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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 13

by Hagster

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Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage
by Hagster
Sammy Joe’s Barnyard Self-Bondage 

Chapter Twenty-Six A Sleeping Partner

Hello friends.  If you will recall, my friend Trish and I had been chained together wrist and ankle and were making our way to my parents’ bedroom to get some “sleep”.  My other friend Kristen had drunk herself into a stupor and retired alone to my upstairs bedroom.  Although Trish and I had imbibed as well, we decided to knock off before we got too loopy.  After all, connected as we were, going to the bathroom was difficult enough… I shuddered to think what could happen should one or both of us become sick to our stomachs!  Damn, piss-soaked hair would almost seem pleasurable in comparison to a vomit bath!  I apologize for the graphic nature of my prior remarks.

Anyway, let’s get on with it!  Trish and I walked into the bedroom and reached for the light switch.  The burst of light caused me to wince briefly.  What met my eyes was a welcome sight, indeed!  Someone (probably Kristen) had managed to find the time to put fresh linens on the bed.  I love the feel of fresh sheets and pillowcases, especially when I can share them with a companion.  However, since Allen had chosen to neglect me with even a short phone message, my list of favored companions had changed, somewhat, and in an unforeseen manner, I must add!

“Oh man, that’s what I’m talking about!”  Trish exclaimed with renewed exuberance.  “When did you have the chance to change the sheets?”

“Not me.  It must have been Kris.”  We looked at the bed and anticipated the cool envelopment of its awaiting embrace.  “Let’s get into that bed!”  There was no hesitation from my partner as we twisted out of our walking stance, turned out the light, and dove onto the mattress.  Our bodies bounced on the bed as we struggled to cover ourselves with the sheet and light quilt.  The ceiling fan was churning the air as a slight breeze blew through the open windows.  Our heads nestled into our pillows and we attempted to adjust our bodies trying to discover a comfortable position in which to sleep.  Far in the distance brief flashes of light blinked on the horizon.  Was a storm brewing?  I could only hope.

Once we finally quit fidgeting, we found ourselves in a unique sleeping arrangement.  Since we had to lie facing each other, our options were limited, but ultimately comfortable.  I was laying on my right side with my right arm underneath my pillow, and Trish was on her left side with her left arm underneath her pillow with our hands meeting between our nearly-touching faces.  Our other arms rested atop our bodies with our hands falling between the small gap between our bellies.

The arrangement would have been more than conducive to a restful slumber were it not for our legs.  We decided to layer our legs, with my slightly bent right leg on the mattress and her left leg crooked over it, then my left leg over her leg, then her right leg topping the pile.  We shifted a bit and rubbed ourselves against the linens, and against each other, loosely holding hands.  Trish sighed into her pillow and her hot breath cascaded over my face.  I replied with a sigh of my own as we pressed against each other in our bound embrace.  What a good friend she was.  I hoped she felt the same!  We eventually drifted off to sleep.

I don’t know how long it was, but I awoke to a strange sensation.  Trish was snoring away.  It wasn’t loud, but noticeable in a cute and quaint fashion, almost like the purring of a cat.  But it wasn’t the sound so much as the rhythmic motion of her right leg.  She must have been dreaming and her subconscious mind was obviously trying to physically stimulate her.  Basically, she was humping my leg, and to be honest, it felt good.  Shit, why couldn’t I have had a dream like that?

Well, as you might have surmised, I couldn’t go back to sleep with my leg being assaulted as it was, so I decided to reciprocate by actively helping her mind achieve what it must have wanted.  Very slowly I began to concert my leg with her movements, helping to accelerate her efforts.  I don’t know what Trish might have been dreaming, but she reacted with vigor, intensifying her rhythms until that cute little purr morphed into a muted growl, then to pleasured moans.  I couldn’t resist moving my face closer as I pressed my lips to hers.  The added sensation must have brought her out of the dream as her moans subsided and she returned my kiss with one of her own. 

Trish kissed my lips then moved to my face and ears.  She was so kind and thorough with her attention.  I felt safe with her and allowed myself to dispense with any lingering inhibitions I might have harbored.  We explored each other’s faces and mouths, then moved our freer hands and began fondling our breasts through the flimsy cotton fabric of her tee shirt and my pajama top.  The wrist chain allowed just enough freedom for us to feel-up each other. 

A glint of light caught my eye, and I noticed through the window that the storm had moved a little closer, the lightning flashing more frequently, and I even sensed a faint rumble from the distance.  Did I mention how much I like thunderstorms?  For some reason, they enhance the mood for me. 

