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What A Day 2

by Maxxster

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© Copyright 2010 - Maxxster - Used by permission

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continued from part 1 What a Day: Part 2

The time I had spent so far in this cell was not as hard as the time I spent within my mind’s eye wondering about what was going to happen next. I cannot explain the difficulty in silence when one has so much to say and cannot speak.

To share that the level of restraint I was experiencing was not beyond anything I could have actually asked for and the circumstances that brought together this situation is the most disturbing part of this. The time that Shannon had waited for an opportunity to get even with her sister Janice was astonishing. I was clearly the pawn in a larger issue.

I cannot tell you what time it is right now, or how long it has been since Janice came to see me and then left. That is something I lost track off a while ago, I have spent allot of time struggling and testing the bonds to no avail. The gag and blindfold combination is extremely effective and is working perfectly especially under these circumstances.

This is what real life circumstances and high end bondage equipment is made for, exactly this. With a prisoner who is completely unable to do anything except wait for release in a manner which is solely out of there control? I am still not uncomfortable, well, not overly, I can feel the restrictions and know the limitations I am in, I have been conditioned over the years for exactly this, long term bondage, even though these were not ever the circumstances I would have thought I would have found myself in.

What is going on? is all I can muster in my mind, to much time has gone by and I have not heard anything yet. I cannot believe that this is still happening even though I am sure everything will end up being OK. The restraints are doing theirjob and I have not had any freedom for several hours now, the concrete is not cold, the room is comfortable and the only complaint I really have is when I lie down I cannot place my face straight up and down because of the large penis attachment to the front of the gag, I must lie my head one way or the other, but over-all that is not really bad either.

The handcuffs attached to the back of the Chastity belt are not digging in and other than the never ending pulsing in the chastity tube my situation could be much worse. I will just have to focus on staying patient and calm.

Even though I had not asked for this, I am at peace with it in an ironic sort of way. Janice and I had talked about not having had time lately to really focus on stringent positions and lot’s of steel restraints.  But we also talked about what if’ I ever got stuck and couldn’t get out, “what would we do”. We had talked and concluded that staying calm was always the best answer, not giving in to the emotions and having a panic attack or causing a reaction which could cause an injury or accident. That is what I was involuntarily practicing right now. I was doing this for Janice and would get through it without injury.

I cannot imagine what Janice must be thinking, I knew she could see me on the CCTV and would be able to hear me and wondered if she had been watching me this whole time. To be alone is one thing, and yet still knowing that I could be observed, lent a certain amount of comfort knowing that, but the reality that she could not help if I got myself into trouble. This is very much something I must make sure doesn’t happen, I must stay focused and remain clam.

I heard the outer bookshelf door open and heard the clicking of shoes on the concrete and knew it was Janice. Even if she thinks I did something wrong, at least she still is checking on me and hopefully will tell me everything is going to be OK.

There was a very long pause and although I could not see her I sensed she was in front of me just outside the bars of the cell. I always loved her perfume and could clearly smell it now, how calming it is to have her near me; I wish she could just touch me.

Janice asked me if I was OK. I nodded a yes to indicate that I was. She asked if I was sore anywhere and I shook my head no. She told me I was going to have a long night locked as I was and asked if I could make it through alright, I nodded yes. Janice then stated that she was glad that she could not let me out and that I still deserved to be chained and locked as I was for the night. I couldn’t understand why she is still saying this? I struggled at the bonds and Janice told me to relax and it is not what I was thinking.

I was informed that it was now 12:30 and she had talked with Shannon who came clean on everything, even including the original letter I wrote and placed on the pillow. Janice stated that she was extremely upset originally and yet understood why Shannon had concocted such a devious retaliation towards her after so many years. She felt bad that she questioned my integrity and knew deep down I was totally incapable of doing such an act especially towards her sister.

Janice stated that this was clearly a wake up call for her and that she had neglected to pay attention to the things which are most important to her. That was me. I was informed that it is my job to be handcuffed and belted for her, and it was her job to make sure that I am always belted and handcuffed by her with no access ever to the keys ever!.

Janice shared with me that she had let her guard down and had forgotten the keys by mistake and perhaps Shannon is the one who has given us back our relationship which had been lacking for some time.

I would be staying all night in the cell exactly as I was without any release, not for what was told to her that I actually didn’t do, but because Janice needed some time to get it together and refocus on making sure I knew my place in this relationship.

It should have dawned on me that I knew better than to touch the keys, and knew even more that there would be a swift retaliation for me going against what I knew I shouldn’t do, so in essence this was exactly back to where it all began, this was my fault and I have to take the consequences for my actions.

Janice informed me that Shannon was definitely not coming home this evening and would be arriving sometime tomorrow morning before noon. I was also informed that Janice was contemplating how to react to Shannon when she returned the keys and gave her the code for the cell door and this was the best opportunity she has had for a while to keep me in my place. Even though she could not let me out, she said this was a good thing and I should try and get some rest for tomorrow was going to be another very long day for me under lock and key for my obvious lack of respect. Janice told me she loved me and would see me in the morning and would make sure the monitor was on all night to listen to me struggle for being so stupid and with that she turned and left.

What a series of thoughts went through my brain, on one hand I was relieved, but on the other I was very nervous, it appears that I have re awakened the sleeping giant in Janice and knew all to well what her wrath can be like.

On the other hand, this is a very good turn of events and I am pleased that at least Shannon was honest enough to keep me out of the mix with this sister tribulation thing  going on. It could have been much worse and even potentially cost me my relationship, so I guess in some messed up sort of way I owe Shannon. I wondered what Janice would do to her, but thought it best to stay out of it in case I get further into this and that is not a good place for me considering my current situation.

Sleep came and went all night, after having spoken with Janice, I was calmer and somewhat at peace in a place in my mind that I knew was familiar. I really did miss the attention from Janice even though I spent a tremendous amount of time in restraints when we first had met. I had been given a little more freedom incrementally over the years to the point where I took the keys and used them for my own selfish interests. I guess I do deserve this. I am going to have to work harder to show her my respect.

