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Yet Another Taxing Day

by Gowenlock

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© Copyright 2005 - Gowenlock - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; hood; nightstick; M/f; anal; spank; cons; X

continues from another taxing day

Saturday, April 12th, 2003, Saturday, April10th, 2004, and Saturday, April 9th, 2005 have something in common.  They are the last Saturday before the income tax filing deadline of April 15th.  My husband George is a procrastinator, and always waits until the last weekend to prepare his tax return.  We are both self-employed professionals, and so we file separately.  (My tax return had already gone out in the mail).

On Saturday, April 12th, 2003, George tied me spread-eagled and naked (face-up) on our king-size 4-poster bed for most of the day so that I wouldn’t tease or distract him.

On Saturday, April 10th, 2004, I tied myself naked to a post in our family room/dungeon hoping to tempt him as a distraction (it sorta worked).

I like being tied hand and foot.  When I was a kid playing “Cowboys and Indians”, I always was the one that wound up being tied to a tree while the boys groped me.  “The Story of O” is one of my favorite books, and I have a hard bound copy on our coffee table.

As Saturday, April 9th dawned, George seemed to have forgotten about keeping me tied and naked for the day so he could get his tax return completed on time.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and do some self-bondage.

Our bed in our master bedroom is a king-size 4-poster bed.  Now as anybody reading this probably already knows, if you tie a guy spread-eagled on his stomach he will hump the mattress and eventually get his rocks off (in fact he may not be able to delay it).

But a girl tied spread-eagled on her stomach can’t due that, because of the difference between male and female anatomy.  Mother Nature gave men the gift of external genitalia and gave us girls the gift of multiple orgasms.

So I wanted to be tied spread-eagled, naked, and on my tummy, but I wanted to hump something so I could keep busy while I was tied.

One day at a yard sale I bought a retired police officer’s nightstick.  It was made of fine smooth hardwood, and it was a little less than 2” in diameter.  I sawed it off at about 9 inches in length and sanded off the rough edges.

Saturday morning I ate a light snack and did not drink much liquids.  After George sequestered himself in his home office in our house to finish the income tax return, I went to the master bedroom and dug out the bondage gear that I would need.

I stripped out of my clothes and fold them on top of the dresser.  The only clothing I would wear in my self-bondage this day was a tight pair of denim shorts (and I mean tight).  They zipped up the back, and with a belt buckled through the belt loops they were as snug as a chastity belt.  I put the keys to my various padlocks on the dresser next to my folded clothes.

I slipped on the shorts and arranged the belt so that the buckle was in the rear.  I buckled on locking leather ankle cuffs and locking leather wrist cuffs.  The ankle cuffs have about a foot of chain attached to each cuff and the wrist cuffs have about six inches of chain attached.  We prefer them to steel handcuffs because they are more comfortable, and yet they are inescapable when locked in place.  They are just perfect for self-bondage.  I gathered the equipment I would need on the bed.

Naked except for the denim shorts, I kneeled on the bed and locked the end of the chains from my ankle cuffs to screw eyes in the respective posts at the foot of the bed.  (Yes – we have screw eyes installed on the four posts of our bed.  Guests probably notice the screw eyes but don’t ask foolish questions).  My legs were now spread wide and held securely.

Taking a tube of lubricant, I spread some on the 9” police nightstick, and then tossed the tube of lubricant off into a corner of the room.  Then, taking a deep breath, I inserted the hardwood nightstick into my vagina.

Damn, it felt good!  Big and hard, it fills my cunt with about three inches protruding.  I couldn’t help sliding it in and out a couple of times – it felt so good my head was spinning.

But I was careful not to cum yet – don’t want to take the edge off.  Working my denim shorts up over the protruding portion of the police nightstick, I am able to zip them up in back and buckle the belt securely through the belt loops with the buckle in the middle of my back.  The protruding end of the nightstick gives me a bulge in my shorts – just like a guy with a hard-on!

Now I pulled a leather helmet over my head and buckled it in place.  It had an attached collar that also buckles and makes it impossible to remove.  The leather helmet left my mouth and nose clear but covered my eyes and my ears.  I was now in darkness and unable to hear anything.

The next step was to lie forward carefully on the bed.  I say carefully because only a girl with a good set of boobs can understand how your boobs have to be placed carefully or they will be pinched.  I didn’t know how long I might be here, so I arranged my chest carefully.

Working without sight because of the hood, I search for and retrieve my two remaining padlocks and stretched my arms out toward the respective bedposts.  Taking a deep breath, I clicked the padlocks closed, locking the six inch chains from my wrist cuffs to the screw eyes in the respective posts of the bed.

