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It All Started With A Roomba

by Canadom

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; chastity; chain; rope; electro; gag; punish; remote; cons; X

Continues from

Part 7

There was a click as Ana snapped the lid onto the bin and slid it back under Cass’s bed. She made her way out to the main room again, awaiting further instructions from Cass.

By this time, Cass was sitting on the couch glancing over the contract that Steph had signed earlier, she smiled to herself as Ana approached, “Was that fun? Steph sure looked like she had a good time.”

Ana nodded, “Yes Mistress, it was fun helping you out with that!”

Cass smiled again and said, “Since you were a good helper, I’m going to give you a choice on how you spend your afternoon.”

Ana waited in anticipation as Cass continued, “I have to meet with another client at my studio after lunch. So, you can either come to help me with that, or stay here and relax. What would you like to do?”

Ana thought it over for a moment and said, “I would like to stay here, Mistress. If that’s ok.”

Cass agreed, “Of course it’s ok, it was one of the choices.” A sly smile crossed her face as she continued, “Although, I use the term ‘relax’ loosely, as I’m not sure how relaxed you’ll be with the shocks and vibrations still doing their work on you.” She looked Ana up and down, “I think we also need to…ensure you stay out of trouble while I’m gone.”

Ana’s heart sank a little, it seemed she and Cass had different definitions of relaxing.

“What do you have in mind, Mistress?” She asked hesitantly.

Cass playfully said, “Oh, you’ll see soon enough. For now, let’s have some lunch and then I’ll get you ready for your afternoon.”

She got up off the couch and made her way over to the kitchen, grabbing ingredients out of the fridge to prepare a salad. Once again, she put Ana to work by helping her prepare their meal.

She motioned to one of the cupboards, “Can you get out the ingredients for the dressing, Ana?”

Ana nodded and made her way over to the cupboard, but found that with her range of motion, she could just barely reach the knob. Cass saw she was having trouble opening the cupboard and helped her. 

“Thank you, Mistress,” Ana said, “I’m not sure I’ll get used to the limited range of motion I have right now.”

Cass shrugged, “I’m sure you will. You won’t think anything of it in a few days.”

Ana gathered up the oil and spices Cass requested she get from the cupboard and moved over to the counter. Cass had already taken out a bowl for her to mix everything. Ana poured in the amounts the recipe called for and stirred everything together as Cass finished putting together the rest of the salad in a large bowl.

Cass smiled and thanked Ana for her assistance, pouring the dressing on the salad and dishing some up for both of them.

The two women sat down at the table and began to eat, Cass scrolled her Instagram feed as she ate her salad. Her phone dinged as she received a text message from Steph, “Thanks again for this morning, that was fun! Now I just need to endure these next two weeks.” Steph said with a sweat drop emoji. 

Cass chuckled and replied, “Lol, my pleasure. Glad you had fun! You’ll endure, you’re a trooper! Just remember, begging will cost you $$. 😉”

Ana looked up from her lunch, “What’s up, Mistress?”

Cass smiled, “Oh, just Steph thanking us for earlier.”

Ana decided to try convincing Cass to let her relax in front of the TV for the afternoon, “Mistress, is securing me further necessary? I think I’m screwed enough, don’t you? I just want to be able to stretch out on the couch and watch some Netflix.”

Cass agreed with her captive, “Don’t worry, you will get to watch your Netflix. But you know I can’t leave you to your own devices while I’m gone.” She continued, “What sort of Domme would I be if I left my sub an opening to escape her bonds? I know how crafty you are, Ana.”

Ana sighed, knowing she wasn’t going to win this argument.

Cass smiled, “As long as you’re stuck in that gear, we’re doing things my way. Understood?”

Ana nodded meekly, “Yes Mistress, understood.”

The two of them finished lunch in relative silence. Once their plates were cleared, Ana gathered up the dishes and put them in the dishwasher as Cass went to prepare for Ana’s afternoon.

“You may want to use the washroom, Ana. You won’t get the chance again until I’m back.” She said loudly from her bedroom. Ana took Cass’s advice and made her way to the washroom. She heard the rattling of chains out in the main room as she did her business. Sighing to herself again she had an idea on at least part of what Cass had in mind for her – further limited mobility. She flushed the toilet and washed her hands, as she made her way out to the main room, she saw Cass leaning over, locking a chain to the leg of their sturdy coffee table. Cass gave the lock and chain both a couple of tugs to ensure they were secure.

