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Wet and Warm

by Miss Fortune

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© Copyright 2015 - Miss Fortune - Used by permission

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Lindsey's face, glistening with sweat, wore an expression of wild desperation. How could she have gotten herself into this situation? What had she been thinking??

The pretty young woman lay face-up on a padded table. Her beautiful long legs, held tightly in place by a number of straps, were spread wide. Her arms were stretched out behind her head, wrists cuffed together. A thick leather strap held her down at the waist. She was completely naked.

A rectangular section of the table had been cut out. This was an area about a foot and a half wide that extended from just below her hips back three feet toward the far end of the table where her feet lay. This allowed her legs to rest on the table while providing full access to her most sensitive regions.

There was a thin wooden board positioned across the width of the table at her waist; a section of this had been cut out to allow her torso to fit through. It extended upward about three feet. Its purpose was simply to prevent her from seeing what was happening at the lower half of her body. There was a sign taped to the center of the board, clearly visible to her. It said, "Keep still... or else!"

Lindsey had put that sign there herself, sort of as a joke. Now the sign mocked her, reminding her of what she had done and hinting at what she would soon be getting! She was having a great deal of difficulty with the "Keep still" instruction. She was very, very concerned about the "or else" threat!

How had she ended up in this unenviable position? It had all started a few months earlier.....


Lyndsey was an intelligent woman, gifted in understanding and working with machinery of virtually any type. She lived in a remote location, a wooded region where homes were widely scattered. Her nearest neighbor was nearly half a mile away.

Not only was Lyndsey intelligent - she was also quite pretty. She was taller than average, with soft brown hair. The sensual curves of her hips and her firm breasts presented an alluring figure.

The young woman, having just turned 23, had an interest in self-bondage. She enjoyed tying herself up naked for a pre-determined period of time. She liked to feel exposed and helpless; her fantasies ran wild while she was bound. Upon release she invariably got herself off, sometimes with her fingers, other times with a vibrator.

Up until now that's all her sessions consisted of... simply being bound and helpless, but nothing else. Lately, more and more she was thinking about various ways in which she could liven things up a bit. Conveniently, she found herself with a lot of spare time on her hands which she could use to develop more interesting experiences.

For starters, she decided to set up a dedicated area where she could have her sessions. She decided on a room in her basement. Since she was now living alone, having recently broken up with her partner, she could have used any room in the house. Still, considering the nature of what she was planning to do - something she definitely wanted to keep to herself - the basement seemed like the best spot. Her basement was fully finished, clean and brightly lit, and had a windowless room accessible by a single door. This was the room she chose.

She set up a long, wide table in the room and covered it with thick vinyl-covered padding, similar to gymnastic mats. She wanted to be comfortable while she lay on the table! Next, she bolted the table legs firmly to the floor; although the table was pretty heavy, she didn't want to allow even the possibility of it shifting positions. Finally, she attached a number of heavy connectors to the sides of the table using long, thick screws. She mounted these from the midpoint of the table to the far end. She attached heavy straps to these connectors.

There was a support column centered at the head of the table, about a foot away. She attached a pair of metal handcuffs to this with a sturdy chain so they just reached the surface of the table.

Lyndsey prepared a key drop mechanism consisting of a timer and a motor which would lower the handcuff keys once the time ran out. As a backup, she prepared a second, identical, mechanism which would lower another key five minutes after the timer stopped. This was to insure against the unlikely event that something would go wrong with the primary mechanism. They both ran off batteries (each mechanism with its own separate battery), so they would not be affected by a power failure.

After carefully testing everything, she decided to try a short session. She stripped naked and attached a number of leather cuffs to her legs. She used three pairs of cuffs, placing them on her ankles, just above her knees, and on her upper thighs just below her hips. Then she locked a thick leather belt around her waist and climbed onto the table. She attached the cuffs on her legs to the straps she had previously fastened to the table; she did the same for her waist belt. She set her release timer to 15 minutes, then reached her arms back to the handcuffs lying centered at the head of the table. She clicked the cuffs onto her wrists, then relaxed on the comfortable padding to enjoy her experience.

Although this was just a short test session, she started feeling aroused in the position she was in - stark naked with her legs widely spread and held that way so she couldn't possibly close them. She started fantasizing. Her naughty pussy needed attention. She imagined a hand gently stroking it, then starting to lightly spank it. Her breathing deepened - she had only been bound there for 5 minutes and already she wanted to get herself off! She'd have to wait a little while for that, though. Her fantasies continued for the remainder of her time, getting her hotter and hotter. Finally the timer beeped, her key lowered, and she quickly unlocked the handcuffs. She started masturbating immediately, not even taking the time to free the lower half of her body. In a few minutes she came, accompanied by soft, shuddering moans.

She rested for a few minutes, then freed her waist and her legs. She sat at the edge of the table, satisfied, yet wanting more... much more!


Lyndsey knew exactly what she wanted to try next. She got the idea from a handheld showerhead she sometimes became intimate with. She set up a small adjustable sprayer so it was aimed directly where her pussy would be when she was bound to the table. She connected the sprayer to a water tank she had obtained specifically for her sessions. The tank was set to maintain the water's temperature at a comfortably warm level. She then adjusted the sprayer so it would deliver a gentle mist. These additions took a fair amount of work, but she completed the set up quickly - she was good at that sort of thing.

Once everything was prepared and carefully tested, she stripped and bound herself to the table. She wanted to try out her new setup immediately! This time she set the session length to 20 minutes. She knew she was going to enjoy this!

