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The Longest Restraint 2: My Hooded Claw

by Matty

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© Copyright 2014 - Matty - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; D/s; ballgag; padlocks; chast; leather; toys; insert; force; bond; rope; gag; play; tease; fantasy; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

story continues from part one

Part 2: My Hooded Claw

The alarm went off bang on nine and I lay there looking at it dazed. I didn't need to get up as it was my day off but I remembered that I have dinner date to get ready for, as I moved I realised that I was still gagged tightly, my wrists still bound behind me, the collar still locked securely around my neck and my ankles chained together and locked to the foot board of the bed. I could feel the vibrating egg inside me, the batteries must have died out as there was no buzzing or feeling of vibration.

I was thinking about the dreams that I had while I lay in my self induced restraint. I was in my room brushing my hair in my short silk nightie, all of a sudden I was attacked from behind, with a cloth covering my mouth and nose dosed with chloroform. I struggled the best that I could but he was far to strong and the chloroform was doing what it was designed for.

After I was out for the count, my attacker grabbed a small piece of cloth and stuffed it into my mouth, then covering it with 3 bits of duct tape overlapping each other. Its not like I was going to scream as I was unconscious, but this would make damn sure that if I did wake up I wasn't going to be doing any screaming. My attacker went on and laid me out on the bed face down and pulled my arms behind me and tied my wrists tightly together, cinching them in the centre making them even tighter, then took another piece of rope and did the same with my ankles.

My attacker removed his balaclava, he was a good looking guy, it looked like he had a kind face and not one that could do anything criminal. He took out a small pair of scissors and cut my nightie away completely exposing my body for his pleasure. He pulled another rope out of his bag and I started to stir and I could feel that there was something wrong. I tried to scream but nothing came out except for a 'mmmpfhhh' then I realised I was gagged. I tried to pull my hands round the front but couldn't, I could feel something tight around my wrists and realised my hands were bound together with rope. My attacker came closer to me holding the rope out in his hand and tried to kick out only to find my ankles were tied too. He tried to grab me and I moved away as quickly as I could, a tortoise would have moved 10 times faster, I was more like a fish out of water. This guy took no time in grabbing a hold of my ankles and spinning me onto my front giving me a quick couple of slaps on the ass as he did it.

I screamed as he straddled me with one foot either side pinning me down on my stomach and he started to wrap the rope around my arms just above my elbows. I started to struggle a bit but the more I struggled, the tighter the rope was pulled and it seemed the tighter the rope was pulled, the more I felt a sense of arousal, is that right? I don't think any normal person would feel that if they were being assaulted the way I was, but the feeling continued and I could feel a wetness between my legs.

Once he had finished tying my elbows to the point of kissing each other he lifted me onto my knees. Grabbing another length of rope, I saw it come over my head and he lifted my breasts placing it directly beneath them and pulled it round tight over my arms. I felt the jerking as he pulled the rope tight and then brought it round for another pass, brushing over my nipple as he did, and OH MY GOD, it felt like electricity coursing round my body and then he tied it to the rope at my elbows.

He wasn't finished there, he brought the rope back round over the top of my breasts and again, brushed over my nipples and this time that same electricity made me shiver all over, so much so that not only could my attacker feel it but he could see it, and then hear it through my gag, as I moaned out so loudly that if the walls weren't supported the whole room would have caved in.

My attacker moved round to face me and looked at me with confusion across his face. He put his hand up to my face and I flinched a little, then he spoke.

“Don't be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you”. I looked and then saw he was going for the tape on my mouth so I held still and clenched my eyes closed, (my thoughts go to moments that I've seen on the TV and in movie's, and this moment always seems to hurt) he pulled the tape off really quickly, and my god did it hurt. I spat out the cloth that was in my mouth and looked at him straight in the eye's. One question came from my attacker

“Are you enjoying this by any chance”? And I immediately blushed “it seems that I have come across a little gem” my face went darker than a full bodied red house wine.

I opened my mouth to try and get some words out but all that came what was...

“..I....I....I....” and then it hit me “Just take what you want, I won't call the police, I promise, just take the jewels and.... and go” but all he could do was smile at me and at my helpless position. What I really wanted was for him to stuff my mouth again, tape it up, put me over his shoulder and throw me in the boot of his car.

