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Mina 4: Anticipation

by Mikel

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story continues from part three

Part 4: Anticipation

Mina went the next few weeks torn between excitement and torture, excitement over Jack’s return and torture not knowing if she would ever feel his touch or not and how long she could last encased in steel and unable to ever be stimulated by anything again. She had figured out a welcome home plan and hoped it would make him want her free even more. Jack's apartment had several support poles throughout it and she had figured she could restrain herself to the one in his bedroom on her knees and leave him a letter explaining that she is his to use as he pleased and only release her when he is satisfied. She had multiple pieces of equipment for him to use and would lay them out with explanations for each on how to use them on her.

She was becoming hornier each day as she waited for him to come home and was beginning to become more daring in her adventures and even going to work showing parts of her metal underwear, showing her steel bra behind a tight top and her thigh straps peeking out from below her short skirt. She even went so far as to wear her toe boots uncovered. The Friday night before he was to arrive she was testing her bonds that she had planned on using for him, Mina had the following week off so she could spend it with him and couldn’t help the urge to put herself in another tight hogtie.

After wrapping her leather half hood around her neck lacing it tightly over her large gag she went into the kitchen and pulled her ice block from the freezer and took it to the bedroom. Returning to the kitchen Mina sat on the floor and turned her body so she was lying on her stomach, taking her ankle cuffs she pulled the chain tightly to the d-ring on her chastity corset locking it, forcing her legs slightly off the floor. Before locking her cuffs behind her she pulled her full face leather hood over her head and pulled the straps tight blocking all sight and muffling all sounds as well. She then hooked a chain from her collar to her ankles pulling her head back until she began to feel it cutting her air off and stopped pulling and locked the chain.

Last she reached behind her back and after locking the chain to the d-ring she locked her left wrist as closely as she could to the d-ring, then turning on her electro stimulation unit on she reached back and locked her right wrist to the chain. She had been able to force the e-stim pads under the steel using a flat piece of plastic and now had four pads under the breast cups and four on her ass cheeks, she had set the control unit to start on the last setting working its way up to max then back down for one hour then stop and wait for 15 minutes then start again.

As Mina lay on the tile floor her steel covered tits and hips were all that touched the floor, her back was as arched backwards as much as her steel corset would allow it to be and her hands and feet were held securely to the D-ring in the middle off her back, the leather holding her head firmly was chained to her pointed feet and each time she tried to move she pulled roughly on her neck. Waiting for the stim unit to start she tried to turn her body to the side and managed to only slide her steel encasement across the floor and yank hard on her neck.

As she struggled to move towards the carpeted floor knowing she would have more luck moving on it than the slick tile she began to rock her body hoping she would roll over. Still sliding around on the tile she soon became disoriented and didn’t know where she was in the kitchen and began to have a panic attack. Mina was thrashing and jerking herself as the stimulator turned on and she began to moan and then scream into her hoods. She had underestimated the power of the stimulator and could hardly move from her body tensing up with each pulse. She soon had struggled herself into a semi-conscious state and slumped in her bonds as her body continued to jerk from the stim unit.

An hour later the pulses had stopped and during her brief struggles during the first hour she had made it to the carpet, she was out of breath and energy but worked her body into the edge of the living room and stopped to catch her breath and figure out how to proceed knowing that any minute she would be convulsing again. Mina began wiggling, swinging her tits to one side and twisting her hips the other way and slowly made her way deeper into the living room. Her blind progress was stopped when the stimulator turned back on and she had to fight her convulsing body as she moved forward.

Her legs had started to convulse as the power increased and was starting to yank on her neck harder and harder until she was being choked by her own convulsing body. She was rapidly losing consciousness and had stopped trying to move when the power started to lower as the tens unit was lowering the power again, Mina started moving as soon as her legs relaxed and in a few feet her face bumped into something, she tried to feel what it was with her head but the thick leather and lack of mobility kept her from distinguishing what it was.