Morning came fast and I thought it was earlier than what it actually was when the door opened and Janice came into the room. I was told “Good Morning, I hope you had a chance to get some sleep, it is going to be a long day”. Knowing that I couldn’t speak was easy and I didn’t even try to say anything but I am sure Janice knew what I would have asked if I could and she informed me that it was 9:30.

Janice said she thought she should wake me to make sure that I had some time to struggle in the handcuffs and belt before Shannon comes home and she gets to open the cell door and finish what was started for her. What an ominous statement to have made I thought and yet found that it was equally arousing at the same time as I struggled a little harder to realize I could still do nothing.

Questions were asked along the same lines as last night if I was OK, comfortable or sore anywhere. All of which was a remarkable “no” considering my limited movement and restrictions, I was alright to a point, and was able to handle it. Roll the shoulders, stretch the legs and move around to get all the blood flowing properly which I did and then I sat up with my back against the wall. I stretched my neck and then stood up and walked towards the cell bars as far as I could go before the chain stopped me.

I just want to be touched by Janice, just for a second and be told that everything is OK. Janice seeing me told me to relax, it was not quite time and she still couldn’t let me out, even though she wanted to be able to just open the door now herself. I still had to finish my punishment for taking the keys without permission, but maybe later I would also get rewarded. I thought that was something to look forward to and wondered what that could be.

Janice told me that I still had at least a couple of hours and I should spend all my time trying to get loose before she gets the chance to open the door and get even with me. I grunted as best I could and heard a laugh and a comment “I will wish I was locked back in the cell where I was safe”. Janice stated and that she would talk to me soon.  I should start struggling and turned and left the room.

I made my way to the toilet and took care of business and walked back and forth as far as the chain would allow me. I had been sitting or lying all night; I now just wanted to stand up and that was harder to maintain than I would have thought. The full head harness penis gag and blindfold locked onto me head all night has become rather tight, maybe it has always been that tight, but for now it feels extremely snug and allows absolutely no light and no speech to come from me at all. If there was anything that I would like off it would be the full harness.

The handcuffs attached to the back of the Chastity belt are sore a little, but not unbearable and other than the complete ongoing restriction I am pretty much as screwed as I was when I did this to myself, but holding in there.

Time seemed to pass very slowly now for some reason, I knew I had a couple of hours but it seemed way longer before the door opened again and I heard someone entering the room. I was still standing and pulled on the handcuffs to no avail and was told to walk towards the cell bars.

Walking was easy and it was a couple of steps before the chain attached to the wall stopped me; I was again told good morning and thought why would Janice say it twice to me? I was asked if I was OK and if I had a good night, I could easily now tell that it was not Janice but Shannon who was asking me these questions. I pulled on the handcuffs and stomped my foot as best I could to show my displeasure in her being there, but it was only returned with an “I am truly sorry, I just couldn’t miss this opportunity, I hope in time you will forgive me”.

I could not believe what I was hearing, where is Janice I was thinking, and why is she not here. I did not want anymore of Shannon at all, all I want is my beautiful wife Janice. It was exactly then that I heard Janice say, “It is OK Michael, I just wanted to watch your reaction and you reacted exactly as I said you would, so you have done well so far today”.

What was going on? Janice was there standing next to her sister Shannon who was responsible for me spending the night in this position, why is she here? I didn’t have to wait long for an answer and Janice asked me if I was going to settle down and listen to what they had to say to me, I nodded my head yes.

Janice informed me that Shannon had in fact been locked in a cage by her own hand 5 years previously and that she could have let her out, but had chosen not to until the next morning. Having said that Janice stated that she felt bad and Shannon had swore revenge which she had extracted last night and all was now even except for one thing that Shannon would tell me.

Shannon informed me that after that night 5 years previous she never had placed herself into a situation which gave control over to someone else unless she chose to and she always managed a safe release mechanism ever since.

It wasn’t until last night that she had for the first time in her life total control over somebody else and she liked it and could understand why Janice did to her what she had done by not letting her go, only to teach her a valuable lesson she never understood until now.

Janice then started talking again and shared that although I was the one who ultimately paid the price for the two sisters to have the opportunity to share with each other at such an emotional level, they have put behind them that event which caused so much uproar between them which was unspoken for so long until now.

Shannon then informed me that she has never felt more closer and respected by her sister and showed that she two has the ability  to dominate someone without their consent and to control them without them being able to resist or free themselves.

My Mind was racing taking all this in, on one hand I was happy they worked it out, on the other I was concerned that this was almost too convenient and I was the one who has paid the price. It was then that Janice stated “You took the keys without permission and for that my sister came to my rescue and I am thankful for her catching you. I do not blame her for anything, but you for not respecting me and as such Shannon and I have decided together what should happen and will be working together from now on”.

I began to think this was the beginnings of a nightmare, Janice had always had total control over everything about me, and I had learnt along the way to read her to a point and understand to a certain level what kind of responses she had and what type of women she was, I gave myself to her in every aspect, but this, Now, Shannon???? I didn’t know what to think.

Janice informed me that she and Shannon had spent the last hour talking honestly and openly with each other about the restraints and bondage and their personal interests of her and specifically Shannons. Janice went on to explain where I fit in to fill the needs that Janice and more importantly Shannon wanted and the level of control that Janice will maintain over me.

Shannon had shared that she always wanted total control over someone and yet wanted someone to have total control over her. Shannon never had the opportunity, but can understand the power it has especially when that person has given themselves to someone unconditionally, as I have to Janice. Shannon then said that she had asked Janice to help teach her how to learn to use control and how to give it up to learn more about having it as well and Janice agreed under certain circumstances and these were them as they both told me.

The Chastity Belt I wore would now not be removed during the time that Shannon is here, and I will be for the duration under total lock down. The belt will now be on me for the full entire time that Shannon lives with us and the only Key to the belt will be immediatly removed from the house and placed into the Safety deposit box which only Janice has access . I will now be wearing it for the next 6 weeks for sure and possibly longer and considering the time I have been wearing it already means it will be close to 4 months time before it comes off.

