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Zipped & Shocked

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2001 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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Hello Gromet.

Here is one more story for your site.  I love the feedback from readers, and I look forward to hearing from more people.

Otto Dix
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Zipped and Shocked

Friday morning finally came.  The whole family was leaving won for three days, and leaving me behind.  I had been looking forward to these couple of days for many weeks, carefully planning my self-bondage session.  I definitely wanted to include randomly timed painful shocks to my penis.  This really adds a new dimension and level of excitement to being inescapably bound.  I also wanted something new, and I found what I was looking for from the tips section of Gromet's site.

I found it difficult to concentrate at work on Friday.  I looked forward to getting home and making the necessary preparations.  As I left work and drove home, I felt free and uninhibited.  I stopped in at the video store and grabbed a couple of videos.  First, some mindless horror, and of course, some hard core stuff to watch while bound.  When I got home, I stripped and walked about naked, collecting all the necessary equipment for the long night ahead.  I popped the horror tape in the VCR and paid half attention while preparing some materials.

THE ZIPPER:  I had before me 4 dozen clothes pins, with a small hole drilled in one of the handles.  I made four (4) chains of clothes pins, strung together with a strong twine, and leaving the pins about an inch apart.  From Gromet's site, I learned that these are called Zippers.  I put them aside and attended to how I would administer electrical shocks to myself.

ELECTRICAL SHOCK:  In earlier self-bondage sessions, I had rigged the printer knob to act as a switch.  It was able to turn an electrical current on and off, and a computer program written in basic controlled the printer.  I could vary the length of time between shocks, the number of shocks I got in a row, and the duration of each shock.  The power source I used was a variable DC power supply that ranged from 1.5 volts to 12 volts.  My personal maximum was 9 volts, but the shocks had to be really short.

There were two things I didn't like about this set up.  The first is that I could not vary the amplitude of the shock.  I could only pick one level of voltage for the entire bondage session.  The second reason was that I didn't like DC voltage shock.  They had a pinching sensation.

I decided to experiment with low voltage AC currents.  (NOT DIRECTLY FROM A WALL SOCKET!!!!!!!!).  I programmed the computer to emit sounds of varying amplitudes and frequencies.  First, I used a sound editor to create different sound waves.  From experience, I found that peaked waves (flat at top and bottom) produced the desired effect.  Then, I just programmed the computer to randomly pick a sound wave and play it.  The sound signal went from the computer via the external sound jack, to an amplifier.  From one of the speaker jacks of the amplifier, I connected two wires, each connected to a metal cock ring.  I lubricated myself with K-Y, and put both cock rings on my penis.  With the volume all the way down, I started playing the sound files, and gingerly raised the volume.

I found that low frequency waves gave a wavy sensation, as the current would alternate direction slowly.  Higher frequencies were more painful.  The best part was that I could vary the strength of the current by varying the amplitude of the sound wave.  This meant I could experience a variety of sensations while bound, everything from long pleasant vibrations, to short painful jolts, and I would never know what type of shock would be next.

THE RELEASE MECHANISM:  The release mechanism was a simple.  Ice cubes in a nylon sock with a ring.  As the ice cubes melt, the ring drops, and a release key would swing to within reach.  Three ice cubes usually go for about 2.5 to 3 hours.

PRILIMINARY BONDAGE SETUP:  For all my bondage, I like to wear nylons.  It reduces the chaffing, and adds a fetish element to the self-bondage session.  I altered a pair of nylons and included a hole for my testicles to hang through, and a hole for my penis to stick out.  The holes are just big enough, and are reinforced so they don't stretch any wider.  I put on the nylons, and gently pulled my testicles through the hole, one at a time.  Then pulled my penis through the other hole.  The hole was tight, and acted as a cock ring, causing and maintaining a firm erection.

Next, I put on a chain harness.  It went around my waist, and down my backside, between my ass, and then split in two strands to come up both sides of my genitals.  The two strands connected with locks to the chain going across my waist.  The keys were way out in the back yard.  Later, I would have to go outside to retrieve the keys to take off the chain harness.
In the basement, I placed an eyebolt in one of the beams in the ceiling.  Connected to the eyebolt was a tent rope.  A tent rope does the same thing as a double ring device, just without the double rings.  Check out a figure of a tent rope here:

I would later connect the tent rope to the back of the chain harness and take up the slack and hold myself in a standing position for the duration of the bondage session.

