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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 14

by Hagster

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© Copyright 2005 - Hagster - Used by permission

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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage by Hagster
Chapter Twenty-Eight - A Quiet Little Hide-Away

Hello, again, Sammy Joe here!  I was beginning to feel unappreciated and abandoned down there in that dank, dark cellar.  The thunderbolts from the approaching storm caused the walls and floor to almost imperceptibly shake with the violence of all that energy striking the ground with such focused intensity.  Then I saw my two friends descend into the cellar and walk toward one of the upright supports near me setting down a couple of bags. 

Poor Trish was, for all intents and purposes, naked wearing only a leather collar locked to a long chain that Kristen was using as a leash, a six inch leather bondage belt, and Granny-type knee-high leather boots, the kind that lace up all the way and flare out at the top… very sexy, I must say!   And the poor, young thing had a shiny pair of chrome-plated shackles locked onto her leather-clad ankles with another chain running from the center of the connecting chain and locked onto a D-ring at the front of her belt.  The arrangement succeeded in hobbling her walking movements and the cuffs prevented her from removing the four-inch heeled boots.  She looked so cute and hot in her outfit. 

Kristen tugged on the chain/leash and coaxed Trish over to the wall opposite from the stairs and to my right side, then locked the end of the chain around the farthest rafter.  Kristen gently caressed Trish’s face, whispered into her ear, and kissed her on the cheek.  She then twisted around and turned her attention to me.

“Well, Sam,” she smirked at me, “what are you grinning about, huh?”  She walked behind me and raked her fingernails across the small of my back.  Oh Shit, she had found that sensitive, secret place.  My entire body quivered and shuddered at the brief touch.  I couldn’t see her face, but heard a “hhmmm” and felt her fingers trace across my flesh until she found the spot once more.  I convulsed again.  I couldn’t help it!  My body was betraying me.  I managed to catch a glimpse out of the corner of my eye at Trish and noticed a quizzical expression on her face as I squirmed and shook during the onslaught.  Kristen chuckled under her breath and leaned into my ear.  “Interesting that I never noticed this before, don’t you think?”  She paused momentarily, then added, “You were wise to keep this a secret.  Just think how the wrong person could exploit this knowledge!”  She sneered at me and kissed my ear as she walked to the stairs.  I stretched myself and regained my composure as she ascended through the ceiling.  “Don’t forget about dinner!  See you two later.  I’ll lock up as I leave.  Toodles!”  The trap door closed behind her as she left for work.

The cellar echoed strangely as Trish began to speak.  “Well, I guess we’re alone now.”  She walked toward me.  It appeared the chain at her neck would allow her to reach me with room to spare, but not the stairs.  It looked as though neither of us was going anywhere soon.  “So, what shall we do?  Any ideas?”

I shook my head as if to play stupid.  Maybe I wasn’t playing, though, as I thought better of it.  Just look at what I had allowed myself to become entangled!  Hell, I was not actually even resisting any more, just voicing a few half-assed protests in order to show some semblance of resistance.  I had begun to resign myself to being a plaything for my two friends’ amusement and I suppose I was getting used to and accustomed to it.  Sick, right?  What was Trish going to do to me here in this dungeon-like cellar?  How were we going to get out of here?  And Damn, was this concrete floor starting to get cold on my feet!

“Well, I’ve got some ideas and suggestions.”  She made her way to the bags at the left of me and started digging through the contents and laying her selections out on the floor.  There were some locks and keys, chains, then a gag, and finally that damned vibrator chastity belt.  Crap!!  She was going to put that fucking thing back on and into me!  Dammit!

Trish grabbed a couple of locks and reached for the short chain at my left ankle and padlocked it to the short one on my right.   She then lifted my legs up until most all of the chain running from the sides of my waist to my ankles were loosened and inserted a lock hasp into two of the links and fastened the lock leaving my legs nearly doubled up beneath me and suspended between the uprights without the use of my legs.  “There, now doesn’t that feel more comfy?”

I shook my head “no”.  “Oh, now don’t be that way.  You’ll like this.”  I watched as she grabbed a tube of lubricant and applied a liberal coating to the phalluses on the chastity belt.  “Okay, Sam, here comes the choo choo, so relax and open up.”  Her tone of voice was so utterly condescending as to make me sick.  Even though my hands were still free, I did not physically resist; I guess I didn’t really want to at that point.  She started with the anal plug and slowly twisted and pushed it until I relaxed and allowed it to “pop” into place.  “That’s a good girl.  Only one more to go, so open up.”  She moved around to my front and reached down for the strap and gripped the dildo.  While looking directly into my eyes, she felt her way around down below, operating by touch alone. 

My pussy lips tingled at the feel of the cold gel and the tip of the intruder poking into my defenseless orifice.  I sighed loudly, then ceased breathing for a moment as the shaft was inserted “to the hilt”.  Trish’s eyes narrowed and her lips twisted into a sinister sneer.  “Ooohh, I think I’ve found the…”  She pushed the last little bit in causing me to “hmmmph”.  “There, that should plug those holes quite nicely.”  She reached behind me and fished the ends of the belts through my harness, cinching them tightly around my waist, then grabbed the crotch strap and attached it to the waist portion and locked the contraption onto me.  “Tight enough for ya?”

“Yeah, I think so.  Thanks for the concern.”  I mocked her.  “I really appreciate it.”

“Hey, no problem,” she replied sarcastically.  “I suppose you’re wondering how we’re going to get out of here.”

I thought about it for a moment.  “I hadn’t really thought about it.  I assumed you would grab one of the keys and let me go.”