Shannon could request the opportunity to place me into any type of Bondage device or restraint at any time. I could not be left for any extended periods of time without being checked on for safety purposes. Shannon could explore learning about control with Janice or on her own while living with us in the house for the summer and I had absolutely no say in the process nor would Shannon share with anyone what happens within the walls of our home.

Janice also stated that at times to assist Shannon in learning her role as being dominant it may be necessary to have her restrained in similar situations that she sees me in to understand the effects of such restrictive positions and the time frames for placing someone into these types of restraints.

Shannon had always had an interest in Bondage and that was what started this whole mess in the first place. I was to understand that now Janice could also restrain Shannon and help her with learning her new  role. Janice stated that at no time would she herself ever be placed into any type of restraint and this was solely for the purpose of teaching and sharing her knowledge. Shannon had also agreed to this and would take direction from her without question.

It was becoming clearer as to who really is benefiting from this agreement and although it was allot to take in, what the hell, if Shannon was to get cuffed and restrained at times who was I to disagree? And it would take the heat off me for her interests. Then the bomb dropped again, Janice stated that at no time will I ever not be completely and fully restrained during these intervals and that I will never have an opportunity to extract revenge or touch Shannon in any way without the direct supervision of her.

I couldn’t believe this, here I go again. This is now the second time in my life where decisions are being made for me without my input, the last time was when I placed myself in the belt in the first place. I can appreciate the whole belt staying on thing, that is good, but what about everything else, it appears that the sky is the limit and I don’t have a choice. I did say that Shannon did come clean on everything and I possible owed her but to have her have that same ability as Janice to cuff me or keep me cuffed without my say so is hard to accept.

It is interesting to think that she too may end up in a situation similar to mine helps, but I can’t imagine what that will be like. I know Janice must have thought this through and it is her intention to teach me a lesson and I guess I just have to accept this as the way it will be until she leaves. That is only 6 weeks I hope and it can’t be that bad, she doesn’t know as much as Janice so just maybe I will be OK, I can only hope.

Janice then spoke and informed me that the next time I want to take something from her that isn’t mine, maybe I will think twice, and for the next 6 weeks or maybe longer Shannon can do anything she wants to me and I will willingly submit to her as she demands or requests.  If I have to be told again I will suffer like I have never suffered before but that won’t happen because she knows I love her and will help her teach someone who is this important to her.

Janice asked me directly if this was something that I would be able to do considering the actions I took the day before by taking the keys from her without permission. I nodded my head in agreement knowing that I would do anything to get out of this situation I created for myself and that I loved Janice enough to do anything that she asked of me.

Shannon then asked Janice if she could open the door and Janice stated “after we get one thing to help him think for a couple of hours” and with that I heard Janice moving away from the front of the cell and rolling something back. Shannon then offered the Key to Janice who stated, “You can have the honors, you have not done too bad so far, let’s see what he thinks about this next position.” And with that I heard the cell door latch open for the first time since I was locked in here.

There was a rolling sound and I knew all too well what it was as the Aedec restraint chair was being pushed into the cell. Shannon told me to back up against the wall and stand there until I was told what else to do, which I did. The chair was pushed over just to the right of where I was standing and I was directed to then take 3 steps forward which I did until the chain stopped me.

The chair was pushed in behind me and I was instructed to sit down which was not that hard considering I felt hands on me guiding me slowly into a sitting position. Once I had sat down I knew the process, my lap was secured with the locking seat belt over it. Then came the two shoulder straps which were pulled very tight and caused even more restriction and then my legs were tightly secured. I was now again strapped down into the chair and still chained to the wall.

This was even more restrictive than the entire night that I had spent already locked into the cell. The chair was then rolled back against the wall and I could hear the chain right behind my head being unattached to the eye bolt. The chain was replaced with a shorter chain and re-attached to the eye bolt and then my head was tilted back to make sure it was straight up and down and the chain was attached to the top of the head harness making sure I could not lean my head forward. This was an absolutely unforgiving restrictive position and knew that Janice was stopping at nothing to make sure I knew my position.

It was an eerie thing to have had this done to me by them without a single word being spoken. They must have read my thoughts because Janice then asked Shannon if she liked the new position I was now in.

Shannon stated that it was even more confining than what I had done to myself and it was absolutely perfect for what she had in mind for me next. I heard Janice say excellent then.

Janice walked closer to me and informed me that she had agreed to give Shannon some alone time with me while I was locked away in the cell.  It was suggested that I understand that although I had no choice, I should be a perfect gentlemen for her sister who was going to be having some limited contact with me in a way that they both had agreed and wanted.

I then felt my nipples being touched and it sent electric shocks through my body and I struggled at the new sensations I was feeling, it was so nice to be touched, even in such a limited way, my nipples were always hyper sensitive and this immediately sent my dick pulsating within the tube. I could feel myself getting instantly hard and unable to do anything about it. Which caused me to get even more excited? This was one of those rare moments were I let out an audible moan which was responded with more aggressive touching and flicking and then I felt the other nipple being played with. This drew me further into that dilemma of feeling aroused and struggling for more and yet being unable to anything.

It took my by complete surprise when I felt a warm mouth over my nipple flicking it and rolling the lock in her warm mouth to then feel the same thing on my other nipple. I had never felt anything like this before and was completely overwhelmed by the sensations of it all. This was complete bliss being handcuffed, belted, gagged, blindfolded, locked into the restraint chair, chained to the wall in a cell and having both my nipples played with at once was almost to much.

The attention immediately stopped as I was clearly struggling within the confines of the chair making it ever so apparent that I was enjoying the attention a little too much.

Janice then started to rub my shoulders and asked if I enjoyed that, I went to nod my head and felt the restrictive chain attached to the top of my head to the wall stop my efforts. Janice told me to relax because what was coming next would be allot harder to handle than what I had just experienced. I had no idea of what Janice meant and could only imagine what could possibly be worse than receiving that much attention to my only vulnerable and sensitive location of my body exposed.

I heard Janice ask Shannon if she was sure she wanted to do what she had asked for permission to do. Shannon stated clearly that she had always wanted to try something like that and would enjoy a couple of hours struggling as well. Janice then said “It is your call; there is no going back once you agree and I won’t tell you how long you will be in this predicament for, do you agree?”

