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Who Done It

by Tom M

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© Copyright 2007 - Tom M - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; hogtie; stuck; discovered; cons; X

I have no idea what inspired me to do this! But here I am, a 42 year old housewife hogtied and gagged in my in my own house and no way to get free. I lay here on the floor of my bedroom twisting and struggling trying to reach any of the knots that keep me helpless and trying to analyze myself. I suppose I should start at the beginning.

Last week I had finished reading a novel, a who done it, my favorite type of reading. In the story a man is found shot to death in his house, his wife is discovered in the upstairs bedrood tightly bound and gagged. In the end it is discovered that the wife had waited until the day that the trash was picked up, shot her husband, dumped the gun in the trash, faked a break and entry and then gone upstairs and tied herself up and waited for her husband’s body to be discovered.

When I finished the book I became curious if it was possible to tie ones self up so that it would appear that someone else had done it. Never having been tied up or even thinking about being tied up I couldn’t imagine this being possible. The detective in the book had gone into great length about how she had done it, the type of rope she had used, the way she had been able to tie her hands behind her back and even the way she had gagged herself with surgical tape. While grocery shopping later in the day I was in the pharmacy and there was the exact same tape the detective discribed. I have no idea why but I bought a roll. 2 days later while picking up some paint at the hard ware store I noticed the rope, you guessed it, I bought 50 feet of the rope.

I re-read the ending of the novel several times, and each time the same thought came to mind, “ It doesn’t seem possible for someone to do that”. After all it is just a fictional novel. But each time it made me more curious. I found myself wanting to find out if it was possible. I would hold the rope and the tape in my hands and think about how it had been done in the book. Finally I couldn’t stand it any more, I decided to try it just to satisfy my curiosity. What could it hurt, it might even be fun.

I waited until my husband left for work on Friday morning and collected up my rope, tape and a knife. I decided to dress myself the same as the woman in the book. Bra, panties and a night gown. I took the knife and cut the rope into several managable lengths and put them on the bed. I laid the knife on the dresser. ( big mistake ) I got a clean pair of panties from my drawer and sat on the end of the bed. Now when I was a young girl I was in the girl scouts and had learned how to tie just about every knot ever dreamed of. One of the knots the woman had used to tie her hands was a hangmans noose. I fashioned one leaving plenty of rope in the noose part.

Starting at my feet I wrapped the rope around and cinched it between my ankles, tying a square knot in the front. It was secure but not uncomfortable. I tied the loose end of the noose rope to my ankles with the beginning of the noose close to my ankles. I bound my knees together and cinched them also. I took the panties and stuffed them completely into my mouth. It felt weird to have my mouth stuffed with the nylon fabric but I thought, what the heck, it won’t be in there that long and we are going for realism here. I had my hair in a pony tail so when I wrapped the tape completely around my head my hair would be out of the way. I wrapped the tape tightly around my face about 6 times to make sure I couldn’t force the panties out of my mouth. I tried to talk and yell but only got a mutted Mmmmmffff. Well that part seems to work I thought.

Next I took the last piece of rope, about 25 feet and wrapped it around my arms and upper body pulling it as tight as I could get it and again tied a square knot. I knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and reached down to my ankles and found the noose. I made several loops in the noose until I could just squeeze I hands into them. I glanced at the mirrors on the door of my closet and saw myself.

There looking back at me was a nicely built 42 year old woman. With long red hair in a pony tail, wearing a black night gown. Her breasts were wrapped above and below with white rope and the white tape over her mouth was in some way exciting to me. I tugged on the rope around my wrists and felt the noose tighten slightly. I gave it another tug and again it tightened. I tried to pull my hands out and found that although it was tight I could probably still get free. I glanced over at the dresser and noticed that I hadn’t put the knife on the floor like I had planed. Opps!

“Well I had better pull my wrists out and put the nkife on the floor so that I can get to it and free myself in case I need it”, I thought.

That is when I lost my balance and fell over on my side! The noose was now completely snug against my wrists. I struggled and pulled and fought but nothing I could do would loosen the noose. I was now truly and completely bound and gagged with no way to get free unless I could reach one of the knots. I glanced at the mirror again and saw a helpless hogtied woman watching me. It was like she was trying to say, “ Yes it is possible to tie your self up and not get loose you dumb bitch!”

I began to struggle in earnest, I was on my stomach in the classic hogtie position. I noticed that the rope above my knees was considerably tighter than when I had tied it as was the rope around my arms and upper body. I tried in vain to reach the knot that secured to rope around my ankles and the one that held the noose rope . The knots were all in front and there was no way I could even touch them. Also when I had slipped the loops over my wrists I had pushed my hands in from opposite sides and now my wrists were crossed. The ropes around my upper body prevented me from pulling my hands out of the noose. I was stuck.

In frustration I fought against the rope and felt a mild panic. I also felt a very familiar feeling that I always enjoyed, I was on the verge of an orgasm!

It hit me like lightning, an orgasm like I had never had before, I am always loud when having an orgasm during sex, I screamed at the top of my lungs but I’m sure no one could have heard me beyond the bedroom. The gag worked quite well. I guess I passed out then because the next thing I knew was that the clock on my night stand said 4:30 and I knew that my husband would be home soon.

“ Oh my god, what will he think? What will I tell him!”

Jim found me about 40 minutes later, still hogtied, still gagged and very embarrassed. He rushed to me asking what happened. He peeled the tape away and pulled the panties from my mouth. I asked him to get me some water and when he brought it back he asked who had done this to me.

He started to untie the noose rope from my ankles and asked who had done this. I couldn’t lie to him. I told him about the book and how I had decided to try it. He helped me onto the bed but didn’t continue to untie me. He gave me a strange look and ask what I had learned.

“ I learned that you can indeed tie yourself up so that you can’t get loose!”

He pushed me back on the bed, rolled me over and tied me back into a hogtie. He stuffed the panties back into my mouth and used the tape to hold them in. I tried to protest but he ignored me. He left the room and returned shortly with our digital camera and took several pictures.

“ I have always wanted to tie you up and make love to you, Now's my chance!”

Maybe next time I’ll see if it’s possible to tie yourself up in a spread eagle position!



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