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What was I Thinking

by boytoysub0069

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© Copyright 2007 - boytoysub0069 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; spandex; cd; corset; boots; hotel; M/m; bond; toys; oral; anal; cons; X

What was I thinking, I should never of been so foolish to set myself up like this. The truth is I wanted to make my fantasies come to life, and now my deepest, hormone filled dreams were all too real.

Sam logged on to the site and checked his email, another message from the Dom to put him through his paces Sam hoped. The message left instructions on a hotel to meet, and how the meeting was looked forward to. This would be the first meeting, and though they had exchanged numerous emails, thoughts, fantasies and even some pictures, this was going to be one hundred percent real.

Sam was to arrive at the hotel around 6pm, a key would be waiting for him at the front desk. Sam couldn’t control his excitement as the hours moved by slowly, but he still had some preperations to do. A nice hot bath, shaving his body of any unsightly hair, packing his suitcase with the important items for the evening ahead. Sam made sure to pack his outfit for the night, a black lycra all in one catsuit, with several zippers for easy access as well as an attachable hood . A black leather corset, hot pink knee high boots, hot pink accessories including a leather bondage belt, a leather body harness, leather collar, leather wrist and ankle cuffs, and several leather straps. An assortment of rope, padlocks, and some toys filled the suitcase not to mention a box of goodies he carefully place in the suitcase before.

The drive to the hotel was a blur, as thousands of fantasies raced through Sam’s mind, soon fantasy would be reality. The woman behind the desk was most polite, as she handed Sam the envelope, if only she knew what he had in the case next to him, and what was to go on in the room above. The  envelope had Sam’s name written on it, along with the room number. Sam almost fell to the floor when the elavator began it’s accent to the 7th floor, his legs felt weak, his heart was racing. The doors opened and he walked out into the narrow hall, checking the room numbers as he made his way to the room. It took 2 or 3 times for him to use the pass card key, his hands were a little bit shaky.

Sam scanned the room, there were two double beds, two chairs and a small table sat next to the window. In front of the beds was a chest of drawers, and a lcd tv. Just inside the entrance to the room there was 2 more doors, a closet, and the washroom. The clock next to the beds showed it was ten after six, so Sam went about getting ready for the meeting that had been dicussed in several emails, company would be here soon, and that company would be arriving at quarter after seven.

Sam carefully laid out the contents of the suitcase on the first bed, and then stripped out of his casual clothes. First item on was the catsuit, followed by the hot pink boots, then the leather corset, and finally the pink leather body harness. The lycra hood, with holes for the eyes and mouth was zipped closed and a pink collar with O ring was buckled in place. After applying some eye liner, eye shadow and lipstick, it was time for the fingerless gloves, and some recently painted press on nails. While waiting for the nail glue to finish drying, Sam, well now Samantha made sure her red wig was properly in place. Samantha was quite the sight in the bathroom mirror, skin tight black catsuit, highlighted by hot pink...... hot pink lips, and her eyes highlighted with black eye liner, and hot pink eye shadow.

Samantha had about thirty minutes to go, she carefully packed the things she wore to the hotel in the now empty case, and placed it in the closet. Next was the fun part, the gift wrapping of a present was always the best part.....well besides the unwrapping

A pink leather cuff was buckled onto each wrist and each ankle, and the pink belt with three O rings was tightly buckled around her waist. Next came the leather straps, one around the ankles, one below the knees, another above the knees, and another strapping her thighs together. Her black lycra encased legs framed so lovely by the pink boots, and the 4 pink leather straps. Still standing between the two beds, Samantha made sure the bundles of rope, all the toys, as well as the padlocks and keys were all neatly arranged on the first bed.

Satisfied that everything was in order, she went about finishing the scene. She took the penis gag and firmly buckled it, burying the erect plastic penis deep between her pink painted lips. Picking up one of the padlocks, Samantha hopped a few steps till she was right up next to the second bed, and let herself fall forwards. After adjusting herself with her best ASSet to the door, and propping a couple of pillows under her tummy, it was time for the point of no return. The clock displayed almost seven, and it was time to finish her bondage before she lost her nerve.

It only took a second, such a small tick of time, for such a large, unchangeable deed. The snap of the padlock through the two metal rings in her wrist cuffs, and the single metal ring of her belt, had now sealed her capture, she could not escape this easily, perhaps not at all. The key to the lock was in the middle of the next bed, a few feet away, mixed with several other locks, and several other keys. However with that knowledge, and the fact there was only ten minutes until game time, she didn’t even attempt the struggle for the key.