“Well, you’re partly right.”  She cocked her head to one side and made a disgusted “phfftt” sound.  “Apparently Kris was worried I would leave you down here if I had the chance, so she left the keys to this neck chain over there next to the stairs out of my reach.  I’ll have to release you before I can get out of here.  Sweet of her, isn’t it?”

Kristen sure did sweat the details, thankfully.  Talk about an organizer!  At least Trish wouldn’t be able to leave me locked down here alone.

Trish leaned down to one of the bags and pulled out a few more items.  I couldn’t help but stare at her when I noticed she had pulled out some more chain, locks, and, OH SHIT!!, that fucking riding crop!!  Great!  I was in for a right sound thrashing.  Trish turned her head and caught me staring at her.  She licked her lips and smiled up at me.  “Well, shall we get started?  You first, okay?”  She didn’t wait for my answer, and paid no attention to my protests.  Instead she picked up the locks and chains and fastened each wrist to the top of the posts on either side of me.  I didn’t struggle as she spread my arms wide leaving my whole body vulnerable for whatever she had in mind.  Trish bent over and retrieved the gag from the floor.  “This should complete the ensemble,” she said as she dangled the leather appliance in front of my face.  “Open up one more time for me, little one.”  She lifted the gag to my mouth and pushed the rubber and plastic into my mouth, pulled my hair to one side, and tightened the strap behind my head.

I instinctively tried to spit out the gag and shook my head from side to side.  “A little late for this,” I thought to myself.  The time for struggle had long since passed, but I still couldn’t help but flinch.  I hated that gag.  It was so big, and filled my mouth.  Thank goodness it had all of those holes in it so I could breathe a little easier.  Besides, no one could hear me scream, right?  Why did the fucking cunt have to cram this damned thing into my mouth??!!

Trish grabbed a hold of the crop and flicked it across her boot and thigh, seemingly trying to get both herself and me into the right frame of mind.  She paced around the floor sizing me, her quarry, up and down for vulnerabilities.  And what a good job she was doing at it, too!  I felt a tug on my feet as she removed first my left sock, then my right.  “There, that’s better.  Now your little piggies can join in on the fun!”  Trish ran a finger across the soles of my feet making me flinch at the tickling.  She giggled.  She giggled quite a lot, actually.  Damn, this was going to be a l-o-n-g day!

“Why don’t we start with something fun, huh?”  She was cool with her tone, but playful.  “I’m going to sit down while my feet get used to these boots,” she spoke as she leaned in closer and manipulated the two vibrator controllers, “and you can enjoy your two friends.”  Trish placed them on their lowest settings, backed away from me toward one of the benches, then sat down.  The two tormentors buzzed softly and oscillated inside of me.  Not harshly, but enough to make me well aware of their presence.  I hummed into my gag and cursed Trish, not necessarily for what she was doing to me, but most assuredly for what I knew she had planned.  She left me hanging for a while like a side of beef while those vibrators worked on me.  Sure I was aroused, but more annoyed than anything was because the stimulation was not nearly enough to make me cum, dammit!  I squirmed and struggled, for all the good it did.  All I managed to do was exert myself and lose my breath.  My only recourse was to just remain still and take it.  I felt helpless, but not in a panicky way like when I was in trouble in the barn a few days back.  I knew that no harm was going to come to me.

Trish looked as though she was enjoying the show while she played with both her tether chain and the riding crop.  When it came down to it, she was just as helpless as I, only she had more freedom of movement and was in control of me.  I don’t know exactly how long she left me alone to stew in my own juices… it seemed like an hour, but it couldn’t have been, at least I don’t think so.  Eventually she rose from the bench and walked behind me.  “Well, well, well, are we enjoying ourselves?”  She was taunting me with a snotty attitude.  I muttered a “bitch” through the gag clearly enough that she understood what I had said.  I don’t know what possessed me to say it because I knew that it would only provoke her.  I guess sometimes one can be one’s own worst enemy.

“Ooohhh, Sam, are you sure you want to be using that kind of language?  After all, you’re obviously in no position to bark orders.  You do know that, don’t you?”  I reluctantly nodded my head and pleaded to her with my eyes and furrowed brow.  “I don’t think that’s a sufficient answer.  Perhaps we need to push things to the next level?”  I went limp at the suggestion, knowing what probably was to come.  Boy, I’d really stuck my foot in it again.  Would I ever learn?  Well, maybe I did it on purpose, and maybe I didn’t, who’s to say?  All I can figure is that these two good friends of mine have rubbed off on me and I was becoming one of them.  Just remember this…  When the wolf is in your face and deciding whether or not to eat you, do not pull its tail! 

I hung there silently for a bit waiting for who knows what to begin.  All was quiet except for the faint rumbling of thunder and the clinking of Trish’s cuff chains behind me.  My entire body tingled in nervous anticipation and vibratory stimulation.  But, nothing happened.  I waited some more, and still nothing.  Just what was this “next level” of which she was speaking?  Several more minutes passed as I waited, yet still nothing happened. 

All of the effort I had put into bracing myself for impact had begun to fatigue me.  I guessed that she was just toying with me, so I lightened up somewhat and allowed my muscles to relax.  Boy did that feel good!  My shoulders, back, ass, and thighs all cried out with joy at being able to relax and rest for a spell.

It was the faintest hint of something whistling through the air that struck me (quite literally) as odd at first, then shockingly painful.  I screamed into my gag as tears welled-up in my eyes.  I yelled at her, but the gag transformed my protests into an incoherent rambling of grunts and groans.  That cunt deliberately waited me out!  SHIT!!!  Several blows from the crop landed across my backside forcing me to twist and struggle in my bonds, however, being suspended as I was, absolutely no amount of evasion was possible.  I was screwed, but bad!!!

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Chapter Twenty-Nine - Murphy’s Law


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