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The Longest Restraint

by Matty

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© Copyright 2014 - Matty - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; collar; ballgag; padlocks; chain; leather; toys; insert; tease; fantasy; climax; cons; X

Part 1

It was a normal day off from my activities of work. I couldn’t call upon my friends as they had all gone away for the week to Amsterdam to sample some of the illegal 'legals' that couldn’t be obtained over in England without arrest and a court hearing. I was supposed to be going, but my passport ran out shortly before, so I was well and truly gutted.

As I sat with a glass of my favourite wine by the window, I looked out at the weather which was as depressing as a sunken soufflé. It was raining hard and I could see the pavement fill with puddles.

I hadn’t been out for a while. At five foot four, dark hair, sea green eyes and a body any teenager would be proud of and most women of my age would be jealous of I’m not short of dates. I’ve had one nighters and a couple of serious relationships but nothing really came of any of them. I always felt there was something missing.

I always dreamt of being someone's victim, a woman captured by a hooded fiend. I’d always think about poor ‘Penelope Pit-stop’, kidnapped by ‘The Hooded Claw’ but she would always be in some kind of peril, I wanted something slightly different. I wanted my villain to be for real and keep me locked up. The thought always sent tingles up my spine and I would shudder with delight.

I once told my closest friend about these feelings of mine and how I wanted to live my perfect life, she, begrudgingly might I add, accepted what I had said and came up with the idea that I should go on a chat or date site that specialises in what I’m looking for.

As I sat there with my wine wondering what to do this evening, I peered over at my laptop on the desk and thought about what my friend had said. Should I just go for it and search out my perfect future? Sod it’ I thought, so I downed the rest of my glass, went over to my desk, picked up my laptop and went to the couch.

I opened up google, if in doubt google it, well that’s what they say anyway. As I traipsed through countless pages of results I finally found a chat site that caught my attention so I clicked the ‘Enter’ link and I was soon in the ‘Lobby’. Being new to the site I was taken back by how many people were chatting. They were talking about dominance, submission, role-playing, some were even being explicit about how they were 'tying the person up' in the room as a form of 'cyber-sex'.

Suddenly a member of the room contacted me and said I would have to change my name from guest to something that would make talking to me a little easier. I looked through some of the weird and wonderful names on the site, There was 'submissive_sue' and 'hogtied_hell_kitten', I thought I would go with something that sums up what I'm after.

After much deliberation I went with 'kidnap_me', kinda said it all I thought and suddenly I had  message from a chatter.

“Hello kidnap_me, how are you?”

“Very well thank you Abductor.” What a name I thought, could be a sign of good things to come, 'So where are you from?”

“Around in England, how about you kidnap_me?”

Well Abductor was from England so that was a good start, I wonder where from and I wonder how far he would go in 'abducting' me, assuming that Abductor was a man, and more to the point, HOW? My thoughts go to the things I want in my life, The tight bindings, the permanent locking restraints, the restricting but silencing gags, the whippings and most importantly the captivity. Where would I be held captive? Would I be locked in a cage or placed in a crate to be transported to my new 'home'.

'I'm from the UK as well.” I didn't want to give out to much information. “So what kind of things do you like to do Abductor?” I wanted the answer right away to be to kidnap a woman and lock her up, even if it was only for a night, I crave it so much and would do it so willingly.

“Well I have various hobbies, kick-boxing, cooking, meeting new and interesting people and I'm currently looking for a particular kind of woman, unfortunately this kind really don't exist so I have to settle  for something a little lower key.”

My heart sunk with disappointment, will I ever find my 'Hooded Claw'? I noticed that while I was in my thoughts, Abductor asked what I was doing on the chat and what I was looking for. I explained that I was looking for someone to do exactly as my name suggested, and that was to simply kidnap me.

“Well I can do that for you.”

My eyes lit up immediately, could it be that this person might be what I was looking for. I had to find out if this 'Abductor' was actually in fact a man or a woman. I would rather it be a man but anyone that could hold me hostage would suit me to the ground.

“Can I ask if you're man or women Abductor?” Came my first question of the day, with my fingers crossed, hoping that I was going to hear the one that I craved

“I am in fact a man, kidnap_me, how about yourself'?” And there it was, my wishes are slowly coming true. 'I'm a women' I replied as quickly as my poor fingers could type. My heart was now racing, and my excitement could barely be contained.

We continued to talk about what expectations we had in our lives. He had already established a career as a chef, had his own restaurant and even a couple of books published but he said that he wasn't a celebrity, I only knew of a few chefs. I, on the other hand, had a steady job at a supermarket in the local town centre round the corner from me. It was that close I could literally walk there in a few minutes, I was late more often than not and now have to really get my act together as I was in fear of losing it . You know what they say, the closer to your work place the more likely you're going to be late.

We exchanged a lot of pleasantries then he asked;

“Do you fancy going into a private chat with me?”

“OK, but how do I go about doing that? Never been in chat room before so I don't know exactly how these things are done.”

“It's easy”, he said “Just double click on my name and you'll have a new chat window in the room pop up with just me in it”. Right there and then I did it without hesitation and I couldn't wait to talk to him open and freely. I couldn't wait to see what he was going to say. Then he came out with something I wasn't expecting.

“So when would you like to be kidnapped, how would I have to do it and more to the point where do you live so that I can?” I was not expecting that at all, although it was my idea of a good time and I was due some holiday.

“Well...” how on earth was I going to do this? ” would have to either break in or I could.....”

“You could???” came the reply.

