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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 15

by Hagster

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© Copyright 2005 - Hagster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; bdsm; cons/reluct; XX

Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage by Hagster
Chapter Twenty-Nine - Murphy’s Law

The impacts of the crop across my backside were mercifully weak and infrequent in delivery.  It gave me a valuable opportunity to adopt the right frame of mind hopefully enabling me to endure the beating I was going to get.  Trish hummed quietly to herself as she methodically applied her brand of punishment upon my naked body.  

With each lash came a muted scream followed by a labored gasp for air.  Trish seemed to be enjoying herself, reveling in my every tortured movement and sound.  She slowed her whipping somewhat, but corrected that by increasing the severity of the lashing.  That fucking bitch!!!  I mean, shit! she was really hurting me!  If it weren’t for the vibrators teasing me and giving me a small taste of pleasure, I don’t think I would have been able to endure the barrage.  Thank God for the little things.

I thought I could sense that my skin was being torn from my body with each blow.  Tears streamed from my face as I screeched and convulsed, suspended in this damned prison.  Trish had a pretty good pattern going, moving from my back to my ass, then to my feet and thighs, and back again.  I was nearly out of breath, and luckily she was able to notice my distress.  She stopped her assault and laid down the crop.  “Oh thank God!”  I yelled to myself when I noticed what she was doing.  At last, a reprieve.  But, I had no idea how long it would last.

Then it happened.  You know when you’re up to no good and you’re really into what you’re doing and then something totally unexpected happens and your mind has a problem even conceiving that something out of the ordinary has even occurred?  Well, that’s what happened to me.  I didn’t know at first what was going on because I was still in a different frame of mind.  I could hear something unusual, but couldn’t quite make it out.  My flesh was still stinging and hot from the flogging I had just received.  It was an annoying sound, and persistent.  Trish knelt down and reached for one of the duffels, then pulled out something.  The noise got louder as she pulled something out of the bag.

I watched with confusion as she raised the item to her ear.  “Hello?”  A pause.  “Yeah, uh, no, this is Trish.”  Another pause.  “Yeah, I came out the other night to catch up.”  I finally figured out it was the cordless telephone.  But who was on the other end?  “Yeah, well, a thunderstorm is on the way and she stepped outside to check on a few things.”  Who was she talking to?  “Okay, yeah, she sure is.  You’re pretty lucky to have her.”  Oh shit, the parents were on the phone!  What were we going to do?  “Hang on for a moment and I’ll go get her, okay?  Be right back.”  I heard a beep as she pressed a button and laid the phone down on one of the benches.  

“Hey, Sam, guess what.”  I rolled my eyes and tried to yell at her through the gag, but all I succeeded in doing was muttering some unintelligible grunts and slobbering drool down the front of my body.  “Your mom is on the phone and would like to speak with her innocent and loving daughter.”  She was laughing as she spoke, and reached underneath my hair and unfastened the gag.  Trish leaned down and put the gag in one of the bags and pulled out a towel and a bottle of water.  After wiping the spit from my face, boobs, and stomach, she raised the bottle to my lips allowing me to suckle the refreshing and life sustaining liquid.  The cool water rejuvenated my throat and mouth.  

I cleared my throat and asked Trish what the hell she was thinking.  I was trying to whisper.  “She can hear us, what are you doing?”  I was almost in a panic.  “Let me down right now!”  My tones were hushed, yet emphatic.

“Don’t worry, I muted the phone.  But I can’t let you down; there’s no time.  Your mother is waiting.”  Her laugh was simply evil.  She reached back down and picked up the phone, pressed the mute button, and placed it to my ear.

“Hi, Mom.  How are you guys doing?”  I panted into the phone.

“Just fine, sweetie.  But you, you sound out of breath.  Did you run to the phone?  Is everything all right?”

I took a couple of deep breaths and glanced at Trish out of the corner of my eye.  “Yeah, I was out in the barn lot making sure everything was battened down.  It’s starting to storm here, but everything seems to be in order.”  It wasn’t really a lie because I knew in my heart of hearts that everything was fine and secured.  “Can you hear the static in the line?”

“Yes, sweetie.  I won’t keep you much longer.”  Mom was a super good woman and loved me with all of her heart.  “So, how’s Trish been?  We haven’t seen her for a while, but we do stay in touch with her parents.”

