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Where is Kelly’s Key?

by Kelly Selfbound

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© Copyright 2007 - Kelly Selfbound - Used by permission

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One Sunday morning, while reading the newspaper and enjoying a cup of coffee, I decided to have a little fun.  I only had lunch plans today, so basically my entire morning was free.

I went upstairs to get ready.  I had just stepped out of the shower, and I took a moment to look at myself in the mirror.  I have never really thought of myself as having a sexy body, but that morning I must admit I did look pretty good.  I’m 5’ 6” with mid-length light brown hair.  I have perky 34b breasts, and my hips are about 36”.  I weigh about 115lbs and my waist measures 28”.  I think of myself as being pretty athletic, but I don’t get out to the gym as much as I would like.  I started a workout routine not too long ago, and it has started to show.

Today’s escapade is going to involve my dog, Brandie.  She’s an obedient girl, who likes to cuddle and play around.  At times, she also likes to lazy around the house.  Her favorite spot would have to be the window bench in the kitchen.  There is sunlight coming in through that window for most of the day.  She’s usually just laying there soaking up the rays.  I attach the key to one of my padlocks onto Brandie’s collar.  As you can tell, she will play a crucial role later on today.

I collect everything I need, and lay them on the floor.  Self-bondage is something I enjoy doing while naked.  There’s something about being bound and feeling helpless from the bondage.  It also excites me to feel vulnerable from my nakedness as well.  You’ll soon know this about me as I’m almost always without clothes when I tie myself up.  Just keep reading my stories and you’ll know what I mean.

One of my favorite parts about tying myself up is tightly wrapping my legs with the soft rope.  I tie my left ankle to my left thigh with a few loops of rope, and cinch it tight.  I do the same to my right ankle and thigh.  This forced my legs to bend back.  Then came the 2’ spreader bar, which I tied to the insides of both knees.  I can feel my wetness as my arm brushes against my pussy.  Wow, I am sure getting hot and excited.   I need to finish this before I explode.

Next, “Kelly’s Tormentor” goes in (for those of you who don’t know about Kelly’s Tormentor, it’s my vibrator with a control box.  The box randomly selects the speed and frequency for the vibrator.  I never know when it will turn on or off, and what intensity).  Kelly’s Tormentor has forced me into submission many times before.  Today, I’m hoping will be no different.  I slide the vibrator into my already wet pussy, and secure it in place with a tightly applied crotch rope, knotted in front.

I attach a 3’ chain to a pair of handcuffs with a small padlock, and I use another padlock to secure the other end of the chain to the leg of my bed.  The key to this lock is on Brandie’s collar, while the key to my handcuffs is in the other bedroom on the floor.

Nothing would be complete without my gag.  I insert an inflatable penis gag, keeping it in place with another padlock.  I pumped it pretty good.  I can feel it totally filling my mouth up, but leaving a little bit off room so I don’t accidentally choke on it.

Kneeling, on the floor, I bring both my arms behind my back and secure the handcuffs around my wrists.  Now I wait for my fantasy to take over.

Almost immediately, the vibrator takes control of my body, bringing me to orgasm over and over.  I’m having a great time.  I struggle at my bonds, and the tight ties on my legs feel wonderful.  Having my legs forcibly spread adds to my excitement.

My naked body is glistening with sweat, and I’m sitting in a pool of my own pussy juices.  This goes on for about an hour.  Orgasm after orgasm.  I’m panting heavily as I submit to the Tormentor over and over.  The vibrator subsides as it finishes me off with yet another climactic jolt.

Somehow, I ended up faced down on the floor, completely exhausted, yet feeling fully content.  The phone rings, and my answering machine picks up…  It’s Suzanna…  She’s just calling to let me know that she’ll be early for our lunch date, and was hoping that I can show up at the restaurant a little earlier.  Oh well, I guess it’s time for me to get loose, and hop into the shower.  I try to call out to Brandie, “mmf mmf”… oh yeah, gagged.  I snap my fingers, and she usually comes to me…  usually.  This isn’t working out like I planned it would.

I struggle to get loose as the vibrator continues it’s fierce torment on my hot and soaked pussy.  In between my rapid breathing, I try to call for Brandie, but all that comes out are desperate moans through the pumped up penis gag in my mouth.

I must have been at this for a while now.  I’m really getting tired, and I am no closer to getting out of my predicament.  I’m starting to freak out at this point…  “Where is Brandie?”

I try and reach for the vibrator, but with my arms held behind my back, it’s simply out of reach.  With my legs spread, I can barely move around on the floor.  I manage to inch my way (and I do mean inch) towards the bedroom door, and I try to call out for Brandie once more.  No luck.

My wrists are starting to hurt as the chain linking my cuffs to the bed is quite taut.  I try to move my body back towards the bed to lessen the strain, but I can’t.  I need my legs for leverage, but bound the way they are, it was no use.  I writhe about on the floor and rock my body back and forth, but all I end up doing is tightening the strain on my wrists.  The rush from this change in the strictness of my bondage clouds my mind.  I fall deep into my fantasy, and several more orgasms have their way with me.

I have lost track of time at this point.  I am so exhausted, I can barely maintain consciousness.  I do have a backup escape plan, but that won’t happen until Monday morning.  I have a cleaning service that comes by on Mondays.  Whenever I’m in bondage at home, I leave them a note on the kitchen table explaining where to find me, and how to get me loose.  It has never come to that, but never say never.  I can’t stay here like this all night!!!

I need to get free, and I need to get free right now!  My fear does nothing but augment the intensity of my orgasms.  My totally exhausted body has been brutally taken down by Kelly’s Tormentor, and defeat has already set in.  Soft moans emit from the tight gag, and my eyes have been closed for quite some time now. 

Submissively accepting my fate, I am now just hoping that I’ll be alright tied up like this for the entire day and night.  I wriggle my fingers, and move my hands.  Everything appears to be fine.  My body is aching all over, and I’m drenched in sweat, not to mention the mess my pussy has left beneath where I’m lying.

I bow my head down and acknowledge defeat.  The vibrator has lost some of it’s power, but I’m still it’s little orgasm whore.  This last orgasm is slightly different from the others.  I have been tamed.  I can feel it, I can smell it, and I surely know it.  My Master has decided my fate.

Lying here pondering whether the cleaning crew will release me, or choose to continue my torment, I know that my will has already been broken.  The fear of being discovered does not envelope me.  I am not at all troubled by it.

Then, I start to feel a warm sensation on my right cheek.  I open my eyes, and there’s Brandie.  Licking my face and staring right at me as if to say “So, have you had enough?  Ready to be untied?”.  Brandie can be a cruel bitch at times.

I gesture my hands, and she moves her head close for some petting.  I manage to get the key, and unlock the chain holding me to the bed.  I struggle on the floor, while inching my way to the other bedroom.  The spreader bar keeping my legs open, prohibits me from rolling about.  As there isn’t much movement, the journey to the other set of keys is a long one.

I finally make it there, and release my wrists from bondage.  I remove the gag, and take the vibrator out of my pulsing pussy.  I drag my spent body into the shower.  Warm water falls caresses my body, while I simply laid on the shower floor in total exhaustion.

Another wild adventure.  This one started out simple, but turned out to be a total killer. 

I wonder if Suzanna’s still waiting for me at the restaurant?



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