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Youthful Folly

by James Ellis

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© Copyright 2001 - James Ellis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; gag; collar; caught; stuck; cons; X

Having read your various contributors I thought I would add my own embarrassing tale.

I had been practising Self-Bondage since my early teens using mainly ropes and scarves, and had been caught by mother twice, fortunately she is very understanding. I graduated to using padlocks and chains, my favourite position being a modified hog-tie, chaining my ankles to a waist chain and using a short chain and two small padlocks for handcuffs.

Anyway I had joined the Airforce and had been posted to Germany where I discovered Sex shops. On my first home leave I stopped off at one and purchased a leather insert gag with a strap fastened by four press studs, a posture collar and my first pair of real handcuffs. Arriving home I only managed to try out the handcuffs once finding that with a little patience I could manoeuvre the key into the lock and release my hands from behind my back.

After I had been home for two days I got the chance I had been waiting for, I had the house to myself, my mother was spending the morning shopping.

Once she had left I began my preparations I decided that my swimming briefs would be my only clothing and could hold my back up key. I put these on and tied the diving cord tight. I got my chains and my new bondage toys out. Now full of youthful confidence having always escaped from the chain hog-tie I thought getting out of handcuffs would be easy so I decided to add a few refinements.

First I locked the waist chain tightly around my waist; next I chained my ankles together leaving a 12-inch length of chain running from the centre. Then I prepared my back up release wrapping one of the handcuff keys in ten turns of Selotape and attaching it to a 9 inch length of thread tied it to the centre of the waist chain and then tucked the key into the waist bands of my swim slip. 

Next I fitted my new gag fastening all four of the in line press-studs, this was great I could barely make a sound. Next I put on the posture collar this forced my head up and made the gag even tighter. Now getting carried away I taped the other cuff key to the back of my left hand so I could reach it when I wanted to escape and padlocked the chain from my ankles to the waist chain. I now snapped one of the cuffs securely on my left wrist.

Now comes the folly, I still had the short chain and the two small padlocks that I normally used as handcuffs left. Seeing a solid door handle on the wardrobe at a convenient height I decided to use the D ring on the front of the posture collar. With difficulty I managed to work my way to the wardrobe and to prop myself upright, passing the chain through the door handle I secured the ends together with one of the padlocks, I was now securely attached to the wardrobe and effectively immobilised (How effectively I did not yet realise). Heart beating with excitement I brought my hands behind my back ready to secure the handcuffs. 

Now here is the second piece of folly, as these were sex shop handcuffs they only had a single joining link. But I put the difficulty I had securing the second cuff around my right wrist down to excitement. Testing my bondage I found I could just reach the link and as I still had the second small padlock in my hand I decided to try to attach the cuffs to the joining chain from my ankles. To this day I don’t know how I managed to do this, or what possessed me to try. Pleased with my success I began to revel in my success not realising that I was completely helpless. 

After about fifteen minutes I begin to realise this position was quite uncomfortable and decided to release myself. This started off according to plan I freed the key from the back of my hand and after a few minutes manoeuvred it into the keyhole of my left cuff. But try as I might I could not get enough movement to turn it, I decided to change my grip and the key fell out and bounced on the floor. Not to worry I thought I’ve still got the back up, now the folly of locking the cuffs to the chain made itself clear, I couldn’t reach the waist chain. The chain between my waist and ankles was so short I could not move my ankles any closer to my waist and the handcuffs were attached just too far from the waist chain for me to be able to catch hold. Now I was in a real sweat if I couldn’t reach the thread I would be stuck until my mother got home.

Finally I snagged the thread and felt a surge of relief, I had got hold of the thread and gingerly tugged on it, but the wrapped key was trapped by the diving cord tied tightly around the waist of the swim slip.

Just then I heard the front door open and my mother enter the house, should I try to attract her attention or continue to try and free myself. That decision was taken out of my hands as I hear her coming along the corridor. The door swings open and my mother looks in gives a startled gasp and then says, “Oh you’re mucking about are you. Well I’ve got to go round to see your Aunt I’ll be back in an hour or so, enjoy yourself.”

Now I had already decided that I needed help but, despite all the mpphing and snorting through my nose I could manage, she shuts the door and departs. Still I had got hold of the thread so, I tugged on it again, but the grip of the diving cord was to strong and the thread broke. 

That was it I was a helpless prisoner, completely immobilised, unable to move at all and all due to my own stupid arrogance. My head held erect and unable to turn by the damn posture collar, forced to stare at the wooden door of the wardrobe. My wrists held firmly to the taut chain from the chain around my waist to my ankle chains. I was in real agony, my ankles hurt, my stomach felt as if I was being cut in half, my wrists hurt and my lips have gone numb. I was so desperate to get free that when I heard the postman at the front door I tried to cry out for help, but the gag was too effective. 

And that is how I stayed until my mother returned hours later and finally realised I was unable to get myself free, total time in strict and inescapable bondage four and a half hours, never again!

The moral of this is never secure yourself to anything, or completely immobilise yourself when practising self- bondage and always check your equipment is suitable.



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