And there I was, in the dark and unable to hear, spread-eagled on my stomach.  As with all bondages, my first moves were to explore my available range of motion.  And it wasn’t much.  I had done my self-bondage well, and could only move my limbs a few inches.  I was spread out and anchored, and in my own dark and silent world.  There would be no way to gauge the passing of time.  I knew George would come up to this bedroom occasionally to use the bathroom, but I would not be able to tell if he was in the room.  A scary thought crossed my mind – what if one of his buddies stopped by and asked to use the bathroom?  Wouldn’t he be in for a surprise!

And the hardwood nightstick in my crotch felt great!  I wiggled my hips and humped my ass and purred into the mattress and generally made a fool of myself.  I found that by grinding my hips into the mattress I could plunge the nightstick deep into my cunt and it felt great!  Just like a guy – I suddenly had a dick and I loved it!  The tight denim shorts kept it from slipping out and in just moments I felt my first orgasm rising in my loins.

And it was great!  The wave of orgasm hit me and carried me and I screamed and chewed on the sheet under me and writhed and bucked and generally made a fool of myself, if anybody was in the room.  My head spun and my mind went to the moon and beyond and rockets exploded and stars burst.  If you have never had a mind-bending orgasm when you are tied hand and foot you just don’t know what you are missing!

After a while I came back down to earth.  My heart rate slowed and my breathing slowed.  A muscle in my chained right leg wanted to cramp so I changed position as much as possible.

I may have dozed for a few moments.  But I awoke, aware of the nightstick in my cunt, and as I rocked my hips the pleasure returned and I humped the nightstick some more.  A little voice in my head warned me that I could die in the throes of multiple orgasms if I wasn’t careful, but I continued to grind my pelvis into the mattress and if the nightstick had asked for my hand in marriage at that moment I would gladly have said “YES”.

I laid there in sub-space, unable to hear or see, concentrating on my new friend the night stick.  There was no way to measure the passage of time, except for an occasional orgasm.  Naked except for the tight denim shorts, I twisted my limbs as much as my bonds would allow (not much) and daydreamed about sex, and humped the nightstick vigorously.

Suddenly I became aware that there was somebody else in the room.  An unseen hand stroked the bottoms of my bare feet.  I am ticklish, and I twisted and squirmed without success to escape his (George?) touch.  My unknown visitor rubbed my shoulders for a few moments (it felt good) and stroked my armpits (it tickled).

Then he withdrew.  I had no way to tell if I had been left alone.  I had no way to even know who my visitor was, although I did assume it was my husband.  Calling out elicited no answer.  My frenzied antics must have been comical to watch as I squirmed and humped at the same time.

Then my visitor touched me again.  He unzipped the zipper on the rear of my denim shorts and unbuckled my belt and I felt the icy blades of a pair of scissors between my buttocks.  The scissors made short work of the denim and in seconds I was naked (I managed to keep the nightstick in place).

Suddenly I felt the cool wet feel of lubricant being applied to my rectum, and a thrill went through me.  George (I hoped it was my husband) obviously intended to violate my ass and I was naked and helpless to stop him.  The thought turned me on even more (we have had rectal sex before, but not while I was chained and helpless).

Straddling my hips, I felt George’s dick in the furrow of my buttocks (and it is big and hard).  Pressing against my asshole (I forced myself to relax), he slipped inside and stretched forward.  His dick filled me completely, and with the nightstick in my cunt, it felt wild!  I felt like a bowling ball with multiple openings being grasped!

George obviously liked making love to me this way, and he belabored my intestines with vigor.  In turn, I humped him and the nightstick and the bed and generally acted like an animal in heat.  The air reeked of sex.

My ass must be tight, because in only a few moments he came.  His dick, and every other muscle in his body, went stiff and tense, and he thrust deep inside me.  His hot cum spurted into my innards, and he roared like a lion (I could hear him through the leather hood!).  A second later I went off too.  In my face-down position, I grabbed part of the sheet between my teeth and slobbered on the rest of the sheet and moaned and wailed and felt like I was a rocket blasting off into space.

After a few minutes we came back down to earth and our breathing slowed.  I felt George go soft in my ass and he withdrew.  He rolled off and went to the bathroom and probably washed up in the sink.  Meanwhile I lay there exhausted and damp.  Somewhere in the fray the nightstick had managed to slip out of my cunt and was now under my tummy.

In a mischievous mood, George stepped up to my widely straddled ankles and tickled my feet.  I am ticklish and I squirmed and hollered and threatened bodily injury to him when I got loose.  I was still wearing the leather hood which left me blind and unable to hear so I could not hear if he replied.  He whacked my ass sharply with his hand and then (gently) with his belt.  The way I was tied did not allow me any appreciable movement and I had no choice but to lay there and take it.  I knew that tomorrow I would probably have difficulty sitting down and there might be visible marks for a day or so.

And George was not about to release me yet.  He left me tied there, damp and sore and hooded, while he took a shower and went to the kitchen and mixed a drink.

Finally taking pity on me, George unlocked one of my wrists and handed me the keys.  Leaving me to free the rest of my restraints, he returned to his office and the tax forms.


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