He got up and put his balaclava back on and picked up the cloth that I spat out. I looked up at him and wondered what he was going to do, then suddenly he grabbed my hair and stuffed my mouth again. He held my head so tightly in place that I couldn't move and I protested as best as I could while he pushed that already wet cloth in my mouth and taped it securely within.

He walked round in front of me and I could see he had more rope in his hands. What is he going to do with that? I soon found out. He came and pushed me onto my back, then grabbed my ankles and pulled me closer, putting my legs between his. Big fucking mistake, I lifted my legs as quickly as possible but he must've anticipated what I was about to do as he caught them with his spare hand and then trapped them between his legs.

He quickly wrapped the rope above my knees and then cinched it tight. My body was now completely immobile and all my limbs were bound to its partner. He looked down at me with a smile and whispered in my ear... “I don't want your jewels”. My heart started to race like Usian Bolt along the one hundred meter sprint. He moved to face me directly and, while grinning, “...I'm taking you instead”. As these words sounded through my head, he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and that was when my alarm went off and my dream ended. God I wish that it was real.


As I struggled to a sit up on the bed, I went through things that I had to do this morning. Firstly I had to locate my keys which I could feel under my ass and as I picked them up I wondered what might happen tonight. I inserted the key for my wrists and gave it a twist, “CLICK” one down, nine to go. I had to go to the store for all my ingredients (that and I get a staff discount), I think I’ll cheat on the dessert and get ready made profiteroles, “CLICK”, we're having steak so I’ll need a red wine, a full bodied one, bit like the colour of my face in the dream I had. “CLICK” and finally I could remove my gag, god it felt good to stretch my jaw and seven padlocks later the chain was free from my bed and I was free from it.

I reached up that tiny little skirt that I was wearing and pulled out the lifeless egg. 'Must get you some fresh batteries' I thought as I went into the bathroom and gave it a wash. I stripped completely and went into my walk-in shower, turning it on, the water came out hot and steamy (just like my dream). I gave my head a good wash, and while running my hands through my hair and over my body. I started to imagine that I was held in ropes and gagged, my captor had decided that I was in need of a shower, as I started to fantasize my hand moved down to my crotch and my finger slowly moved over my clit, I began to move it back and forth over my little pleasure nub.

I imagined that my captors hands moved slowly over my bound body, completely lathering it in soap, moving his hands up and down my stomach and cupping my breasts, he then started to squeeze my nipples. My fingers started moving a little faster, grinding hard against my crotch and my mind carried on going. He grabbed a hold of my hair and pulled my head back, my hand started rubbing harder and harder, my pulse was rising and my breathing was getting heavier, the water was lapping over me and there it was. OH MY GOD, My fingers entered inside me OH MY FUCKING GOD, my thoughts went to having my body pushed hard against the shower wall and the ropes getting wetter and wetter with my captors cock driving itself home inside of me, then my fingers started moving faster and faster. GOD, GOD and there it was, I climaxed there and then, leaning hard against the shower wall I started panting hard, trying to catch my breath. God I hope Dominic is worth the wait and I hope that he's everything that I’m hoping for.

I got out the shower and dried myself off, looking in the mirror I wondered what to wear and I came up with the conclusion that what ever I where it needs to be tight. I went into my dress wardrobe and looked through my leather wear. I figure I needed something that would give him easy access. Maybe I should put on a chastity belt just in case I don't want him to have that much access. So I retrieved my tight fitting leather mini dress, chastity belt, and padlocks for the belt (the keys for these are in the freezer completely encased in ice)

Right time to get the food sorted. I got into my scruffs and went round to Asda to locate steaks and profiteroles. An easy chore if you know what to look for in a steak, I on the other hand, don't. So I went to my friend on the butchery counter and he recommended a good old rib-eye steak, he even told me how to cook it.

I got back home with two hours to spare, so I ran up the stairs to get ready for my dinner date. First I had to do my make-up, or as the guys at work call it, put my face on. So I took off my scruffs down to my bra, I decided that if I was going to put my chastity belt on I wouldn't need any panties, so they were swiftly removed, I sat at my dressing table and pulled out my make up bag. It took me a little over 20 minutes to get my make up right and now for the fun part, I looked over at my bed and picked up my chastity belt.

