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What a Drag

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2011 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; tape; rope; winch; gag; toys; nipple; outdoors; messy; climax; cons; X

The idea had been filling my thoughts for quite a while, I had read a story of a woman that used a winch to drag herself through her home and out into the garden, and it had affected me deeply.

I am nineteen and have always enjoyed being tied up and held captive, but it is only recently that the idea has transmogrified into a sexual desire, and since it has, I have hardly been able to keep my fingers out of my slot.

The ideas started simply, you know the sort of thing, handcuffs in bed, then rope around my ankles, an attempt at a hog-tie and other similar things. All worked in their own way but nothing quite hit the mark! I wanted to experience totally bound nirvana, and that was not going to be easy for me to do, as I still live at home with my parents.

Believe it or not it was a cup of tea that finally provided the perfect opportunity for me. Well I say a cup of tea, it was really the box in which the tea came, that held the answer. Well really it was the competition my mother entered, printed on the box that had the tea inside of it. Mum entered and amazingly won a weekend holiday in Paris for two, and that was the starting point for my adventure, as they would be away, and I would be at home, obviously!

My dad has a large four-wheel-drive jeep, and on the front of it is a cable winch he uses for dragging trees about at work. It was this vehicle and especially its winch that I intend to be the main feature in my adventure, that and a piece of canvas, and of course lots of lovely rope and my steel handcuffs, and perhaps a gag, and, well, anything else I can think of to make this the most exciting, risky adventure a single girl can have alone at home.

Saturday morning I drove my parent to the airport in the jeep and returned home, I parked the jeep on the tarmac facing the road, which is about a hundred yards away and has a hedge separating us from it. Beyond the hedge is overgrown grass and then a pavement and then the road.

The front garden, as I have said, is a hundred or so yards long, and has a tarmac turning point then a lawn near to the house, with a pond set halfway between the house and the hedge, and rough earth for twenty feet or so, which dad has dug over ready for planting.

The first thing I did was un-wind the winch and carry it to the hedge, well I would have if it reached which it didn’t, it fell twenty feet short. Now the problem is that if I am going to get the ride I really want I need to extend the winch cable, but that also means that when it is wound in again there will be twenty odd feet of rope left stretched out on the lawn in plain sight, and if I am attached as I plan to be, that rope and I will be in plain sight!

I worked out exactly where the rope would stop and placed the keys to my cuffs there, with a ball on a string just in case I fell short somehow, at least I could pull the keys towards me, not easily with the way I intend to be bound, but possible though with some effort.

I took the canvas and two bamboo sticks out to the front and picked a place where the hedge is thinnest, I built a hide, a low canvas triangle against the hedge and covered it with grass until it blended almost perfectly. Anyone seeing it would have to really study the area to locate it. Next I unwound the winch and dragged its cable and rope extension across the lawn to the hedge and pushed it through into the inside of the hide.

Tonight I would bind myself and enter the hide, then connect up the cable to my ankles and wait for the winch to switch on. This took some working out as the winch is controlled from inside of the jeep. I rigged up a battery operated button pusher, and fixed the winch remote in place. I then added a timer which I set at random, and with a remote sensor in the jeeps window I could switch the timer on, and then it would switch on and off operating the winch. I would have no control or way of getting free until it had wound its self fully in!

By five pm that evening I found myself so horny that all I could think about was tossing myself off, but then I would loose some of the desire and possibly not subject myself to my plan, so no fingering for now and defiantly no orgasms until later.

It gets dark around nine and the street is a long main road, lots of car but very few pedestrians, so hopefully I would not be discovered in my hide, the thought was horrifying if I am discovered, but that just added to the feeling of excitement raging through my mind and sex.

At nine pm I gathered my equipment and fitted what I could, I stripped naked and put a ball gag tight into my mouth, which I locked so no speaking from now on. I took a medium butt plug (I’ve never worn one before) and with some difficulty and quite a lot of pain I inserted it up my tight ass, I then placed my vibrator into my slit and damn near exploded right then! This I roped tight into place binding my sex up good and tight. I pulled a pair of tights over the rope not for modesty but for protection against friction burns!

My breasts I bound with self-adhesive bondage tape making then stick out like two small footballs from my chest. I intend to fit a pair of nipple clamps to my nipples with small weights on a long length of string, the idea being that if I stay on my back the weights stay on my chest but if I turn they fall and drag along the ground, pulling horribly against my nipples I hope!

I am as ready as I can be to start, so with a quick talking to I set out of the front door, carrying my handcuffs and a roll of tape and cling film and a remote. I follow the side hedge keeping in the shadows, looking all around me, seeing lights on next door, but if the lights are on they can’t see out, and besides the curtains are closed as well.

I make it to the hedge and then to the gate unseen, I carefully reassure myself that there is no one around, and then I step out of my garden and quickly as I can I crawl beneath my camouflaged canvas. I find the length of rope attached to the winch and secure it around my ankles. Then I tape my ankles together and move up to my thighs securing them with multiple layers of tape, and then i cover my legs in cling film. I look a bit like a mermaid. My vibrator is remote controlled and still switched off but not for long! Next I clamp my nipple clips to my protruding nipples and laying back I place the weights on my stomach.

I then do the best I can to wind tape around my upper arms which is hard as I want my arms to drag out above my head as the winch pulls me across the ground. I click the cuffs to my wrists and as a final act I press the remote for my vibe and for the timer on the winch and wait.

The vibe kicks in instantly on low, which is bloody frustrating, I had hoped for a higher setting, one that would get me off, not just torment me. Then I feel the cable tighten slightly, its pull drags my feet towards the hedge and into the course leaves, my journey is underway and I can do nothing but take the consequences of my actions.

