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by Mikel

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Storycodes: Sbf; MF+/f; party; steel; chastity; bond; cuffs; collar; bra; thigh-cuffs; gag; boots; toys; insert; online; video; shock; torment; restricted; stuck; cons; X

Lisa woke up with a splitting headache, she lay in her bed with her eyes closed trying to keep the light from hurting her more. As she lay there she flexed her arms and found she couldn’t raise them as far as she could last night. Stretching her neck over the steel collar she noticed a steel cuff around her arm just above her elbow. “That’s new” she thought to herself looking at her other arm and finding another steel cuff and it too was linked directly to the steel bra that covered her ample breasts. She tested her range of movement and groaned when she found it was severally limited. “Damn I did it again!” she mumbled under her breath.

The party had been her idea, the friends they invite to visit all share their passion for bondage all though some not quite to her extreme. She had eagerly volunteered to be hostess and servant for the evening having to answer the door and fetch everyone’s drinks on top of being the evening’s entertainment. Lisa had been living alone since her family had left her a large sum on her twenty first birthday making it so she could live comfortably without having to embarrass them by doing what she liked to do.

The house had been purchased for her in a remote part of the state leaving her with ample time to indulge in her passion of tight bondage and total chastity. Lisa had locked her pussy up the first year she had lived on her own and every year on her birthday since then had changed her “outfit” to include more restrictions and more steel covering her body. John was her regular boyfriend but he wasn’t her key holder, she used a service for that. John could easily be manipulated into giving her the key well before the one year time limit was up so she used the service.

For the last four years she had kept herself locked up tight only releasing herself once each year to let herself enjoy being touched by another human before locking herself back up. After the first belt she had gotten the one with the attached bra and thin collar, the next was a new more severe belt and bra with a much larger collar and thigh cuffs. She had really liked the last set and only added stimulation pads to her bra and the plate covering her pussy, stimulation was not the correct word, torture pads was much closer. The pads and unit were locked onto her belt and bra and the programming was done remotely by another service over the internet meaning she was “stimulated” at any time by anyone in the world who had signed up to their web site.

Lisa had spent the last year being shocked by random people whenever they wanted to do it, they could watch for only three hours a day her moving around in her steel and gauge her reactions but the rest of the time she was free to do as she pleased but could be stimulated at any time. Lisa had loved the randomness of it and how it made it her be particularly careful where she had gone out because she could be tormented at any moment and would have to endure in silence or leave wherever she might be. The stimulations only aroused her more and after a year she desperately wanted to be able to cum.

The party was her last night locked up, she had decided she would give John the key this year and not wear the belt and bra full time. She had sat engineering her new suit with John by her side for months finally approving the design knowing it would be the most stringent yet and make it very difficult to leave the house and not be obvious. John had logged back into her account once he had secured her for the night and added some special features to the ones she had already changed just to make it more difficult for her knowing how much she liked to be restrained and not have any options to release herself.

Now Lisa was remembering things that happened last night, how she had been locked into her toe boots with her hands cuffed to the sides of the tray attached by chains to her collar. The short chains linking her wrists to the tray allowed her some reach to be able to fill the tray with drinks but not be able to reach her own mouth to drink anything. It wasn’t until late in the evening the “Shoe” gag had been forced into her mouth and strapped tightly to her head. This shoe had an open toe allowing the party goers to pour any liquid they wanted to into the shoe and she had to swallow it.

Lisa had drank more urine, hot sauce, and ketchup than anyone should ever have too and once they ran out of condiments every kind of alcohol at the party was poured down her throat. Lisa could do nothing but whine since her hands were restrained and the tall boots kept her from being able to get away from anyone. Lisa felt the pain in her jaw from wearing the large gag for hours and her feet ached from being held en point all evening and while she had slept. Forcing herself to sit up Lisa felt something different about the steel covering her body but couldn’t look down far enough to see it. Putting her feet on the floor she leaned forward to see that they were still encased in the tight leather of the toe boots as well as having wide steel cuffs around her ankles linked to each other with about five inches of chain. “That’s new”, Lisa leaned her head back and tried to stretch her body finding she could not raise her arms without pulling on the cuffs around them.

Lisa looked at her wrists and found them encased in steel cuffs just like her ankles but with a slightly longer chain between them and grunted again as she forced herself to her pointed toes and headed to the bathroom. Ignoring the large mirror she sat down and relieved herself thankful she had made it to the toilet. Standing again Lisa stopped and stared at herself and gasped at what she saw. First she noticed the bra she was now wearing looked half the size of the last one making her breasts be squeezed and pinched under the thick steel cones. The cones were also much pointier making her turn to the side to see how far they stuck out and giggled slightly at the ridiculous size and shape of them. The collar was much taller and instead of chains connecting it to the bra it had steel straps running from the base of the collar to the bases of the cones leaving no room for adjustments or movement. Out of the side of the bra she could see that each steel cuff around her arm was attached directly to the bra limiting how high she could raise her arm and also severally limiting how far she could reach away from her body.

While Lisa was testing her limits she glanced down and saw why she had so much trouble drying herself after her use of the toilet. Her thighs were strapped tightly together by two sets of thigh bands. The first set were wrapped so tight around her upper thighs that her skin bulged out around them and were attached directly together and to the bottom of the steel covering her pussy. Lisa gasped at the width of the bands and the small amount of skin showing between them and the lower set. The lower set were almost as wide and had small strips of steel connecting them to the upper ones in four places each.