Ana voiced her thoughts, “I had a feeling this is what the rattling noise was. Is this the extent of it, Mistress?”

Cass chuckled, “Not by a long shot.”

She stood up and grabbed a coil of rope from the couch, “Get your elbows as close together as you can.” She instructed as Ana moved her elbows closer together behind her. Cass began to loop the rope around Ana's elbows, wrapping the rope around itself in between them. Leaving some slack so her elbows weren't fused but not enough to give her much mobility. She tied the knot in the middle of her wrapping and towards the small of Ana's back. The knot was well out of reach of Ana's fingers and any attempts she might make to loosen off the rope.

She moved back out in front of Ana and said, “OK, try to reach your arms out.” Ana tried but found that the elbow rope had severely limited her reach. She could only reach a couple of inches in front of her. 

Cass smiled, “Perfect.”

Ana gritted her teeth as another shock went through her.

Cass’s expression softened for a moment, “Is that too tight?”

Ana winced and said, “No Mistress, just getting shocked. The ropes aren’t too tight, just uncomfortable.”

Cass's smile returned as she said, “I'm sure you'll be fine for a few hours.”

Ana was surprised, “I'm going to be stuck this way for a few hours?!”

Cass shrugged, “Well, we can't have you causing trouble while I'm out. Can we?”

Ana shook her head, “Please Mistress, I promise I'll behave.”

Cass reminded her, “You used up your freebie earlier and you forgot to address me properly when you asked about a few hours. That's another day.”

Ana grunted in frustration.

Cass continued, “And to address your point: The whole reason you find yourself trapped in this situation is because you caused trouble while I was out of the apartment before. Think of this as a bit of insurance for both of us.”

Cass looked her up and down once more and said, “Wait here, I need a few more things to finish up.”

Ana tried reaching as far as she could while Cass was gathering more items, but once again found that the rope limited her reach. She wasn’t even able to touch her fingers together in front of her, she sighed, knowing this would be a long afternoon.

She could hear Cass’s footsteps behind her as she came back into view with a couple more items. Cass holding up a head harness with a smile, “Your old friend.” She said to Ana as she began to buckle the head harness and gag in place. Ana noticed that this was a different head harness. The ball was larger, purple and had a hole in the middle of it. She wondered what the hole was for.

Cass meticulously locked each buckle of the head harness with several small padlocks, tugging on each one as she went to ensure they were secured.

She held up the last item in front of Ana and said, “This is a time-release padlock, Ana.” Ana thought the lock looked like a combination of a stopwatch and a lock - she wasn’t far off. Cass leaned down to grab the free end of the chain as she set the timer on the lock, “I’m setting it for 6 hours. I should be home after 4 or 5 hours, but this will make sure you stay where you’re supposed to while I’m out.”

She pulled the chain out all the way to show Ana how much range she would be allowed.

“See? You won’t be going too far once you’re on the chain.” Ana felt defeated as she saw that Cass had only allowed her about 6 feet of freedom. 

Cass continued, “As you can see, the bedrooms are definitely off-limits, as is the washroom. You can maybe get yourself to the kitchen counter, but even that will be a stretch.” Cass said with an amused smile as Ana noticed her pun and let out a slight grunt.

Cass could see that Ana looked confused, “I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m doing all of this when you have the ‘safe zone’ set up in the apartment, right?”

Ana nodded, “Ynnsss, Mffftrsss.” She said through the gag.

Cass explained, “Well, until I feel you can be trusted to not get into things while I’m out, this will be the setup when I leave you alone in the apartment. The sooner you show me you can behave yourself like this, the sooner I can give you more freedom while I’m away. Understood?”

Ana nodded her agreement as Cass leaned down again and locked the chain between Ana’s ankles.

“We’ll have to start the timer manually,” she noted, “But we can do that before I leave. It won’t unlock now anyway until the timer hits 0.”

Cass walked over to the kitchen and pulled up a bag she had hidden out of Ana’s view, she pulled out several small cameras from the bag. She began placing them in various locations around the apartment, one in both of the bedrooms, one facing the front hallway and another facing Ana and the living room. Finally, she taped one more camera to Frankie.