Being dragged backwards through a hedge is not the nicest of experiences, sharp branches dig into your flesh, leaves beat at your skin and the dead stuff on the floor slimes your back. In my case the rope had to spin my body first and then slowly wind in, my feet passed easily through the dense leaves but my hips got stuck and I could feel the rope tightening around my ankles eventually the pressure of the pull on the rope overrode the wedging of my hips and I slipped through the hedge, well almost! The butt plug felt as though a giant hand was ramming it up my arse something I had not thought about happening!

Just before my head cleared the hedge the winch decided to stop. I spent the longest five minutes of my life (so far) with my nearly naked, and heavily bound body out in the open for anyone to see, and my head wedged in a hedge, then the winch re-started dragging me across the dug and heavily watered earth, covering me in mud and adding to my misfortune! Don’t worry though, I will soon be clean again if a little cold!

Twenty feet of loose soil recently dug over and heavily watered by your father is a long dirty way to be dragged across and I got it all, mud, worms, leaves and a few prickles as well, just to add some spice to my torment.

Finally I felt the nice touch of neatly mowed lawn against my flesh, I tried to wriggle, but it made no difference, I could feel a friction burn developing on my butt and so I lifted one cheek, I should not have done so, I should have taken the pain of the burn, because the consequences were that one of the weights attached by a string to my nipples fell off and started being dragged along the grass behind me. Thus my poor left nipple felt the fires of hell as its clamp got tugged and tugged again and again. The pain, the feeling of ripping and jerking against my nipple made me feel sick, and want to scream out in agony, but the ball-gag tightly fitted into my mouth put an effective stop to me doing that, as did the fear of being discovered!

It was about then that my feet felt the cold touch of water and my vibrator decided that I needed a good dose of full power! The shock of both combined to make me twist suddenly, thus the other weight fell of my stomach and was dragged along behind me.

The winch carried on doing exactly what it is designed to do, winching me in, the fact that it was pulling me into the cold water of my parents pond had no effect on the device. With a splash I slipped into the water and instantly my head went under! I jack-knifed up to get my head above the surface and the winch continued on effortlessly pulling me to my fate.

Both nipple clamps locked against the side of the pond, both remained exactly where they had snagged as the winch pulled me forward. My nipples stretched back, as I was sitting upright the cords dragged them around my shoulders pulling my tits after them, the tension increased, I thought my nipples would be ripped from my breasts, but luckily the pull overrode the weights grip on the side of the pond and they fell into the pond, easing the pressure for a second or two but making both breasts bounce like footballs.

Then the winch stopped, It just stopped leaving me with my breasts dangling just above the dark water, my body submerged and my head uppermost. I waited, it seemed ages. I twisted my head to look at the gate knowing that if anyone walked past they could clearly see me, if they chose to look down our drive, at least laid flat on the grass I sort of blended with it, not that I could be called invisible as such but there was a slight hope that I would be ignored, if someone only took a swift glance in.

The winch began again, I heard it first, then felt its incessant tug, I was tipped back sharply as my feet were raised and pulled up and over the pond edge. Dirty water swirled around my face as I tried to keep it above the surface. I failed, as the winch pulled I tipped back unable to resist the leverage applied and under I went and I could not sit up no matter how hard I tried to. The winch dragged me out of the pond, but slowly! I could quite easily have drowned, but luckily I held my breath and suffered through until air, fresh evening air greeted my nose and I could breath again.

The weights bounced across the pond bottom snagging weed and rotting stuff, getting heavier! Then they had to be pulled up the bank edge, and I did scream with the pain, though it didn’t sound much like a scream to my ears, thanks to the gag again. Slowly I crossed the lawn, night protected me now from sight, my neighbours lights went off and I saw the curtains being opened in readiness for the coming day, but they could not see me I knew.

The winch clicked off, it was fully wound in, all I had to do was reach around me, find the key and I am free! That was when the vibe went for it, it buzzed and vibrated deep in my slit, it brought me to the edge very quickly, and then over I tumbled, it continued vibrating not satisfied with my first orgasm, it thrust and twisted or was that me? My nipples pulled and slackened the pain adding to the building crescendo, I came like I had never come before! I exploded, all pain and possible detection blown from my mind, I trained into a second then third and finaly a fourth orgasm, before the vibe finally switched off.

I released my cuffs, untied my feet and crawled the remaining distance to my home, I found the spare key under the stone and crawled to the door, I unlocked the door and fell into the hall where I lay still not over the orgasmic experience.

Later when I felt more normal I freed myself fully, had a drink, went to the loo, (having removed the crutch ropes) and then fell into bed for a well earned nights sleep. Tomorrow I would gather up my canvas and rope and put everything back as it should be, tomorrow not tonight!

I slept late, got up and lazed for a while and then walked the hundred yards of our drive, looking at the route along which I had been dragged so splendidly.

There was no one in sight as I pulled the canvas towards me, intending to fold it up. A plastic box pulled from the hedge, it was somehow secured to my canvas so I took it inside as well.

I sat in my parent’s kitchen looking at the plastic box, feeling fast mounting terror raging through my body. A label, one of those suitcase labels, the indestructible one’s was fixed to the box, and it had my first name written on it!

I hesitated, terrified of what I might find when I opened the box. Inside was a single folded piece of paper, it said ‘thank you for the wonderful display, if you want to try something new at anytime or need any assistance please call,’ there was a telephone number, a mobile I noticed, and nothing else!

Someone out there, probably local, had seen and apparently enjoyed watching me getting dragged, what was I to do now?

The phone rang…



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