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What an experience

by Caroline

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© Copyright 2005 - Caroline - Used by permission

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What an experience by Caroline

Well he got published …… so I lost my bet and now I have to reveal my “self bondage” addiction to you all in person ……

It all started on a very hot summer afternoon. I was about 16 years old and I think I was the horniest chick in town. I loved to stretch my pussy lips, squeeze my nipples and whenever possible run around naked. I poked my pussy with whatever I could find that fitted … if possible oversized.

I had an appointment with Line, a school friend of my older sister, which became, after I first met her, my lover. We kept our “relation” secret for my sister and Line’s younger sister Marcia who was 14 years old and for me still a child.

Line’s parents were rather wealthy and they owned a house on the sleeve of a mountain in the middle of nowhere.

I was driving my motorbike as a mad man on the dusty road to their residence. Just when I was planning to leave my mother asked me for a helping hand to fold the bed linen. More than an hour late I arrived at Line’s place. It was so quiet there, the only thing I heard was the turning of the steel windmill. The pick-up truck of the family was gone. On hot days they almost always went to the lake for an afternoon of waterskiing and other refreshing pleasures.  I went sitting in a rocking chair on the porch and drunk some water of the tab to refresh a little bit. What to do? Returning home was no option as it would be as desolated as it was over here. I missed Line and the thought she was having “refreshing” fun without me made me sad.

I was overlooking their domain and the air was trembling in the heat. At the far end there were a place with some trees and a pond. Line called this place her “outback”. Yesterday she referred to it during an internet chat session. “You find me in the outback” – she wrote. I started running like hell towards the tree line. How stupid of me, she told me where she was waiting for me.

I cried out loud her name but no answer. By the time I arrived I was soaked wet of transpiration. My hope to find Line disappeared as I found nothing more than complete silence. Behind the trees I saw the cool water flickering in the sun light. I quickly undressed myself and broke me a way through the little bush. The feeling of the branches scratching my skins created a wild sensation in my belly. The water was so cooling when it embraced my naked body. My nipples got erected and the cold water cooled down my inner burning.

After my swim I lay naked down in the soft green grass enjoying the sunrays caressing my skin. With my eyes shut I listened to the sounds of the woods. The moaning I suddenly heard was certainly not from a bird or a wild rabbit.

The shock of adrenaline in my blood brought me in nano seconds on my feet. When I looked in the direction of the sounds I saw a human body tied up between the trees. Totally forgotten I was naked I slowly approached. I could not believe my eyes when I realised this person was Line. As the day she was born she stood there her legs wide spread each ankle tied to a tree. Two clamps were fitted on her inner labia and weights were stretching these to a maximum. The same for her nipples and the weights were giving her breast a strange hanging form. Her spread arms were firmly tight above her head and the ring gag in her mouth explained her moaning.

She was 2 years older than me and so beautiful. She looked at me with horny eyes as she was inviting me to caress her. I undid her from the mouth gag and started kissing her on her stiff mouth. It was Line who made me aware of my nakedness. She asked me to untie her which I did immediately.

We sat down in the grass and Line told me she was expecting me 2 hours earlier. She had been tied up for at least 4 hours. Self bondage was a game she liked to play very much and this time she had not a release system build in because she knew I was coming along. We started caressing each other even more and after a while we were making love to each other in a rather ruff manner.

Line invited to try it myself. She promised her mother to go to the library in town and she would be back in a few hours. When she walked up to the house she didn’t wear an inch of textile and I noticed she took my clothes with her.

I stood in between the threes staring at the ankle cuffs on the ground and the wrist one hanging from a branch. I hesitated. I had total confidence in Line but still. I had to do the utmost to put the ring gag in my mouth. The taste of latex mixed with the residue of Line’s saliva urged me to go on with my first self bondage. I wanted to be just like her and the weights on the clamps not only stretched my pussy lips but made them bite harder in the tender flesh. When I started my nipple treatment I hesitated again. What if she had an accident and didn’t show up, what if somebody else would find me. The intense feeling in my belly made me to set these sombre thoughts aside. I stretched my arms in the air to get in reach of the hook where I had to attach my wrist cuffs. Only after I stood on the tips of my toes I was able to attach them and with a dry click a sort of pin felt in place. Impossible to free myself. As I was smaller than Line my body was totally stretched and very soon my bondage became a real torture.

I lost all notice of time. The clamps on my pussy did their job and I wondered how my inner lips looked like. A chilly wind came up behind me. I tried to turn my head and what I saw made me shiver. Dark thunderclouds where packing together in the sky. My goodness, look at me totally naked and a thunderstorm coming in my direction. The wind got worse and the wiggling of the trees tortured my stretched body even more. As far as the rumbling of the thunder and the cracking of the trees I could not hear any familiar sound made by humans.

The first raindrops started falling. At first the trees gave some shelter but soon they reached my naked flesh. It was a bless at first, I was now already naked for hours and the heat and the ecstasy had made me sweating like hell, but soon the water made shrink the ropes and again my body was more stretched. The only sound I could make was moaning through my ring gag. Line where are you?

Suddenly I heard some giggling near the house. No, not the parents of Line please. I certainly recognised the voice of Line but the others spoke quietly.
As it was getting darker I saw 3 black silhouettes coming up to me. 

Line, wearing a black corset and thigh high boots, came directly towards me and took the weights hanging at my pussy in her hands and stretched my lips even more. She told me she had a surprise for me. If my mouth was not spread by the ring gang it would have felt open with what I saw. My older sister dressed in some leather straps disguising the parts you normally expose and at her side, attached on a chain, Line her sister Marcia totally naked on her knees.
My sister unattached the clamps on my inner lips and ordered her pet to lick my tortured pussy. She started sucking, nibbling and biting my inner labia and the pain and pleasure made me come in seconds.

It was Line who untied me and I had to sit on my knees next to Marcia.

Line told me her parents would be away for 3 days and that my sister arranged with my parents we could stay over at their place.
Marcia and I were first the pets of Line and my sister but soon we switched roles. Believe me or not I had an unbelievable time with my sister. 
After this experience I started surfing the web on how to bind myself. 

Most of the time we counted on each other to get released until the day a man on a horse caught me in full action in the woods. You have to count on Alex to read this story. Up to you guy!!!

Roped kisses.




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