Shannon then stated, “in for a Penny, in for a pound” Janice then stated “Strip”

Oh My God, what was Janice doing? She couldn’t possibly be making Shannon strip right here, right now, in the same cell that I was chained into. What was going on? And what is this Penny/Pound thing???? I know that I am really in no position to argue or state otherwise, but her sister? What is this all about?

Janice then stated while Shannon was stripping that they had decided that Shannon should spend some time immediately being restricted and restrained as well and that my position ensures a limited contact. Janice then went on to say that she is not concerned in the slightest about some bare flesh touching because this is more than frivolous interests. It will be harder for me to get my brain around this than hers who already unconditionally accepts this.

I couldn’t believe this, actually I could, but couldn’t at the same time, Janice and Shannon always had that thing where it didn’t matter if they got dressed together or stripped in front of each other for as long as I knew them. They always thought of their bodies as the same and didn’t put much value into being naked, it just didn’t matter to either of them, I guess I am the odd man out on this one, and should just try and accept what is clearly not a problem for either of them, just the same, what a very odd situation.

Janice told me to listen carefully and she would be explaining exactly everything that she was doing to Shannon so that I could know the position that Shannon was being placed into.

Shannon had completely stripped and was completely naked now; Janice told her to stand and spread her feet slightly apart and place her hands on top of her head. Shannon was told to lift her hair so that a Posture collar could be placed on her neck that would be locked into place. I was then able to hear Janice say “Collar now locked” and then Shannon was told to stay still and not move.

There was a small delay and I heard some chains rustling and fall onto the floor. Shannon apparently didn’t move and Janice told her good girl for listening, I was then informed that Shannon was now going to be handcuffed with her hands behind her back in high security Hinged cuffs with the key holes facing up so she couldn’t remove them. I heard the ratcheting of a handcuff, first one and then the other, with Janice then stating Double locks engaged.

Janice then stated to my shock and amusement, female Locking leather Chastity Belt with 2 plugs about to be locked on. Thick leather waist belt now on, rear 4 inch plug being lubed and soon to be inserted, and then there was a long pause followed by Plug completed and now 7 inch dildo being lubed and inserted. There was a shortened pause and I could hear Shannon moan slightly before Janice saying Chastity Belt and attachments on and securely locked into place.

Janice then said, Handcuffs being secured to back of Chastity Belt with High Security Lock. Oversized Handcuffs being placed above elbows to ensure proper restriction, and then she stated oversized ring gag being placed behind teeth and locked with padlock behind Shannon’s head. There is also a Blindfold being applied to cover the eyes of Shannon.

Janice then said Michael, Shannon is going to be sitting on you while I am away and she is going to have a slight amount of movement to let’s say, keep you both focused and with that Shannon was told to move forward to right in front of where I was sitting chained to the wall. I can only imagine that Shannon was assisted in moving herself onto my lap by placing her legs over the sides of the restraint chair and I could feel her weight as she sat down on top of me.

Shannon was not very heavy and being the same size and weight as Janice, we both had spent many hours with me in the chair as Janice enjoyed the access to my member so this was not that far of a stretch to maintain for some time.

Once Janice had Shannon where she wanted her I heard Janice state “right ankle cuff attached and secured and then it was followed by left ankle cuff attached and secured”. I was then told a chain is being attached to the front of my collar as well as Shannon’s. It was then stated by Janice that Shannon could stand up if she choose, but would not be able to fully get off the chair due to the ankle cuffs and more importantly the chain connecting the two collars and would be stuck in her position until she was released.

I can only imagine what Shannon must look like, collared, cuffed, double plugs locked into her Chastity Belt, ring gagged and blindfolded. What a sight she must be, but wait, what a sight we both must be. Here we are chained to each other, both completely unable to help ourselves, let alone each other and under the control of Janice who by now must be proud of her abilities to not only completely secure one person but two.

Janice asked Shannon if she was comfortable and I could hear her grunt what sounded like a uh huh, and then Janice asked me if I was comfortable as well and I grunted the same uh-huh and then we were both told that this is exactly what we needed.

Janice went on to share that although at first she was unsure how this would work, she is now completely comfortable with the all around agreements which had occurred since yesterday and she was pleased that everyone would be getting a little of what it was that we had all be seeking for in life.

Janice then stated that we had clearly underestimated this predicament and both Shannon and I would be spending the entire day in one form of restraint or another with each other in this cell and should take full advantage of the limited freedom we had right now.

What was Janice talking about, I had no freedom what so ever, and could not release myself or get out even if I wanted to, I was way too restrained to let myself free and could clearly not count on Shannon for any type of assistance as well for she was as equally restrained  chained on top of me while I was chained to the wall, so one could say she was chained to the wall as well, we both were going no where at all and Janice was just playing games with us both.

Shannon was instructed to test her movement and limitations to see if there were any adjustments to be made prior to being left locked as she was in the cell on top of me. Shannon moved slowly at first and I could feel her sliding backwards towards my knees and then she paused. I could feel the chain starting to take up slack as her head was moving down and it was then that I felt her tongue on my nipple; she was obviously pulling on her collar to reach my nipple because I could feel the top of head with the chain attached to the wall pull slightly.

I then felt her tongue touch my other nipple and knew that she was capable of reaching both my nipples with some effort and this position was clearly for my discomfort. It was precisely at that moment that my knees began to vibrate slightly and I felt Shannon press down on me and moan loudly through her gag. The plugs inside her had turned on and she clearly reacted to this new twist of circumstances.

Shannon moved immediately back up into a full sitting position on top of me and I could feel her grinding her chastity belted crotch into the top of the Stainless steel tube of my chastity belt. I could feel her pulling on her arms and twisting while sitting on top of me. Then things went completely still and I could hear Shannon breathing hard through her ring gag.

Janice walked up and leant into the two of us completely chained and stuck together with no hope of release and stated that we were going to have to pace ourselves for the next 2-3 hours or more before we had any hope of a new position and that she would be watching us from the bedroom where she was going to be taking care of her own needs while watching us.