She had her sprayer set to start five minutes into her session. That gave her a little time to settle in and anticipate the upcoming experience. She got pretty aroused during the waiting period. Then the sprayer activated; the warm mist felt good against her pussy. As time elapsed, however, she started feeling a little disappointed. The warm mist simply wasn't enough - it was far too weak of a stimulus. She needed something stronger! To add insult to injury, as her session progressed the mist formed a puddle of water under her which quickly cooled to room temperature. Having a cold, wet butt was something she didn't enjoy.

One minor setback was certainly not going to dissuade her, though! She immediately got to work on further enhancements.

First of all, she cut a portion out of the table. The upper part, the part where her head down to her bottom rested, she left intact. Just below that is where she made the opening. She cut out a rectangular swath about a foot and a half wide by three feet long. That way when the water hit her pussy it would run right onto the floor. She wasn't concerned about getting the floor wet as there were no rugs in the room, plus there was a drain in the corner.

The second change she made was to the sprayer. She attached a mechanism to it which would allow it to be adjusted electronically. She then connected this mechanism to a laptop computer programmed to randomize the sprayer's output. The sprayer would randomly change between three possible settings: sometimes it would be off completely, sometimes it would produce a gentle mist, and other times it would produce a narrow stream of water. She thought that would give her a more interesting experience, especially since she aimed the sprayer right at her clit! The computer would also vary the length of time the sprayer operated. It might be off for 10 seconds, then produce a gentle mist for 3 seconds, go off again for 1 second, and then fire a thin stream for 5 seconds. She would have no way of knowing what she was going to get from one second to the next! She was careful not to have the narrow stream be too powerful - she didn't want to go overboard!

When she had completed all the modifications, she had another session. She again set the timer for 20 minutes with a 5 minute delay before the sprayer activated. Her breathing was heavy before she even clicked the cuffs onto her wrists! She was really looking forward to this, hot with anticipation! She kept looking back and forth between her timer and the sprayer for the first 5 minutes of her session. Then... nothing. The 5 minute waiting period had elapsed, but the sprayer hadn't activated. Annoyed, she wondered what was wrong; she had tested this carefully, everything should work! Then she mentally slapped herself on the forehead as she realized the sprayer was just by chance in an 'off' cycle - after all, she had deliberately randomized it! Just as that realization hit her, so did the spray. A narrow stream of water hit her right on the clit! She yelped with surprise and automatically shifted herself so the spray hit elsewhere - still on her pussy, but not right on her clit. Although she was tightly bound, she still had enough freedom of movement to do that. After all, she only needed to move a fraction of an inch.

While this session was certainly more interesting than her last one, there was still a problem. It was too easy for her clit to escape the stimulation the sprayer wanted to give it! Invariably, as soon as the sprayer went into 'narrow stream' mode and the water hit her clit, she moved. Sometimes she forced herself back into the "correct" position while the sprayer was producing a thin stream, but that took most of the excitement away. She didn't want to be able to get out of the way. She wanted the sprayer to be in control, so she'd have to take whatever it wanted to give her!

When her session was over she dejectedly freed herself. She knew her setup had potential, but she had to find a way to solve the "targeting" problem.


She got back to work as soon as she woke up the next day. First, she tried to find a way to bind herself so firmly in place she couldn't move even a fraction of an inch. But she soon gave that up, deciding it just wasn't possible.

It was a difficult problem. After racking her brain, she could come up with only one solution. It would be a lot more work, yet it might do the trick! She decided to give it a try.

She attached a small motor to the sprayer to allow its aim to be adjusted. She then connected the motor to her laptop system. Next she attached a tiny camera to the sprayer and connected it to her computer as well. This allowed the sprayer to "see" its target. Using some advanced image analysis software she had "borrowed" from work, she then instructed her computer exactly where its target should be based on the images sent by the camera to her computer. That actually wasn't as difficult as she had anticipated. Soon the sprayer knew exactly where to aim.

But that wasn't enough. She also had to have the system recognize where the water stream was actually landing relative to the desired target. That was a harder problem to solve. With a little work, though, she was successful in getting the image software to recognize the stream's impact point. Once that was done, it was a simple matter for her to program the computer to move the sprayer until the actual stream impact point matched the target point.

When she had completed her work, she had a system that would constantly adjust the sprayer's aim so that the water stream would always impact her clit. There would be no way she could get out of its way! This was exactly what she wanted!

It had taken her several days to get her new targeting scheme working. Now she wanted to try her improved setup out! She was confident she was going to have quite an experience.

One final change she made just before her session was to lower the pressure of the sprayer a little. She wanted to be cautious - if this worked, and she was sure it would, once she had started her program there would be no escape. It would be very unpleasant for her if the spray was too powerful!

Satisfied that everything was ready, she lay on the table, bound her legs and waist, set the timer to 20 minutes, and then lifted her arms over her head and clamped the metal cuffs onto her wrists. Now she was at the mercy of the sprayer; she'd have no way of avoiding whatever it wanted to give her! She was getting very wet despite the fact that the sprayer was still off! The 5 minute wait seemed to take forever. Finally it was time. The sprayer immediately fired a narrow stream of warm water right onto her clit.

She gasped and automatically shifted back and forth. It didn't help! The sprayer faithfully followed her movements and kept the stream impacting directly onto her clit. She was glad now that she had lowered the pressure; even at this lower level what she was experiencing was quite intense!

It was an interesting 15 minutes! Having the sprayer changing randomly between being off, producing a gentle mist, and firing a narrow stream was almost maddening. She loved it! Almost drooling with desire, she masturbated vigorously as soon as she got her hands free. As before, she didn't even take the time to unbind her lower half! She had a powerful orgasm, moaning loudly with pleasure. After it was over she lay as she was for nearly half an hour, happy and satisfied. She then freed herself, got off the table, and immediately started thinking about what additional enhancements she could make!


