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Winter in Austin

by Joanne Henre

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© Copyright 2008 - Joanne Henre - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; nylon; outdoors; cuffs; cons; X

The night had been planned for a week, and the essentials worked out and in place now for two days as I awaited opportunity and a COLD night.

Opportunity: time alone without the wife worrying ...

Cold night: the freezing rain on my nylon sheathed legs...

Be it known, this IS a true tale, and happened as I now relate.

The night came with temperatures near freezing, the mid thirties.

I almost chickened out on this test. The drizzling rain was very cold, and did not show signs of relenting. At the last minute I compromised instead of quitting. Working in the garage is a great opportunity for games of self-bondage. It is detached, and the wife seldom ventures there. Being detached it is isolated more than one way. Should I holler for help, or attention, no one is likely to ever hear me. The bedroom is a good 50 feet from the garage door, and the garage is a good 100 meters from the nearest neighbor. Which means that should I get into a bind out of which I cannot escape, I must needs await my wife’s curiosity and search. That may mean a night’s wait in whatever strain I may have placed myself.

The rain made a covering noise that would also add to my privacy.

I got a bracing bit of the cold drizzle as I hurried across the deck and down to the garage door and letting myself in. Quickly I stripped in the cold but dry garage. First on were two wide garters from the tops of old thigh-high stockings. With these I positioned my dick against the inside of my left thigh so that the naked head would rub against my right thigh as I walked. The two garters around my thigh and just below the head held my dick in place, actually pulling on my dick such that the head pushed out away from my thigh ever so slightly more toward the other thigh. Next I donned a pair of bikini panties to further control my dick, and to contain my balls. Then I pulled on the sheer pantyhose that just barely colored the white of my legs. The head of my dick pushed out against the tight nylon which held it in place so that as I walked, the nylon thigh would rub against the nyloned dickhead at the other thigh. This constant tickling of the head can quickly cause me to piss with no control at all.

Next I put on a short white slip, a short knit nylon dress, and a pair of 4” heels. As insurance against my losing my heels, they had a nylon tie that I strapped around my ankles. The heels are open at the back but closed about my toes, with cute straps which secure the shoes. The heels are not stilettos but as close as I could find with the heel tip perhaps 1/2” sq. This was to prove helpful later on as my heels sank in wet sod...

A heavy chain I now locked around my waist. The padlock key was close to me... in a large steel footlocker the key to which was locked in a box of steel chained to a tree trunk a quarter mile away through the cold rainy darkness. Several padlocks had I, each keyed with the same key. Now I locked a pair of handcuffs about each wrist, the keyholes facing out ( I had made that mistake before!) From the chain of each pair of handcuffs hanged a 2” steel ring. I double locked these police (S&W) cuffs to prevent them from tightening on my wrists. (Another hard-won bit of wisdom.)

Now, came the compromise: a heavy black leather jacket (Yes, H-D type). Up until now I could have quit. The rain was sounding lighter now, but it was 33/34 degrees outside... not that it was much warmer in the garage.

I thought I could keep my upper body warm, and dry, so only my ass and legs would suffer the cold. Those are my conditions for safety in the Central Texas cold. [Well, freezing weather IS cold to us!] I put on the short jacket, and pulled on a baseball cap. Complete ensemble, not counting the chains, was black leather with about 10” of nylon and lace below the jacket, “neon” legs, and the dark heels. Just enough skirt to cover my ass, really. The hem line as short as any from the Sixties: 90% of my thighs open to view, and with the slight wind, my ass exposed to the cold from just below my waist.

I considered my emergency back-up before I locked down. My key chain in the window sill in the mudroom, just inside the backdoor. Reachable up and across a well-lit porch and deck, and through a noisy storm door. Or, if worse came to worse, surprised help from sleeping wife...

Fooling myself that the rain was stopping, judging from the sound on the roof, I put alligator clips on my bare nipples under the slip, zipped my jacket tightly, and put my wrists behind me and locked the matching keyed locks to the chain at my waist, and to each steel ring of my cuffs. All this I did quickly, in the face of the burning feeling on my nipples, forgetting the cold rain for the moment, trying to lock my hands behind me before the pain of my nipples deterred me. When the standard size alligator clips bite, the one thought I have is can I get myself helpless before the burn makes me chicken out. Now, all I had to do was to free my hands to get relief from that pain...

I slipped from the garage out into the bright light from the roof light.

I suppose the wall shielded me from the rain, but I could definitely feel the coldness of the night up and down my legs. Quickly, I walked around the corner of the garage into the dark, moonless, rainy night. Suddenly getting the free wind and rain, I felt the cold on my legs. The wind slowly misted my nearly naked ass, and my nylon sheathed dick and balls. It was cold and wet!

I relished the feeling, knowing my chest would stay warm and dry.