Janice then gave me a kiss on my leather covered forehead and Shannon also on her forehead before slapping her ass and exiting the Cell. While leaving Janice stated she had changed the code and has the only key and we are both restrained as she wishes until she decides to let one or both of us out and with that I could hear her shoes walking away from the cell.

Shannon didn’t move at first and stayed remarkably still for what seemed like minutes. Then she started her grinding and slid down my legs until she was able to start licking my nipples which at this point was overwhelming. I was still hard inside the belt and new all to well the outcome was guaranteed that it would be impossible for me to come. I have never even come close with all the years of wearing this High Security Chastity Belt of ever coming inside the belt and that is why Janice had refused to ever allow me the opportunity for it to be off me for any length of time. I was never allowed to touch myself or play with myself and only came with her direct contact and permission. I new I would just have to take all the sensations and arousal that came from this situation.

Shannon on the other hand was clearly aroused, and who knew what she would be capable of doing while in her position and this situation. I have to admit that there was the air of excitement of being handcuffed and chained as I was to an absolutely beautiful woman that I could not touch, especially without the permission or direct control of my wife, who for whatever reason decided that this is something which needed to happen. I was not going to change the outcome and should enjoy the moment.

Shannon was unrelenting on her attention to my nipples, and I could feel her moving her body as best she could all the while she struggled with the Handcuffs which clearly held her captive to her own desires. The plugs turned back on and she jumped and again climbed on top of the tube to get as much pressure on the belt as she could get. This continued longer than the first time and again with out any warning after much more moaning and grinding the plugs just shut off. This time Shannon leaned forward placing all her weight on my chest and I could feel those absolutely wonderful breasts.

Shannon’s breasts were warm and soft and I could clearly feel them in all there glory resting on top of my chest while she slowed her breathing down. I need to share that Shannon’s breast are a full 34DD and look outstanding in her clothing. I never looked other than comparing them with Janice and although they are almost identical, there was something different about this feeling, which I have had the benefit of experiencing before after Janice enjoyed me in this exact position during sex between us.

I wondered if it was because of the oversized Handcuffs holding Shannon’s elbows together, thrusting her chest out more directly, or perhaps they we actually bigger, but I doubt that. It wasn’t very long this time before the vibrations started again, they are getting closer together and lasting longer than the previous time; they must be on a timer.

It was becoming apparent that Shannon was getting more and more aroused, her grinding increased even after the plugs turned off and she was breathing heavier and struggling more.

 I on the other hand was light headed from having been so hard for so long inside the tube and belt being manipulated and teased unrelentingly every time the plugs shut off. It was frustrating for me to be so restrained and tightly cuffed inside the chair and having this women chained as she was grinding and licking me continually. I had absolutely no clue of time and went from bliss to struggling as well, only to reinforce the position which I was placed that I could not get out of.

Shannon was getting closer and closer to having a full blown orgasm each time the plugs turned on, it was amazing to see the stamina she possessed as she groaned louder and louder all the while grinding herself and pulling on her handcuffs. At one point before she actually came for the first time she had placed her ring gagged mouth right onto the penis gag taking it into her mouth to the point I could feel our noses touch. That was one hell of an accomplishment that was for sure, she would go back and forth on the my Penis gag giving it head like she needed it, which I can only surmise that she wanted it.

It was so unreal when she came; the plugs had turned on and had stayed on for quite some time, her breathing had increased and her moaning became louder. She pulled hard on the handcuffs while she ground herself into me that she had to continually readjust herself back onto the top of the tube to grind herself. She shook uncontrollably and it was clear that she was having a mind crashing orgasm which lasted for several minutes. It was the first of what I can only claim were many and sometimes she would have them one right after the other, it became hard to differentiate them apart from one another. Each time she would pause and rest herself by placing her head on my shoulder while her chest heaved up and down. I could even feel the heat from her that she was clearly very warm. Then the plugs stopped and they remained off for quite some time.

Shannon regained her restrained composure and then took her frustrations out on me. She would clearly focus her breasts on  rubbing them on the locks on my nipples and swing them back and forth, she would place her face next time mine and move it back and forth which was her licking the sides of the penis gag with her tongue while moaning while doing this. There were several times when she would deliberately pull the chain between out our collars so that I could not pull my head backwards while she licked and flicked and tongued my nipples.

It was clearly apparent that we had both been caught into this cycle of restrained excitement and enjoyment with each other, in our own ways. Me paying back for doing something I knew I should not have done, and her learning about something which was always out of her grasp, the irony of this is overwhelming.

Shannon was clearly tiring and every time the plugs came back on, she let out a squeal not a moan and I could tell that this was turning from pleasure to pain for her. The only thing important to know is if Janice was going to give her both sides of the coin, or let her off easy and give her just the ever enjoyed pleasure that she has received while being on top of me cuffed and unable to stop the proceeding that Janice had conjured up for us both.

The process was clear now, Shannon was getting some discomfort here and the plugs were not going to do for her what she wanted, they still turned on and created that buzzing which I could feel through her belt into mine. Time clearly started to slow down and it was now more like a slow burn than the previous enjoyment I got to experience while Shannon was on top of me.

There must have been some pity coming from Janice for I think we both heard the outer door open at the same time  and I could feel Shannon adjust back up to a full sitting position on top of the tube.

I heard the cell door open and Janice ask if we enjoyed ourselves. I could as usual only grunt and attempt to nod my head and I heard Shannon agree.

Janice then explained what was going to happen next and asked if there were going to be any problems, I shook my head No and Shannon stated no as well.

Janice informed Shannon that before she was released from her current position that a new gag was going to be placed into her mouth and with that the ring gag was removed and Janice stated it was being replaced with a large internal Penis Gag and then re-locked onto the back of her head.

Janice then stated that a half head harness was being placed overtop of the gag and will be strapped and locked into place as well which she stated was completed when I could hear locks being locked. Shannon now had a fully locked head harness as well locked onto her while gagged, and I new full well that the combination used was extremely effective to keep someone completely silent. I had worn that combination before and knew Janice must be up to some further restrictive work.