Our clumsy gropes eventually got the better of us and we decided that if we were going to pleasure each other properly, we needed to reposition ourselves.  I took the initiative and rolled over on top of Trish’s prone body.  The added freedom enabled me to sit nearly upright as I loomed over my partner, staring at her almost indistinguishable face.  Only the faint gleam of her eyes penetrated the darkness of the room.  I was still straddling her left leg, and she mine.  We clasped our chained hands together and she extended her forearms upwards, giving me a platform of sorts to lean against.  We remained still for only a brief time, then simultaneously resumed humping ourselves on each other’s thighs.  Since I was on top, I obviously had the upper hand in controlling my movements, but had to help Trish with her efforts to satisfy her lustful needs, so as I rubbed my crotch on her thigh, I ground my knee against her cotton-clad cunt.  We clenched each other tightly as we thrusted to and fro in unison.

This all went on for several minutes as we worked toward our mutual goal of orgasm.  I could feel my body reacting to the stimulation.  My juices were flowing and my nether region was growing hotter with each contraction of my vaginal muscles.  I was not alone, though, and noticed as Trish matched my efforts with her own.  Her hot and breathy sighs turned into more vocalized responses to my molestation.  She began to pant and beg for more, and I would have laughed, but I was in the same damn boat!  I couldn’t help but mutter some stifled moans of pleasure myself! 

Shortly thereafter, though, Trish started biting her lips and cursing at me.  I should have concluded long before that she was a screamer, but could never allow myself to admit that sweet, innocent little Trish was such a slut, not that there’s anything wrong with that!  It just seemed so out of character for her.  But now…  When Trish gets excited and aroused, she loses all control. 

“Oh. Oh, Sam, yeah…  More, don’t stop, yeah, uh huh!”  I sensed she was nearly in tears as she begged and pleaded with me.  I tried to escalate my efforts, but found it difficult to do so as I was starting to weaken under the strain (and the pleasure!).  I tried to respond to her, but I was having a hard enough time gasping for air, much less wasting my breath on cursing.  I was nearing orgasm while listening to Trish curse at me.  She tossed her head from side to side, almost yelling.  “Oh Fuck!  Harder, bitch!  Don’t stop!  Yeah, oh, oh, ooohhhhh, yeeaaahh!”  We ground on each other so damn hard, humping each other as we climaxed.  She tried yelling some more, but all that came out were muted gasps as she struggled for air. 

I was in no better condition.  I was cumming myself and enjoyed a mutual climax with a good friend.  I was nearly out of breath and my arms were trembling, as were Trish’s.  Our arms were shaking so much that I knew we would be unable to prolong my position.  We convulsed in unison with our orgasms and heaved in breathless satiety.  My arms trembled below me and I felt Trish’s beginning to buckle.  I tried to remain upright until our orgasms subsided, but was unable, and allowed myself to collapse (gently, almost) on top of my lover, my friend, and my companion.  Her arms followed mine as they wound up spread outward on the mattress with our forearms bent upward on either side of our heads

I placed my head beside hers and rested it on her left shoulder.  We eventually ceased our mutual gratification and calmed our breathing as we finally relaxed into each other.  I heaved heavily into her neck and pillow, trying desperately to regain my composure, while she was doing the same.  Our breathing slowly returned to normal as we sighed with satisfaction into each other.  I was exhausted!

I had no idea how long we had been at it, could have been five minutes or an hour and five minutes, it really didn’t matter in the scheme of things.  All I know is that between the alcohol and the intense session of sex in which I had just participated, I was just plain pooped.  Neither one of us had the strength nor the desire to move much.  I thought about rolling completely off of Trish, but laziness reigned supreme so I just scooted a little and pulled my pillow closer to my head.  Besides, Trish was soft and cozy to lay up against and she was almost asleep by then, so, what the hell, right? 

The storm had advanced quite a lot since I last noticed, and the slight breeze had increased to a more substantial wind, though it was still pleasant against our sweat-soaked bodies.  The curtains were fluttering and I could see the lightning flashes and hear the rumbles of thunder.  I tried to count the seconds to determine the distance of the storm, but might as well have been counting sheep for all the good it did.  The last thing I remember was wondering why that pink and white sheep was licking the blue electric arc from a taser.  (I’m sure it made sense at the time.)

Chapter Twenty-Seven - Unchaperoned

Whether it was the thunder or the fainter sound of wastewater running through pipes, I’m not sure, but whichever it was awakened me from my sloppy slumber.  I lifted my head from my pillow and peered around the room.  The entire side of my face was wet with my own saliva.  Apparently I had drooled all night long.  How very pleasant!