I purchased it from a website in china and fell in love with it straight away. Its made primarily of steel and then lined with rubber on the inside, the thing that drew my eyes to it in the beginning were the to fantastic looking dildo's, made of pure steel and tapered so that they get bigger the further they go in and by god they're going all the way in and when the padlock goes on, there's no way that its coming off without the key and now tonight's the night I take it for a test drive.

I lubricated the two dildos and then wrapped the restraining belt snug around waist, I spread my legs a little, reached through and grabbed the crotch section and pulled it through slowly, making sure that my little friends went in nice and easy, as the first one was going into my rear canal, I pulled very gently and the dildo was going in nice and easy into my rear “canal”. Half way in and the dildo at the front started going in, as both my holes were filling I could feel my loins going again, I had to resist as Dominic was coming over in just over an hour, so I pulled the strap through completely in one swift motion and “FUCK ME” as they went in I wanted to cum right there and then but I had to hold it in and calm down.

I still had to put the padlock through the belt. I bent down and went to pick up the padlock from the bed and I could feel both “intruders” move inside me. I had to get this padlock on and clicked shut otherwise I'll just pull both intruders out and start rubbing my hand hard against my clit that's already on fire and screaming to be touched. I finally picked up the padlock and threaded it through the clasp that's just in front of my belly button “CLICK” and finally I was able to stand up, then I looked at the time, six thirty and I began to panic a little as I hadn't done my hair or put my dress on, so I started to rush around a little. My intruders were playing around inside me as I pulled my dress over my head, it was a tight little number that showed off my breasts nicely. I started to wonder if putting on the chastity belt was a good idea, can't change that now, not even if I wanted to as the key for the padlock was frozen solid in ice.

I had decided that putting my hair up in a simple pony tail will have to do, no time to do anything else. I would normally have straightened my hair but hay-ho. I got the steaks out the fridge and placed them on the side, I saw on a cooking programme that you need to take them out to bring them to room temperature and then cook them otherwise the centre would be cold. Can't be having a cold steak. I looked at the time and spotted that I still had a whole fifteen minutes to go, so I got out the full bodied red wine and opened it up to breathe and set the table with 5 minutes to spare, that's got to be a record. I sat to take the weight off my feet and as I sat not only did I feel the two dildos inside me move and apply pressure but the door bell sounded. I shot up instantly and fuck those dildo's, and then it came to me, I've not taken out the ice cube with the key to my chastity belt.

I walked very steadily to the front door and opened it. There he was, standing in front of me was an almost a slightly dark, almost Italian, coloured man who seems to be quite tall, (everyone's tall in comparison to me), with dark hair and dark eyes, and OH MY GOD, those eyes they made me quiver at the knees a little. He was holding a small bunch of flowers in his left hand and then reached out with the other giving me an opportunity to touch him, as he reached out....

“Hi Jesslyn” and he shook my hand very gently, my heart fluttered a little.

“You must be Dominic”? Came my reply as I smiled from ear to ear admiring his good looks. “Did you find the place OK”?

“Yes I did thank you and I have to admit, you look absolutely stunning”

I blushed immediately and welcomed him into my home and into the living room. “Would you like a glass of wine”? I asked as I offered him a seat on the sofa.

“That would be lovely thank you, and these are for you” As he handed me the lovely bunch of flowers.

I walked through the dinning room and into the kitchen to place the flowers in a vase. Then I turned to the freezer to take the key to my freedom out of the freezer and jumped out of my skin.

“I didn't mean to startle you”, said Dominic as he put his left hand on my arm. I smiled a little.

“I'm just a little nervous, I've never actually done anything like this before.”

Dominic smiled at me, it was a sweet half smile and then he came out with, “Why don't you let me cook? it seems that you're a little bit stressed.”

How could I pass that up. Have a chef cook for me, and an established one for that matter. As I got to do the door of the kitchen I realised I still hadn't taken out the ice cube with the key in it, so I spun round and went to go back to the freezer and I was stopped in my tracks by Dominic. “What do you think you're doing”? He asked as I started to walk back into the kitchen.

I started to get a little flustered, “I...I...I need to get some ice and water in jug for the table”.

“I'll sort that out, you go and sit down and take the weight off you feet”.