She moved to the side and rolled over letting her hands touch the piece of furniture and deduced it was the couch and that she was now in between the couch and the coffee table and knew that she would have to back herself up to get out from behind the couch.

Lying on her side she tried to flex her legs pulling hard on her neck and could not pull them far enough to be able to force herself backwards, so she rolled onto her back thinking she could use her arms to scoot backwards. Rolling onto her back she was now pressing hard on her head with her body weight trying to push her head down and pulling hard on the collar around her throat. She fought to roll back over but the only parts of her body touching the floor were her knees and head and they were trying to go in different directions with a chain between them.

She struggled as she was starting to pass out and knew if she did in her current position she would strangle herself to death. Pulling her legs and head together she rocked herself over to her side and gasped as she was able to breathe again. That was stupid she thought to herself as she could feel the blood flow returning to her head and face. Using her arms and shifting her legs again she was slowly able to back out of in front of the couch and turned her tired restrained body towards where she hoped would be the hallway to her room.

Making little progress down the hall in the following hours she had to rest several times and could feel the batteries running low on the tens unit as the shocks grew weaker and weaker. While she rested she could feel her arousal was high and was actually enjoying the shocks she was receiving and struggled and pulled at her bounds trying to push herself over the edge. After running out of strength Mina just lay limply in her bonds as she felt the oncoming orgasm fade and knew she would be denied again and began to cry as she realized she still had two rooms to go to get her keys.

Saturday evening she finally made it into her room and was struggling just to keep from strangling herself, her body was exhausted and didn’t have the strength left to go on but when she rested she was quickly strangled by her collar and had to keep holding her legs and head as close together as possible. Mina could feel she was close to where her keys should be and tried to roll over so she could find them, after several attempts she just didn’t have the energy to force herself to roll over and let herself relax and wait to see how long it would take for her to pass out, just as she could feel herself blacking out she tensed her bound body up and rolled onto her side. Resting a minute and letting the blood flow return she started her small search pattern with her chained hands until she felt the keys.

The only thing she could think of was her neck chain so she wrestled around finding the lock and soon her head was able to move forward without her being choked. She rolled back onto her stomach and let her strained neck move down until her head touched the floor. The entire episodes exertions came crushing in on her and she went to sleep as she lay, still hogtied with two leather hoods trapping a large ball gag in her mouth, her pointed toes still held tightly to her steel covered waist almost touching her lower back and her wrists wrapped in steel cuffs locked securely to the middle of her back making them almost totally useless. As she drifted off she thought, 'I wish I had used elbow cuffs', and went to sleep.


Waking up she struggled with in her bonds, her rib cage was hurting badly now as the steel corset was pinching it in her arched position, she couldn’t remember where she was or what was happening so she thrashed wildly until her air flow became too low and she had to quit. Gasping she slowly remembered what had happened and began searching for her keys, having dropped them in her sleep. The keys were lying on the corset just below her hands but since it was made of steel she could not feel them and began to panic as she wiggled trying to figure out where they were. Her dreams had been very erotic and she was more aroused now than before she went to sleep and as the frustration from fighting her bonds rose and the building lack of air she could feel her orgasm rush onto her body and all she could do was moan into her hoods and pull hard on her chains as it washed over her again and again.

Waking again Mina found herself still bound and very sore but knew it was worth it because she had one of the best orgasms she had ever felt and was now spent. She had heard the keys slide off her back during her climax and now felt the need to find them and release herself. Wiggling around still straining against the chains and cuffs holding her in a tight hogtie she was finally able to grab her keys and begin releasing herself. She felt around for the locks on her wrists and unlocked them and stretched her arms out to the side then unstrapped her outer hood and pulled it from her sweaty face and started unlacing her half hood/neck corset and finally could stretch her neck and turn her head.

