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Self Bondage Links
The sites that were previously hosted on Geocities are now archived by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, the links below have been change to reflect this, if you have a problem with accessing the sites try using the wayback machine direct
Autoerotic Fatalities A grim site that relates cases of people who engaged in self-bondage and accidently killed themselves. Recommended reading. Presented as a public service to the bondage community at large by LORELEI
A Little bit helpless by yourself
The original selfbondage website, now no longer updated but still contains some good ideas etc.
Archived here at Selfbound Stories for your reading pleasure
Alice's Sexual Obsession
web archive
Site dedicated to Self-bondage and cross-dressing, has techniques, stories and ideas for dressing.
Alterpic Slavegirl and Fetish Model Anna Rose invites you to her world of photos and videos in Latex, Bondage, Rubber Hoods, Fetish Sex, Kinky, Hardcore, Pussy, Explicit & Extreme Positions
Aurelie's Self Bondage

Aurelie's own self bondage stories, scenarios and techniques.
Archived here at Selfbound Stories for your reading pleasure
Bound Anna Excellent selfbondage techniques and ideas, many, many suggestions on how to tie yourself or someone else up!
Bound Anna Selfbondage Forum Bound Anna's own self bondage forum, find ideas, read other's stories and experiences.
Bound Ivy Ivy bound and self-tied in a variety of scenarios & bondage positions, cages & breathplay, with photos & videos to view Ivy Bound.
Cast Your Enthusiasm Cute Girls in plaster cast, rigid & teased; helpless and immobile, enjoy the casting and mummification. From the same makers of ConversationPiece & QualityControl
Charlotte Fetish Charlotte in self ties, bondage, strapped tight, covered in latex, locked in cages, encased & long term storage, cocooned plus much more.
Chimerabondage This is a video only site where women really tie themselves up and use electro magnets, winches, pulleys, one way rope clamps, slip knots, ice release, timers and anything else they can think of to make sure they are bound and helpless.
Conversation Piece How can you top young hot girls in tight, inescapable bondage? Pantyhose of course! Like it's big brother Quality Control, you can expect imaginative bondage in a light and fun atmosphere, fine hosery & beautiful pantyhose bondage.
Diary of Sex Goddess
web archive
Articles on my self-made bondage that cost almost nothing! my diary on playing-with-myself, stories and of course my masturbation process and experience.
Dungeonmouse Story based website contain stories and essays by Dungeonmouse and others.
Archived here at Selfbound Stories for your reading pleasure
Feline's Fantasies
Feline was awarded "Best Bondage Writer 2005" Site contains many stories about bondage and selfbondage. Archived here at Selfbound Stories for your reading pleasure
Female Escape Artists Hi, I’m The Female Escape Artist. My friends and I truly enjoy straining and struggling in our attempt to get free from a variety of restraints ... especially rope ... although I do have to warn you the last thing I am is a “professional” escape artist.
German SB Forum Selfbondage Forum based in Germany. New Address. has been a pioneer of the internet bondage world. Since 1992, they have been presenting the finest images to their customers. Pioneering many adult techniques. is the cream of the crop. Featuring images of bondage, S&M B&D, power transfer, women in bondage, gags, chains, whips, enemas.
Haus De Sade Described as "Reality TV goes Kinky". Watch the Haus mates as they are thrust into a world of sexual & physical torment as sexy captives.
Informed Consent - Selfbondage Informed Consent is a UK website about BDSM, online since 1997, with listings, discussion forums, personal ads and weblogs. Most of their sections feature information about both the BDSM and Fetish scenes in the UK.
Inxesse - No Boundries Premier bondage, with both big names like Chanta Rose, Paige White, Lana Cox, Morrigan Hel and many more, as well as gorgeous amateur models. NEW: One Inxesse membership gives you instant access to over 10000 pictures, daily updates, a searchable database, weekly video clips and photo adventures!
Jasmine Sinclair Jasmine's own website, see her bound, chained, suspended, spanked and humiliated. The Ultimate submissive beauty. Images, videos, webcam and forum.
JT's Stockroom Online catalog features 2500+ adult products, including vibrators, dildos, anal toys, leather & latex fetish wear and a large selection of bondage, BDSM, chastity & electrical gear.
La Page de Gwendoline Gwendoline is a lovely French cross-dresser into bondage & selfbondage, many galleries of her and her friends.
LaceLinda's World of Self Bondage fun, a small website with self bondage, Japanese bondage, scarf bondage. Archived here at Selfbound Stories for your reading pleasure
Latex Stories Free collection of Latex Stories, hundreds of stories, including self bondage whilst in latex, free galleries and latex links.
LikeRa Selfbondage Lycra & Latex

LikeRa's naughty playground. Here I'm playing with PHP, HTML, webdesign, webhosting, latex, lycra, self-bondage, pantyhose, swimsuits, zentai, photocameras, digital imaging software, ropes, knots and related things.

Lillian's Nexus
Lillian's site is dedicated to exploring the intersection of Cross Dressing and Bondage with an emphasis on Self-Bondage. Archived here at Selfbound Stories for your reading pleasure
Mick & Dee Luvbight Mick & Dee are a delightful couple who love BDSM. The site contains many, many pictures of Dee bound, whipped, forced orgasms and some selfbondage!
Nancy's Ultra Tight and Beautiful Self Bondage Nancy Cheung's Ultra Tight and Beautiful Self Bondage Site. This site contains numerous Japanese Style Self Rope Bondages and Techniques
Orion Stories Orion's own story website, contains many stories of selfbondage & bondage some have been featured on the plaza.
Petra Jane Transgendered/cross dressing site with self bondage stories, tips, features and discussion.
Quality-ControlCC Beautiful young women in real, artistic bondage, images of females tied up, chained, mummified, boxed, teased and always original. Quality photography and video. Fetishwear, vetwrap, clingfilm and more.
S(A)X Leather If your interest is in leather fetish then S(A)X Leather is your place of fantasy. We are an icon of the Australian leather fetish scene.
'Quality and Service' is our simple philosophy and handcrafted Australian Made Leather Bondage & BDSM gear is what we do best. At S(A)X Leather we endeavour to give you the best quality leather bondage gear, made in our own factory near Sydney, Australia. Our products are only available online and we cater for all tastes and ship virtually anywhere.
Self Bondage Girl
web archive
Personal Selfbondage website where the author can share her ideas and fantasies with you.
Shackled Maidens Classic high resolution photography of Mathew Brown featuring shackled maidens in self bondage, latex, chains, and custom made restraints
Shadowplayimaging Shadowplay Imaging is an adult site dedicated to the beauty of bondage and the allure of the bound female. SPI specializes in presenting bound young women of all shapes, sizes, and colors for your viewing entertainment, and features only the finest female models in the northwest United States.  Shadowplay Imaging is one of the premier sites on the web, and has been serving loyal customers since 1998 with photos and videos in various formats and themed fetish sets. SPI is a great supporter of the plaza & has several galleries on this site.
SoloBound Stories, techniques and ideas, also contains news items that are very funny to read.
Terri & Jennifer This is a restraining saga about one girl's introduction and continued journey into a fun filled, seemly never ending bondage, relationship. Terri continues deeper into the world of bondage fun, mainly self-bondage and a bondage filled relationship with her other female friends.
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