Once everything was done, she explained the setup to Ana, “You won’t be completely alone while I’m out… in a sense, anyways. I’ll be keeping an eye on you while I’m with my client, if I see you somewhere you’re not supposed to be, such as my room, or if you’re doing something you’re not supposed to, zap! Understood?”

Ana nodded.

Cass continued her explanation, “If you want to move anywhere in the apartment, you’re going to have to drag the table with you. If you remember from when we were moving it in, it’s quite heavy.”

Ana recalled when they moved it in and how they had to stop and take a few breaks from getting it down the hall to their apartment. The table easily weighed 80 lbs she thought, the table was a mix of glass and metal and that made it heavy.

Cass also added, “And don’t break my coffee table, or I’ll add a week to your sentence.” She noted with a slight smile.

Cass turned her attention back to the cameras, “I also put a camera on Frankie. Think of him as a robot watchdog while I’m out. He should start up around 1:30 and will be patrolling the apartment until he finishes his cleaning program.”

Cass pulled up the camera app on her phone, scrolling through each one to show Ana they were on, Ana could briefly see how she looked trussed up this way as Cass scrolled through the cameras.

“If there’s an emergency, you can get my attention via one of the cameras and I can have Lacey come help you out.” Lacey was a mutual friend and lived a few floors down in their building; the women had given her a spare key to water their plants while they were away in Vegas last spring.

Cass continued, “The cameras are motion sensitive, so if you move around enough, I’ll be able to pick you up on one of them.”

Cass opened the app for the chastity devices and noted the battery life was a bit low, “I guess we need to charge up these bad boys, don’t we?” She went back to her bedroom to get the charging cords. She plugged the charging cords for the devices into a USB wall adapter. Ana noticed that the cord for the USB adapter was much longer than the chain she was currently on. Cass plugged it into an outlet in the kitchen.

Cass walked back over to Ana and said, “I'll text you when you're allowed to unplug the charging cord.” She held up her phone, “I'll be able to tell if the devices are still charging or not. If they're unplugged too soon, there will be penalties. Got it?”

Ana nodded once more.

Cass put her phone away and brought Ana's phone from her room to the living room table. Lastly, she filled up a water bottle with a straw and set it down on the table.

“You should be able to drink with that gag in, but try to limit your water since you won't have access to the washroom while I'm gone.”

Cass began to gather up her things, putting the keys for the head harness and ankle chain into her purse. She put the items for the session with her client into a small duffel bag and made her way to the front hallway of the apartment. With her sunglasses perched atop her head, she looked up from tying her shoes and said, “Be a good plaything and start the lock's timer, will you?”

Ana brought her knees closer to her chest so she could reach her ankles with one of her hands. She pressed the button on the front of the lock and watched as a countdown timer began…5…4…3…2…1…she heard a soft click as the lock was now secured and the 6 hour timer started. 

Cass wandered over with her shoes on to be sure the timer was started, “Good.” She said with a smile, “Alright, get comfy Ana, you're going to be here for a while.” She placed the TV remote on the couch beside Ana so she'd be able to use it to find something to watch.

She turned and headed back for the front door, “I'm off, I'll see you in a few hours. Have fun!”

Ana heard the front door close and lock as Cass left. She looked down at the chain she was tethered to, deciding to test its limits. She got up from the couch and shuffled towards her bedroom, the chain stopping her several feet from her bedroom door. She knew Cass was right, she would have to drag the heavy table if she wanted to move anywhere in the apartment. She knelt and tugged at the time-release lock, but it wouldn’t budge. She slumped her shoulders, knowing that she would have to wait for the timer to expire before it would release. In a last-ditch effort, she made her way over to the lock holding the chain to the table and tugged on it with the limited reach she had. With the key for the lock in Cass’s purse, she would have to wait until she got home to get out of this setup.

Ana briefly considered trying to lift the glass off the top of the table, so she could move the chain up and maybe get it free of the table leg. But in the end, she thought against it since she would have to likely maneuver it with one hand due to the way she was tied. She didn’t want to risk breaking the glass and extending her sentence. She slumped back down on the couch with a sigh, she was stuck. She thought she should make the best of this situation and watch something; she turned on the TV and loaded up one of her favourite shows on Netflix. Figuring that watching a few episodes of it would take her mind off Cass’s stringent security measures and make the time pass quicker.