Over the next few days she implemented a set of ambitious changes. She worked at a frenzied pace, driven with desire. The first change she made was to the sprayer's output. She decided to drop the gentle mist; that wasn't doing much for her. Instead, she programmed her computer to randomly select four spray settings - off (no spray at all), a light, wider stream, a moderate, narrower stream, or a vigorous, very narrow stream. As before, the amount of time the sprayer was at a given setting was also randomized. However, she used different time ranges for each setting. For the 'off' setting she used a range of 1 to 30 seconds. For 'light stream' she set it at 1 to 10 seconds. For 'moderate' she used 1 to 5 seconds. For the more powerful 'vigorous' setting she limited the range to only a tenth of a second up to a half a second; that setting was too high to be active for very long!

The next change she made was to the sprayer's "target selection". She still wanted the spray to impact her clit fairly often, but she also wanted to introduce some variability. With the camera already able to recognize the location of her clit it was a relatively simple change to make. She set it so 25% of the time the spray would hit her directly on the clit, but the other 75% of the time the target would be some other place on her pussy, selected at random by the computer. The entire duration of the sprayer's "cycle" would target the same location - for example if the computer set the sprayer to deliver 8 seconds of a light spray, and then randomly selected the target to be a half an inch below her clit, then the spray would impact a half an inch below her clit for the entire 8 seconds, maintaining it at that location even if she moved.

A third, very significant, change she made was to add two more sprayers. Each sprayer would operate completely independently of the others. The new sprayers had their own cameras and would function in exactly the same manner as her original sprayer - 25% of the time their stream would impact her clit and the other 75% of the time they'd impact some other location on her pussy. This would produce a great deal of variation. Sometimes all three sprayers would be off. At another time the first sprayer could be firing a light spray at her clit, the second sprayer could be targeting her one pussy lip with a moderate stream, and the third sprayer could be firing a powerful stream onto her other lip. She wouldn't know from one moment to the next what she'd be getting.

It wasn't enough for her, though, to just add the other two sprayers. She wanted her sessions to be intense and memorable. With this in mind, she had each sprayer's water supply coming from a separate tank. Her original sprayer would still use pleasantly warm water. The second sprayer, however, would fire a stream of uncomfortably warm water - not hot enough to burn, of course, but just below that point. The third sprayer's tank would hold icy cold water, just above the freezing point. Lyndsey was sure this would give her pussy the stimulation it needed ("and the punishment it deserves," her subconscious mind silently added).


At last her enhancements were completed and she was ready to try a short session. She was tempted to try a longer session - she considered setting the timer to one hour - but she decided against it. Although she had carefully tested everything, she wasn't really sure what it would feel like when she was bound to the table with the entire setup in operation. She set the timer to her standard 20 minutes and got herself ready.

She still had the computer set to wait 5 minutes before activating the sprayers. Her state of arousal grew steadily during this period; she spent the time mentally begging the program to start. She needed this so badly! Finally the 5 minute wait was up and the sprayers started. It was a fairly mild start - her original sprayer sent a gentle stream of pleasantly warm water onto her clit; the other two sprayers were in an 'off' cycle. The warm stream stopped and all three sprayers stayed off for a few seconds. Then things got more interesting. A moderate stream of very warm water hit her pussy dead center a little below her clit. She gasped. Then she felt a very brief powerful blast of ice cold water on one of her lips. With the "hot" water sprayer still going, the original warm water sprayer again sent a light stream of nice warm water onto her clit. Then the ice water sprayer decided to get back into the action, sending a moderately powerful blast of freezing cold water onto her clit. As her clit had been basking in the gentle stream of warm water, this made quite an impression! She yelped and tried to jerk out of the way, but the sprayers faithfully maintained their targets!

As her session progressed she thought she was going to lose her mind. The various combinations of temperatures, stream powers, and locations created indescribable sensations. The highest power streams - brief but strong and very narrow - had an especially strong effect on her. When powerful blasts of cold or very warm water targeted her clit, she nearly jumped out of her skin! Most of the time she kept her eyes on the sprayers, but she frequently glanced over at the timer. On the one hand she anxiously awaited the completion of the countdown. This was such an intense experience that she was having trouble handling it! On the other hand, part of her wished this could go on forever. The blissful torment was simply incredible!

Finally her session ended. She thought, "Oh... My... God!!!" This short session had exceeded all of her expectations. She unbound herself, then lay there a while longer. She had to get herself off, but she needed to wait just a bit to catch her breath. When she was ready, she put her middle finger between her lips and gently started stroking herself. She ran her finger lightly over her clit. She did this a few minutes, then picked up the pace. The fingers of her right hand hungrily massaged the area between her legs while her left hand was busy rubbing her breasts and nipples. She actually shouted when she came. She fell asleep then, right on the table, naked and exhausted.

An hour later she woke up. She quickly discovered she needed more! She got up, grabbed her trusty vibrating dildo - a shiny smooth aluminum job, ten inches long, with settings from 1 to 5 - and climbed back up onto the table. She lay on her back, pulled her feet toward her butt, and spread her legs wide. She set the vibrator to '3', then placed it between her lips. She hadn't bothered with any lubricant; she was furnishing plenty of that on her own! She stroked herself with it, not inserting it, just rubbing it between her lips and over her clit. As she stroked herself she fantasized. She was bound with her legs wide apart. A hand holding a small flogger appeared; it had many narrow strands of leather. The flogger started lightly spanking her pussy. She heard a voice say, "You've been a very bad girl and now you're going to be punished!" The flogger impacts became harder. Her naughty pussy was getting what it deserved! She came then, almost as powerfully as before - it was satisfying and something she had needed badly.