I heard Janice instruct Shannon to stand up and move away from the chair. I heard Janice instruct Shannon to follow her out of the cage into our playroom and then told to stop  I then heard her being directed to get onto he knees and keep her head down and move forward. That was an all too knowing statement for me, Shannon was being placed inside the small Cage and was told to lie on her stomach and remain there until told to move. I could hear Janice doing something but didn’t know what until she stated 4 inch ankle cuffs being locked onto Shannon’s ankles and then standard length ankle cuffs being placed onto Shannon’s ankles and locked to high security lock on the back of Chastity Belt completed.

Shannon was in a pickle of a position penis gagged, cuffed, chastity belt and ankle cuffs, it was then that I heard “Closing Cage” and “Locking with 2 High security Padlocks completed”. The cage had lock positions on the top and bottom of the cage and it is not like Shannon had not spent any time in this cage in the past, this is the same cage that she had spent the night in so many years ago.

Janice then informed us both that Shannon had some time to think about what it was that she experienced and would be able to get the chance to share with Janice after dinner and that it was only  4 pm and dinner wasn’t until at least 8pm tonight due to the days activities.

It was amazing to think that I had Shannon handcuffed and chained on top of me for almost 4 hours and the time didn’t even seem that long. That was an amazing thing. Janice then went over to the cage and told Shannon to stay still because she was going to remove the oversized handcuffs attached to her elbows. I could clearly tell when this was done because Shannon let out a whimper like nothing I heard out of her before. The Cuffs were removed for  they had been on almost 4 hours and the arms need full circulation even if one could say that while still wearing hinged handcuffed attached to the back of a chastity belt is getting full circulation.

At any rate it was a reprieve for Shannon and it turned out to be the only one she received. Shannon was locked into the cage with absolutely no hope of release until Janice said so.

Janice now turned her full attention to me and placed her hands on my thighs and asked if I was OK, I responded with a funky nod and Janice knew this all too knowing reaction and said I have done very well and it won’t be to long before I get some limited freedom. Janice asked if I could handle a little more time and I shook my head yes.

I then felt the leg restraint portion of the chair being released and I could move my shackled legs forward. The chain holding my head was released and it moved forward as best it could. The waist belt and then shoulder straps were released and I could lean my whole body forward for the first time in hours. I moved my hands still attached to the chastity belt and shook out all the restrictions as best I could. Janice then stated that she wanted me to stand up and she would help me do this on three. Together she helped me stand and my legs were beyond wobbly, Janice just stood in front of me holding me close to her and helping me work out the weight issue with my legs.

Once I had been standing for a minute or so, she directed me to move forward and she would be placing me onto the bed in the cell and I will be lying on my back. I took the several steps with the assistance of Janice and was told to stop, turn around and move backwards until I could feel the bed on the back of my knees and then told to sit down and the lie down which did.

Janice then attached the chain from the ankle cuffs under the bed so that I could not pull my legs up and they were essentially locked where I could not reach the lock. I was now lying on my arms behind my back which has been the most comfortable position I have been in over 24 hours so far. This was great. Janice then took a chain and threaded it between an eye bolts in the wall on the left hand side my head through the collar to an eye bolt on the right hand side of my head which kept my head and collar locked down to the wall. I could now not sit up or move my head for it was pulled pretty tight and held firmly in place.

I could not move at all once again, still belted gagged and now completely chained to the bed with no hope of release until Janice decides.

I was surprised to feel Janice lie down on top of me with no clothes on. I could feel the softness of her skin and could tell that she was completely naked. She started playing with my nipples again while she ran her legs up and down my restrained body. Her hands moved all over my body and touched the side of my face where I could feel her giving me a Kiss. Janice then sat up and straddled my legs and placed herself on top of the tube of the belt. Her hands continued to roam over my chest and I could feel her moving herself around on top of me. I heard a squirting of a bottle and Janice told me it was lube and that she wanted something from me. I could feel her hands on the Penis gag extending out of my gagged mouth and working her hands up and down on it. At one point she placed her open palm around the base of the Penis and pushed it down onto my face while she stated how nice of a cock it was on my face. Janice then moved off the tube and my waist and I could feel her moving herself up my body and placing her knees over the top of my shoulders to position herself above the Penis which was gagged into my mouth.

Janice then began to slowly lower herself onto the Penis gag until it was all the way inside her. I knew this because I could feel her full body weight on my face. Janice started working herself up and down slowly at first and then she began to fully screw my face with the gag in it. I had not known Janice to show so much aggression for this type of screwing in the past but was very pleased that I could now finally give her something which was from me. Janice ground and grinded herself into one of the most vocalized orgasms I have ever heard her make. It was beautiful to hear her passion and moans from being so fulfilled that if you could see my face I would have been smiling. Janice continued screwing like this for almost a half hour before she slowed and climbed off me to lie on top of me.

I then felt and heard the sounds of keys and pulling at the locks surrounding my head. It was obvious that Janice was now removing the Head Harness and Gag. I tilted my head as best I could and turned it from one side to the other to assist Janice in removing all the locks which kept me so restrained since yesterday. Once all the locks were removed I could feel the straps of the gag coming off and then Janice said “Don’t say a word once this comes off do you understand” and with that agreement of nodding my head the gag was pulled out of my mouth.

My Jaw was extremely sore and it took several opening and closing of my jaw before it full worked properly. I received a bottle of water and took several sips from it, knowing better than to say anything, even thank you. That gag assembly is by far the most restrictive we own and I set a new limit for us both for having worn it for so long. Janice must have picked up on this because she started rubbing the sides of my jaw on both sides with her hands and that helped allot.

Once the gag was removed Janice started on the full leather hood and it took some time to fully remove this as well. It was awesome to feel to cool air on my head and Janice gave me one of those hairdresser style head scratches. I looked up and saw her smiling at me and I then knew that everything was going to be perfectly fine.

Janice then said that she was not done with me yet and  stood up and placed a finger over her lips directing me to continue to be quiet and grabbed the same ring gag that Shannon had worn previously. She then proceeded to place the gag into my mouth and locked it into place.

