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Mina 3: Dress Up

by Mikel

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story continues from part two

Part 3: Dress Up

Checking the mail and finding nothing from him Mina collected his mail and fought her restraints up the stairs, gasping from the effort she went to her apartment and sat down. It had been over a month now since she locked the belt on her body and had gotten so used to wearing it she was now looking forward to putting on the newest one waiting for her in her bedroom. She was craving more bondage more often and as she looked at her cuffed ankles and ballet boots she wondered how far she could and would go to satisfy her cravings.

Still wearing the clothes she had worn to work and the ankle cuffs she decided she would go see her new friend Anna who worked in the fetish shop and went back down to her car. After the short drive she walked in and they hugged and Mina showed Anna her toe boots and said, "You were right they can be walked in!"

Anna laughed and asked, "How long have you been wearing them?"

"Today about 14 hours so far" Mina replied as Anna stared at her outfit.

They chatted for a few minutes as Mina explained what she was looking for and Anna said she had just the thing. They went into the back of the store and Anna pulled out an electro magnet restraint set including timer, said the ad on the box.

"Do you have a way to bolt this to your bed?" Anna asked.

Mina looked at the locks and figured she could bolt them around the lower bed posts and answered, "Yes I think I can make them work out fine".

Anna talked Mina into trying on some latex outfits before she left, Mina had never tried on latex but really liked the way it pulled on her body and felt so clingy and tight. Mina asked Anna to try on a full body cat suit and soon both girls were walking around the store in tight shiny latex, Mina wearing a transparent long dress over her chastity devices and Anna wearing the cat suit in transparent blue. Anna showed Mina a dress that had gloves attached to the long sleeves and covered her head with an open face hood with a hole for her hair to come out of the dress was made of much thicker latex and had straps with locking buckles that went from its reinforced neck down to her ankles and could pull the already tight dress very tight making walking impossible and breathing difficult with its built in corset.

Mina was liking their dress up so much she asked Anna to try on a corset that was hanging nearby, Anna agreed and locked the front door and said, "If I try that on you must let me make some adjustments to your dress first"

Mina giggled and said "OK" and soon Anna was pulling the straps on Mina's dress extremely tight making Mina swoon a little and stand with her pointed toes held tightly together.

"There", Anna said, "You won’t be running away now "

Anna fetched the heavy corset and wrapped it around her body, this corset went from her arm pits to her ankles and would hold her completely immobile if laced tight enough. Anna worked the laces for the bottom half very snug before closing the top around her body, she had always wanted to wear this but never had anyone that would lace her up in it until now.

Mina had been testing the limitations of the dress while Anna got dressed and found that even though the dress was latex she had very little stretch in it with it pulled so tight and could barely move her lower body at all, making only about half of an inch steps and only when she tried very hard. Her upper body felt like it was in a vice that was constantly being tightened showing all the lines of her chastity belt and bra like it was made to go over it, being barely able to turn her head the tight boned collar kept her looking straight ahead at all times so she took her tiny steps so she could see herself in the long mirrors and was stunned by her appearance.

Watching her body struggle for each breath, listening to the latex creak as it fought to hold her body inside and noticing the boning in the top of the dress in the mirror her already dripping pussy begged for even more attention. Anna was already regretting putting on a pair of thigh high ballet boots before wrapping the corset around her and over the latex cat suit and cleared her throat to get Mina’s attention and said, "You better hurry up, I don’t know how long I can stand in these shoes."

Mina looked quickly at her friend and smiled when she saw the toe boots and the two inched their way close enough for Mina to be able to reach the laces. Mina found out quickly that bending was very difficult in the thick latex dress as she reached her gloved hands down to grasp the laces, after struggling with them for 20 minutes she had Anna’s body compressed almost 5 inches at the waist and completely rigid from her ankles to her shoulders and tied the laces off in back.

Anna was gasping for air as she wiggled to turn around to face her friend, Mina watched in awe as Anna’s breasts heaved with each panting breath almost pushing themselves out of the corset, Anna’s body was the perfect hour glass shape, held rigidly from her bulging breasts to her narrow waist down to her compressed thighs and diminutive ankles. The two laughed as they watched each other and began running their hands over themselves and the other girls constricted bodies, Mina saw something and casually wiggled within reach and grabbed it as Anna was staring at herself in the mirror. Mina stepped up to Anna and said, "Hold your hands out".