I wasn't going to let him sort that out, I needed to get the ice cube and hide it out the way. “No no you're my guest, I can't let you do everything”

I was desperate to get to that ice cube so I went to open the freezer door and Dominic, again, stopped me in my tracks, starred at me straight in the eye's, and even his stare brought butterflies to my stomach, God he was so sexy. His stare alone made me want to drop to my knees and submit. With that thought I had to just let him get on with it, so I went and sat at the dinner table and poured out the wine.

Ten minutes had passed and I sat there wondering what I was going to about that special little ice cube, then my chef for the night brought out a perfectly cooked steak, “I hope you don't mind but I made a peppercorn sauce and a small amount of champ to go with it.”

I could smell the sauce and see the tenderness of the steak as it was placed in front of me, “It smells and looks lovely, a much better job than I could have done.”

He looked at me with soft eye's, “I’ll go and get the jug of water and a couple of glasses” came his next statement and my heart sunk realising that he might have seen the special cube.

Dominic came in and placed a glass just in front of me and poured out some ice cold water. A few cubes fell into the glass but not the one I was hoping, then he poured a glass of his own and as he did my eyes bulged, there it was, in his glass. How am I going to get that now.

“Shall we”? He said as he picked up his wine glass and raised it in the air.

I looked astonished, but I picked up my glass and raised it,“To a lovely evening with a new friend”. As we slowly ate dinner I kept looking at Dominic's glass of water and noticed that the ice cube was getting smaller, well at least I wasn't going to have to wait to long for it to melt. The real question was, would Dominic just give it to me without a second thought? Not likely.

“You chose these steaks well Jessi”, was the compliment that came, “and these ice cubes are great...” as he picked up his glass of water “... especially this novelty one with a key in it”.

I looked at him wide eyed and completely mortified and then came the question.. “Exactly what is the key for”?

I looked at the glass, then looked at him “You know I can't actually remember.” Trying to compose myself. I was hoping that he'd just take the key out of his glass and put it on the table and continued with my dinner.

As we finished I stood and took both our plates to the kitchen and placed them in the dish washer... I have to admit that was a well cooked steak, well done just the way that I like it, but not dry, it was juicy and tender. As I went to the fridge to get out the pre-purchused profiteroles, I turned my head and looked back into the dinning area where I could see Dominic fishing out the key from his glass, I turned back with an 'Oh my god, what the hell am I going to do now?' kind of thought going through my head.

The answer to that was very simple, not a bloody lot, so I dished out the profiteroles onto a single plate, sharing is so much more fun I thought, and composed myself before I went back to Dominic. Smiling as I entered the room I noticed that he was playing around with my iPod and found some light, mood setting music, you've got to love those pan pipes, and as I turned my head back to the table to place the plate in its centre something didn't look right.

I looked at both our place settings, sure enough both glasses were topped up with the wine and the tumblers both filled with water..... and then it hit me, WHERE'S THE KEY??!!!!! I looked around Dominic s place setting and sure enough the key was nowhere in sight. Right now I just had to stay calm, it might be on the floor but if I go with my feelings, I know damn well where it is. Thinking to myself, 'just chill out, this might not be a bad thing.'

Composing myself again, I turned to Dominic, who now, in my mind, appears to be the key holder to my loins, and said. “So what do you think to my music collection?”, the real question I wanted to ask was... 'Do you have the key to my chastity belt'? But I didn't have the courage for that.

“You have quite a selection, Particularly of the pan pipes. They make you feel free in some kind of way, even though you may not be.” Grinning as he made his statement. I took that grin as a statement in itself.

“Desserts ready for us if you would like to come back to the table.” Looking at him straight in the eye trying not to give anything away.

“Hmm dessert, it has to be my favourite part of the meal, maybe one day I could have you for dessert.” That grin getting bigger and broader and now my face a nice shade of red, and now with him sat fully into chair he piped up and said, “oh and that key...” I looked at him quizzically, “... I think I’ll keep that as a souvenir.”

“What about the padlock on my chastity belt?” Suddenly throwing my hand over my mouth indicating that I shouldn't have said that, let alone blurted it out like I had realising my mouth went into seventh gear and doing two hundred miles an hour before the door to my brain was even opened.

