the kitchen, she checked the first item.

Earlier, she had taken a pair of 2 liter soda bottles and cut the bottoms off of both. After forcing the open bottom of one bottle slightly into the other, she had used glue and waterproof tape to form a hopefully water tight seal. Next, she had taken a length of rope, cutting into the center until only a few strands remained. The rope was fed through the joined bottles until the cut section was in the center. Using wax and more tape, she had sealed one end, then filled the bottles with water. More wax and tape sealed the other end, and the whole thing was put into the freezer.

Now, opening the freezer, Sandy smiled at the result. The rope, stretched within the bottles by the seals at each end, was now frozen within a solid block of ice. Taking the frozen bottles with her, she moved to her spare bedroom.

Once inside, Sandy checked her padlocks, making sure all were open, before placing the keys inside a metal box on the floor. Closing the box, she carefully secured the double latches. Before proceeding to the next step, she quickly stripped, folding her clothes and setting them well away from the box. Taking up the frozen bottle, she tied one end of the rope to an eye bolt secured to the wall behind the box. The other end of the rope was fed through the center chain on a pair of handcuffs, then carefully knotted into place.

Sitting on the box, Sandy wrapped leather cuffs around her ankles. Using one of her padlocks, she attached a chain to one cuff, running the chain through an eye bolt set into the floor and locking the other end to the cuff on her other ankle. A penis gag found its way into her mouth, straps securely buckled to hold it in place.

Now for the tough part. Twisting, Sandy stretched until she could grasp the cuffs. Facing forward and stretching her arms behind her, she was able, barely, to secure the cuffs around her wrists.

Carefully, then with more force, she tugged at her cuffs. The rope, frozen solid within the joined bottles, held firm, forcing her to sit with her arms stretched slightly behind her. With her ankles secured to the floor, her only real choice now was to wait.

Smiling around her gag, Sandy complimented herself on her planning. Naked, helpless, there was nothing she could do now but wait for the ice to melt, freeing the cut section of the rope. Once that happened, a single, sharp tug should part the remaining strands, allowing her to slide from the box, which she could then open to get the keys.

Closing her eyes, Sandy relaxed in her bonds, her mind slipping easily into fantasy. Throwing herself into the part of the helpless captive, she tugged at her bonds, moaning into her gag as the helplessness and vulnerability of her situation ignited, then fueled, her arousal. Quickly, she found herself wishing she'd included a vibrator in her plans.

Lost in her fantasies, Sandy had no idea how much time had passed before, looking over her shoulder, she realized that all the ice had melted. Facing forward, she set herself, then tugged sharply, eyes widening when the rope failed to part.

Frowning, she tugged again, with the same result. In spite of her careful planning, the rope stubbornly refused to part. With increasing desperation, she tugged repeatedly at the rope, before slumping into defeat.

Carefully, she considered her options. She could try sliding the box back until she could reach the latches. Shaking her head, she discarded that thought. Even if she managed to slide the heavy box far enough, raising the lid would only lift the rope, drawing her wrists higher and making it impossible to reach inside. Sliding the box sideways would only put it out of her limited reach. Frustrated, Sandy resumed tugging at her bonds, only to freeze at the sound of her front door opening.

"Sandy? You home? I brought the popcorn!"

Oh no, Caroline! As a final safety measure, Sandy had invited her friend over to watch movies. Of course, she'd expected to be free well before Caroline arrived. Now, she could only sit helplessly, hoping Caroline would find her, but also dreading that moment.

"Ok, I know you're here," she heard Caroline say. "Your purse is by the door. Now, where are you?" Sandy heard her bedroom door open, followed by a knock and the sound of a door as Caroline checked the bathroom. Only one door remained, and Sandy's eyes were locked on it as it slowly swung open.

"Oh my!" Blushing furiously, Sandy closed her eyes as Caroline moved toward her. She felt a slight pull on her wrists, tugging sharply in a final, hopeless bid for freedom.

"This was no robber," she heard. "A robber would never do anything so elaborate. You must have done this to yourself. Am I right?" Still blushing, Sandy nodded slowly. At another tug on her wrists, Sandy opened her eyes, twisting her head to see Caroline examining the bottles.

"Hmmm," her friend commented, "I could be wrong, but I don't think you cut the rope enough. That was the plan wasn't it?" Sandy nodded. "Good plan. Fortunately for you, it didn't work."

Sandy's eyes widened. Fortunately? What could she mean by that? Puzzled, she watched as Caroline moved in front of her, then squatted.

"You enjoy being helpless?" Blushing, Sandy nodded, watching as a slow smile crept across her friend's face.

"In that case...." Gently, Caroline cupped one of Sandy's breasts in her hand. Surprised by how good it felt, Sandy moaned softly. "In that case," Caroline said again, "why don't we just forget the movies. I'm sure we can find something much more interesting to do."

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