Mina rested for a moment letting her newly released limbs adjust and rolled on to her side still stretching her arms and neck and tried to play with her dripping pussy but only found steel in her hand. Reaching back and unchaining her legs she groaned as she straightened them out and flexed her pointed toes for the first time in over twenty four hours. Lying on her back now she relished the feeling of freedom even though she was still trapped in her steel she felt really free and fully content.

After a brief nap Mina got up and went to the bathroom and flushed her system and flushed her suit as she showered, washing her face she found she was still gagged and smiled under it knowing she was truly at peace with her submissive side and would prefer to stay gaged and bound twenty four seven if she could. After showering and cleaning the steel she dressed herself in her knee length leather pencil skirt and a long line corset that just covered the lower half of her steel globes and strapped her posture collar on, still gagged and wearing her toe boots she went to check her and Jack's mail.

Almost trotting down the hall even her tight skirt couldn’t slow her pace as she walked gracefully down the stairs and clicked her way across the tile to her mail box. Several people passed her and looked at her tight skirt and gagged mouth and shook their heads but one couple stopped her and asked how long it took to be able to walk in those shoes. The girl seemed very interested in them and even asked if she could touch them. Mina nodded and the girl bent down and was stroking her feet and calves as her boyfriend was eyeing her steel covered breasts and asked if she had the keys to her outfit, Mina lowered her head and nodded she did not, he said how long? She held up 3 fingers, days? He asked, nodding no again, weeks? Nodding no, MONTHS? He finished Mina nodded yes as she blushed behind her gag.

The girl stopped inspecting the boots and rose to her feet and said, "I would love to talk to you about those sometime and we both would like to talk to you about your chastity belt".

Mina turned her head and shook the locks holding her gag straps closed and they both said, "AH ok, when will you be allowed to speak to us?"

Mina’s pussy got wet as soon as they said "allowed" and she shrugged her shoulders, they told her what apartment they lived in and said whenever she could talk to either come by or leave them a note in their mailbox when they could visit. Mina nodded yes as she walked up the stairs with the mail. Mina went to his place and dropped off his mail and inspected the pole for which she planned to use and figured it would be perfect, she found a hook mounted near the top of the pole and decided to add to her bonds using a recently acquired rope ratchet.

Returning to her apartment she removed the gag and ate dinner and quickly reinstalled her gag. Getting bored she called the fetish shop and forgetting her gag she tried to answer when she heard Anna’s voice but could only mumble, Anna asked, "Mina is that you?" Mina grunted, "I’m working till close you should come by, I have been practicing wearing my boots and can wear them all day now!" Anna said excitedly Mina grunted again and Anna added, "Come as you are, I dare you" and hung up. Mina laughed at her friend and pulled a long overcoat around her covering her collar and gag with a scarf and headed out the door.

She drove to the shop and entered still wearing her coat and scarf and could see Anna walking around showing a couple some of the bondage items they had, Anna was indeed wearing her ballet boots and a very short leather skirt with a black PVC corset laced tightly around her body barely containing her breasts. Mina removed her coat and scarf and stayed out of sight until Anna had walked to the back, then she went to the hand cuff display and removed two pairs of cuffs and moved to the suspension display and locked the cuffs around her ankles behind one of the support poles. Reaching up she closed the second pair around her left wrist and reached over the upper post and closed the cuff on her right wrist. Mina was now stretched out, her hands held above her head and her ankles cuffed closely together with the short chain behind the heavy upright.

Anna entered the store and showed the couple what she had and they moved to the front counter. Anna rang up their purchase and the couple, giggling, left the store. Mina could see Anna but could not get her attention as Anna had turned the music up and went about her duties cleaning up the shop and rearranging merchandise. Mina waited for thirty minutes before becoming bored and as she turned the keys in her hand to unlock the cuffs she dropped them listening to them skittering across the floor. Mina groaned and looked for Anna but could not find her in the store.

Mina felt something brush her head and suddenly she was blind, she could her Anna laughing as she said, "I’ve got you this time, and you did all the work for me!"