Anna still entranced by herself in the mirror did so without question and soon Mina had pulled shoulder length leather gloves on to her arms only these gloves ended in ball mittens and once the buttons at the wrists were closed the wearer could not remove them.

Anna finally noticed she couldn’t open her hands and made a pouty face at Mina who had a sly grin on her face, "You are just as stuck as I am" Anna said.

"Without my hands you’re not going to be able to release yourself either" Mina smiled.

"Who ever said I wanted to be released?" Anna smiled a shaky smile and watched Mina turn and waddle off.

"You just stay put, I saw something that will be perfect for you over here" Mina said as she moved away from her.

Ten minutes later Mina came back into Anna’s view carrying some made of black leather in her hand. Anna had been testing her limits in the corset dress as well and had found out she could move better than she thought even though the boots made her unsteady. Mina came up behind the gasping girl and wrapped the leather item around her neck, the half hood neck corset matched the dress perfectly and soon Mina had it laced tightly around Anna’s neck, Mina had actually pulled the laces too tight causing Anna’s face to turn red and making it impossible for Anna to even open her mouth or move her head and neck. Anna groped at the half hood trying to make Mina understand that it was too tight but Mina just smiled and sat down and tried to unbuckle the tight dress at her ankles and knees, after wrestling with the dress for a few minutes she finally had the dress loose enough around her ankles and thighs to be able to walk "normally" in her toe boots and cuffed ankles.

Anna was still standing in front of the mirror watching her friend move around the store collecting a few things and putting them on the front counter. Mina moved out of sight and Anna was getting nervous that she might take the stuff and leave her bound up tight for someone to find Monday or Tuesday and moved carefully to the back room. Mina soon found her and clamped a set of rigid cuffs around her neck slipping a lock in the front under Anna’s chin and forcing her wrists into the cuffs at each end holding her balled up hands uselessly out to each side even with her shoulders. Anna was truly scared now and staggered her way further into the storage room as Mina laughed at her and went back into the store.

Anna was wobbling around the storage room and headed towards the back office but was stopped from entering the office by the rigid cuff around her neck catching the door frame with her outstretched arms. She tried to turn sideways but trying to scoot her feet sideways just didn’t work in her current situation. Mina showed back up and guided Anna towards the back wall and soon had the arms of the rigid cuff tied to some hooks she spotted in the wall, Anna was thrashing wild eyed as Mina started to unlace the dress right in front of Anna’s aching pussy and slowly slid a large vibrator in between her thighs and snugged it up against her pussy and pulled the laces closed again before turning the vibrator on and stepping back to watch her friend wiggle and squirm against her bonds as her orgasm built.

Mina especially liked watching Anna’s latex covered breasts heaving and Anna’s flaring nostrils as she gasped for breath. Anna struggled as she felt the orgasm get closer and closer and hated the way Mina just stood there smiling at her struggles. When Anna finally climaxed she screamed into the hood and twisted and pulled at her bonds until she passed out and hung limply against the wall. Mina quickly untied her and laid her gently on the floor removing the rigid cuff and hood before leaving Anna to enjoy the rapture of the passing orgasm. Mina cleaned and put the props away as she took them off Anna's body leaving her in the cat suit and ballet boots and bagged the rest of her purchases and leaving the tight latex dress on deciding she would wear it home.

Anna came out of the back room and staggered her way to the front counter and asked what Mina was doing, "I’m getting my stuff ready to go. It’s very late and I’m sure you are as tired as I am so we should go" Mina replied as she smiled at the beautiful girl standing next to her in her latex and ballet heels. Mina told Anna to ring up her items and add the cat suit and boots she was wearing to her tab.

Anna was stunned at her generosity and said, "But why?"

"For letting me play with you" Mina answered, "I can’t play with myself so I played with you instead, and loved every minute of it, thanks" Mina continued.

Anna rang up the items giving Mina their premium customer discount and they hugged and Mina swayed herself to her car carrying her purchases. Arriving home Mina carefully walked up the stairs energized by her nights activities and her inability to play with herself and sat down to eat a little dinner and rub her latex covered hands all over her body really enjoying the noises it made while she was doing it.