Lisa couldn’t believe she had been locked into this kind of restriction and pulled at the small bar connecting the lower bands and found she had only two inches between them available to her. Lisa’s eyes slowly moved up to the belt and she smiled as she recognized it from the one she had designed. It covered her from her waist down through her legs and up over her tight ass. It was connected in six places to the bra by thin strips of steel that could slip into and out of the bra slightly allowing her to somewhat flex her upper body. She tried to bend over and found she could only bend at her hips a few inches before the steel stopped her. Lisa twisted her body finding even less movement there.

Lisa was starting to like her new suit and wiggled backwards to see her ankles and toe boots. She had never seen either the cuffs or boots and stood staring at them noticing there were no laces on the boots only locking clasps. Tapping the side of one boot against the counter she could tell they were made of something hard and it immediately made her think of ski boots. Smiling again she eased closer to the mirror and inspected the cuffs around her wrists noticing how solid they looked and that the chain was permanently attached to each cuff.

Lisa was still groggy from last night and reached for the aspirin and found out she didn’t have the reach needed to open the cabinet. “Shit!” she said as she tried to sit down on her steel covered ass then jumping back up as she felt something get pushed further into her. Lisa stood wiggling inside the steel feeling the two probes that impaled her. Lisa tried to shove her hand and fingers under the steel but found it was too tight and allowed nothing to slide under it. “Damn it!” She cursed remembering that everything she was wearing had been ordered by her and she knew John had added the rest.

Trying to walk fast almost made her fall as she had to learn how to walk all over again but she made it to her purse and called John. While she left him a message demanding that he call her back immediately she noticed the presents on the table with the wrapping paper scattered all around. Lisa started looking at her gifts smiling as she picked each one up remembering who had given them to her when she found the shoe gag and threw it across the room. While she cleaned the wrapping paper up she found an unopened card mixed in with it.

Dearest Lisa, your newest suit came in a few days ago, I knew you wanted to add the extra items but were afraid so I took the liberty to add them to your order. The boots and cuffs are all keyed alike and are made with the same high quality steel as the belt and bra. I also added the phalluses for you and the whole suit is now part of your punishment program on the internet. The company sent your keys directly to the service as you (I) had requested. I hope you enjoy it as much as you had the others and good luck.

Lisa was stunned as she read the card again then closed it finding the handwritten note on the back. “At least you won’t be alone this year since you talked June into wearing your old suit and had me drop the keys in the mail to the service, I hope she really wanted to wear it for a whole year”. Lisa could vaguely remember talking with June last night but did remember talking to her previously about wearing her old belt but they had agreed Lisa would give the key to John to hold for her. June had been worried about sending the key away and Lisa hoped she had removed the stimulator pads before locking it on June or she would subject to the same torture as she had been.

Lisa was sitting desperately trying to remember what had been said when she felt a slight tingle in her pussy followed by another in her ass. Sitting up straight the sensations grew until they started getting painful when her breasts joined in and she quickly realized she was being punished. She shuffled quickly to her computer and logged in only to be told she had no access and could only see what had been chosen for her. Lisa typed frantically trying to get into the program as the pulses increased making her hands shake and her breath quicken but could not find a way to get into the program.

She found the count screen and could see thirty seven people had logged on and were chatting about what to do to her. She could also see the timer screen and it said three hundred and sixty four days until controls released, mandatory four hours a day in front of the camera and severe punishment has been accepted for all violations. Lisa cursed again as she knew she had done this to herself and that she would be subjected to all the perverted fuckers desires that logged on for the next year. Lisa was starting to flinch with each pulse as the level on the screen increased closer to the red zone meaning soon she would be screaming in pain if the people logged in wanted it that way.

The next four hours were very long and painful for Lisa as the logged on numbers climbed and she was punished more and more while they chatted about how much she screamed or how much she jerked when the shocks hit her. When she was allowed to move away from the camera the interest in punishing her diminished and Lisa was able to sit and catch her breath. Lisa heard a knock on the door and carefully moved to the door and looked out to see June standing in front of her door shaking. Lisa opened the door and pulled her friend inside leading her to a chair and asking what was wrong. June sat panting for a few minutes then turned to Lisa and yelled, “What the fuck do you think is wrong!” Lisa eased away from her friend as June continued to yell “I just spent the last four hours being shocked and you were the one who locked me in this fucking thing!”

June dropped her dress showing Lisa the chastity suit she was wearing, Lisa sat still stunned by her friend when June asked. “Where’s the key!”

Lisa lowered her head and whispered “I think it’s been sent to the service”

June turned in a circle and stomped her feet and yelled “Get it back!”

Lisa whispered “I can’t”

June grabbed Lisa’s face and said “For how long?”

“I think a year? It’s automatic I won’t know for sure until it shows up.”

June screamed and walked off leaving Lisa in tears apologizing and saying she didn’t remember what had happened and saying, “Look at me, I’m more screwed than you are” holding up her hands while she pulled on the chains.

June yelled “That’s your fault I was there you asked to be locked up!”

Lisa lowered her head again. The two sat talking for hours occasionally getting shocked together sometimes June would watch as Lisa’s pussy or ass was shocked. They decided June would move in with Lisa and Lisa would cover her remaining bills until they could get her out of her belt. It would be good for Lisa to have someone to help her during the year. As the two talked they decided it was all John’s fault for encouraging them to swap belts and taking the keys to the mail. They talked more about punishing him over the next year and decided they would work on being able to try and get each other off while trapped in the steel.

The phone started ringing so Lisa shuffled to it and picked it up and heard John say, “Hey beautiful what’s new?” she looked at June and smiled thinking about the fun they were going to have with him. 

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