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What Was I Thinking Part 2

by Sutton

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© Copyright 2012 - Sutton - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; caught; FF/m; bond; rope; cuffs; gag; nipple; tease; toys; insert; mast; reluct; X

continued from part one

Part Two

The two women were efficient and professional in spite of the fact that I was naked and tied to the stair rail. Sandy went about cleaning the kitchen, doing dishes and laundry, while Jan vacuumed and dusted the living room. For the most part, I was ignored. There were occasional comments about how ridiculous the situation was and a few about how I looked all tied up but mostly they talked about normal things. Of course I was frustrated and embarrassed and I tried to get loose. Jan had secured my handcuffs to the railing and tied the final knots so that they were out of reach. My futile attempts to escape went unnoticed. They finally finished cleaning the upper level and came back to sit in the living room.

“Okay, Miss Know-it-all, what do we do now?” Sandy asked.

“I’ve been thinking about that. I think our friend needs some help relieving some tension. I’ve been watching him and his dick keeps getting hard and going soft. Since he can’t do anything about it, I guess we’re going to have to do it for him.”

“I don’t know if I like the sound of that. While I am enjoying looking at him all naked and tied, I don’t want to have sex with him.”

“Neither do I but we can do things to him that may get him off. There’s a box of stuff in the bedroom closet that will be a lot of help. I’ll go and get it.”

I have to admit that hearing them talk about me like I was just an object was making me excited; a fact that Jan noticed immediately. “What did I tell you? He seems to be enjoying this as much as we are.” As she walked past me on the way to the bedroom she squeezed my cock and made me moan. “I’ll be right back, sweetie. Don’t go away.”

Sandy came over to me and ran her hand over my chest and down to my groin. I shivered at her touch. “Are you really enjoying this?” I nodded affirmatively. It was a fantasy of mine but I’d never discussed it with anyone. Ellen didn’t even know about it. Sandy traced a circle around my left nipple causing another shiver to run through me. “I don’t know what Jan has in mind but I think we’re all going to have fun.”

Jan returned with the box of toys Ellen and I used during our play sessions. Knowing what was in it caused me some dread but, at the same time sent my mind racing. Having our toys used on me by two strangers was an exciting thought. I had no way to prevent them from doing whatever they wanted to.

“Let’s see what we have in here,” Jan said when she returned. She began removing items from the box. I knew what was in it; leather wrist and ankle cuffs, some light chains and pad locks, several gags, coils of rope and, assorted nipple clamps and vibrators. The girls were amazed at the amount of toys. “This is the first thing we need to use,” Jan said, pulling a long black scarf from the box. She walked over to me and wrapped it around my head, covering my eyes completely.

I could only listen as they examined the contents of the box. “Look at this vibrator, I’d love to feel that inside me,” Jan said.

“I bet these clamps really squeeze your nipples when they’re tightened up,” Sandy added. “But what is this strappy thing for?” They’d found my cock and ball harness, by the sound of it.

“I’ve heard of those. It’s a harness for his privates. The long strap goes around his cock and his sack and the short one pulls up between his balls and separates them. Should we see how it works?”

“Yes and let’s try these clamps, too.” I felt cool hands stroke my cock as the strap was tightened around the base of my cock and balls. It took them a few minutes to figure out how to get the other straps fastened to keep my cock hard and separate my balls. They pulled the straps tighter than Ellen had ever done. The pressure was incredible. Next, the nipple clamps were put in place. These, too, were tightened to an extent that I’d never experienced before. I was in sweet agony.  Once the items were in place I was released from the railing and lead, hopping, into the living room.

“This is unbelievable, Jan. Look at how big his cock is now. I’ll wake up tomorrow thinking this was a dream.”

“You won’t think that if we have some pictures. I have my digital camera in the car. I’ll get it and we can take some pictures of this for ourselves. Pictures will help assure that Mr. Kowalski, here, doesn’t make trouble for us, too.” I groaned helplessly. I didn’t want photos of this. I just wanted them to let me loose. In what I’d guessed to be a few minutes, I heard the click of the camera’s shutter. They must have taken turns posing with me and snapping pictures. Finally, Jan said, “If you’re a good boy, sweetie, and don’t cause us any problems, these won’t end up on the internet.” I just stood there and hung my head.