I peeked with my half-open eyes over the top of my bedmate out the window to the west and witnessed the wondrous display of electrical discharges looming only a few miles away.  Shit, no faster than the storm was moving, it would most likely stick around all day!  I laid my head back on my spit-soaked pillow and dozed off.  Yeah, it was unpleasant at first, but soon I didn’t really care.  The wind and the rumblings lulled me back to sleep.

“Oh, oh, just let me sleep a little longer, okay?” I mumbled incoherently into the pillow.  I sensed someone’s hand shaking my body as if trying to wake me.  My fingers probed for Trish’s and found them.  Well, it obviously wasn’t her.  Who could it have been?  There was one other with us, wasn’t there?  Yeah, it must have been Kristen.

I lifted my head and looked around.  “Damn, Kris, leave me alone, will ya?”  I yawned and blinked my eyes.  “What time is it, anyway?”  I muttered through yet another yawn.  “It’s still dark.”

“Hey, you need to get up, okay?”  She spoke more forcefully.  “I’ve got to be at work at 8:30 and it’s 7:00 now.  I’ve unlocked you from Trish, so get up, now.”

I took the hint and rolled over.  Sure enough, I had been released from my partner and rolled to the opposite side of the bed.  I paused for several moments as I contemplated getting out of the bed.  After all, I didn’t want to stroke myself out by rising to my feet too quickly, now did I?  As I rose to my feet and walked to the bathroom I could hear Kristen trying to rouse Trish from her sleep. 

After closing the door to the bathroom, I stripped off my pajama bottoms and relieved myself in the toilet.  Shit, few things rise to the level of satisfaction as a good long piss after a long night spent drinking and fucking!  I approached the sink after I was through and washed my face, then brushed my teeth.  The body spray beckoned and I spritzed myself with the smell-goods.  Ooohh, I felt fresh once again!

As I left the bathroom through the other door into the front room, I heard the other door open and close behind me.  As I turned to look, Trish closed the door I had exited.  Out of my left eye I spied Kristen emerging from the living room.  Whatever!  The smell of coffee filled the air and I walked toward the aroma like a moth heading toward an open flame.  Caffeine was the only thing on my mind.

“Hey, listen Sam, we’ve got about an hour before I have to leave, and I want to be sure I’ve got you two locked away.”  She made a beeline toward her coffee mug as she spoke.  “I don’t presume you’ll want to shower, so we’ll just chill out for a bit before I leave, okay?”

I’d experienced it before, so it was a familiar feeling.  A shiver ran down my spine when I heard the words “locked away”.  I dropped my head and sighed deeply into my coffee.  “You know, really Kris, well… FUCK, is this all really necessary?  I mean Christ, can I have a break here?”  I was almost, but not quite broken.  I still had a will of my own and was curious as to why she would not release me from my self-imposed bondage.

Kristen sat down on the stool next to me and placed her mug on the counter.  The rim of the mug was smeared with her coral-colored lipstick.  She ignored my remarks as she reached in front of me and retrieved the ashtray, which also held a pack of smokes and a book of matches.  I watched as her freshly polished fingernails pinched the ends of two cigarettes and pulled them from the pack.  She poked one of them into her pursed lips and offered the other to me.  I shrugged and accepted the offer.  After tearing a match from the booklet and striking it on the back, she held the flame to the end of my cigarette as I inhaled until it cherried, then lit her own and waved out the flame, dropping the spent match into the ashtray.

We remained silent as we savored our smokes.  It wasn’t until our cigarettes were half-ashen that Kristen spoke.  “Listen, Sam.  Whether you realize it or not, I’m trying to help you,” she remarked hesitantly.  “I know, believe me, what you were trying to do the other day by yourself, and you made a big mistake!  Luckily for you, I came along!”

I sheepishly acknowledged her statement.  Nothing I could have said would have explained to her what I was trying to experience.  I forget who originally said it as I can only remember it from some comedy satire skit…  But there was an aged actress from years past who was portrayed as a recluse and replied to all visitors and callers with only one phrase…”I vant…to be…alone!”  I didn’t think I could explain to her my desire to be at the mercy of what I had done to myself, with no other involvement without unintentionally implying that she and Trish were unwelcome tormentors.  After all, they had enabled me to experience the joys of “friendly” sex, and would never be able to express my gratitude for their attentions to me! 

“You’re right, Kris.  What do have in mind for me today?”  I looked into her heavily mascaraed eyes.  How was she able to make her lashes so long?  My God, she knew her makeup!  “You are coming back this afternoon, I assume?”  We sipped on our coffee for a few moments.