She spotted his mail on the table and got up to take it over to his place, after checking the hallway she wriggled to his door and went in, seeing the pile of mail on the table she began to sort it out, as she sorted out junk from bills and personal stuff she saw a large envelope with CO/ Mina apt 406 written on it. When she read it she gasped when she noticed that the post date was ten days ago, she opened it and found her keys taped to a letter from Jack. Reading the letter she found that Jack had real feelings for her and wanted to become more than just friends, she smiled at this knowing that he had at least some of the same feelings as she did towards bondage, after finding his stash of bindings and magazines.

She carefully moved back to her apartment and removed the dress and hung it up then removed her ankle cuffs but before removing the belt she attached the electro magnet locks to her bed and attached her chains to them and set the timer. With trembling hands she slid the key into the lock and turned it, the lock slid off the hasp and she pulled the belt from her waist, she had lost weight so the belt was not as tight as when she started nor were the thigh cuffs. As she was able to see her aching pussy for the first time in weeks she sighed and ran her hand quickly down and began to rub it, the feelings she had been waiting for came quickly and soon she was panting as her climax rose. Stopping herself she removed the bra and boots and quickly chained her ankles to the bed and lay back stretching to reach the cuffs at the ends of the chains, she stuffed her mouth with her large gag and locked the cuffs around her wrists. Mina now lay spread eagle on her bed, completely naked for the first time in weeks and could not touch herself.

She pulled at the chains but the locks held and soon her frustration of knowing she could have made herself come had her thrashing and twisting on her bed. Awaking from a brief nap still chained to her bed she was so horny if the gag hadn’t been in her mouth she would have screamed, she could see the sun was rising and knew her bonds would be released soon, she had time to think lying awake all night and decided that it was not only the frustration that kept her awake but the feeling she was missing something and figured out it was the belt and bra she was missing, they had become her safety blanket and made her feel more comfortable with them on then without.

She lay there and smiled as she remembered the first days of wearing the belt and how much she hated it and now how much she missed it, "How funny the human mind is" she thought to herself. Another hour passed before the magnets let her go, she went to the bathroom and felt funny not having to deal with the plate and wondered if she could handle performing enemas every day because that is what she would have to do if she wore the new belt for any extended period of time. Removing her gag she flexed her jaw muscles and got into the shower. Drying herself off she was surprised how different her pussy felt hairless, while she was shaving her legs she also went ahead and shaved her pussy, for the first time in her life she was hairless from the neck down.

She next grabbed the new belt and slipped it around her waist and slowly let the probes enter her as she pulled the crotch and butt cover plates up and latched them into place. She wrapped the bra around her chest and after attaching the chains she locked the front cups together, and soon was squeezing the corset tight around her waist. The belt was made to fit snugly under her ribs and once latched together pressure was to be applied to both halves to make the "corset" portion adjust to the wearer.

She pushed as hard as she could but it did not feel tight enough so she lifted one end of her bed and sat it on some books, she laid on her back with her body under one leg and as she started move the stack of books they all fell over dropping the bed on her waist. As the air was forced from her lungs she heard the corset ratchet multiple times and when she lifted the bed and slid out from under it the pressure on her abdomen stayed the same. "Well it’s tight now!" she said gasping. Still lying on the floor she could feel how tight the new belt was and tried to sit up. She had to lift herself off the floor and really enjoyed the strange sensation of not being able to feel the floor with her butt, she felt around her encased body and could feel nothing but steel everywhere she touched. The thick steel prevented any sensations from reaching her body under it and she immediately wanted it off.

She struggled with the steel and noticed how the crotch plate didn’t get tighter when she bent over to lace her toes boots on even though she could only pivot at her hips it stayed comfortable, she did feel the probes shift position inside her and that particular sensation didn’t feel very good to her, she had struggled to get on her feet because the thigh bands and the rigid position the high waisted steel shorts held her lower body in made it difficult to just stand up normally.