Mina struggled with the cuffs as Anna tightened them further and said, "Wouldn’t want you slipping out now would we, oh your gag and collar are both locked on! But did you carry the keys with you or not?" Anna said as she went through the purse and coat she had found. "No keys huh well I guess you won’t be able to complain much then." Anna said as she dropped the purse to the floor.

"Lets make you more comfortable" she continued as she unbuttoned Mina’s shirt and pulled in up and tied it around the upper support, "There doesn’t that feel better" Anna asked her captive. Mina was moaning again as she knew her steel covered upper body was on display and was getting nervous knowing the store was still open for business. Anna started unzipping Mina’s skirt and soon it was on the floor, Anna uncuffed one of Mina’s ankles and made her step out of the dress before recuffing her even tighter to the pole.

Mina was now really scared that someone would come in and see her in only her steel corset chastity and steel bra. Anna toyed with Mina making her squirm in her bonds until the doorbell rang and from what Mina could hear several people came in. Anna clicked in her heels as she went to see if they needed help as Mina helplessly stood stretched and chained in place. Shortly Mina could hear Anna talking about demonstrating the whip the customers had picked out and began whipping Mina’s legs with it making Mina squeal and thrash in her bonds.

After a few minutes Anna said to the customers, "I think this is the best tickle device we have" and began to demonstrate that it was very effective on the now giggling and squirming Mina. Mina could hear Anna’s heels as they walked off but was still being tickled by someone, Mina was laughing so hard she could not catch her breath when suddenly they changed to the whip again and she was squealing and dancing in her heels pulling hard on the cuffs.

Mina could hear more people entering the store as her whipping continued, she heard several more people joining the group and talking about how gorgeous her chastity belt was and how they would love to have someone treat them like that, as the person with the whip switched to a different tickler. Mina was gasping again as the people traded places and someone else was tickling her now. Mina suffered the torture for almost an hour from at least four people before some asked, "What are those wires sticking out?"

Unbeknownst to Mina, Anna had been one of the ones tickling her and pulled on one of the wires. "Ah! an e-stim unit, cool I always wanted to play with one" and could be heard moving off into the store.

Mina had forgotten the wires and was now getting scared again as she could feel Anna hooking up the pig tails the suddenly Mina was hit with what felt like a bolt of lightning, Mina screamed as her tits felt like they were on fire as Anna slowly adjusted the power level down to just low enough to keep Mina whining into her gag. As more customers came in Anna had to leave Mina unsupervised and occasionally someone would whip her or change the settings on the control unit either causing her to scream or purr into her gag. Anna even let a customer pull a sensory deprivation hood onto Mina’s already gagged and blindfolded head and let them lace it tightly on to her, crushing her face and making it almost impossible to breathe under it. Mina felt the stim units power going up again as her legs were whipped hard by a stick or something. Mina’s pussy was screaming for attention as Anna also found the wires leading to Mina’s ass and plugged them in as well.

Mina was in heaven, feeling like her tits and ass were being whipped as her legs were being caned all while she was helpless to stop any of it. Mina moaned under her hood and wished she could have a vibrator inside her right now. Anna left her bound and being shocked while she helped her customers and almost two hours later she returned to her captive. Mina had been tortured beyond her wildest dreams and now hung limply from her wrists with her body twitching from the shocks she was receiving.

Anna had a powerful vibrator and strapped it tightly to Mina’s steel covered crotch, as Anna was increasing the power she watched and listened for a response from her bound friend and when she got it to max power some more customers entered the store and she walked off leaving the vibrator buzzing against Mina’s crotch. Mina could just feel the vibrations in her pussy but the corset itself was really transmitting the vibrations into her body and she felt the orgasm building. As Mina concentrated on her orgasm she felt the power go up on the tens unit and someone whipping her legs again.

"She really does like it!" Mina heard an excited voice say "Just look how wet her thighs are!" the voice continued as the whipping increased.