She then climbed back up on top of my face so that I could give her all the proper attention I could while being gagged.

I stayed as I was servicing Janice all the while she moved herself up and down and covering my entire face with her juices until she had yet another ear shattering orgasm.

Janice then stated that this gag was placed into my mouth for me to know to keep quiet and should I attempt any sound the larger gag I have been wearing will replace it with no further discussion. I was asked if I understood and nodded yes

I just laid there looking at Janice as best I could in the position which I was in, god she was beautiful and more than anything I could have asked for, I was content and that was a great feeling. This moment lasted for an eternity before it was broken by the sounds of Shannon coming from her cage moaning and having been fully aware of the attention that Janice had me give her including the outspoken orgasm’s.

I had totally forgotten about her while in the moment with Janice, but now my mind raced back to the events of the day and I struggled to see Shannon. I saw Janice looking at me and she smiled without saying anything and walked over to where I was laying and undid the chain that looped between the two eye bolts of the collar which kept my head down on the bed. As soon as Janice released my neck she told me she wanted me to sit up and with that she helped push me forward so that I was sitting upright on the bed.

Janice moved in behind me and told me to take a good look at Shannon while she took the lock of the back of the Chastity Belt which was connected to the handcuffs. It was an unforgettable moment when my hands were able to move away from the back of the waist belt of the Chastity Belt for the first time in 24 hours. It would seem strange to think that a single lock can remove and limit movement so much, and now it was as if I was free, except I could stretch, but I didn’t care.

Janice then got up and walked over to the wall of cuffs and pulled off a pair Smith and Wesson Model 104 chain and swivel Handcuffs. These ones have had a link removed to ensure that the cuffs remain closer together just like a pair of hinged cuffs. They also take a special key which will not fit regular handcuffs. Janice stepped behind me and she fed another chain through the handcuffs before she continued.  I could feel and hear the ratcheting of the first cuff being tightened down to where I could not remove it and then the second cuff was locked onto my other wrist and then the hinged cuffs were subsequently removed.

Janice then removed the lock from under the bed and prior to replacing the ankle cuffs she threaded the chain attached to the handcuffs through a shorter 8 inch pair of ankle cuffs and placed them onto my ankles before removing the original pair which were used to attach them to the bed. I now had on only 1 pair of shortened ankle cuffs attached by a chain to the handcuufs

Janice then had me stand and I could not lift my handcuffed hands behind my back without pulling on the chain which connected it to my ankles. I was still extremely restrained and knew that there was no way I would be able to remove or pick these high security handcuffs and get them off. Once again I was completely under lock and key of Janice and she knew it.

The posture collar was removed and was immediately replaced by a high security locking stainless steel collar with a leash attached.

Janice asked me to walk with her and she led me out of the cell making sure I stayed close behind her and pulling occasionally to show who the boss was. We then circled the cage several times and you could see that Shannon was struggling against her own handcuffs which held her firmly in place. I knew Shannon could hear me because the rattling and tinkling of the chains were clearly heard as I shuffled while being pulled by the leash.

Shannon would move herself around and lie on her stomach and then roll over on her back and then side, always seemingly trying to get in front of the sounds the chains were making. Every few seconds you could hear an audible moan coming from her extremely gagged face and it was apparent that she was restrained extremely well.

Janice then stopped and told me to hang on a second while she went to get something, when she returned it was that same lock which held my handcuffs to the back of the belt which she now refastened.  My Hand were still handcuffed, but now in a chain and swivel style cuff locked to the back of the belt. This was way better than the hinged cuffs I had worn and this gave me way more hand movement so I was not about to complain.

Janice then took the leash and pulled me over to an eye bolt in the wall and locked the leash to it. There was no way I could get free and would remain locked here until she let me go. Janice then went over to the cage and leant down and started talking with Shannon telling her that her position was about to be changed and asked if she would comply with new direction that was going to be given to her. Shannon nodded yes and with that Janice opened the cage door by removing the two high security locks and opening the door.

Janice then reached into the cage and undid the hog tie of the handcuffs and directed Shannon to turn over and sit up. Shannon struggled with the direction given but did manage to do as she was told. Janice then told her to back up to the back bars of the cage. Shannon slid on her ass until she could go no further and stopped. Janice then went behind Shannon and directed her to place her elbows through the back of the bars and when she had this completed Janice placed the same oversized Handcuffs back on her above her elbows ensuring that her she could not  move forward. Her hands were still locked to the back of Chastity Belt and this new position completed her inability to move again.

Janice then proceed to take the chain which connected the ankle cuffs to the back of the belt and slide it under the crotch of Shannon and attach it with another lock to the backside of the cage, out of reach of Shannon’s hands. This maneuver had pulled Shannon’s feet straight up into her crotch making sure she could not stretch them out. Janice then grabbed two pieces of chain and wrapped one around the inner thigh just below her knees and around the outside of her leg and pulled it tight and locked it to a steel bar of the cage. The same process was applied the same way to the other leg leaving Shannon in a very strict and rigid upright chain tie which gave her almost no movement at all while still being fully restrained in the same handcuffs as she started.

Janice then said that the only thing left was the high security bike lock which went around Shannon’s posture collar and locked to a bar at the back of the cage, rendering Shannon completely immobile.

Janice then picked up a remote control and turned on the two button’s, Shannon immediately came alive and was thrashing as best she could within the confines of the cage without any release or expectation of escape from either the plugs or her sisters remote control.

Janice then walked over to where I was still chained to the wall and placed the remote in my hand and told me to push the button again. The remotes turned off and then I was directed to turn them on again which I did, Shannon had the same response as the first time and it was apparent that she was once again growing into a very high state of arousal.

Janice smiled and walked over to the cage and informed Shannon that it was I who was playing with the remotes and wanted to know if she still wanted the plugs turned on. Shannon shook her head no and Janice laughed. Janice then asked Shannon if she wanted to come and Shannon nodded her head yes.

Janice told her that the only way that was going to happen if she agreed to let me play with the remote and Shannon again shook her head no.