In the ceiling beam in front of me was another eyebolt.  Another tent rope was connected to this one.  This tent rope would be for my handcuffed wrists.  I would be able to take up the slack on the rope and have my hands held above my head.
In the ceiling beam in front of that one, were four more eye bolts.  These would hold weights used to pull off the Zippers that I created earlier.  Each eyebolt had a nylon sock tied to it, and each sock had either two or three ice cubes in it.  Each sock had a ring with a 5 lb weight attached to it.  The weight was attached to a twine that went from the weight, through its respective eyebolt, and then attached to the end of the zipper, which hung in mid air waiting for me to attach them to my body.

Finally, I put the hardcore video in the VCR and put the T.V. on a timer to start in one hour.  Then I went to the computer and started the program to begin in 15 minutes.  In 15 minutes, the computer would start giving me shocks of varying intensity, frequency and duration.  The length of time between shocks was an average of 7 minutes, but varied randomly.

READY TO GO:  I started off my tying a rope ball harness that stretched and divided my testicles.  Then, I went to the amplifier and adjusted the volume to be one notch higher than what I considered painful.  I then lubricated my penis and placed the two terminals (cock rings) on my penis.  I quickly continued my bondage before I chickened out and reduced the volume before the point of no return.  I then placed the ice in the nylon sock for the escape mechanism.  The ice for the zippers was already started and would release before the handcuff keys.

I hobbled my ankle with a short chain so that I would not attempt to reach for any objects with my feet to aid in my release.  The keys for the ankle chain were outside with the keys for my chain harness. I took each Zipper and started attaching the clothespins to my body.  Two zippers went along each inner thigh, and two went along my outer torso.  The twine attached to the weights were tied to the lower end of the zipper, hence, when the weights fall, the zippers will be pulled up from the bottom end. I attached the first tent rope to the back of the chain harness and took up the tension until my heels were off the floor.   I grabbed a thick set of bike riding gloves (thick rubber-like material), and put them on before attaching the handcuffs.  This was to prevent lose of circulation and any nasty pinching from the cuffs.  I also grabbed the VCR control so I could start the hard-core film once the T.V. started.

I took a deep breath and took up the slack on the cuffs until they were pulled straight up in front of me.  I was partially suspended between two beams, attached at my wrists and waist.  The chain harness dug into my crotch and ass and felt very nice.  As I tried to relax my feet and take off some the weight from my legs, the tension on the waist harness and cuffs increased proportionally.  For the duration of the bondage session, I alternated between holding myself up on the balls of my feet, to hanging from my wrists and waist.

When the first shock arrived, it was a painful jolt that caused my legs to contract, and my full weight came to rest on the wrist and waist supports.  I was in heaven.  I closed my eyes and took in the wealth of sensations.  The tension on my arms and waist, the clothespins biting into my legs and upper body, the cock rings on my penis, and the rope ball harness stretching and dividing my testicles.  The second shock arrived and it was a long vibrating shock that lasted about 15 seconds.  I moaned as I raised my feet and hung from the chains.

Later, the T.V. went on and started the video and let the control drop to the floor on a pillow.  As I watched the video I was distracted from the weights in front of me.  Suddenly, one fell.  I startled when it started to fall, and then screamed as the clothespins from my left upper body were ripped off.  It wasn't long before the other three zippers would be activated.  Each time was worse than the next.  It was especially frightening when one of the weights fell at the same time a one of my more painful electrical shocks occurred.

The video ended, but the shocks continued.  I looked to the side where my handcuff keys were hanging, and the ice would soon let them go.  I asked myself how many more shocks would I have to endure before I could get free?  Two hours and fifty minutes after I started, the keys finally came down.  My hands were shaking.  I tried to undo the cuffs, but it was hard with the thick rubber gloves on.  In addition, in the middle of trying, the computer would shock me once more for good measure.  As the first cuff opened, I felt exhilarated.  I took of the glove with my teeth and undid the other cuff.

I reached up to release the chain harness, when I realized that I could not reach the tent rope knot (that was the point).  I hung partially suspended from the ceiling, clutching at the rope, when the computer reminded me that I still had the cock rings on my penis.  As my body contracted with the pain, I almost fell forward.  My feet almost left the ground, and I would have been hanging there from the waist harness.  I regained my balance, and took off the terminals.

I looked around for a way to get out.  I either had to cut the rope, or get high enough to undo the tent rope.  I had a bar stool beside me that I used to hold the gloves and VCR control so that I could reach them while bound by my waist harness.  I manoeuvred it under me and taking much of my weight on the chain harness, I lifted my knees onto the stool.  I balanced myself, and lifted my arms up to undo the tent rope.  Once undone, I gently lowered myself to the ground and collapsed.  I rested my head on the pillow I used to catch the VCR remote, and masturbated to an extraordinary orgasm.
I laid there and gingerly removed the rope ball harness.  What a night.  The pain and bondage were exquisite. Now, where were those keys for the ankle and waist chains?


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