Mina was so close to an orgasm she was really starting to enjoy herself when the vibrations stopped and the power to the shocks increased and she was screaming again. Mina was left struggling and twisting in the display until Anna could be heard saying, "That bastard! I told him not to turn it up so high, are you ok?" Anna asked as she lowered the power. Mina grunted she was as Anna began releasing Mina’s cuffs, Mina felt her doing it and started struggling and pulling away from her. "You want to stay like this?" Anna asked. Mina grunted again, Anna laughed and said, "Well it’s a few more hours till we close, we’ll have to change your position, wouldn’t want you to get bored" Anna said with a smile.

Mina grunted again agreeing with her. Anna reattached Mina’s wrists and locked them to the support and recuffed her ankles outside the support pole and began to adjust the supports lower the legs until Mina was leaning at almost 45degrees, her breasts hanging on either side of the support pole. Anna wrapped leather straps around Mina’s chest and around her waist pulling them tight and not allowing Mina to move her body at all. Anna continued with the straps pulling Mina’s thighs and ankles tightly to the pole, Mina was now stretched, hanging from her wrists and leaning forward on her pointed toes. Mina was grunting from the new position she had been put in, the added pressure to her chest of the pole pressing on her bra latch and her face being held tightly between her out stretched arms with the pole pressing against the grommets in her hood allowing her to breathe.

Mina was constantly flexing her head against the tight posture collar and her arms on each side of her head trying to uncover the holes, more customers had come in so as Anna was leaving Mina to adjust to her new position she turned the tens unit on and walked off. Mina was grunting trying to get Anna's attention so she would turn the vibrator on but Anna was busy helping her customers and for Mina is seemed like hours before Mina felt someone whipping her legs and the small part of her back that wasn’t covered by steel. The whip stung her sharply and was making Mina squirm and moan in her bonds. Whoever was whipping her seemed to be tireless and the whipping continued for fifteen minutes and had gotten Mina’s red flesh to the point where each sting was feeling like a bullwhip lash and Mina was screaming into her hood and weeping freely.

When the whipping stopped Mina could hear a deep voice explaining to Anna, "See, I never increased the effort and I never even raised a whelp but near the end the victim it felt like I was drawing blood." Anna was amazed as she rubbed Mina’s red skin sending waves of pain through Mina’s body like someone was rubbing broken glass over her, "She’s hot!" Anna said as continued to rub her struggling captive. Mina was trying to fight her bonds to get away from the torture as her orgasm started building from the pain and frustration she was feeling, she felt the tens unit being turned up and when the vibrator was turned back on the man continued with his demonstration.

Mina was screaming and gasping for air as the pain from the two torments pushed her over the edge and soon she was screaming as her orgasm slammed onto her body before it all became too much and she hung from her wrists and leather straps and let the orgasm push her into unconsciousness. Mina awoke sitting in a chair and looked up to see Anna and a man staring down at her smiling as the man says, "See I told you she was ok". Anna asked her if she was ok and Mina nodded yes and smiled around her gag, now wishing she could take it off, Anna introduced the two and asked if Mina would be okay so she could go help some customers that had come in, Mina nodded and Anna ran off clicking in her toes boots.

The man told Mina that if she ever wanted to have another session he would be honored to work on her again, and he had never met anyone so committed to the lifestyle and kissed her hand and left the room. Mina was filled with a sense of pride from what she had been told and looked around the room and couldn’t find her clothes. She was finally able to stand and wobbled her way out to the store. She found Anna still helping customers and she wandered around looking for her clothes, her heels loud clicking soon got the attention of Anna’s clients and they all gathered around her as Anna explained she was there to help demonstrate any equipment they wished. Mina’s eyes got big when she heard this and she stood staring at Anna. Luckily the customers had already made their choice they paid and left the store, Mina pointed to her body and motioned for her clothes as Anna walked off and continued to straighten the store.