Grinning even harder, Dominic stood and put his hand into his back pocket, pulling the key out and into my line of sight. “Now I knew that this wasn't a handcuff key....” Looking down deep into my eyes, just the stare of those piercing dark eyes made me lower my head a little “...but I did wonder where the matching padlock was, and now I know. Would you like it back or would you rather I keep it until the end of the night?”

“Actually...” Keeping my head low, “I...I...I...” not being able to finish my sentence.

“It appears that you can't answer that one so I guess I'll keep it then.” And with that, he slipped it into his front trouser pocket, sat slowly into his chair and picked up his wine.

“That's a lovely wine. Take a seat Jessie as we still have dessert and the night is still young.” Winking at me as he said it, making me smile a little too. So I sat down and we started our wonderful dessert, he even fed me a few mouthfuls.

As the night went on we started talking about our lives, past relationships that had gone wrong for whatever reasons, work, the economy, the price fuel, we really were putting the world to rights. Conversation seemed to just flow with us and then we finally got onto a real subject, our kink and Dominic came straight out with it.

“So why do you want to be kidnapped then Jessi?” I immediately blushed, smiling at the same time.

“Well ever since I started dating I've been looking for my 'Hooded Claw' so to speak, but every guy that I have dated has come up short.”

Looking at me quizzically, “So.... you're looking for a Penelope Pitstop kind of deal?”

“Kind of.” realising I was looking him straight in the eyes when I said it. “I'm looking for something very special, something that no-one in their right mind would want.”

He laughed a little and then piped up with, “Marriage then?”

I looked at him absolutely mortified, “God no... That's for the people who are just a little insane.”

“So what on earth could it be then? As you seem to be someone that is in their right mind and I don't have any crocodiles to lower you down to in a pit.” And there it was, the whole Penelope Pitstop classic scenario.

“Oh no, I'm not after peril. That kind of thing is way off what I'm looking for.” Waving it off like peril was a word that didn't even enter my vocabulary.

Looking at me with a face full of confusion he asked, “So what is it exactly you're looking for?”

He just had to emphasise that one word didn't he, so here it goes, I took a deep breath and said... “I'm looking for someone to kidnap me, lock me in a wooden box or cage, keep me gagged between meals and in restraints that can never be removed so that I become just a slave to them. A slave that can be whipped and tortured to meet my captors needs at the time.” As I was saying and thinking it, I could feel my heart race with need and desire, my loins tingling and becoming moist, then I looked over at Dominic who was looking at me with a devilish smile.

“You know...” he started to say, “Some wishes and dreams do come true.” and with that my heart started to pound wildly, “but for the mean time, how about you get a little more uncomfortable.” and as he said it he produced a small coil of rope from his suit jacket and placed it on the table. I gasped in horror but excited at the same time. He stood from his chair and walked round to the side of the table on my left side, bent down to my ear and whispered; “All I ask is that you struggle for me and not make it easy.”

With that he suddenly grabbed my left arm and pulled me up from my chair, and dragged me quickly over and onto the couch, grabbing the rope from the table as we went past, forcing me onto my belly, and then straddled me, holding me down. Trying to fight him off, I lifted my body to try and force him to loose his balance but my god this man was heavy.

He gabbed my arms and pulled then forcefully behind me and I screamed, he threaded the rope under my upper arms and around above my elbows, pulling it tight as he did, forcing my elbows to touch, then he cinched them, wrapping the rope tightly around and between them, tying it off. I screamed and kicked but it did me no good, not only did he cover my mouth with his big hand, but my feet couldn't even reach his back to do any kind of damage.

Using his other hand he reached into his jacket and pulled two pieces of cloth, as he moved his hand away from mouth I screamed out again only for my mouth to be suddenly filled and my screams stifled, then the second as wrapped around my head and tied off at the back. I struggled even more intently, but in my mind this is what I wanted, and god I was so turned on right now and I could feel that he was as his cock was bulging against my wrists, aching to pounce from behind his trousers.

He suddenly shifted his body so that my arms could move from below the elbow, but to be honest that didn't last long either. He wrapped my wrists so tightly together that it made squirming almost impossible, cinching them as he did with the elbows. I was in heaven, my arms had been bound, not by a gentle lover just wanting a little bit of kink in their sex life, but by this powerful example of a man. A man so determined to get the job done he managed to bind my arms so quickly it was like a snake had just effortlessly wrapped its coils around them and then get ready to go in for the kill.