'This is going to take some serious retraining', she thought to herself as she tried to take a step and felt the pull of the thigh bands, she made her way slowly to the kitchen and pulled the large jug of frozen water out of the freezer, she had frozen the keys to the belt deliberately just in case she freaked out so she couldn’t release herself too quickly, she hadn’t planned on the belt being so tight she couldn’t breathe. She set the ice block in the sink and sat down to think about the belt and what she should do about it if anything. She caught her hand running down the front plate and noticed how little feeling she had down there and how smooth the shield was. Sliding her hand up she could feel where her belly button should be and ran her hands around her waist catching the short chains that ran up to the bra.

She had calmed down and was no longer panting and put the ice block back in the freezer. After eating some breakfast she went in for a nap, pulling the new half hood she purchased around her neck and lacing it tightly, she had really liked the way it had made Anna's neck look so long and thin and the way it held her head so rigid, Mina reset the timer to open in four hours and tried to lock her legs back down to the bed, the thigh bands wouldn’t allow her to be spread eagle again so she adjusted the chains to cross under her ankles forcing her feet to be held close together.

With her now breathing only through her nose she lay back for a moment to see if she could take the added restriction before pulling the blindfold down and stretching herself to reach the waiting wrist cuffs, closing them around her wrists. Having her arms pulled so tight above her head her shoulders forced the hood to push further up on her face covering part of her nose. Panicking she wrestled her binds pulling hard on the mag-locks and trying to break the chains but soon was gasping for air through her partially blocked nostrils causing her to hang on the edge of consciousness and finally falling asleep.

During her sleep she had wonderful dreams and woke up two hours after the mag-locks had released her feeling much more comfortable in her steel skin and stretched her body and unlaced her hood. Going to the bathroom she performed her duties and washed her body that wasn’t covered by the steel and went to the kitchen and read her manual about stimulating the wearer. Mina had woken up very horny and had put the ice block back in the sink as she read about how to stimulate the internal probes to bring the wearer near to or giving them a full orgasm. She retrieved the attachments for the belt and went to her bed. She set the timer again for the chains and plugged her stimulators into the same timer, first putting her large gag in before deciding to try and lace the half hood over it. Lacing the hood even tighter than last time she found that with her mouth held open it actually made it easier to breathe through her nose and the tight collar held her head perfectly still.

She attached her ankles to one of the chains and leaned back diagonally across the bed, using her leather cuffs locked closely to one another she slipped a lock through the chain as far up it as possible and closed the lock around the d-rings on her cuffs, the final click made sure she was stretched tautly between the two mag-locks pulling the chains between the steel bra and "shorts" forcing the intruders even deeper into her and soon the stimulators turned on. Within seconds of the stimulators coming on she was rolling and squealing into her hood. The stimulators not only vibrated her in the deepest parts but were able to shock and vibrate the whole suit, she had not expected the breast cups to come alive and since it had been so long since she had been able to stimulate them the feelings were intense. She began to fight her bonds and was gasping for air as the first really intense orgasm hit her, she tensed up and a muffled scream could be heard coming from her covered and plugged mouth.

The stimulators never let up and after blacking out twice she experienced another mind blowing orgasm and quickly blacked out again. Waking to the assault on her body seeming to be getting more intense she wished she had not set the timer for three hours as she felt another climax building and was already light headed from her exertions. She fought and pulled at the chains as she rolled over and over making the chains twist and pulling even harder on her prone body until she felt like she was going to be pulled in two. As Mina was starting to black out again she suddenly felt the pressure release from the chains and all stimulations stopped inside her. She sighed as she realized the time had passed and lay on the bed and drew her feet and arms down and relaxed trying to decide if the stress on her body was worth the orgasms. The phone woke her and while the answering machine picked up she was struggling with the laces of the hood.

She heard Jack's voice and reached for the phone and laid it on the bed, hearing Jack's voice saying, "Hello?" as she loosen the half hood and pulled the gag out of her mouth, she was still unlacing the hood as she held the phone to her mouth and said, "Hi"

"I thought I had missed you again" he said.

"No I’m here" she replied still unlacing the hood. They chatted for a while as she lay back on the bed and told him about the letter and he said, "Oh, good I thought you didn’t feel the same way"

"Oh I do I just didn’t want to bring it up first" Mina said. After talking for a few hours she had told him everything about herself including her chastity belt ordeal and her passion for bondage. He said he figured as much from what she had said to him in the past and what he had found in her apartment that first night.

"Are you wearing your belt now?" he asked, Mina told him about the new belt and her uncertainty about if she was going to continue wearing it or not.