Mina followed her around whining but Anna ignored her only talking to herself about how many sales she had made because of her new display model and that the store closed in two hours and the model should get back to work if she wanted to go home or she would be left bound for the night inside the store. Mina grunted and wandered around the store looking for something else to try on, finding a corset and a tight hobble dress she took them to Anna and held them out, "You want to put these on?" Anna asked Mina nodded yes, after strapping Mina’s wrists to a spreader bar and pulling them above her head, Anna wrapped the corset around Mina’s steel covered waist and chest and began to tighten the laces. As Anna tightened the corset Mina could feel her breast cups being forced tighter against her chest and was beginning to gasp glad her waist was trapped in steel so it couldn’t compress her there anymore.

Anna continued to tighten the corset until she needed to rest and had Mina step into the tight dress and pulled it up till it just covered her shorts. Anna began to tighten the corset again trying to make it pull in around Mina’s narrow waist, grunting she used her knee and leaned back and heard a slight ratcheting noise as the corset tightened further. Mina squealed as she felt the metal corset tighten around her more and tried to pull away from Anna who thought she was trying to help and pulled one last time very hard and more ratcheting could be heard. Mina could not breathe and was gasping loudly through her gagged lips as Anna tied the laces off and pulled the skirt up and laced it tightly around Mina’s now much smaller waist.

Mina hung whining from her wrists knowing that the tension she was feeling could not be released until Jack came home in three days and hoped her body could adjust but wasn’t sure if she could take it or not. Mina hung in the window standing on her pointed toes wearing a tight hobble dress with a crushing corset that just covered the steel globes covering her breasts and causing her great difficulty in getting air into her lungs.

The tight gag and posture collar keeping her head held erect and making it impossible for her to turn her face away from the window as several people walked by and took pictures before entering the store. Anna had sold more tonight than any other night ever and was letting Mina down from her display but not before taking more pictures of her struggling for air as she hung there. Anna lowered her captive and began loosening the dress having Mina step out of it and folding It and putting it away.

Mina stood turning her body to watch Anna walking carefully in her toe boots to put the dress away and whined looking up at her bounds wrists and pulling on them wanting Anna to finish undressing her so she could go home, she was exhausted and her pelvic bones, waist and ribs were hurting badly and she needed a bath to ease her bodies pain and wash off her body fluids.

Anna just said, "You can wait until I’m done", and continued to put away the dress, when Anna loosened the corset Mina could feel her ribs expand and the pain increased and she whined and pulled at her wrist bonds as Anna went into the back to clean the corset before putting it back on the rack. Mina was left whining and trying to bend her upper body to try and ease the pain in her ribs and waist but couldn’t bend far due to the spreader bar still holding her arms above her head.

Anna finally came to her and lowered her arms and Mina bent and flexed her body whining loudly as Anna slipped her dress under her feet and pulled it up, she helped Mina into her corset and coat wrapping the scarf tightly around Mina’s head and rushed her out the door saying, "Ok, we are done for tonight anytime you wish to be my subject again I would love to have you, enjoy the rest of the night." Mina was stunned by her friends rush to get her out of the store but figured her feet were probably hurting and just wanted to go home.

Mina drove carefully because she could no longer set up in the car from the added pressure on her waist so she leaned the seat back and had to tilt her head against the posture collar making it even more difficult for her to breathe. Finally reaching home she went upstairs and stripped off her clothes and ran the water for a bath.

Looking in the mirror she could see a small piece of paper sticking in the top of her breast cup and pulled it out and read it. "Just a note to confirm your appointment for tomorrow night at 8:00 pm to start modeling for me again, when you arrive I will remove your gag and collar and allow you to eat and drink for ten minutes before locking you into anther display for the night"

"Sorry for the extra locks but I really wanted you to come back for some more play time between us, maybe if you’re really good I’ll let you play with me again, sleep tight."

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