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What a Nightmare

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; dream; breathplay; gag; latex; catsuit; cuffs; collar; F/f; D/s; toys; challenge; denial; cons; X

The gentle beeping of the alarm clock awakens Jane and she rolls over and turns it off. She swings her legs out from under the soft warm sheets feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Jane stretches before standing in her cotton night gown and pulls the curtains open to soak in the sun rise for a few seconds before turning quickly and pulling her comfortable slacks up her legs. The pastel pink blouse is buttoned up as she steps into a pair of sensible shoes then walks quickly to the bathroom. Jane brushes her teeth and pulls her blonde hair into a tight pony tail high on the back of her head before making sure the long tail of the shirt is straight then leaves the bathroom.

After making the bed neatly and setting all the pillows and a few stuffed animals back in place she walks through the tidy house being greeted by the wonderful smell of breakfast cooking and hot coffee. Jane hears “I’ll have breakfast ready for you when you get back from your walk dear”. Her husband says cheerfully, she stops then darts over to him smiling giving him a quick kiss then hurries out the front door. The morning air is brisk as she walks passed the front gate thinking “Perfect” and smiles as the sun seems to be shining bright and warming everything up just for her.

Her comfortable shoes carry her quickly to the walking path that circles the small grassy park across the street from her home, she sees children already swinging and laughing on the swing set. Her blonde pony tail bounces from side to side as she gets into her rhythm waving to her neighbors as she passes them while they sit on their porches sipping coffee. Jane likes it when she meets other people walking on the path but only chats momentarily because she knows he will have breakfast ready and waiting on her and she doesn’t want to let it get cold. Halfway around the park her hair still bouncing she feels the warmth of the sun on her body and thinks to herself how could this morning get any better?

Shaking her head Jane struggles briefly against the leather and steel holding her spread eagle to her bed, “AMIT!” is barely heard as she curses herself for getting too excited and blacking out. Jane knows that the thick PVC panel covering the large ball wedged tightly between her teeth partially covers her nose and if she lets herself get too aroused she can’t get enough air and blacks out. She has always enjoyed the challenge of having to control her breathing and knows it has on more than one occasion kept her from being able to orgasm but loves the added difficulty. Jane turns her head to see if the keys had fallen before remembering the tight leather blind fold she had strapped on feeling the small steel collar pinching her neck as she twists her head shaking her short black hair off her face.

She searches for the string with her bound hand as she pulls at the chains holding her legs spread wide feeling that they are still attached firmly to the bed posts. Jane flexes her feet trying to work out the building cramps from the six inch heels she had buckled tightly to her feet, she loved the added strain on her legs from the steep shoes, often wearing them as she puttered around her small dark apartment. Not finding the string Jane tried to stretch and flex her body and could feel it sliding around inside the tight rubber catsuit she had sealed herself into before lying down. Jane could feel the small steel bands locked around her ankles and wrists, they matched the collar she had been given and locked into months ago and they reminded her that she was to meet her girlfriend/ mistress as soon as she was free.

Her mistress had locked the bands on Jane to show everyone they met that Jane was taken, they could only be used for light restraint since if any real tension was put on them they became very painful. Jane loved the idea of being someone’s pet or property and proudly wore the steel without complaint. As Jane waited she lay wondering if she would have endure another round with the vibrators before the key dropped and she hoped she could control herself this time and actually enjoy the stimulation and thought about the challenges that still lay ahead for her.

Jane’s apartment wasn’t in the best part of town but it was close to several clubs the two of them frequented and today that would come in handy. Jane’s mistress had given her a challenge, first she had wrapped a chain around each foot starting at Jane’s ankles then winding it under the steep heels and back over her foot then once again around the heels and back to her ankles assuring Jane would not be able to remove the tortuous shoes. Next she made sure that all the straps for Jane’s gag were very tight before locking each, as with the locks on Jane’s feet she pocketed the keys. The thin chain wrapped carefully and tightly around Jane’s waist was then thread between her legs and locked tight guaranteeing Jane could not remove the latex or the vibrators. Jane would have to walk in her remaining restraints to the club and find her mistress or she would be left locked in her leather and latex until the next afternoon.

The leather cuffs locked tightly around her wrists and ankles would also remain and since the steel bands had to be pushed higher so the leather cuffs would fit correctly they would eventually become uncomfortable as well. Jane had been told all she could wear was a sweat shirt material hoody, if she wore anything else she would be left as she was for an extra day, if she didn’t show up the same would apply. The worst part was Jane didn’t know which of the three clubs her mistress would be in so she would have to carefully check each one and hope she found her all while being trapped in tight rubber and the steep heels unable to ask for help. The vibrators started again making Jane jump and squeal and within a few minutes she was struggling violently pulling and yanking on her restraints. As Jane’s orgasm neared her struggles were making her gasp for air through her restricted nose and soon became too much for her as she blacked out again.

Jane was watching her pretty home get closer as she rounded the last turn and began walking briskly towards it. Sitting down at the kitchen table her husband served her the breakfast he had prepared and the two sat eating and talking about the day they had planned. Whistling while the duo cleaned the dishes kissing every time they turned face to face they quickly had the kitchen sparkling and Jane went to change clothes. Another blouse was buttoned up this time a light blue one before Jane pulled the stretchy beige pants up tucking her shirt in them. Another pair of flat comfortable shoes were slipped on before she heard her husband asking if she wanted to go to an antique store during their errands. Jane cheerfully agreed as she walked back through the house meeting him at their eco friendly car and got in.

Awaking again Jane yanked and pulled at the restraints holding her to the bed checking to see if the large ball was still wedged in between her teeth, humming softly when she felt it with her tongue. A sigh of relief could be heard as she realized she was still chained to her bed and she thought “What a nightmare”. Even as the string dropped into her hand and she thought about the task ahead of her she couldn’t shake the terrible dream she had just had as her hand instinctively wound the string up Jane was shivering from the thought of being trapped in such a mundane life.

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