“Yes, I’ll be back, and no, you won’t be tied up all day long.”  She winked at me and took a drag on her cigarette.  “Besides, I’ll be hungry when I return, and there will be hell to pay if my dinner isn’t ready!”  She laughed, but I could tell there was some truth to what she had said.  I did not want to disappoint her.  I suppose I was beginning to consider her as my mistress, but a welcome one at that.  Maybe I was just too willing to please!  Or, maybe I liked having a sexy woman dominating me.  You know, I think I could get in to dominating.  But for now, my obeisance was the order of the day.  I resigned myself to endure yet another day of domination.

I finished my cup of coffee and set it down on the counter, then sucked the end out of the cigarette and snubbed it out into the ashtray.  “What do you wish of me, mein Frau?”  Kristen recognized the reference and responded in kind.  She rolled the paper cylinder between her fingers as she considered my statement.  Her eyes narrowed as she spoke.  “Vell, zince you vill not kooperate vith me, I must be vorced to take more… eckstreme meazures.”  She really had her German matron accent down pat as she played her part.  “I zhink after some time in ze kooler, you vill be more rezeptife to our questioningk.”

I considered her statements for a moment and realized what she meant by the “cooler”.  I gazed at her in mock horror (well, not quite so mock) when I understood I would be spending some time in the cellar.  Shit!   Sure it would be pleasant enough temperature-wise, but that damned mustiness!  “Yeah, right!” I answered.  “I might be trussed up in the cooler, but at least I won’t be at work all day with a hangover, now will I?”  I winked my eye and smirked.

“That may be zo, tramp, but I von’t be ze vun at the merzy of ze inkuizitor all day longk, now vill I?”  I don’t know which was more exciting; the anxiety and anticipation of what was in store for the day, or the chill that ran down my spine as Kristen spoke to me as she play-acted.  “If you are vinished, zen perhaps ve kan go to ze kooler?”  She rose to her sneaker-clad feet and grabbed my left arm.  “Kome vith me!”

I complied and stood to my socked feet as she led me to the utility room.  Letting go of my arm, she ordered me to open the trap door and turn on the light.  The subterranean room illuminated, we descended the steps to the damp concrete floor below.  Kristen pointed to a spot on the floor and ordered me to stand there.  She then walked in front of me and dug some chains out of one of the bags she had apparently brought down earlier.  I couldn’t help but admire her planning skills, as she must have put a lot of spur-of-the-moment efforts into her days-long schemes to keep me bound and dominated.

She spoke in her regular voice.  “Step back just a hair, will ya?”  After guiding me, she reached up and padlocked a length of chain around one of the metal ceiling joists, then ran the free end to the ring at the back of my harness at the waist, pulled it taut, and locked it to me.  Kristen turned and rummaged through her things and pulled out another chain and walked around to my front.  This time she locked the free end to the front of my waist and pulled the other end around one of the joists in front of me, pulled the chain tight until I was on my tiptoes, and fastened it with another padlock.

After she finished I allowed myself to relax and stand flat-footed on the floor.  The chains at my front and back were tight making it impossible to move forward or backward, or even side to side.  I was stuck, but good.  Kristen slapped her hands together in an up and down fashion as if to brush some imaginary dirt and grime from her palms to celebrate her minor accomplishment.  “Now that I’ve got you where I want you, just hang loose, okay?”  She blew me a kiss and turned as she walked to the steps and ascended through the trap door above. 

Yet again I was alone, chained to a fixture of sorts, and not knowing what was to come.  And to make matters worse, Kristen closed the door and turned off the light.  You know, dammit, I really have been a good sport about all of this, but did I deserve the isolation treatment?  Sure, I still had free use of my hands; a lot of good that would do me!  It was morning and I sure as Hell didn’t feel in the mood to dither with myself after being molested all of these days and nights!

I don’t know how long it was until the light bulb flickered back to life, but it was too long.  I can’t believe she had done that to me.  It’s one thing leaving oneself isolated and bound, but to spring these things on people goes beyond the pale!  I didn’t understand at the time why she felt it necessary to abandon me and leave me quite literally in the dark.  I had apparently allowed myself to forget about her dark side.  Anyway, after the room was illuminated, I heard the distinctive creaking of the trapdoor on its hinges and the sight of two pairs of feet and legs descending the stairs.  “Wonderful!” I thought to myself.  Would these two bid to me a “farewell” and leave me for the day?  What if the house caught on fire?  They were going to leave me here to roast!

Then I saw Trish step foot into the cellar and realized she would be my partner for the day because of how she was attired.  At least I would not be alone.

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Chapter Twenty-Eight - A Quiet Little Hide-Away



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