Jack told her, "Well if you do want to continue wearing it send the keys to me here and I’ll be your key holder."

"That means you would have control over me from then on" Mina replied in a seductive voice.

"Yes I would, would you like that?" Jack asked.

"I think I would" Mina replied.

"Well you decide, I will be here another four to six weeks so I’m sure you would be ready for me when I got home" he stated.

They talked for a while longer and then hung up and she raised herself to her pointed toes and went to the kitchen and removed the keys from the melted block of ice and without thinking any further she put them in an envelope and addressed it to him, slipping a note in saying she was waiting for him and only him. She got dressed in her knee length skirt and leather blouse, changing her shoes and headed to the post office. Walking to her car she had to relearn the limitations her new outfit put on her especially the shorter thigh bands and carefully opened the car door and slid into her seat.

Arriving at the post office she had difficulty getting out of the car and when she did she was quite breathless from the effort, she thought about loosening the steel corset but didn’t know if she could stop herself at just loosening it so she walked into the post office, getting stares from everyone as her high heels clicked on the tile floor and sent the small package to him, as she saw the clerk slide the small box into the bin she could have sworn she heard a click from the final lock.

The days seemed to crawl by, she had also included the adapter for the stimulators making it impossible to satisfy herself, with the new belts double wall construction made any vibrations applied to it dissipate before reaching the wearer also increasing her frustration. She had also underestimated the tightness of the corset and the effect not being able breathe fully would have on her. She could barely make herself walk up stairs from the short bar connecting her thighs together and the effort it took to just walk left her breathless and light headed.

She was in a constant state of arousal, every time she thought of him being in control of her body she would become even more horny and frustrated. She had increased her bondage play but had yet been able to climax. Even when she tied herself up in a very strict hogtie and wore her gag with the half hood making breathing extremely difficult in the living room and had to fight her bonds back into her bedroom to get the keys to her release, during this exercise she had passed out so many times it took her from Friday night to Sunday morning to get to the keys only to be denied any satisfaction and be much more horny when she was finished.

She even locked herself up in his apartment wearing her long latex gown with all the straps locked so she could not loosen the dress that was pulled tight over her gag and hood with a locking belt around her waist and wrist cuffs chained to her collar allowing only slight movements from her arms. She had to wait until it was quiet in her building before venturing out to the mailboxes and getting her keys that would let her into her apartment and then she could release herself. She had real problems getting down and back up the stairs, she only had one visitor during the night and she had just smiled at her and said, "I hope he’s worth it" before leaving her to her task.

Taking most of the night she was glad when she finally made it to her door and was able to duck into her apartment just as her neighbor was leaving his. Being very tired and light headed she had laid back onto her bed and feel asleep in her bonds with her body half on and half off the bed. Awaking she was very sore and could not get her latex covered hands to operate the keys for her release from them being numb from the lack of circulation and being waterlogged from sweating all night. Unable to sit up without her hands she had to turn her body over and let it slide of the bed so she was on her knees in a praying position unable to stand because of the shortness of the chains attached to her collar keeping her from using her arms to stand. She knelt for almost two hours grunting and gasping from the added restriction of the latex but never got close to a climax, the new belt was proving to be very effective at keeping her controlled.

Finally able to manipulate the keys she uncuffed herself and began removing her hood and gag, she could finally breathe easier and slowly unbuckled the tight latex and removed the dress. Her adventures tapered off for the next few days as she was disappointed by her failures at achieving an orgasm and her depression caused by the constant arousal she was in. Jack called and said he was coming home by the end of next week and asked why she hadn’t sent him her keys? Mina almost passed out when she heard this and said, "I sent you them weeks ago you didn’t get them?"

"I haven’t gotten anything from you, I thought you had decided not to wear it for me" Jack answered.

"I’ve been wearing it since we spoke" Mina replied really starting to freak out.

"Well I guess you’ll be wearing it when I get home after all" Jack said with a slight laugh.

"This is not funny, I may never get this off if we don’t find that key" Mina screamed starting to cry.

Jack said "Don’t worry baby I can pick any lock, we will get you out of it, if I choose to let you out"

Mina felt a little better that he still wanted to be with her as they talked more about his arrival date.


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