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What if Vennomm had possessed a Bondage Sub

by Tektaper

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© Copyright 2007 - Tektaper - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; discovered; Other/f; D/s; bond; cons/reluct; X

This story is based loosely on the "Spider-man" and the "What if Venom had possessed the Punisher" comics.

We start out with The Watchers that can see into alternate realities. One is looking in on reality aaaa547379-aab5903exz-36y789w210 on his dial. He sees that the first major change in that reality was when Spider-man saves a girl trapped in self bondage.

As Spider-man was swinging along, his spider-sense tingles. Therefore, he stops to check it out. On the tenth floor of the housing complex, Spider-man saw a girl tied up in an elaborate web of rope. He opens the window and enters to check on her.

She was naked except for an obedience hood. She was stretched out in a spread eagle. Spider-man asked if she was ok?

She tries to shake her head no and begged to be set free.

He looked around and saw her release mechanism had been stop by a trashcan in its way. He removed the trashcan and watched her get loose from her ropes.

She removed the hood and said, "Thank you for saving my life. My name is Candy Foxx."

He told her she should have a safety person, if she was going to keep this up.

Candy said, "I have a backup, but my friend had called after I had tied myself up to cancel our date, due to her ex-boyfriend taking her back and them going out of town for a week."

She said that her friend had a key but she does not know about my kinky side. She then asked if he would be her second backup now that he knows about her. She said she would even let him tie her up in his web and spank her if he would like to.

Spider-man said he would be her backup safetyman only, and that he would try to swing by every two or three day and look for a red cloth sticking out of her window as a sign. Spider-man climbed back out her window and swung off to continue his rounds.

She got dress and went to confession at "Our Lady of Saints". She saw Spider-man swing by on her way in. She told the priest what she had done and that Spider-man had save her and asked for forgiveness for her sins. The priest said that god had sent Spider-man to save her and that it was a sign for her not to do that again. She thanked the priest and left the confessional and on her way out, she stopped to light a candle for her mother. As she prayed, she felt a cold shadow fall across her, so she got up and left the church.

The alien symbiote that came back to earth with Spider-man and tried to merge with him, had just been blasted off of Spider-man by the sonic vibrations of the bells. It was mad at him, it was mad at the humans, and it wanted to hurt them back.

Back at her apartment, she closed and locked the door because she felt like someone was watching her. She removed all her clothing and folded them neatly. Then she put them away and got her obedience hood back out. She was thinking that she must be punished for her being so bad and that she would have liked to have been spanked while in Spider-man's web.

The alien symbiote responded to her thoughts and slides up off her back and covered her head just like the obedience hood would have if she had put it on. She wondered to herself what is going on, as the symbiote made a web in her living room and pulled her into it. Then it tied her hands and feet down to the web and spanked her fifty times, really hard.

She then thought that Spider-man had come back and took her up on her offer. She was laying face down in a sticky web in her living room when she realized she had locked the window and she started to panic. That is when she heard the voice in her head. It said you are a submissive, Candy Foxx, and I will dominate you from now on, in a woman's voice. It said I will be your Mistress, your Master, and your every thing, all you have to do is surrender to me. To bond with me permanently, to be my host and I will be your Mistress.

At that point she then thought she wanted loose and she was free. She then thinks this thing responds to my thoughts, as her arms are pulled up behind her and her legs are doubled up and she is pulled up to the ceiling to hang like a spider from a line. Then two spider-like arms grow out and grab her nipples and pull. Next two more grow out and fisted her in the ass and pussy. Then two more grow out and start spanking her hard on the butt. She thinks to herself, this is great, I can act out all my wildest fantasies with this thing. The symbiote said bond with me and we can be as one. She asked, if she would be in charge most of the time or would it be. She said she was not ready for a full time submissive life style yet. The symbiote said she would be in control when they were out unless she gives it up.

She asked, "What should I call you".

The symbiote said, "Call me Mistress Vennomm. "

Then Mistress Vennomm said, "You will be safe from now on, once we merge. No one will be able to hurt you with knives, guns, and etc., you will be able to go out and party without the fear of anyone knowing who you are, because I can change your face just like a mask. I can protect you from sexually transmittable diseases, so you can play without fear. You only have to bond with me. "

Cindy asked, "why do you want me to surrender to you?"

The symbiote said, "I must bond with you or I will die. I can not live on this plane with out a host."

She said, "Show me how you can change my appearance so no one can identify me".

The symbiote said to look into the mirror.

She looked into the mirror and saw the symbiote change her appearance. It made her breasts bigger, it changed her face over a hundred times, it changed her skin color and hair color and length.

It said, "I will be able to change your height once we merge, I will be able to manipulate your bone structure and genetics. We will be one body and two mines. I will be able to separate from you for short periods of time."

Candy said, "I will do it!"

The symbiote merged with her and it made the permanent connections to her nervous system. The symbiote turned into a skin tight dark blue latex and leather mini dress and said, "Time to party slave!"

Candy looked into the mirror and saw the most beautiful woman looking back with long braided hair in a slave dress with metal manacles around wrists and ankles. She thought to herself I look hot.

She then said, "Where to Mistress Vennomm."

Mistress Vennomm said, "You always wanted to go to The Under Ground and be used, so I think we will start there."

They got to The Under Ground and walked up to the door man. He said, "Good evening, how may I be of assistance".

She said, "This one is new in town and would like to serve", while looking down at the ground.

The door man opened the door on the left and said "ENTER."

She walked in and turned left and went down a long hallway, at the end there was a woman behind a glass window. She then said, "read the waver, If you agree take the right door, if not, the left door."

She read the waver and thought shit they want a copy of my ID card. Then the symboite told her to give her your ID card that is in the dress and remove your clothes and give them to her. So she peeled off her dress and shoes. Then she gave them to the woman after she buzzed her in. The woman made a copy of her ID card and put everything in a bin and stamped the bin number under her left arm. The piece of the symboite that made up the dress, shoes, and the ID card, slide out of the bin and across the floor and joined back together.

The woman said, "We will now go over what the video waver covers. It is a contract that you will sign while being recorded on video tape. It will set your limits for this visit and will remain the property of The Under Ground. You will read out loud each line you agree to."

The symboite said, "Your new name is Mary Smith."

So I read the lines out loud. "I Mary Smith, do here be give myself to The Under Ground for the duration of my stay and until I am to be released on Monday at 05:00am. I give the right to do to me the following. One: The right to use my body as a sex slave toy by as many as you like, Two: The right to use my body as a bondage toy, Three: The right to use my body for displays, demonstration, and fund raising, Four: The right to abuse my body to the limits set forth in this contract."

The woman smiled and said, "Have fun love." as she stamped a black star on the middle of my chest and my backside. She then opened a door and pushed me in.

There was a man inside, and as soon as he saw the black star he said, "You slave come here."

I looked down and walked over to him. He put an O-ring gag in my mouth and locked my hands behind my back. Then he put a posture collar around my neck and locked it on. He then pushed me over to a wall and locked my collar to the wall and then he left.

I was stuck to the wall, when it spun around and I was out on the main floor. One of the mistresses walked over to me and released me from the wall after she had hooked a leash to me. She walked me over to an open frame, and locked my legs to the bottom. Then she unlocked my arms, just to lock them to the top of the frame. She then whipped me fifty times before laying me flat to be fucked by everyone that wanted to.

And it was not even 11pm on Friday. I was going to have lots of fun.



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