The next ten minutes took forever, every noise caused her to shiver, the sounds of other people in the hallway, doors opening and closing heightened her senses, and made her wish that her door would open next. Still five minutes to go, and all Samantha could do was test her bounds, a little wiggle of her ass was all she could do as far as moving her legs, her hands could do not much better, and in her sexually heightened state all her hands wanted to do was caress her ass. The though of trying to unbuckle the wrist cuffs was short lived as she had forgot about the effect the press on nails would have on her finger dexterity, her hot pink painted nails were beautiful, but useless as far as escaping her bonds.

Seven eighteen, he was late, maybe traffic, surely he would be here soon.... this was his room, he paid for it, he would not leave me the room and never show. What if for whatever reason he doesn’t make it, what will the hotel staff think if I can’t get free, and they find me here.

Samantha’s mind was racing, when a loud click echoed throughout the room, was followed by the distinct voice of a man. "Oh, I’ve sorry, I did not realize the room was occupied, the front desk must of double booked us......hmmmmmmmmmm.....I must say your quite the sight, perhaps I’ll talk to the hotel manager later........ what do you say?"

All I could was mumble through my gag, and with my back to the door way I could not see this man, but I could here him coming closer. I felt his hand touch my ass, and then he tested my bonds, and surveyed the scene. " Most interesting, I can see you had a fun evening planned, lucky for me I arrived when I did."

He leaned against me, and slid what must of been a blindfold over my eyes, once again I mumbled through the gag, and made a useless attempt to pull free of my bonds. All I got was a chuckle from my captor and a playful smack on my behind.

"I’ll be with you in a moment sweety, here enjoy this while I set up".  With that a vibrator was slipped between her bound thighs, the gentle, constant vibrations danced between Samantha’s  legs. It was hard to concentrate, but she was aware of him setting something up in front of her face by the bed side, as well he was setting things out on the bed behind her. After a few moments the vibrator was removed, and the sound of tv or something was directly in front of Samantha, the blindfold came off, and she could see a lap top propped onto a chair for her  viewing pleasure.

"Something to get you in the mood, for what I have in store for you." His words were quickly replaced by the contents of the screen.

While he was busy making preparations behind her, the lap top showed several video clips of women being forced into varying types of bondage. The blindfold was then replaced and the lap top was turned off. The man was a master of his craft, Samantha was tied and retied in every position she could ever imagine. Samantha was tied spreadeagle on the bed, bound to the chair in about three different ways, tied over the table, tied on the table, tied standing up spreadeagle in front of the window for all to see if anyone was going past the hotel.

She was tied, retied, blindfolded the entire time, she was helpless to stop her captor from using the various zippers on her catsuit. He had his way with her ass, from numerous toys, some hers, some his, to his cock. Her mouth was not just for the plastic penis gag, not when it was removed and replaced with the real thing. After being tied and used from one end of the room to the other, it was time for the evening to come to an end. Well an end for him.

"Thank you for a most enjoyable evening my dear, I can’t remember better hotel service. Unfortunately I have to be on my way, but I must leave you the way I found you, it’s only polite."

Samantha was exhausted, she was laying on her back on the bed, her hands recuffed behind her back, the blindfold still in place, accompanied once again by the gag. The words from the man did not sink in, and though her legs were unbound and resting, she made no attempt to fight the man, her fight was all but gone. One by one Samantha could feel the straps encircling her legs, even tighter than she had done hours before. He carefully turned her onto her tummy and relocked  her hands to the belt.

"Ooops! I guess this isn’t quite the way I found you, you don’t mind do you?..... excellent... you’ll enjoy the vibrating butt plug, and the vibrator between your legs. Since you don’t mind some extra’s, here’s a couple more for you sweety, don’t want you falling out of bed now."

Several bundles of rope were brought out and he proceeded to secure me to the bed by my ankles, waist and chest. There was no way to move now, I was here till I was released. The exhaustion was pushed to the back of my mind, and was replaced with panic, I was caught, helpless, and it was my own fault. The man, my captor, moved his hands all over my body, smacking my ass as he got up from the bed.

"You can keep the blindfold and the butt plug as a keep sake, as for me, I’ve got a couple hours of video of you on my lap top, and I think I’m going to take that suitcase in the closet, and of course these keys here. Once again it was a wonderful evening, pleasant dreams."

With that I heard the opening of a couple of doors, then the loud sound of a click as the door closed.

What was I thinking, how did I get myself into this, my last thoughts were of how I would be found by the cleaning staff in the morning, as I surrendered to the vibrations between my legs.

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