He got up off me and turned me onto my back, laying on my arms I struggled in front of him looking up at him, with pleading eyes, taking deep breaths, to show me some kind of mercy. With his eyes fixed on me I noticed that he wasn't even slightly flustered, I on the other hand was completely knackered. His gaze just made me feel completely subservient, could this man be what I wanted? He did say that he was looking for something that didn't exist.

Dominic reached inside his jacket again and pulled out another coil of rope. Is this guy the Mary Poppins of kink or something? What's he going to pull out next? A whipping bench, or perhaps a saint Andrews cross? I didn't really care, all I knew was that I was in heaven and it was because this gorgeous and strong example of a man had forcefully bound and gagged me, allowing me to struggle at my hearts content making this feel a little like it was the real deal.

Looking down at me, Dominic moved forward towards me, so instinctively I moved back a little into the sofa and making out that I was scared. He reached down for an ankle so I moved it quickly under my arse, and doing the same with the other one, purposely sitting on them so that he couldn't get to them. Not like that'll do anything, even if I didn't want this to happen there would be no way to stop this God from doing what he wanted. He grabbed my ponytail and pulled my head back sharply and looked deep into my eyes.

“Don't test me you little whore, you'll not win.” And with that he let go of my hair and pulled my feet from out under my arse. As he did I kicked out and he grabbed my leg with such ease and swiftly grabbed the other as well. Holding them together he quickly wrapped the rope around my ankles and pinning them down, he cinched them in the same way that he did with my elbows and wrists. I wriggled and moved like a fish out of water, it was official, I was helpless and there was nothing I could do, not even scream.

Dominic stood and laid me completely out on the couch, with my arms bound the way they were my breasts jutted out and I could only imagine how great they looked. He then put his hand in his trouser pocket and pulled out the key that has been keeping my sex, not only safe from third party intruders but keeping those dildos firmly in place while I’ve been struggling to stay free from my would-be 'Hooded Claw', keeping me aroused. He knelt down beside me and looked me straight in the eyes.

“You are what I have been looking for all my life.” Were the words that gently sung into my ears while he held the key to my belt right in front of me. He pulled the cloth covering my mouth down and pulled the other from within. I lunged forward and gave him a big kiss on his lips and as I did he placed his hand behind my neck and completely embraced me. As we finished he waved the key to my chastity belt in front of me.

Cheekily I looked at him and said,“Well I can't unlock it, so you'll just have to.” Smiling as I said it.

Dominic briefly placed the key onto my lips and slowly moved the key down my chin, slowly, I tilted my head back and he continued down my neck, making sure the warm steel of the key made constant contact, I made a gently moan and took in a real deep breath, my breasts heaved up with the intake of a full set of lungs and he quickly grabbed both my breasts with his hands, I let out the loudest moan of pleasure. He let them go after a few seconds and continued to move the key down over my stomach.

As he did this I could feel him untie my ankles and soon they were free, moving his hand up my leg to join the other I could feel it move under my dress and lift it up over my hips, exposing my well crafted belt, and more importantly, the padlock that was holding it all there.

Swapping the key over into his left hand, he grabbed my neck with the other, holding me down, now I didn't dare move. He inserted the key and gave it a twist and then sure enough there was that resonating 'CLICK' and then he pulled the belt off, both dildos following suit came out with great ease. Right now I just wanted his cock inside me. Right then he gave me a gentle kiss right below my navel and it felt like a jolt of electricity coursing through my body, every inch of me now craved this specimen of a man.

He quickly stood and grabbed the rope that once held my ankles so tightly together and reapplied it.

“Shall we?” he said, and as I started to speak he stuffed my mouth again with the cloth that kept me gagged moments ago and then wrapping with the second “mmmpfhhh... mmmpfhhh” and with my protests being silenced he picked me up and put me over his shoulder and headed for the stairs.

Carrying me up he opened several doors until, “A-ha, there it is.... the master bedroom” and with that he walked in, and then I realised all of my toys were still littered over the bed and the floor.