I was kept blindfolded but my bonds were changed. The handcuffs and ropes were replaced by my leather cuffs and chains. I had no idea of how much time had passed but I was subjected to all manor of sexual torment. One of them constantly kept me on the verge of cumming while the other would use vibrators or feathers to increase my arousal.

Ellen often teased my anus with a vibrator but, up to this point, I’d never experienced full penetration. One of the girls lubed up our largest vibrator and pushed it into me without allowing me to relax. It hurt like hell and I screamed into the gag. “It’ll feel better in a minute, sweetie,” Jan assured me. Slowly, the vibrations relaxed my muscles as they slid it in and out. My cock jerked violently as I shot the biggest load of my life onto the floor. I fell to my knees, exhausted.

“I think he’s had enough for now. It’s getting late and we should leave.” I thought I was going to be set free when I heard that.

“Okay, but let’s get him up to his room,” Jan told Sandy.

They helped me walk up the stairs and into bed. My cuffs were removed and they tied me spread eagled to the corners of my bed. A few more pictures were taken and finally the blindfold was removed.

“Why did you tie him to the bed?” Sandy asked.

“Don’t be silly, Sandy. We’ll come back in the morning for some more fun. This way we know he’ll be here waiting for us.” I groaned helplessly. This wasn’t at all what I’d expected. A glance at the clock told me I’d been tied up for almost twelve hours with no hope for release until some time the next day. At least they removed the cock harness and nipple clamps before leaving.

In spite of my situation, I fell asleep. My dreams were mixed images of the real situation and fantasies. I dreamt of them taking me, naked, from my home to some unknown location where other women were waiting to use and abuse me. I was the main attraction at a party; serving food and drinks to a room full of strangers while they groped and humiliated me. The ringing of the phone woke me up. I looked at the clock and saw that I’d slept until noon. I could barely make out the message being left …

“Change of plans again…. finished early…… see you soon.”

Oh no! It was Ellen and she was coming home today! I twisted and struggled trying to get free but Jan had done a good job of ting me to the bed. The ropes were tight and I couldn’t reach the knots. How would I ever explain this to my wife???? After half an hour of struggling I laid there exhausted and drenched in sweat. Just then, I heard the front door open. It had to be Jan and Sandy coming back for more “fun”. I had to make them release me somehow.

“Well, look at you! I leave you alone for a week and you get yourself into a serious fix.” It was Ellen! “I should leave you like this but I suppose you’ve had enough.”

She came over to the bed and looked closely at me. I turned away in embarrassment. Then I felt her hand on my cock. I was hard in an instant and she commented on that fact.

“You sure are sensitive today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you get so hard so fast. What did those girls do to you? Before I untie you I just have to put that cock to good use.”

Ellen stripped off her clothes and mounted me. She rode me like a mad woman until we both climaxed. Without a word, she got off the bed and went into the shower. Then it hit me. She’d said “What did those girls do to you?” She knew about it. But how did she know? A few minutes later I found out.

Ellen came out of the shower and sat naked beside me. “I hope you enjoyed yourself last night. It cost me quite a bit to set up that little surprise. I found some of the pictures you’ve saved on the computer and read some of the self-bondage stories you downloaded, too. I was thinking you might try some of it yourself while I was out of town. One story really got me thinking about it; the one where the guy surprises his wife by tying himself up for her. I thought maybe I could switch it up a bit by having someone catch you at it and taking control.” At that point, she removed my gag.

Through my aching jaws I asked, “But how did you know I would do it on Friday?”

“I just know you too well. I figured you would do a practice session at the end of the week in case something went wrong. You’d only be stuck for a day instead of a week and I’d let you loose when I got home. The girls work for my friend, Gail, and I worked out the details with her. She offered two girls she trusts extra money to come over to catch you. If you hadn’t been tied up they would have cleaned the house and left. When you didn’t answer the phone yesterday I knew my plan was going to work.”

Ellen untied me and massaged my aching muscles. She helped me into the shower and went to make us something to eat. I was silent the whole time. When we finished eating, Ellen did the dishes and straightened up the kitchen while I lay out in the sun to relax. She came out and said, “The girls called me last night and told me how everything went. They’re coming back this afternoon to show me what they did. I hope you’re up for it?”

I just looked at her in shock. I married a crazy woman! What was I thinking?



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