I was still breathing heavily from the beating I had gotten, but was finally calming down.  “She’s doing great.  I asked her to come over for a few days, and it seems we’ve gotten to know each other all over again.”  I thought the truth would be the best, however spun and twisted the facts were.  “Oh, and Kristen came out too, though the other evening she started feeling ill, so I asked her to stay until she felt better.”  Best to reinforce the storyline with all involved, don’t you think?  I mean, unless the three of us made public what we had been up to all of that time, no one would ever know the actual facts, right?  As long as everyone knew the same story, I figured nothing would go wrong.

Then guess what happened!  That bitch Trish reached around with her left hand and turned up the power to the vibrators.  I made an uncontrollable gasp into the phone when the increased surge hit my sensitive nether regions.  My mother seemed alarmed.  “What’s wrong, honey?”  

My entire body convulsed with the intensified oscillations of the vibrators.  I paused for a moment as I tried to resist my body’s reaction to the added stimulus, but being fatigued and weakened, I was fearful about deceiving my mother. My voice was nearly trembling as I spoke.  “Oh, I see out the window I… phheww, oh, uh (I exhaled sharply) …didn’t fasten the gate and it’s swinging open in the wind.”  I hated to lie, but it seemed a plausible way to abbreviate the phone call.  I honestly didn’t think I could speak longer with any semblance of calmness and rationality.

“Okay, sweetie, I’ll let you go.”

“I love you, Mom.  Be careful!”  I was beginning to shake and quiver as an orgasm welled up deep inside of me.

“I love you too.  We’ll talk to you later.  We plan to be back this Sunday evening.  See you then.”  I assumed she wanted to let me go so I could secure the gate out front.

“Love you, too.  Say ‘hi’ to everyone for me, and I’ll see you in a few days.” I was speaking very quickly.

“Okay, sweetie.  Bye.”

“Bye, mom.”

Trish removed the phone from the side of my face and laid it back in one of the bags.  Thank God the conversation was short because I was no longer able to resist the oncoming orgasm.  My stinging flesh quickly became a faded memory as multiple waves swept over me, forcing me to twist and scream with pleasure.  I was spitting and biting my lower lip in agony, or was it ecstasy?  It was unbearable!  And I couldn’t stop the sensations.  I could not turn anything off or even touch myself to ease the torture of too much pleasure.  And Trish did nothing but watch and smirk with one of those shit-eating grins.  What a fucking bitch!

After leaving me to dangle for a few more minutes, she finally approached and turned off the two damnable intruders that had been plunged so deeply inside of my abused loins.  Oh, at last some relief!  “About damned time, Trish!  You gonna let me down now?”

“You just don’t learn, do you?”  She trailed a finger across my face, to my ear, neck, and eventually down my spine.  As you might have guessed, she went straight for “the spot”.  My back immediately arched as Trish traced her finger up and down and around.  This was not fair at all!  I couldn’t resist, and my body would not cooperate with the orders I was sending to it.  “Interesting little erogenous zone you’ve got there!”  Her words oozed with sardonic wit.  “Would you like to have a break, Sam?”  She ceased her activities.

“Oh, Lord yes, please!!”  My eyes were full of tears and I collapsed into my bonds after hearing her words of compassion.  “And a drink of water?”  I was to the point of begging for a morsel of relief, no matter how small.

“Okay, Sam.”  She grabbed the bottle and raised it to my lips, allowing the liquid to seep into my mouth.  Damn, I was parched!  I lapped up the water as quickly as I could and nearly choked as I swallowed it.  A lightning bolt had hit fairly closeby and shook the cellar.  “That was really close!”  Even though I was in the safest of all possible places, I still couldn’t help but feel nervous and anxious as the storm approached.  “How about letting me down, now, okay?”  I wasn’t begging, but surely Trish could tell I wanted to be freed.

“No, I think not.  I don’t think you’re sufficiently motivated.”  She took the bottle from my lips and took a swig herself.  After setting down the water, she proceeded to put the gag back on me.  I shook my head and sealed my mouth to prevent the inevitable, but she wasn’t going to play that game and grabbed a handful of my hair.  I yelped and started to curse her until that fucking breather gag was crammed into my mouth and she buckled it tightly behind my head.  Another thunderclap sounded and the cellar shook even more violently than before, and unless the storm had been moving more quickly, the big stuff was still a while off, and on its way.  

I was beginning to sob just a bit, when Trish spoke up.  “You know, Sam, if you would just accept what we’re doing here, you would enjoy this a lot more.”  Her words were cold and did nothing to improve my attitude.  To the contrary, my spirits spiraled down into a morass of self-pity and self-loathing.  How in the Hell had I allowed myself to be put into this situation?  Shit, all I wanted was a little time alone, and what I got was a days-long education in humiliation, pain, and pleasure at the hands of two of my best friends.  With friends like these, who needs enemies?  