“What do we have here then? Leather cuffs, a ball gag, chains, padlocks...” and then, with a hint of glee “...and keys” He laid me out on the bed and I could hear the rattle of the chains as I moved on it, wriggling a little, watching.

Dominic soon picked up the ball gag and looked over at me. Getting a little back into the struggling mood I moved back towards the head board, he quickly grabbed my ankle and pulled me back towards him. ”Come here you little cock teasing slut.” Then grabbing my ponytail again he pulled my head back putting the ball-gag down he ripped off the cloth holding in the one keeping me silent, pulling out the stuffing from my mouth.

Nothing could prepare me for what came out of my mouth straight after, and neither of us was expecting it. In my mind I wanted to beg him to let me go and take what ever he wanted but the words were entirely different.

“Fuck me Master, Please just fuck me right here and right now, I beg you just keep me as your slave” I looked into his eyes and he looked straight back into mine.

“Are you sure that you want that Jessi?” his voice filled with sincerity as he loosened his grip on my hair for a moment. All I wanted to do was to be his, I had no family to speak of. I was told by my doctor that I would never have children, so this was the path that I chose and wanted for years.

“Yes, yes it is. I've been wanting this all my life.”

With that he picked up the ball-gag and as he brought it up to my mouth, I hungrily accepted it. He brought both straps around the back of my head, threaded it through the buckle and pulled it tightly, much tighter than I had ever done, picked up a padlock and securely locked it into place. He pulled me so that my hips were now at the edge of the bed and turned me onto my stomach. Lifting my dress up and past my pert tight ass, I heard him take off his jacket and unzip his trousers pulling his cock out he let me feel it in my hands and my god I was about to be taken by a monster.

He pulled his cock out of my hands and aimed it directly at my pussy, my now dripping with anticipation, pussy. Suddenly he slid it so gently inside me stretching my pussy as it went in, I could feel him tight inside me and it felt fantastic.

He started to slowly move in and out, and with every stroke I was getting hotter and hotter, closer and closer. I found myself matching his stride and soon he was pounding me like a jack hammer. My breathing started getting heavier and heavier and soon I was moaning and begging through my gag, muffling the words that I wanted to cum and cum so hard all over his cock, but it came out as “mmmpfhhh....”

As if he had read my mind, “Don't you dare cum without my permission” and then gave me an almighty slap across the cheeks of my arse which just fuelled my desire even more. In and out, pounding harder and harder, my desire to please this man whom I called Master moments ago, increasing by the second. He gave me yet another big swat across my arse cheeks and I screamed loudly into my gag, feeling the sting that it left behind. This masterful specimen was doing exactly what he wanted and how he wanted.

Soon he grabbed my pony tail and pulled my head back, making me arch a little and putting a strain on my neck. As he did he leant down to meet me, reached round to my right breast and forcefully grabbed it, making me scream again in pleasure and pain, the gag once again stifled all the sound coming from my mouth. I was in heaven and hell at the same time. He drove his cock hard inside me and it felt like he was inside my stomach it was that deep, I closed my eyes and screamed louder as he held it there for all he was worth. I wanted nothing more than to feel his juices run inside me, he released his grip on both my ponytail and breast, and moved his cock again in and out driving it in every time and holding his position. I just had to climax soon, I wasn't going to be able to hold it much longer then he drove his cock home hard inside me and with that came the order.

“Cum for me slave, Cum now.” came the growl of his voice, and no sooner had he said it, my body tensed up and gave in to heated desire, my body convulsing and as I climaxed he filled me completely. I could feel the pulses of his cock inside me, injecting me, I screamed loudly and as I finished, I lay there, a completely fulfilled and satisfied slave girl. Still dressed, I was exhausted. I had never been so brutally taken by a man, never-mind what I considered to be a god. Could it be I was going to be his for the rest of my life, just a slave girl, kept in the strictest of restraints? Or was he just playing with me telling me what I wanted to hear so he could have his wicked way with me.

I thought about my predicament while in my euphoric state. Here I was completely satisfied after having the most amazingly mind blowing orgasm, I was still bound in ropes, gagged extremely tightly by my own ball-gag and laying flat out on the bed in nothing but a mini-dress. There at the foot of the bed was a demigod of a man, towering over me with the ability to do whatever he wanted. Soon my euphoria turned to drowsiness, and not long after, sleep became my friend.

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