As she dressed she started thinking ahead to her next session.....


Lyndsey decided to try a 30 minute session using the same setup as the last time. She was going to "treat" herself to something special, though, right after her session ended. It was something that would give her great pleasure, but would also punish her. She needed that!

It was something she had found on the internet a few years ago. A recipe for a mixture which would generate a long-lasting, deep, intense feeling of heat. Out of curiosity she had made a batch of the stuff to try. She had decided to be cautious with it and to dilute it about 20 to 1 with Vaseline. According to the information included with the recipe the mixture was harmless, but she didn't want to take any chances.

One thing she had quickly learned was that the undiluted mixture was much too strong! When diluting it with the petroleum jelly she had used her index finger to mix it up, thus getting some of the pure mixture on her skin. Her finger became uncomfortably hot! She had been unable to find a way to completely cool it down. Repeated washings with soap and cold water took the worst of the burning feeling away, but even so her finger remained very warm for half a day! She was glad she had decided to be cautious and dilute the mixture - she didn't even want to think about what it would have felt like at full strength! While the recipe was correct that the mixture was harmless - it had done nothing to her finger other than make it uncomfortable - it was still clearly capable of producing some major unpleasantness!

The next day she had decided to try it out. Foolish, maybe, but she had been pretty sure the diluted mixture would be OK. She took her small jar of the compound, opened it, and laid it on her bed. Then she stripped naked and lay down. She stuck her fingers into the jar, liberally coating them with the mixture. Then she rubbed it inside her pussy, making sure to spread it onto her clit. As she began masturbating she felt warmth building up between her legs. It was quite pleasant. The heat built up quickly, never becoming uncomfortable yet providing her with intense stimulation. It was a powerful feeling, quickly making her arousal level skyrocket. She came after only a couple of minutes. As her orgasm ended, though, her eyes grew wide... her pussy felt like it was on fire!! She ran to the bathroom and gingerly tried to get the stuff off with soap and cold water. In a few minutes, with repeated careful washings, the burning died down to an "acceptable" level. She got dressed then, still feeling a fair amount of warmth below. Within an hour the residual warmth had disappeared completely.

In retrospect, she had chided herself for not anticipating that after she came, her sensitized regions would not react well with a heating mixture! Still, no harm done. In fact, except for the post-orgasmic unpleasantness, it had actually felt quite good! Still, after that experience she had only used her mixture a few times - occasions when she just had to have something extra special and was willing to pay the price.

She decided this was one of those times when she needed her mixture. Right after her session she was going to masturbate with the stuff, knowing that when she came she was going to regret it! She needed to be punished, though, and this would be perfect!

She prepared a new batch of the stuff, diluted it 20 to 1 with Vaseline (putting a glove on before mixing it with her finger), and placed it where she could reach it from her bondage table. She had an idea in mind that she wanted to try. As soon as she got her hands free after her session she'd masturbate immediately with it, before freeing her waist and legs. She'd rub herself until she came. She'd be unable to rush to the bathroom to get any relief from soap and water - her pussy would be burning the whole time it took her to finish unbinding herself! That idea really aroused her. Her naughty pussy would get the punishment it deserved!

She got everything set up, set her timer to 30 minutes, then locked her hands into the cuffs.

This session turned out to be every bit as mind-blowing as her last one. Even more so, since it was 10 minutes longer! Her mind was still reeling from the experience as the timer reached zero. She was so overwhelmed she had to wait a little before even unlocking her handcuffs! Soon, though, she was free... her moment of truth had arrived. She had planned at this point to immediately massage the diluted heating mixture into her pussy. She hesitated, though, and started reconsidering. If she did what she had planned she was going to experience some considerable discomfort as she hastened to free her lower half - her pussy would feel like it was on fire the whole time! She backed out then, deciding to unbind herself completely first. She'd still be punished by the mixture once she came, anyway.

She proceeded to free her waist and legs, then reached for her mixture. She opened it, dipped her fingers in, then spread it throughout the interior of her pussy. She rubbed herself vigorously, feeling the heat building up. She knew it wouldn't be long!

She was right - in just a couple of minutes she climaxed. It was fantastic! The pleasurable portion of her experience was now behind her, however. It was time for her punishment! Almost immediately she felt intense burning in her pussy. She ran posthaste, still naked, to the bathroom, quickly ran cold water on a washcloth, soaped it up, then gently but frantically tried to wash the mixture off as best she could. After a couple minutes the burning started to subside. After a quarter of an hour it was mostly gone.

In the back of her mind, though, she was disappointed that she had chickened out and freed her waist and legs before applying the mixture. She thought to herself she should be punished, and punished severely, for that! Despite the experience she just had, the thought of additional punishment really aroused her!


In spite of the intensity of her recent sessions, Lyndsey decided to make a couple more additions to her setup. The first of these was straightforward - she wanted to block her view of the lower half of her body. She didn't want to allow herself to see what was happening - only to feel it. She considered simply using a blindfold, but didn't like the idea. She wanted to be able to look around; she just didn't want to be able to see what was going on between her legs.