A few minutes into the show, Ana jumped as she heard a noise behind her. She quickly calmed down and chuckled as she realized it was Frankie starting his cleaning routine. She had to admire Cass’s ingenuity, Frankie would be able to go places in the apartment that the other cameras couldn’t see. Meaning that Cass would definitely see her anywhere in the apartment if she did consider trying something. Not to mention, the large table and the chain attached to it would be hard to miss if they were in an area they normally weren’t.

As the first episode of the show finished, Ana got a text from Cass, “The devices are charged, plaything. You can unplug now if you like. Enjoying your house arrest? ;)”

The chain rattled as Ana switched positions on the couch, a constant reminder of her situation. Despite her limited mobility, she was able to use one hand to respond back. Typing was slower than it would have been with two hands, but she managed to send a reply, “Yes, Mistress. My jaw is aching a bit, but otherwise things are fine.”

Cass replied, “Glad to hear it’s going well, other than your jaw. I’m just concluding setting up for my client, behave yourself. Remember: Mistress Cass is watching. ;)”

Ana turned up the volume on the TV over the noise of the Roomba as Frankie got to work vacuuming the living room. She wasn’t keen on the idea of Cass being able to monitor her every move via the Roomba and other cameras. She suddenly got an idea to limit Cass’s surveillance, when Frankie made his next pass by the couch, she kicked the blanket from the couch on top of the Roomba. The blanket covered the camera, and Frankie spun around in confusion trying to clear the obstacle. A chime came from the Roomba as it vocalized an error, “Roomba obstructed. Please clear obstruction to continue cleaning.”

Suddenly, Ana felt painful shocks from all three devices, she screamed into her gag and tensed as the shocks coursed through her.

Cass sent another text message, “What are you doing? 3 more days added for that indiscretion. Take the blanket off Frankie, now.”

Ana was stunned. How could Cass control the devices when she was nowhere near the apartment? Worse yet, she finally had an answer to her question - Cass had full control over the penalties and shocks! It wasn’t just the software on its own that could dole out punishments.

There was another ding from her phone as Cass sent a follow-up text, “Remove the blanket now or I’ll shock you again and add a week.”

Ana sprang into action, knowing that Cass wasn’t messing around. Everything was aching from the shocks but she moved as quickly as she could and got the blanket off Frankie. She pressed the ‘Clean’ button on top of the Roomba so he could resume his work.

Cass could see the blanket was off Frankie now via her camera app and that he was moving around again.

She sent one more text to Ana, “Good girl. Did you think I was joking about penalizing you if you tried anything?”

Ana responded, “But how, Mistress? You’re downtown. I guess I didn’t think you would be able to control the belt and bra from there.”

Cass sent her reply, “Wifi. It’s a wonderful thing. The belt, collar and bra are connected to our apartment’s internet. And before you go looking for the modem, don’t bother. I moved it to my bedroom last night while you slept. It’s very much out of reach, plaything. Now, no more misbehaving or you’ll be dealing with hefty increases to your sentence. Understand?”

Ana went wide-eyed, it seemed like there was no limit to the range Cass could control her from, as long as she had a cellphone signal. “Holy fuck! This is a nightmare, Mistress.”

Cass responded, “A nightmare of your own design, plaything. ;) You did this to yourself when you went through my things.”

Cass sent one last text, “I need to go, my client is here. Think about the 4 days you’ve added to your sentence already today. Good luck Ana, it seems like you’ll need it. At this rate, you may never get the devices off.”

Ana tossed her phone down on the couch and frantically began trying to escape from her bonds, the thought that Cass could punish her from miles away was terrifying. She grunted loudly into the gag as the elbow ropes prevented her from doing much of anything. She desperately tugged at her ankle restraints and the time-release lock hoping something would give. After 20 minutes of struggling, she screamed into her gag in frustration, it was no use, she truly belonged to Cass for the next month - at least.

Tears streamed down her face as she turned her head to watch TV, too exhausted from her struggling to sit back up. She couldn’t help but wonder, was this her life now? Would she ever get out of her chastity?


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