Walking across the back lot towards the first key, I admired my legs in the dim light, seeing the sheen the rain was adding to the sheer nylon. The look and the feelings made the coldness on my legs, and the burn of nipple clamps, bearable.... of course, I could do nothing but bear it, yes?

The first key I had to secure in my trial was tied to a tree next to the “A” key . To free this key, I must sit on the ground in the rain and untie about 2-dozen knots in heavy nylon seine twine, facing away from the knot so I could reach it. I had to make it across my back field, then across a running creek by way of a low bridge of concrete, the through thick woods to the very back corner of my property, a good five minute walk in the day. Whipped by branches and legs scratched by the thorny vines discovered in the darkness, I finally sit before the tree. The whiteness of the twine stood out in the darkness so that I found it OK. As I sat facing away from the knot of gordian proportions, the rain was cold on my thighs, and even here in the woods, the breeze chilled my ass and crotch. But, all was well: my chest was dry and warm.

As I worked on freeing the key, I admired the nylon sheen of my legs in the dim light... and I became aware of a lot of noises about me. Some of the sounds were simply the wind in the leaves and bare branches. Some of the noise, I realized, was rain. It wasn’t ebbing as I had thought it would. The cold, nearly freezing rain was beginning to fall harder, even as I noticed. My imagination began to operate... “what if”s” being a large part of the fantasy of self-bondage, yes? What if they opened the flood gates at the lake? Would I be trapped on the far side of the creek, and in the nearby subdivision? Would I be trapped by rising water, having to wade across the low bridge? Before too long I had the key in my hand, scurrying back towards the garage, and the second key locked to a tree in the dark, near the traveled street. The chain holding this key was low, on the ground at the base of this sapling on the dark side of the garage. I must need sit in the mud to use the first key in the lock holding the second key to the chain. When I finally get back with the first key I find I am wading in 3 inches of cold water, and into it I must place my bare ass to reach the second key. Cold was that rain water. Surely it must soon begin to freeze! Standing with that key, I felt it jerk from my hand! I had forgotten, when placing that chain 2 days earlier, I had spend a few minutes knotting the seine twine through the key and around the base of the tree. Of course, the key was not lost, but it took longer sitting in the cold water untying the many knots to free the key. Luckily, it was late and no cars drove by the street in front of the garage .Of course, they’d have to be hunting for me to have actually seen me, or realized what they were seeing.

Still, the thrill of the exposure was there... the “what if”...

The second key freed the third key which was across the creek at the far corner opposite the last key and its box. Soon I had that key and was heading back across the bridge to the next one. I spent over an hour in the cold rain, nyloned legs glistening in the night lights, back and forth across my 4 acres until I finally made it to the last key in the steel box which would unlock the steel locker which held the keys to my wrist locks. By then my fingers were numb with cold, and the knots would have been a bad idea.. I’d thought of that. It was a simple matter to unchain the box and to feel around to get that final key. My legs and ass were very cold, and the clips on my nipples had long been only a dull inescapable throbbing ache. But, the sight of my legs in the wet nylons by the occasional light made it all worthwhile.

The ground had been getting worse and worse as the rain continued, and I slipped! Unable to catch my balance with my hands chained at the small of my back, I fell on the slight slope, sliding into a shallow depression in the leaf covered ground. I was in the muddy water from the waist down as I lay there shocked, even colder. Sitting quickly up, and moving to stand, I dropped the key! I felt it hit my calf as it fell between my feet in the water. Nearing panic, forgetting any escape but the one in the pool, I began to search for the key. The only way I could seek it was to sit down and feel the ground behind me, scooting about on my ass as I hunted.

I was sitting in freezing water, almost waist deep, freezing my ass off as I hunted. I was lucky. Perhaps just another safety net? Each key had about 6 inches of cord tied to it. Just as my ass and balls was getting numb, I found the key! Actually, I felt the metal about the same time as I found the attached string... but that would make sense, no? Standing up in the water, I felt the cold wind colder than ever on my legs. It was getting colder as the night got older, pushing 2 am by then. But, with a relieved heart I began the last of a half-dozen trips across the fields to the garage lights and the locked steel locker.

Quickly, I darted through the brightly lit back yard and into the garage. Soon I was opening the large box. I had to sit on the sharp edge of the box as I reached into it, to get the keys.The jacket was soaked, but it was made for such rough use. Quickly as I could I unzipped it and removed the alligator clips from my poor nipples. The pain was excruciating as the blood began to once again circulate freely through my nipples. Dressed normally once again, I went inside and warmed up in a hot shower. Even then my legs were icy to touch as I crawled into bed and under the covers. It had been a good night, and even with enough excitement and problems to make it more exciting, more memorable. Too bad the nights are not as cold more often. I wonder what it would have been like traipsing through the field and those woods while the snow fell instead of just cold rain?



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