To accomplish this she decided to use a thin wooden board as a "wall" which would be positioned at her waist. Her upper half would be on one side of the wall and her lower half on the other. She prepared a suitable piece of wood for this purpose, making its length match that of her bondage table and its height about three feet. She cut a potion out of the board, roughly semicircular in shape, for her waist to fit through. Then she attached a couple of ropes to it and connected them to a motor. She set it up so the motor would lower the wooden board right at the beginning of her session. Once it was lowered into place, the semicircular section she had cut out would line up with her waist, and the board would completely block her view of everything on the other side.

Her other addition was much more ambitious. She set up a mechanical arm onto which she mounted a vibrating dildo identical to the one she often used - smooth shiny aluminum, ten inches in length, with five vibration strength settings. She engineered the arm to mimic the way she masturbated, sliding the dildo up and down lengthwise between her lips, rubbing against her clit during its travels, rather than inserting it into her. She designed it to maintain a constant pressure against her pussy. It would even respond to any small movements she made, keeping the dildo centered between her lips. Getting it just the way she wanted stretched even Lyndsey's considerable mechanical skills, but after a good deal of effort she finally got it right.

She did not plan to use the dildo during her sessions. Even if she wanted to, it wouldn't work - the arm with the attached dildo would interfere with the sprayers. No... this was for after her sessions were over. She'd be able to just lie back and let the mechanical arm do all the "work". She could leave her legs bound wide open to give it full access to her; she'd just relax and enjoy it!

She connected the mechanical arm to her computer and set it to activate two minutes after her session ended. This would give her ample time to free her hands. Although it would be pleasurable having it stroking her while she was fully bound, there would definitely be a problem once she came. The computer would have no way of knowing when she had an orgasm and thus would not stop the arm - it would keep right on rubbing the vibrating dildo against her. That would not feel good after she had climaxed! With that in mind she mounted an 'Off' control for the arm onto the side of the table where she could easily get to it once her hands were uncuffed.

The computer would control both the vibration level and how rapidly the arm stroked her. She programmed it to use a vibration level of '3' (her favorite) and to stroke her slowly. She started growing wet just thinking about how it would feel!

When she had completed her work she wanted to try it out right away. She decided to go with a shorter 20 minute session - she was anxious to enjoy having the mechanical arm get her off with the vibrating dildo! She generously lubricated the dildo (probably not necessary, but just in case), then bound herself in place and started her session. As designed, the wooden board was automatically lowered into place, blocking her view, as soon as she started the timer.

It was even more intense than her last two sessions. The fact that she couldn't see what was happening added a lot to the experience - more than she would have guessed. Previously she'd at least see the streams as they emerged from the sprayers. This gave her just a brief bit of warning before she felt the effects. Now that she couldn't see the sprayers, there was absolutely no forewarning as to what was coming her way!

During her session she frequently gasped and tried to jerk herself out of the way in response to some of the more "noticeable" streams of water. She tried to remain still and just "take it" but failed again and again. Even though it was a short session, it seemed to go on for a very long time.

Finally her session ended and the handcuff key was lowered to her hands. As before, she was in somewhat of a daze from her experience. She realized, though, she needed to get her hands free before the mechanical arm started up - she needed to be able to stop it right after she came!

Quickly she freed her hands and then waited for the pleasure to begin. Soon she heard the controlling motor for the arm activate. Shortly thereafter, she felt the vibrating dildo press inside her pussy. With her legs still bound wide apart, her pussy was in a position where it was practically begging for attention. The mechanical arm obliged it, slowly stroking her between her lips.

She closed her eyes and enjoyed it. She had done a good job setting this up - it felt just perfect! As she lay there a thought came to her: what if she put her hands back in the cuffs and locked them? The key was right there; it would only take a few moments for her to free herself. But what if she left them cuffed until she came? Then the mechanical arm would continue rubbing against her now over-sensitized pussy and she wouldn't be able to stop it! That would be a good punishment for her! She'd be punished until she got her hands out of the cuffs, which would be extra difficult under the circumstances!

She seriously considered doing this for a while, but then she stopped herself. She realized she shouldn't make such decisions while aroused! She'd end up doing something she'd regret!

So she pushed that thought out of her mind and just lay back and enjoyed the stimulation she was receiving. Then she spread her arms wide and started fantasizing. She was bound to a table, spread-eagled and naked. There were cameras pointing at her - one at her face and one at her pussy. She knew these were broadcasting out over the internet so many thousands of people could see her! Then she saw a hand with a small flogger appear. A voice said, "Now you're going to be punished in front of the whole world!" She struggled frantically, but couldn't get away. The hand laid the strands of the flogger against her pussy. She knew she was really going to get it now! But the flogger was lifted away again. Another hand brought a jar into view - it was her special heating mixture! She watched as the jar was opened and fingers dipped into it. Then, coated with the stuff, the fingers rubbed the mixture onto the leather strands of the flogger. "Now you're going to get a punishment you'll never forget!" the voice said. The hand lined the flogger up with her pussy, then began to spank it hard.

Shouting with pleasure, Lyndsey came. The orgasm was intense and immensely satisfying. Then her eyes flew open as she felt the vibrating dildo still rubbing her! Automatically she tried closing her legs and pulling away, but of course could do neither. It took a couple of very uncomfortable seconds before she remembered she had to turn the arm off! Quickly she reached over and hit the 'Off' switch. The arm immediately retracted. Lyndsey lay there a while, recovering. She thought back to what she had almost done - locking her hands in the cuffs while she was being stroked by the dildo! She was very, very glad she hadn't done that and told herself she must never, ever make changes to her sessions when she was wound up!

Soon she had settled down, both physically and mentally, from her session. As she got off the table she was already thinking ahead to her next one.