“… I could invite you for a meal and we could go from there, I have a day off over the weekend if you would like to come over?” What on earth was a I saying. I barely know this guy but sure enough he agreed to coming over in a flash. Oh well too late now to change my mind, there was just one problem, I didn't even know his name. I had to come up with something to cook as well, he's a chef so I would have to come up with something even if I have to get it brought it by the local takeaway (as you can gather I'm not the most gourmet of cooks) the best I can do is beans on toast.

“So what kind of food do you like Abductor; and I don't mean to be forward but what is your real name?” He actually typed out his laugher. “Well since you asked so nicely, my names Dominic, what about you?”

“Well my mates call me Jessie, but my full name is Jesslyn.” so how about you come over tomorrow evening and we can get to know each other'? I was shaking, wondering what his answer would be, hoping that he'll go for it.

“That would be lovely,” came the reply, “and I like steak with peppercorn sauce, medium rare.” My heart did the triple jump on steroids, a hop, skip and a where the fuck did I go, but saying that I don't know how to cook steak.

“Well Jesslyn, its late and I must get ready for my morning work, but I will be with you tomorrow night say at about seven”. As I was about to wish Dominic a good night he quickly came out with “By the way, where do you live?” Since I was inviting him over to mine I thought it was a valid question, I can't really back out now. “I live at number 5 bridge street, opposite McDonald’s, quite literally.”

“In that case I will see you at about seven for a perfectly cooked steak.” I hope he can give me some pointers when he gets here, as I said before, beans on toast is my speciality.

We said our goodbye's and I shut down my laptop, and then my thoughts went on to what Abductor could do to me if I let him do anything tomorrow night, (which is more than likely). I imagined he drugged my drink with a sleeping pill and I would wake with my ankles bound tightly together, my knees tied above and below, My wrists, tied and cinched so tight that squirming would be painful, with my elbows tied tightly together the rope pulling them so close that they touched and a tight ball-gag forced behind my teeth and locked behind my head, the best part of my fantasy is that I would be in the boot of his car being transported to a place where I would be permanently incarcerated.

With those thoughts in my head, and now my body tingling all over, I had to go and relieve a little stress. I went straight to the bedroom and in the wardrobe I got my favourite outfit, a real leather miniskirt that may as well be a belt and a tight leather crop-top Once I got out of my scruffs and into my leather wear, I walked over to my little box of tricks, and retrieved a pair of leather wrist and ankle cuffs, and good old silencer (aka my locking ball gag), a seven foot length of chain, my leather posture collar and ten padlocks of which I laid the keys on the bed.

I sat on my bed and set my alarm clock for nine in the morning. Its one in the morning so that would give me plenty of time and seems a reasonable time to get up. I wont be going anywhere in a hurry after I complete my tasks. I put the leather wrist cuffs on each wrist and locked them tightly down, I repeated the process with my ankles and then locked my posture collar tightly around my neck.... god that feels so good, five padlocks down and I'm getting very wet between my legs. As a last minute decision I went and got my remote controlled egg, I love this thing, the remote is a little like a car alarm key but does so much more, and inserted it deep into my longing pussy, I was so wet already it just slid in. I had to finish what I was doing before I turned it on, otherwise I would explode just with anticipation.

I placed the ball-gag into my mouth, pulled my hair out round the front and buckled the strap tight round the back of my head. Now for the padlock... I always get a buzz when I lock my gag in place, I feel so helpless while gagged, all of my moans are so much sexier when they're muffled, that and the neighbours can't hear me.

Six padlocks down all that was left for me to do was get into bed. I took one end of the chain and locked it to the back of my collar, then the other end to the foot board of the bed. I threaded a padlock through the D-rings and a link on the chain close to the foot board of the bed and made sure it clicked shut. That click resonates through my ears and its like the start of a ticking time bomb in my groin. I place my wrists behind my back, making sure that the keys are in reach and, most importantly, my little remote control. And in one full motion I placed the padlock through one of my wrist cuffs, the chain and then the other cuff, and there it is”CLICK”. The final padlock makes that glorious sound and I am at my own mercy.

Turning my attention away from my captivity I found the remote for my oval friend and switched it on to a slow setting and then threw it clean off the bed. I love to torment myself, it makes me feel as if I’m being abused against my will.

I start to fantasise about Dominic, what if he found me like this? What would he do? Would I still want or need  to be completely restrained against my will. I start to wriggle in my restraints and feel the pull on the chain at the foot board stopping me from making any large movements with my legs, I then start to pull frantically with my wrists and feel the collar pull at my neck, I give out a muffled moan through my gag as my thoughts move onto how Dominic's hands would feel against my skin.

I turned onto my my belly and pulled against the cuffs and chain while trying to grind against the bed with the egg still firmly inside me buzzing away. God I wish I hadn't thrown the remote across the room, so I continued to grind as hard as I could with the restrictions that I had and pulled on my restraints, twisting my wrists around in the cuffs, pulling against my ankles wishing that I was being whipped.

I started to grind harder and harder against the bed, the buzzing resonating through my groin. I continued to grind picking up the pace and getting faster and faster, the feelings in my loins building higher and higher while I pulled harder and against my restraints. My mind started racing and I imagined my ass was getting the whipping of the century and my body started to convulse as I came to one earth shattering orgasm and my screams came out as loud muffles of 'mmmpfhhh, mmmpfhhh' through the gag.

I relaxed a little and turned my head to the clock, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was only 2 in the morning. So I lay there thinking hard about what I wanted, I grabbed the keys that were on the bed but had no energy to remove any of my restraints. I closed my eyes and lay there glowing and allowed myself to simply drift off to sleep.


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