Janice again asked Shannon if she wanted to come and Shannon nodded her head yes, and then Janice stated “have it your way then”. Janice returned to where I was standing and took the remote back from me. She turned up the digital dial and then turned the remote back on, Shannon went ballistic, thrashing and pulling to no avail.

Janice then went back to the cage and asked Shannon if she still wanted to come and Shannon nodded again Yes, she then again asked her if I could use the remote and this time Shannon nodded yes. Janice then told her that was way too easy and that she had another idea. Janice then turned the remote down to a lower setting and you could see it was not enough for Shannon to get off on and came over to me.

Janice asked me if I would do what she asked and I nodded my head yes, Janice then told me to turn around and she placed a blindfold over my eyes and cinched it down tightly so I could not remove it. The chain attached to the eye bolt was removed and I was pulled towards where the cage was. I was told to kneel and move forward watching my head and move into the cage. I moved forward and felt the mat in the cage and knew I had made it inside without hitting my head. I then heard the door slam with a loud clang and heard the two large high security locks being placed through the eyelets of the doors locking it shut.

I was instructed to move forward and I felt Shannon’s body on the top of my head. Janice told me to lower me head and then she said raise it slightly and then I felt the pulling of the chain on the collar as it was guiding me downwards and then the sound of a lock closing. Janice had locked the leash of the collar to the chain connecting the ankle cuffs to the back of the cage that Shannon was wearing and I could only lift my head from my kneeling position to approximately the same height as Shannon’s Breasts.

It then hit me like a ton of bricks I was at the same height as Shannon’s nipples. It didn’t take long for the command to come from Janice who stated that I was to lick Shannon’s nipples until I was told otherwise. What a turn of events this is, although I am still handcuffed and unable to free myself now that I am locked in this cage and still belted, I am at least able to fulfill anything that Janice directs me to do and that is something I want to do, make Janice happy and proud of me, so I will do anything she says and with that I started to slowly lick the nipples of this extremely well bound twin of my wife. It was like I was licking her breast and nipples and that is something I always enjoyed when she let me.

Shannon moaned ever so loudly with approval as soon as I started licking lightly. First softly and then increasing the tempo to increase the pressure and contact between her nipple and my moving tongue. I switched from one breast to the other back and forth, just as it had been done to me, the only difference came when Shannon started to shudder and shake from what was going to be a fantastic orgasm which she had while I licked her nipples without stopping even while she came.

I could tell that Janice was manipulating the controls because I could hear the sound of the plugs increasing and decreasing all the while I licked her nipples as I was told. Janice then told me to stop and lick the inside of her thighs. This must have been a remarkable sensation for Shannon, because she started to struggle as best she could, but there was no way to stop either me or the plugs or her own sister giving commands which she new would have this effect on her.

After about a half hour of this Janice told me to lie right down on my stomach and place my knees through the bars to make sure there was enough room. I complied and found that it was pretty comfortable with my knees slightly out of the cage. Janice then told me to move forward until my head was completely in Shannon’s Chastity Belted Crotch. Janice reached in and opened the lock attached from my collar to Shannon’s chain between the ankle cuffs and pulled the chain until there wasn’t any slack in it and then relocked the lock keeping my head completely in Shannon’s crotch.

 I was told to start licking and not stop until I was told to. I then heard the plugs come back on and again Shannon struggled against her bonds. It did not take long for yet another shuddering orgasm, this time my licking all around her dildo filled pussy as much as the belt would allow which was considering quite a bit was more for her to not be able to handle. I could taste her juices and could not get away from having been told what to do which I was not about to disappoint Janice.

Janice appeared to know when to stop and shut the plugs off right before yet another orgasm of Shannon, her reaction clearly indicted that she wanted one more and was denied this. Janice opened the cell door and went around and removed the lock holding my collar down and instructed me to back up and out of the cage. I was able to do this and was then told to stand and be locked to the eyelet again until she was ready for me.

Janice then went and started the process of removing Shannon from her locked position, starting with the high security padlock around her neck, to the leg chains and then the oversized Handcuffs on her elbows. Shannon was clearly relieved and you could hear her sigh through her gagged harness to that effect.

Shannon was directed out of the cage and told to lie face down on the ground. I could hear chains rattling and being applied and wondered what further trouble Shannon was getting into and then I saw after Janice removed my blindfold, Shannon was in the exact same set up as I was except she still had the full head harness attached and not removed.

Shannon stood there, wearing her Chastity belt with her hands clearly in the same high security cuffs I was wearing attached to the back of the belt with a chain running down attached to 8 inch ankle cuffs.

It was such an odd sight, it very well could have been Janice handcuffed as Shannon was, it really was remarkable as the resemblance these two share with each other. The Face harness really hid the identities well, but the body was identical.

Janice walked over to me and took out the ring gag and replaced it with a medium sized locking gag and instructed me to enjoy the rest of the evening for I was not going to be released from this current position and would be sleeping in either the cage or the cell.

Janice walked over and instructed Shannon that she was going to be brought over to where I was and her blindfold was removed and Shannon followed. Shannon’s Collar leash was lock to a chain hanging down from the ceiling and then my leash was released from the wall and locked to the same chain hanging as Shannon’s. We were now locked together in the middle of the room attached to a ceiling chain.  Then both the collars were locked together so we could look straight into each others eyes. The ankle cuffs were both locked to an eyelet in the floor and now we were forced to stand facing each other and not able to move away. I could feel Shannon’s breasts on my chest and her breathing. It was strange to be handcuffed and locked like this with no escape, but yet it was enjoyable now, more so than when this all started just a few hours before. Both Shannon and I struggled in our bonds and knew we were not going anywhere and I think it was I who resigned myself first to this and just settled down enjoying the moment.

Janice said that she was going to go and order some food and when it arrived we both would be released from each other to eat and then be placed into another form of restraint for the remainder of the evening. With that Janice left and we were left with the situation we had to endure together.

This had ended up being an interesting outcome to a day that went sideways, I wonder what we were going to eat and what would come next.

More to come shortly if you like this story.


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