Trish sensed my anguish and stroked my hair as she spoke into my ear.  “Sam, just hang on a little longer, honey dumpling.  After all, it’ll be my turn in just a bit and I want you to be properly motivated.”  She kissed the side of my face and slapped my ass with the palm of her hand.  “Let’s get to it, shall we?”  Trish reached down and turned on the vibrators.  Even though I was nearly numb, both physically and emotionally, the two little fuckers inside of me buzzed away and plunged me back into a sensual fugue.  Delight, torture, pleasure, discomfort and pain all intermingled into a confusing morass of overwhelming emotions.

I was making an effort to follow her advice to just relax and let it all happen, but when I saw her, out of the corner of my eye, pull out some sort of flog with a whole bunch of individual leather straps about ½ inch wide and two feet long, I felt almost able to break from my chains in near panic!  I flinched and convulsed as I screamed my objections.  The cellar shook and rumbled with more lightning strikes causing me even more distress, but did not seem to deter Trish from what she was about to inflict upon me.  

I tried to remain tense because of how she waited for me to relax previously.  I wasn’t about to play that particular game, consciously, again.  But how long would I be able to hold out?  I tried.  Lord knows I tried.  But she had the upper hand, so to speak, and was in total control of the situation.  Nothing I tried seemed to discourage her from what she had planned.  Of course, what good is it to squirm in chains and scream into a gag when a woman is about to whip you with a cat o’nine tails?  Apparently not much, because before I had a chance to succumb to the stress of staying tense, Trish lashed out with the flogger, just once, but painfully so, absolutely!  My body spasmed as I gasped for air.  I again went limp, this time with near despair.  I cried and sobbed uncontrollably as my sinuses flowed freely and my throat grew thick and constricted.  

Just one blow, no more.  I expected a barrage, but it never came, the barrage, that is.  I, on the other hand…  Was it the physical distress combined with the emotional release?  Or could it have been my total and absolute helplessness at the hands of a close and sometimes frightening life-long friend along with the rhythmic buzzing of the two vibrators?  

My head was swimming with images, questions, and emotions.  A little ditty from that old TV show Hee-Haw played in my mind—“gloom, despair, and agony on meeee”.  Odd that such an idiotic tune repeat itself as I orgasmed, but orgasm I did, and for quite a spell!  

Amongst the sobbing, the physical pain and torment, the emotional distress, and the continuing orgasm, I was spent and exhausted.  I was unable to aid and fully enjoy myself as I came, and came again.  Through the tunnel vision of my sight, I noticed Trish walking to the side of me, dropping the lash into the bag.  She then turned around and slipped from sight.

I eventually came back down to Earth and recovered my senses, although I was so fatigued that I slumped into my harness as I remained suspended and bound hand and foot.  My eyelids grew heavy and my head bobbed as I fought sleepiness like a year-old infant.  Slumber beckoned, and I could no longer resist its potential comfort.
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage
Chapter Thirty - The Blind Leading the Blind

Sammy Joe here again.  Sorry about the absence, but I was chained-up and asleep in the cellar.  Damn, give me a break, will ya?

Anyway……  I don’t know what it was or how long I had been out, but for whatever reason, I was startled.  No, let me rephrase that.  I was shaken, literally!!  

“What the fuck was that ?”  I thought to myself as my head jumped upright and my eyes blinked wide open.  Something was not quite right.  I looked around but couldn’t see anything.  “Well, it must still be dark,” I told myself.  “I wonder what time it is?”  I turned my head to look at my alarm clock, but couldn’t locate it.  Not only couldn’t I see my clock, but I seemed to not be lying down.  I was standing upright, but, uh, hmmm, not standing.  “What the Hell??!!”

“Wait a minute,” I thought to myself, “wasn’t someone supposed to be here?”  My mind was slowly becoming unclouded.  I tried to speak.  “Hmmmm, huuuhhh,” were about the only sounds I could utter.  “Shit!!!”  I suddenly realized my situation and remembered what had been recently done to me.  

Immediately the room shook violently and the sound of an explosion filled the cellar.  Out of reflex I struggled to find refuge from the onslaught, but only succeeded in losing my breath and breaking out into a sweat.  “I’ve got to get out of here!”  I panicked and flailed against my bonds.  I yelled at the top of my lungs as I freaked out.  “HELP, HELP, LETMETHEFUCKOUTOFHERE !!!!!”  But all that came out were muffled grunts and mmmpphhs.