Lyndsey had trouble sleeping that night. Memories of her recent experiences kept surfacing. She thought back to how she had almost locked her hands into the cuffs while the mechanical arm was stimulating her, but had then chickened out. Although at the time she was relieved that she hadn't gone through with it, she was now having trouble understanding why she didn't. She was a bad girl - she deserved to be punished! She NEEDED to be punished! As these thoughts went through her mind her hand found its way down to her crotch. She started massaging herself with her fingers.

She thought back to the session before last, when she had masturbated with the heating mixture. That was another case where she had backed out of a punishment - she should have gotten herself off while her legs and waist were still bound in place! As she thought of this her fingers caressed herself with more urgency.

She tried to push these thoughts out of her mind so she could get some sleep, but was having difficulty doing so - the thoughts about punishment were getting her hot! As she continued fondling herself she decided she had to add some punishment to her next session - the more severe the better! Another part of her tried to argue back, telling her she'd regret it if she did that! At the moment, though, that part of her was having trouble making itself heard.

Eventually her state of arousal came down to a point where she could get some sleep. She hadn't come, but she had gotten herself very wet between her legs. With vague thoughts of punishment still floating through her mind, she fell into a fitful sleep.


When she woke the next morning her thoughts immediately turned to her next session. She had some ideas, but they were just fragments. She decided to get up and have breakfast; she could keep working on her plans as she ate.

During breakfast the fragments came together - she knew exactly what she'd do! As she ate, she kept going through it in her mind. Yes, it was perfect! There would be a risk of a severe punishment, but only a risk. It would be up to her - if she controlled herself she'd get no real punishment at all. If, on the other hand, she was a bad girl then she'd be punished severely. Thinking of it deeply aroused her. As had happened during the night, her hand wandered down between her legs.

It would take a little more work, but not much. After breakfast she ran out to pick up what she needed. When she got back she started her modifications immediately.

First, she mounted a motion sensor so it pointed at the table where her upper half would lie. It would only register "significant" movements, such as if she jerked her upper body; it would not trigger from small motions such as her breathing. She connected this to her laptop, after which she made some programming changes. Next, she moved a small table right aside of the larger one on which she would be bound. She moved her laptop onto the smaller table so she'd be able to see its display. Then she placed some other things on the small table: the undiluted mixture she had recently prepared, a jar of Vaseline, a rubber glove, and the small jar containing what was left of her diluted mixture. She hadn't prepared much of the diluted mixture last time, so she'd need to make a little more.

As an afterthought, she prepared a sign stating in bold letters, "Keep still... or else!" She mounted it on the center of the wooden "wall" which would separate her two halves when she was on the table. She'd be able to see it clearly from where she would lie. She found the sign weirdly humorous, yet it would serve as a reminder... and a warning!

Today she was going to set her timer to 65 minutes - over twice as long as any previous session. That would give her a 5 minute waiting period and then a full hour of sprayer treatment! With the programming changes she had just made, each time the motion sensor triggered it would add three seconds of "punishment" time to the end of her session. After her 65 minute session was completed, the key would not drop. Instead, the system would go into "punishment mode" for the amount of time she had been penalized for moving. It was only after this punishment mode had ended that her key would drop, so she wouldn't be able to get out of the punishment even if she changed her mind!

She didn't know how many times she had tried to jerk herself away from the water streams during her sessions - she made a rough guess of around 50 times during her most recent 20 minute session. Since 5 minutes of that had been a waiting period, that meant she moved about 50 times for every 15 minutes of sprayer activity. With her planned 60 minutes of sprayer time, that would mean she'd trigger the motion sensor around 200 times. With a penalty of 3 seconds per motion, that would translate to 600 seconds - 10 minutes of punishment time! For what she had planned, that would be too long, so she knew she'd have to keep better control of herself when the streams of water hit her pussy!

For her convenience she'd be able to watch as the punishment time accumulated. She had positioned her laptop where she could easily see its display when she was bound on the table. The display would show the total remaining punishment time; this would increase each time she moved her upper body enough to trigger the motion sensor. The display would show her total remaining sprayer session time as well.

Her punishment would be dispensed by the mechanical arm and vibrating dildo. With her key still above her hands and out of reach, the mechanical arm would begin stroking her as soon as the sprayer session ended. It would use the same settings as before - vibration level 3 and a slow stroking speed. It would continue stroking her pussy for the entire duration of the punishment.

There would be one big difference this time, though. She would not be coating the dildo with the lubricant she had used last time. No - this time she'd coat it with her diluted heating mixture!

She knew she was taking quite a risk. The more she moved during her session with the sprayers, the longer she'd be rubbed with the heating mixture. That in itself wouldn't be a problem, not at the mild settings she was using for the dildo. But if, while she was being stimulated, she would happen to come... well, that would be another story! Not being able to soothe her burning pussy with soap and cold water would be bad enough, but having the dildo continue stroking her raging pussy with the heating mixture would be quite a severe punishment! She couldn't even imagine what that would feel like! Well, if that happened it would be her own fault. It would only happen if she was a very bad girl and failed doubly - if she failed to keep reasonably still during her session, and then if she failed to keep herself from climaxing as the dildo pleasured her.

As she thought about this she put her hand inside her pants and panties and started running her finger over her clit. It took some effort for her to stop - thinking about her upcoming session was driving her wild with anticipation!

Breathing heavily, she made her final preparations. She stripped naked and got up onto the table. Wearing the rubber glove she quickly made some more of the diluted heating mixture. Doing this while naked aroused her even further. All she had to do now was to spread the diluted mixture onto the dildo with the glove, bind her legs and waist, set the timer to 65 minutes, and then lock her hands into the cuffs.

But by now she was so hot she couldn't think clearly! Her lust and desire were completely out of control. Her mind a blur, she stopped what she was doing. All she could think about was how she needed more... much more. The wimpy punishment she had planned just wouldn't be enough! She was a very bad girl and deserved something much more severe!

Quickly she removed the glove and put it back onto the table. She reached over to her laptop and began making changes. Her fingers flew over the keyboard; she was almost shaking with desire!

Her mind still spinning, she completed her programming changes. Then she put the rubber glove back on, generously coated the dildo with the heating mixture, and then put the glove back onto the table. As quickly as possible, she tightly bound her legs in place. She looked over at the timer. All she had to do now was bind her waist, set the timer to 65, and lock her hands into the metal cuffs - then she'd be all set!

But some more rational thoughts started breaking through then. She fought with herself, not wanting to chicken out yet again, but also not wanting to do something she'd regret!!

She hadn't fastened her waist belt yet; she could still just reach her laptop. She started undoing some of her changes - she set the vibration level back to 3 (she had moved it all the way to 5) and turned the "stroking rate" of the mechanical arm down from fast to moderate. Her original plan was to use a slow stroke rate, but she thought moderate would be fine.

But as she realized she was in the process of backing out once again, she quickly bound her waist, then set the timer to 65. She had to hurry before she changed her mind - she had to keep herself from undoing ALL of her changes. She couldn't allow herself to run away from what she needed! As the wooden wall, complete with sign, lowered into place, she reached her hands back to the cuffs. She clicked the first one in place. Her rational side was making a strong effort to stop her! No! Not this time! As fast as she could she locked the other cuff onto her wrist. Then she settled back. There! Now there was no way out! She had won!

She was now in the five minute waiting period before the sprayers started. Bound and helpless until the key dropped, all she could do was think about her situation.

She started having second thoughts. She wondered if she had made a mistake. A big mistake. It was too late now, though!

In her mind, she started reviewing the changes she had made. Well, she had bumped the vibration level to max, but she undid that one... no issue there. She had also moved the stroke rate of the dildo up to 'fast'. Well, she hadn't completely restored her original 'slow' setting, but at least she had backed it down to 'moderate'. That should be OK... well, maybe. She wasn't feeling as sure now as she had a few moments ago.

But what about the other changes? She was definitely starting to regret increasing the "motion penalty" time from 3 seconds to 10 seconds. That would add up fast! She could end up being stimulated by the vibrating dildo for quite a long time! The longer it stimulated her, the greater the chance she'd come, with most unpleasant results!

Then she thought about the one other change she had made, the one she had been studiously avoiding even thinking about. But now she did think about it. She started struggling wildly then, yanking hard against her handcuffs, trying to move her legs, and shifting her upper body as hard and fast as she could. She was fortunate the motion sensor hadn't activated yet - like the sprayers, it would only begin sensing after the five minute waiting period was over. She was unfortunate, though - most unfortunate - that none of her efforts to free herself had any effect at all. She was going nowhere!

Realizing she wasn't getting away, she stopped struggling. "What have I done???" she thought. She realized now that she HAD to keep still during her session!! Even just a few motion sensor violations would be unpleasant; how much so she could only guess. But if she moved around a lot... well she just couldn't. Even when she got powerful blasts of icy cold or very warm water right against her clit. No matter - she'd have to find a way to keep still! Moving enough to trigger the motion sensor just a few times would be bad enough, but allowing herself to jerk around like she had with her prior sessions was absolutely not an option.

She pictured herself making that other change. She recalled seeing her gloved hand move toward her heating mixture. It opened the jar, then repeatedly smeared the stuff onto the dildo. In her mind she pictured the jar. What she saw was the jar of her mixture at FULL STRENGTH! That was what she had smeared onto the dildo - quite deliberately in her aroused state. She had used the pure mixture, NOT the diluted mixture!!! What that would feel like rubbed vigorously into her pussy was something she couldn't begin to imagine.

She frantically thought to herself as the five minute waiting period slowly counted down. "What can I do?????" she asked herself. But the answer kept coming back the same. There was nothing she could do - nothing at all. Nothing, that is, except somehow find a way to remain still as her pussy was ravaged by the streams of water from the sprayers. But she had tried hard to keep still during her last session and found it to be impossible. It didn't matter; there would be no excuses. Either she'd stay still, or.....

She tried to stop thinking about it.

She was starting to sweat. The waiting period was almost over. Very soon, the sprayers would start. She tried again to pull herself free. Her body from the waist down couldn't move much at all, but she could yank at her handcuffs and try to either break them or pull her wrists though. As before, she quickly gave this up. The handcuffs and chain were sturdy - she knew they weren't going to break. Also, pulling hard against the cuffs was hurting her wrists. She settled back and watched her session time counting down. 60:25, 60:24, 60:23, ...

Less than half a minute now. She HAD to keep still!! 60:02, 60:01, 60:00! Immediately she got a sharp blast of very warm water right on her clit. Despite what she had been telling herself, she jumped. She watched in horror as she saw 'Punishment Time: 00:00' change to 'Punishment Time: 00:10' on the screen. She was NOT off to a good start!!

During the first minute of sprayer activity she simply was unable to keep herself still. She looked over at the display screen. Only one minute had gone by and already she had accumulated 50 seconds of punishment time! An expression of wild desperation appeared on her sweat-covered face. How could she have gotten herself into this situation? What had she been thinking??