The room shook again and again.  I was frothing at the mouth and trembling with fear.  What was happening and would no one help me?

A moment later I felt a presence near to me.   A warm hand touched my skin and found its way to my shoulder, then another hand found my cheek.  “Hey, take it easy, Sam,” a familiar voice pleaded with me.  “I’m here, settle down.”  It was Trish.  “Stay still.  I’ll try and find a light.”  Although it was comforting to hear her voice and feel her touch, there was a trembling in her voice that made me feel uncomfortable.

Trish removed her hands from me and I eventually heard her rummaging about the cellar.  “The breaker box is down here, isn’t it?”  

I nodded several times and grunted into the gag.  Well, it was out of reflex, okay?  And yes, I do realize that a nodding head cannot be seen in total darkness and that most grunts are indeed distinguishable from rudimentary groans.  

“Oh, sorry, Sam.”  She sounded a little less stressed.  “Cat’s still got your tongue, doesn’t it?”  I could sense her moving back toward me.  Ohhh yeah, there were her fingers and they were trying to unbuckle the gag at the back of my neck.  The strap loosened and I pushed the gag from my mouth with my tongue.

“Oh God, thanks, Trish!!”  I was gasping for breath and trying to speak simultaneously.  “Yeah, the breakers are underneath the stairs.  See if you can reset them!”

“Uhhh, under the stairs?”  She sounded worried again.

“Yeah, just open the box and flip the switches back and forth,” I was trying not to get flustered, but I wanted some light, and quick.  I tried to find a face, a feature, and even the faintest glimmer to pick out of the darkness so I could have something on which to focus as I spoke.  “What, is something wrong?  What’s the problem?”

“Well, this chain locked to my collar isn’t long enough, remember?  That’s where the key for this lock on the collar is, remember?”  She was right.  “I’ll have to let you loose in order to reset the breakers and let me loose.”

“Okay, get the keys and let me down, then we’ll get out of here.”

“I’ll try.”  Trish sounded more nervous. 

“What do you mean try?”  I replied rather snidely.  

“Ummm, well, Kris only gave me a few of the keys, not all of them…” she hesitated for a moment, “and I can’t remember where I put them.”

I was silent for several moments as I contemplated her words.  “What do you mean you can’t remember?  You did bring them with you, right?”  My tone was becoming more demanding.  “Where are they?”

She returned the favor with some silence of her own.  “Well, where are they, Trish?”

“Give me a sec, will ya?  And yes, they’re down here, okay?”  Trish was getting a little huffy.

Shit.  What a pleasant way to spend the day, huh?  I sure hope Kristen makes it back, otherwise the parents are going to get a BIG surprise when they open up the cellar.  “Trish, you really need to find those keys, okay?  This whole thing right now is not my idea of fun!”

“Okay, yeah.  Okay!” she groused back.  “I’m going to have to feel around, so it’s gonna take a bit.  Be patient!”  I was not overjoyed!

“Well, get to it.”

“Hey, I’m chained up right here with you, Sam.”  Trish sounded pissed.  And the thunderclaps were not helping to add an atmosphere of serenity, obviously!  It’s hard to remain calm when locked in a cellar with the walls and floor shaking every so often!

“Yeah, that might be true, but you’re not strung up, now are you?”  I was trying to stay calm, but the pitch and volume of my voice was rising with every word I spoke.  “And you didn’t just take an old-fashioned ass whoopin’ with both of your holes plugged with vibrators, now did you?”

Trish sounded like she was trying to stifle some emotions when she answered.  “Well, I was just trying to… to… well, do what I… I thought you, you… well you didn’t…  What do you want from me?!?!”

Oh God, she was going to have a meltdown and here we were in this situation.  “Look, I’m sorry, okay?”  I was trying to calm her down and focus her efforts on the task at hand.  “Just do your best to find the keys so we can get out of here.”  I heard her sniff loudly.  “Our escape is up to you.  The sooner find the keys, the sooner we will be upstairs walking on carpeted floors and sitting in comfortable recliners.”  I was trying hard to build up her resolve.

“You’re right.  I’m sorry.”  She sounded more rational, luckily.  “Give me a few minutes, all right?”

“No problem.  Just start unlocking me when you find the keys.”  I was trying to sound upbeat and empowering.  “Hurry every chance you get,” I chuckled.


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