She glanced at her sign; the phrase "Keep still... or else!" stared back at her. It was mocking her, reminding her how foolish she had been and hinting at what she was going to get in less than an hour. As she thought about her 50 seconds of punishment time, she redoubled her efforts to stay still. She was going to have her heating mixture rubbed into her pussy at full strength for nearly a minute. Her diluted mixture, 20 times less powerful, had left her pussy feeling like it was on fire. What would this feel like???

She was actually a little more successful her second minute - she only moved three times. Still - her punishment time now showed 01:20. She had to do better!!

She started thinking more about how the full strength mixture would feel. She recalled that the diluted mixture actually felt fine until she came. But she also recalled how the full strength mixture had felt when she got it on her finger - it had really burned! Even without having an orgasm this was going to be bad! She was really going to be punished - punished most severely!

The third minute had elapsed. She had improved further, only moving twice. Her punishment time was now 1 minute and 40 seconds. Better, but still not good enough! Even with this amount of time she was really going to get it! She couldn't afford for it to get any worse!

She thought to herself about the last minute changes she had made - changes she made while strongly aroused. She had had near misses with that kind of thing before! She should have known better!! She looked at her sign again, "Keep still... or else!" It laughed evilly at her.

Her fourth minute did not go well. She moved five times!! She looked at her display: 'Punishment Time: 02:30'. She was really in for it!!!

Her battle continued as her session elapsed. She actually was managing to do a better job keeping herself from jerking, moving only once or twice each minute, but it was difficult! With a quarter of her session over, she had accumulated nearly 6 minutes of punishment time. It hadn't helped when at one point, out of desperation, she started yanking at her handcuffs again. For her efforts, she had been rewarded with three more motion violations: 30 more seconds of punishment.

With 30 minutes left in her sprayer session, her punishment time was 9 minutes and 40 seconds. Sweating profusely, she was putting every ounce of her energy into staying motionless. She was doing much better now than any of her previous sessions, being strongly motivated, but the time was still adding up. Even if she had stuck with her original plan and used the diluted mixture, she'd still be in trouble. She knew from experience it would be hard to keep from coming for that length of time - the diluted mixture provided powerful, compelling stimulation! Added to this was her vibrating dildo arrangement. She had set up the mechanical arm to stimulate her in the manner she found the most pleasurable. But her original plan had been changed; her dildo had been covered liberally with her mixture at full strength. She was going to have that rubbed into her pussy for nearly ten minutes! As she thought about this she was caught off-guard by icy cold water against her clit. She jerked. Another 10 seconds of penalty time. She had to stop thinking about her upcoming punishment! She had to concentrate on staying still!

Her next 15 minutes were her best yet; still, by the end of it her display read: 'Punishment Time: 12:00'. She was exhausted from both the considerable stimulation her pussy was receiving from the water jets and from her herculean efforts to remain still! Seeing there were only 15 minutes left in her spraying session, she realized her punishment was not far off!

Unfortunately, her final 15 minutes didn't go as well. Her sweat-soaked body was simply too tired for it to keep maintaining the same level of effort to stay motionless. She was mentally exhausted as well. At the end of her session, her punishment time was 16 minutes and 20 seconds.

She watched the session time on her display count down to zero. It was now time for her punishment! If ever there was a time when she wanted to close her legs, it was now!! But that was an option she simply did not have! She had seen to that herself! Her legs were going to stay spread wide open, fully exposing her pussy to the punishment it was about to receive.

She felt the dildo press against the inside of her pussy. She tried to pull away, but it was insistent. Maintaining a constant pressure - not too harsh, yet firm - she felt it begin to vibrate and then to slide against her. It stroked her more vigorously this time - she knew she was going to regret setting the stroke rate to 'moderate' instead of 'slow'!

Up and down it slid lengthwise between her lips. It made sure to give her clit plenty of attention. For the first few seconds she didn't feel anything special - just some pleasant stimulation. Then she started to feel warmth. It grew... and grew... and grew. Soon her pussy felt hot! She gasped. Again she tried pulling herself away. Nothing doing! She was not going to escape her chastiser. It knew she had been a bad girl and was going to see to it she was thoroughly punished!

The heat between her legs continued to build. Her pussy felt like a thousand tiny needles were poking it. She let out a loud yell. She climaxed then, hard and fast.

The sharp waves of pleasure had given her a brief distraction, but now she acutely felt the heat again. It was even worse than before. In a few seconds, she had another orgasm - just as her last one, it was brief but intense.

This repeated over and over - prickly, mind-numbing heat between her legs followed by a quick, powerful orgasm. She didn't know how many times she came. Her body was simply reacting to the stimulation she was receiving; she had no control over it whatsoever. She had never felt anything remotely like this before! She hadn't known orgasms like this were even possible!

Finally the cycle stopped; the orgasms ended. As she felt the heat start to build again, she glanced over at the display. It showed 'Punishment Time: 15:10'. Incredibly, only about a minute had elapsed!

Without the orgasms "shielding" her from the intense feeling of heat produced by her mixture, she had now moved into another phase. The pleasure had ended. The remainder of her session would be pure punishment.

At this point her pussy, especially her clit, was sensitive beyond description. Her clit was so hypersensitive that the slightest currents of air would have bothered it. The gentlest of touches with her own finger would have sent her into orbit. Her clit wanted to be left alone! Unfortunately, the mechanical arm holding the vibrating dildo had other ideas. It was faithfully following the instructions which Lyndsey had given it - mercilessly continuing to massage the powerful deep heating mixture between her wide-open legs. It would continue to do so for the next quarter hour, no matter what her clit felt like.

As the heat in her nether regions built to indescribable levels and the vigorous stroking continued, Lyndsey had no doubt that this would be an experience she would remember for a very long time.

She was right.

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